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Only by apologizing for their skin color can white people begin to combat racism!

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It seems that recent events, from Black Lives Matter protests to J.K. Rowling’s transphobic Twitter rants, have given the wrong sort of people (Trump supporters) an excuse to inject their ignorant negativity like a poisonous bile into the noble veins of identity politics.

But what is identity politics? Identity politics is a beautiful way in which we can bring people of all backgrounds together, before labeling them, allocating each of them demographic privilege points according to their place on the oppression hierarchy pyramid, and finally segregating them. ...

Generalizing entire demographics ensures that we have a strong foundation on which we can start to rebuild a society without prejudice or stereotypes. For example, only by apologizing for their skin color can white people begin to combat racism. ...

Once we know how many privilege points a person has, we can then begin the process of deciding how best to deal with an individual, whether or not they should be allowed an opinion on certain issues. ...


*the straight white cisgender male is beaten with planks of wood until there is no racism left in any of his broken bones*

Straight white cisgender male: ‘Thhhh…ank…you…for…ta..king…the…time….to…edu..cate…me…’

As you can see, both scenarios lead to the same result, but in the second, at least the man accepts that he deserves his beating and ultimately learns from it. His knowledge of his place within the conversation is apparent and shows an understanding of the hierarchy of privilege. Please note, trans man also recognizes that he is white, and so has no business in questioning the black woman’s opinion, but as he is also lower on the ladder of privilege than the straight white cis gender male, he avoids a physical education because he is already fully aware of how oppressive his race is.

So, to conclude, identity politics is an efficient sorting system to have in place ready for when the re-education camps are eventually established in our autonomous utopia. (White women and white gay men: please be aware that due to the shifting nature of LGBTQ+++ inclusivity, your place on the privilege hierarchy could change at any point.
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It's parody btw.
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Patrick says
It's parody btw.

About all you can do now is mock the clownshow.
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Onvacation says
Patrick says
It's parody btw.

About all you can do now is mock the clownshow.

I think mocking the clownshow is the most important thing we can all do.

We need to show the haters that there are good people with a sense of humor who won't shut up and will continue poking at leftie insanity for as long as lefties remain insane.

We need MOAR better jokes, faster. And to write them in chalk, everywhere.

Mockery is our best defense.
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The Babylon Bee is a great source of humor and memes:


Oh man, excellent meme here:

Democrats Clarify That Black Lives Will Only Matter Until November
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Worth quoting in full, but so damn true and funny!

U.S.—A team of political experts released its latest prediction on the Black Lives Matter movement today, saying the group’s current surge will likely only last until early November. The experts say after votes are cast in the 2020 election, politicians will no longer have a need for the black community, and everything will go back to normal.

The team of experts out of UCLA has been following Black Lives Matter since it emerged back in 2014 when an unarmed black man was killed by police in St. Louis. The popular civil rights group also made headlines in 2016 and 2018.

"We have to pander to them to see if they will matter," said Nancy Pelosi. "We stand committed to elevating black voices when we need their votes and not a moment after."

“It’s a strange phenomenon,” said UCLA professor Azad Khanna. “Every few years Black Lives Matter comes onto the scene for a couple of months and then just sort of disappears in November. I’ve never seen anything like it.” Khanna paused for a moment, noticing a young white woman who had kneeled before him. The woman asked his forgiveness for her white privilege and her years of racism toward African Americans and then started kissing his feet. Khanna kindly informed her that he is from India.

Experts believe the Black Lives Matter movement will re-emerge sometime in 2022.

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