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One Black Man Tears down a CHAZ

By NoCoupForYou follow NoCoupForYou   2020 Jun 25, 11:15pm 227 views   13 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

"This is what they waaaaaant" - Manbun tries to talk him out of dismantling the barrier
"I DGAF." - Black Dude, done with this shit.

He doesn't even give a shit when some fatass with a knife in his hands tries to talk to him.
"Put that knife down!"

I think this video pretty much hints at the attitude that's emerging.
1   HeadSet   ignore (3)   2020 Jun 26, 6:59am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

I would suspect that man who was tearing down the barricade was a local with a job and a family.
2   WookieMan   ignore (5)   2020 Jun 26, 7:08am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

That was awesome. That's what people need to do. These protestors are softies. Confront them. This guy was easily outnumbered and they were all too scared to stand up for their "movement" because they know it's bull shit. We cannot allow this BS to continue.
3   theoakman   ignore (0)   2020 Jun 26, 7:18am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

the best part about it was when he told them "take this shit to the hood, you won't, because your scared". It's so true. Around me, more and more people showed up in the wealthy communities rather than the ghetto two towns down where dozens of black youth have died this year.
4   WookieMan   ignore (5)   2020 Jun 26, 7:36am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

theoakman says
the best part about it was when he told them "take this shit to the hood, you won't, because your scared"

That was my favorite part too. It's sooooooo true. Very few people have been in extremely shitty neighborhoods. They don't even understand what they're fighting for. Especially the white people supporting BLM.

I worked in it for a good 5-6 years (black neighborhoods). Met some great people, but most people are gaming the system and will con you every chance they get at best and at worst you're playing around in a neighborhood that's as dangerous as countries at war. It's intertwined with their culture at this point. Not sure there's a way to break that.
5   Tenpoundbass   ignore (14)   2020 Jun 26, 9:52am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

He's one of THEM, trying to decouple their liability from the Useful Idiots. He has his numbers down, that only an insider would know, how many white people took over the station and how many black people were there.
6   mell   ignore (5)   2020 Jun 26, 3:13pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

I like this guy. lol well done
7   Tenpoundbass   ignore (14)   2020 Jun 26, 3:16pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Did you guys see the Smug Condecending Strong Black woman of persuasion in New York giving a fired up speech condeming the Useful idiot straglers that didn't go home after the Sanctioned Antifa Soros money dried up. She was pulling the same shit, trying to decouple from the liablity and making it sound like she was the strong voice of reason in her community. But where in the fuck was this cunt when the burning and looting was going on? At the BLM headquarters coordinating Arson attacks that's where.

See the give away was, after her powerful rebuke of the stragglers that was left, she finished off with "If you want to change shit then register to vote!" To which the disciples all respectfully said... "Yes Mamm we are registered!" She said "Great, now get out there and vote and replace Trump!"

Now Satan Boy has his little cute message of peace.

May all of these bastards rot in hell, I'm sorry they can fool some of you. But my Commiedar is too strong to fall for it.
8   Tenpoundbass   ignore (14)   2020 Jun 26, 3:22pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Damn my Commiedar is better than I thought.

"Barnes, who was an aide to President Obama, went on to tell the vandals that they don't even realize who they are hurting with their actions."


Come on people wake up don't fall for their shit. Round them all up and prosecute them, don't kiss their ass like they are some kind of saints. These bitches are playing you!

They need Guantanamo, not your adulation.
9   Tenpoundbass   ignore (14)   2020 Jun 26, 3:22pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

And I disliked the OP because the title is all wrong!
10   Tenpoundbass   ignore (14)   2020 Jun 26, 3:24pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

One final point, did you guys catch it when he put his hand in his coat pocket when he thought it was going to get hairy with the guy with the knife?

He has one of the Warlord's greeters in his pocket. This was almost a shooting video.
11   EBGuy   ignore (1)   2020 Jun 26, 3:39pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

I was going to comment about this vid on your Karma Chameleon thread yesterday.
I believe this incident, along with the Wisconsin statue toppling and legislator beat down, signal peak antifa.
12   Tenpoundbass   ignore (14)   2020 Jun 26, 4:33pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

This is a wildcard, notice he is getting heckled and is about to get shut down.

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