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Come out Ye Black and Trans

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Thought you might get a kick out of this paraphrase of BLM
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Their entire movement has been hijacked within 2 weeks. Kinda like the women's march where they had to cancel it because all the organizers couldn't agree on anything.
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Bottoms Lives Matter.
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Every so often amid the Black Lives Matter chants, you’ll hear someone interject that black trans lives are also important. If they’re not quickly muzzled, they might get an affirming tweet like the one from Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris on June 3: “All Black Lives Matter — that includes Black trans women.”

That little boost of encouragement (Harris said nothing else on the subject) came after a video went viral on social media showing the horrific gang beating of Iyanna Dior, a young black transgender woman. In the video, Dior is seen smashed up against a cooler inside of a convenient store while multiple men pummel their fists on top of her head, face, and back, some of them pulling at her hair and clothes.

At one point Dior is pulled outside, and it literally looks like that could be the end for her. She’ll be beaten to death. But she’s able to make it back inside behind the store counter, where employees appear to look on in both shock and terror, unsure if anything they do will turn the mob on themselves.

The men who were beating Dior continue taunting her, telling her she’ll need to come outside. “You should have brought your f----- ass out the store,” one man says. A couple others manage to get around the counter, but somewhere along the way, Dior is able to escape through a separate exit.

How strange that this graphic episode of violence against a black transgender woman hasn’t shaken the national media into airing the footage around the clock and demanding that the vile humans who attacked Dior be held to account —especially given that it happened in St. Paul, Minnesota, just miles down the road from Minneapolis, the city racked by tumult after the death of George Floyd.

Nah, they’re not interested. Dior’s attackers were, like her, black. When a white person isn't involved, it's suddenly not so interesting. You might even say that the life seems to matter a little less.
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Bacon Lettuce Tomato Matters

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