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Facebook losing revenue due to Thought Police monster they helped to create

By Patrick follow Patrick   2020 Jul 2, 12:31pm 237 views   5 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    


Mark Zuckerberg held a virtual town hall with employees last week to address concerns about the massive advertiser boycott the company is experiencing from “woke” brands. This boycott is being led by none other than the ADL, the notoriously anti-free speech organization.

While the ADL has openly admitted that “hate speech” is constitutionally protected, they have spent years lobbying Congress and tech companies to censor what they deem to be “hateful” speech online.

The great irony here is that Facebook has been “partnered” with the ADL since at least 2017 in order to “fight online hate.” Apparently the vast amount of censorship that Facebook has implemented since then isn’t enough for the ADL.

This advertiser boycott is serious business, costing Facebook an estimated $7 billion with top advertisers like Verizon, Unilever, and others pulling out of Facebook’s ad ecosystem.

As ReClaimTheNet pointed out on Gab, advertisers had already planned to dramatically reduce ad spending this quarter due to the coronavirus anyway, so it appears they seized the opportunity to virtue signal in the process.

This should be a lesson to any company that thinks they can appease the mob and Thought Police mafia of the ADL. Unless and until the ADL has full control over the content on Facebook–and everywhere else on the internet—they are not going to stop in their quest for censorious power. They will not show mercy because they know that politics, and thus power, is downstream from discourse. ...

For what it’s worth, Mark Zuckerberg claims that the company is not going to change their policies because of this boycott.

‘We’re not gonna change our policies or approach on anything because of a threat to a small percent of our revenue, or to any percent of our revenue,’ said Zuckerberg, according to The Information.

While Zuckerberg’s refusal to bend the knee to the mob may be noble, his employees are the ones who are writing the algorithms and banning conservatives. Facebook moderators have even been caught on camera bragging about deleting pro-Trump content and implementing anti-white policies.

The end result of this inevitable chaos is the acceleration of the balkanization of social networking–and indeed the internet itself.
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Promote hate to erase hate? Kinna like killing scores through Coronavirus lockdowns to save lives?

The virtue signaling has become the banner of the Grim Reaper, hiding in the folds of frothing righteousness. Maybe we should name it the 'Media Crusades'.
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It ain't Abe Foxman's ADL. Greenblatt is ex-Obama guy.

I recommend JPFO.org and ZOA.org instead.
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NoCoupForYou says

Oh wow, I love these guys! They are my kind of crazy.

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The ZOA is pretty entertaining too:


Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein and ZOA Chair Mark Levenson, Esq. released the following statement:

The Zionist Organization of America demands an apology and retraction from Union of Reform Judaism (URJ) President Rick Jacobs and other Jewish leaders for libeling ZOA President Morton Klein. After Mr. Klein appropriately called out the Black Lives Matter (“BLM”) organization’s virulent, institutional antisemitism, other discriminatory hatreds, and anti-Israel blood libels, enshrined in the BLM/M4BL (Movement for Black Lives) platform, Facebook page and activities, URJ’s Rick Jacobs called Mr. Klein a “racist” and “Islamophobic” in articles printed in multiple newspapers. URJ/Jacobs also invoked these libelous names to condemn ZOA’s membership in the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (the “CoP”) – an organization that the ZOA co-founded! Certain other leftwing Jewish leaders from the Reform and Conservative Jewish groups, women’s groups and Ameinu, whose president is treasurer of the extremist J Street, and the pro-BDS Peace Now and Workmen’s Circle also signed a letter (see below) falsely accusing Mr. Klein of promoting “hate in organized Jewish life,” and issued numerous similar tweets and website postings.

In sum, Rick Jacobs and those other Jewish leaders are essentially, absurdly, irrationally, and libelously saying that accurately calling a racist, antisemitic, Israel-hating organization “antisemitic” and “anti-Israel” makes one a “racist” and an “Islamophobe” who promotes “hate.”

These attacks by Rick Jacobs, etc. never give any reasons why Mr. Klein’s criticism of the BLM group’s antisemitism is wrong or false or inaccurate. They provide no facts to back up their name-calling or disparagement. Jacobs and others simply call Mort Klein names, with no explanation.

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