The Definition of Karen has Changed

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2020 Jul 1, 6:24pm   1,178 views  11 comments

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I called my wife a Karen today because she was telling me how happy she was with how everyone was wearing masks and social distancing when she went out for a walk this morning.

She got real pissed at me. A month ago I called her a Karen she had no idea what I was talking about. Her only source of news is ABC and Facebook.

Talked to her about it. Her definition of a Karen is an obnoxious person who does what she wants without regard for other people. I asked her if a Karen would wear a mask, she said no because they don’t give a shit.

Asked my buddy to define a Karen. He agreed with her definition, although he is more tied into conservative media and he does recall that it used to mean something different but has changed recently.

Checked urban dictionary, it agrees with them.


I get that a Karen has always meant a bitchy woman who wants to talk to the manager. But now if you google it’s basically synonymous with a racist and there’s a large number of recent articles stating that is the definition.

I can’t find anything on the first page of google about a Karen being some soccer mom calling the cops for people for not wearing masks at a park.

This really shook me because Karen was one of the few effective linguistic attacks the right had on liberals. Call someone a Karen we all knew what it meant. It appears to me that there is a significant effort going on right now to take it away.

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1   Ceffer   2020 Jul 1, 6:31pm  

Karen is a crab bucket KommieState enforcer. If she has to suffer, everybody else is goddam going to suffer ten times as much. In this way, she gains ascendancy, sends lots of people to gulags of varying intensity, and hopefully gains a promotion in the hierarchy of successful rat-out asshoes.
2   MisdemeanorRebel   2020 Jul 1, 6:36pm  

A Karen is a self-entitled rules lawyer, a Prig, using Mrs. Grundy to get what she wants.

"*I* spend $60 at this store every month, sir. I demand that you refund me this product that was offered 'as-is', no refunds. I shall inquire with your manager"

That's a Karen.

It's still up there, you have to scroll down. The old definitions have more upvotes than the new. The Left is trying to turn Karen into "Typical White Woman".

Next target.
3   theoakman   2020 Jul 1, 6:42pm  

The term Karen has become any female that is making scene...it's sad. It's kinda like when Liberals started trying to call conservatives snowflake.

I was in a Japanese Sushi joint in NJ today. Our shithead governor shut down the planned July 2nd opening of indoor dining at 25% capacity costing restaurants thousands of dollars in preparation costs. Well, there was a family eating inside the joint. Oh the horror! I am in full support of all restaurants rebelling against this nonsense. Meanwhile, I hoped and prayed that no Karens come across the fact that someone was inside eating.
4   Ceffer   2020 Jul 1, 6:43pm  

Gavin Newsom ramps up the 'punish them for Trump' Covid Hallucination and deputizes Karens:

"Newsom on Wednesday announced the launch of “strike teams” that will be responsible for targeting non-compliant workplaces, comprised of state agency representatives working in partnership with local health departments. He said they’re going to target workplaces that have had multiple abuses and complaints.

It's not just about wearing masks, Newsom added, but health and safety in workplaces.

“One should not have to put their life at risk to go to work as an essential worker,” Newsom said."

Like NoCoup says, they always overplay their hand, and he has taken the fever dream to new heights of arrogance. Second only to DeBlasio.
5   Tenpoundbass   2020 Jul 1, 7:17pm  

Karen is the cunt that calls the cops on kids in the Condo pool.

Not the cunts playing in the pool.
6   MisdemeanorRebel   2020 Jul 1, 7:31pm  

Ceffer says

Like NoCoup says, they always overplay their hand, and he has taken the fever dream to new heights of arrogance. Second only to DeBlasio.

Fresh Case in point:
7   Karloff   2020 Jul 1, 10:25pm  

The Karen is the bossy, self-important bitch who demands everyone bend to her will. Typically a high-strung busybody.

Doesn't like being told "no" or that "she can't do that", and originally related to this type of woman demanding to speak to a manager as soon as things didn't go her way.
8   Onvacation   2020 Jul 2, 6:14am  

Ceffer says
It's not just about wearing masks, Newsom added, but health and safety in workplaces.

I saw a state employee with his nose outside of his mask. Where do I turn him in?
9   georgeliberte   2020 Jul 2, 8:33am  

On the other hand my wife is not a Karen and a very happy woman

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