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The Woke Cult: The James Lindsay Interview part 2

By Patrick follow Patrick   2020 Jul 22, 5:40pm 163 views   10 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

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so it's kind of hard to keep up with
like we were just talking about brown
fragility but I've been reading this
literature forever I don't know that
I've run into the term brown fragility
until I saw it on Twitter like three
weeks ago and now people are doing
corporate trainings in it that's fast so
it was already that a white HR type
person could be teaching a class called
brown fragility well they would really
have to interrogate themselves
do a lot of explaining and probably hand
the role a very expensive you know
well-paid roll-off to a brown person
actually yeah is this one of the things
right is it's all about like Robyn
D'Angelo sells herself as a white person
who's talking down to other I mean
talking to other white people and here
what you'd have to do and so this is
really common actually in post-colonial
theory and in fact I bet you is pretty
common across the board like you've
probably seen like the kula expose of
Peggy McIntosh who was the white
privilege lady in 1989 and it's like she
was making like four hundred thousand
dollars a year and like living in a
gated community or something and it's
like hmm was a post-colonial theory you
have these people like Gary Spivak who
were the kind of cornerstone theorists
and it's like hilarious I looked this up
so Gayatri Spivak was a Brahmin caste
and how much you know about Hindu
Hinduism in that the caste system but
Brahman is priests its highest the
they're literally considered to be
something close to intermediaries
between God and in humanity and so it's
like they're the highest caste people
they're the least oppressed most
privileged people in India where you
have a caste system that really properly
oppresses people as you get down the
ladder and so she comes and she's now oh
I'm oppressed I'm oppressed I'm from
India colonialism you know blah blah
blah and maybe she has a point but then
it's like I found this thing where she's
talking about herself and the being him
she gets called out for being in the
Brahmin caste and she's like yeah but I
was in a particular part of a particular
sect within the Brahmin caste is
oppressed among Brahmins and it's like
whole our bed so what you run into is
like this serious like upper-middle
class almost upper class or in this case
literally upper caste people who are
trying to manipulate oppression or
claims to oppression that are very like
kind of systemic and cooked up to their
own advantage so that they can then
empower themselves right you're not
seeing your average black lives matter
black dude on the street of Ferguson
all of a sudden becoming empowered here
you're seeing these these black hustlers
who have degrees from like Columbia
you know they're like oh I'm gonna
basically become your ruler now and if
you don't speak the right way Kanye West
you're no longer black
that's what Tana has e-coat said about
him anyway and they burn I mean DeRay is
like one of the most progressive dudes
out there and he said well I don't know
about some of this is getting pretty far
with the riots or something like that
and they were like are you really you
know I don't know if you're really black
bla bla bla that's not an authentic
black voice and burning him down cancel
him and so it's like you have these kind
of like super elite fancy language
people that are like pretending they
were oppressed and leveraging it yeah in
kind of like a bureaucratic career move
to control everybody else and I mean I
know you're not supposed to have black
friends anymore
but one of my black friends I was
talking to he's a Christian by the way
he's one of your people you probably
know him you know you're good we all
talk house yeah I mean it's like like I
was talking to an Australian the other
day and I was like what you probably
know each other you're on an island and
they said that the islands very big and
I had no idea I mean you look at the map
and it's like yeah I mean like what like
West Virginia I'm just kidding it's
actually almost as I think it's as big
as or bigger than the United States it's
really close it's huge it's like it's
almost as big as the US it's huge as
three time zones in it there's like the
United States I've literally been there
and I all we care about it they pay
attention to the size of it went over
there all the thing in Australia is they
all live on the coast so like 90% of it
doesn't even count he right there the
point is that they all know each other
because they're on an island and that's
how it works
and you guys all know each other so I'm
talking to my my Christian black friend
which I know we're not supposed to have
those anymore we're not
white you learn a lot to have black well
no no okay that's one directional I'm
okay with Christian friends and I keep
getting this static from Christians
hanging out with like other Christians
hanging out with atheist is apparently a
problem so you guys got to do better do
the work I mean I know I've shaved my
horns down and everything
it's cool but no seriously I'm talking
to this guy and he's like he grew up in
like seriously like the ghetto and he's
like it's like this woke thing is
forcing us to trade one set of masters
for another and I was like bro I mean it
is it is you have to speak the way they
say you speak you have to represent the
so-called authentic black experience the
way they say it is or else you don't
have your own voice and it's like I mean
that's messed up period that makes for
you guys let me flex my theology again
it makes no sense I mean I read
Ephesians I know what's in there it's
like I it's I think it's Ephesians I
read that book you guys have and it
talks about you know neither Jew nor
Greek and you know this whole thing all
right one in Christ Jesus it seems to
make sense you know that your identity
if you're a Christian for example is
that you are Christian and that did
write Islam actually does this right
that they think that race is not allowed
like race is not okay you're either in
the faith or you're not and Christianity
has the same idea that you're all
brothers and sisters in Christ
of course the secular world has less of
that kind of superordinate identity
unification kind of thing and this of
course has been a bit of a problem but
we could all be American we could all be
you know global citizens we could all be
lots of things that we could identify we
could all be human beings you know there
are a lot of things that we could still
unify under in this fracturing into two
identity groups who then have to behave
authentically or be canceled is it's a
very different thing and it's being led
by elites who can't have time to go to
Harvard Law and money and resources go
to Harvard Law and learn all the fancy
language and get indoctrinated at
Columbia for four six eight twelve years
and then it's really kind of funny it's
just I don't see how it I can't speak
for people but I can't see how it speaks
for people either hmm so just to clarify
whenever you say black are you
capitalizing that okay this guy no
because he's against woke right so if
you're against whoa that's lower then
you can't that's lower case because
at what Paul Hannah brown you're not
project lady she tweeted it she said the
thing and you're not supposed to save a
thing and then she deleted the tweet
because she found out real fast she
wasn't supposed to say the thing that
there's a difference between politically
black and racially black they're
different things and guess which one is
correct yeah you have to be politically
black even if you are black it's not
good enough yeah you know if you're not
down with if you go like the black lives
matter homepage and go to about and like
what we believe is on there you should
read that though and it's like I mean
this is a bunch of videos the black
people reading through it and like wha
is this no it's like they're like
comrades we're gonna disrupt you and
comprehend like don't believe in it
Street and the real in the real black
culture comrade yeah I know oh wow
yeah I'm not mine - the Russian back you
know the sampling from the Russian you
know Imperial music was is the best part
of that song yeah it's that classic
album straight out of Russia
yeah it's messed up man it is messed up
so no that's actually kora though daily
critical race Theory so kimberlé
crenshaw and bell hooks kemberly
Crenshaw is the creator of
intersectionality bell hooks is the one
who really dragged this stuff into
education with the book teaching to
transgress and they had this whole black
feminist power thing and that's where it
actually does come from I'm not
exaggerating it is black power this
whole thing about it that was there is a
fundamental difference between the
statement I am black and I am a person
who happens to be black and then it's
more productive politically it's more
important for your identity to embrace
the identity first I am capital B black
thing but that's black power that's
black liberation politics is what it
actually is that's what actually came
out of the the so called new left that's
Herbert markussi
Herbert mercury so repressive tolerance
in 1965 we get race riots 1967 1968
following his arguments so there's not a
big surprise that this happened
news of people drawing not off of Martin
Luther King who they kind of claim as
being bad now because he's white
people's favorite black person and then
they instead you know site off of
Malcolm X and they probably didn't
really what happened to him in the end
when he decided his own movement was a
bit radical and hmm we'll just leave
that cliffhanger for people who want to
google it what happened there yeah wiki
and so people are like oh but maybe that
connections not real well working
straight underneath Herbert Marcuse ER
with Herbert Mercutio was Angela Davis
and Angela Davis was one of the people
who it was those instrumentals the
instruction of people like bell hooks
kimberlé crenshaw
somewhat Derrick Bell Eber McKenzie and
his book stamps from the beginning which
is now rocking all the bestseller lists
and he's how to be anti-racist
guy is his other much more rockin it
book right now he profiles just a
handful of black Americans and one of
the profiles he does is of Angela Davis
she worked with mark Russo this is black
power and you can actually read that in
kimberlé crenshaw is mapping the margins
where she explicitly says that fact the
same paper that says there's a
difference between I am black and I am a
person who happens to be black and the
identity first model is better for
identity politics well she actually says
in that paper at the beginning it's
called mapping the margins you say well
okay what are the margins and you start
reading it and it says it will you know
it's at the margins of radical feminism
and black liberation politics and
ding-dong there's your Angela Davis
ding-dong there's your Herbert Marcuse
ax there's your link to this extreme
radical new left activism they turned
violent in the late 60s and then decided
to stop being violent going to ground
and fill in university departments with
their activists this is actually what
they did so welcome to now the tree has
been planted in the fruit are being
consumed very widely yeah that's a while
this thing to me about all this is it's
so patently a intellectually non diverse
movement they just they pepper it with
people of different skin colors but you
have to think exactly like and it's
it is anti diversity as you can get I
mean a lot of that's been that's been
repealed sorry because you have to
engage critically which means you have
to have a critical consciousness which
means you have to think about the world
in the same way does that mean Orthodox
what's their parallel critical I mean
yeah would be it would be lower version
of the word it would be yeah I mean it
would totally be Orthodox critical
consciousness means that you are able it
may mean it means woke it means you're
able to see the systems of oppression
that prevent liberation and thus feel
the need for liberation and what is that
project by the way that I mean that was
that's an extension I don't want to call
this Marxist because it's not quite
although it's definitely trying to do
that now a little bit that's an
extension of Marx's idea that the poor
proletariat hated their lives and didn't
know it and just needed to be awakened
to the fact that their lives sucked and
then they would have a revolution to
overthrow the society and what happened
was in the nineteen
early nineteen hundred's and going into
the 1920s and 30s in particular the the
Frankfurt School these critical
theorists came up in the Frankfurt
School they're also called neo-marxists
they're you're not supposed to call them
cultural Marxists but that's another
term for them started to take those
ideas and they said well Marx was wrong
it's not about economic oppression
actually that's not the center it's
about cultural oppression the elites are
causing the proles to want to have their
own oppression to think it's good so
they're looking at like the rise of the
middle class they're looking at the rise
of kind of social social democracies in
the reasonable sense where there's a
social safety net not even that like
full-blown welfare state but there's
like functional social services all of a
sudden things there's like interesting
stuff on television and radio that are
entertaining people there are sporting
events people can go to and enjoy people
are generally having a happy life
there's there's a consumer culture where
they can go buy products that actually
work you know that are mass-produced in
factories and they always work people's
food needs are being met so they're all
comfortable well if they're comfortable
they're clearly 95 99 percent of the
population is comfortable and happy
they're not gonna try to revolt against
the society that they like they live in
and claim to like so you have to wake
them up you have to wake them up and
make sure they know how
their lives are and that's called giving
them critical consciousness it's called
a consciousness-raising in fact than the
feminists talked about is to make them
realize how our better lives really are
and that they have to be that they have
to want to overthrow the society that's
making their lives bad even though they
don't think their lives are bad which
they call having a false consciousness
so you can see that as like it is the
separation but knowing your original sin
or whatever yeah exactly yeah exactly
it's it's like it's an entire way of
thinking and so when they say diversity
they mean that which promotes that from
different social positions meaning
different skin colors different
sexualities and so on when they say
inclusion they mean making sure our
spaces are such that nobody ever feels
offended or uncomfortable even if
they're making it up and grifting with
it in that space if they have one of
these identities so you can say that
white people take up too much space so
you have to get rid of white people and
segregate even though then they call it
desegregating because they said that the
presence of white people automatically
segregates it by making black people
feel uncomfortable I'm not making this
up it sounds so insane in a month ago if
we would have done the podcast like a
month ago before all these riots and
things broke out I would have been
saying similar stuff and people would
have been like wow that guy's like way
out on the fringe and now it's all
happening and so yeah finally see like
oh this they really that stuff they've
been writing down for for 50 years they
actually mean it Wow
okay so you're making people woke to the
woke Ness that's right actually it is
you know what I'm trying to do so let me
let me do some historical context for
you in 1937 Max Horkheimer wrote a book
he was in the Frankfurt School and he
wrote a book called um critical
untraditional theory I'm gonna have that
backwards it might be traditional in
critical theory I always have to look it
up I'm it's one or the other so it's
about the two ideas of traditional
theory and critical theory and that book
spells out the difference between a
critical theory which is explanatory
it's what we would think of as
philosophy or science reason logic
evidence it's
detailed explanation of how things work
and the various various circumstances
around it and so on and a critical
theory instead starts with a normative
vision which for them was the
neo-marxist belief that society and
culture and ideology control the masses
and prevent them from wanting to have a
communist revolution and that they need
to be liberated from that so it starts
with a moral vision and then it seeks to
find explanations called problematics as
time has gone on that reveal the truth
about how bad the system is so it seeks
to just complain about the system and
then it requires it doesn't advocate it
requires that these things be socially
social act socially it I can't say that
word socially actionable so in other
words you have to do activism on its
behalf so a critical theory has to meet
all three of these criteria it has to
have the liberation versus a
proliferation of from oppression versus
domination moral structure it has to be
able to identify to make problematics
visible to people who have false
consciousness about how how good society
is and then it has to be actionable by
activists all three of those things must
go in and into the things so when you
hear academic people say well we have to
worry about praxis PRA X is as opposed
to practice which seems like kind of the
same word praxis praxis means that it
means putting the critical theory into
action in specific so you have this
whole very sophisticated very old line
of thinking we use it in our fake papers
all the time we have to Wed theory to
practice we wrote that I like I don't
even know what it meant I just kept
writing I was like an alien overlord but
what it means is do you have so you see
like Robyn D'Angelo out there now
and she's like to be an anti-racist
means that you have to take up a
lifelong and ongoing commitment to to
self-reflection self critique and social
activism you have to be actively
anti-racist according to our program or
it doesn't count so the context there is
that there's traditional theory which
tries to understand a thing and there's
there's critical theory which
tries to complain about things and do
social activism to cause people to want
to have a social revolution and I'm
trying to create a critical I'm sorry
I'm trying to create a traditional
theory of critical theory I'm trying to
explain it so that people can understand
it there are some elements that do
involve making its oppressions visible
because although I don't really have to
do that now because they're doing it for
me by you know putting people up pogroms
and tearing down statues and setting
targets on fire and saying that's okay
because whiteness is property I even
retweet somebody today saying that arson
is totally legitimate and we shouldn't
have laws preventing property
destruction now I'm almost positive that
person would freak the heck out her
house fire right I'm just going I'm not
saying don't do it please don't do it
but I'm just saying that that person
might have a slightly different
perspective if you said her house on
fire but maybe not because we saw that
story in The New York Times right did
you see it from Minneapolis where the
guy gets held up at gunpoint and there
are two black kids are trying to steal
his car and he calls 9-1-1 and then he
freaks out that he called 9-1-1 and he
freaks out and gives him his keys but he
gives them the wrong keys he gives him
his house keys so they can't get into
his car and start it and so they throw
his keys on the ground and they go and
they literally carjacked somebody else
and then this guy comes back and he
writes this thing and it ends up in the
New York Times saying that he's sorry he
called the cops and he put those
people's lives in danger he just wanted
to help if they still want his stuff
he'll be happy to give it to him it's
like something what really long train
it's I mean I think honestly I know I'm
dominating the conversation a bit but I
think honestly we really Thea though I
am you know you would mislead people
into faith and I can't have that I
wouldn't want people to have something
that means something in their lives that
would be terrible but this is actually
the point though is I actually think
that people a lot of people don't know
who they are and they don't know how
things work anymore like maybe we were a
bit lazy and we haven't learned our
civics but more importantly we haven't
dug-in to understand who we are as like
enemy who we are as a people like an
individual yeah
individually Who am I what do I stand
for why do I stand for my principles so
would like what if somebody calls me a
racist my impulse is okay let me
evaluate that because I'm a fair and
honest person who can take criticism
maybe I did say something that crossed
the line or do something across the line
but beyond that it doesn't mean anything
right so I checked with myself I say
self you're not racist and I'm good to
no it's not quite that simple but of
course I reflect upon you can reflect
upon the thing and then actually
conclude no you know life is complicated
you can also conclude okay I have maybe
done some things in the past that would
be would be racist or racially
insensitive and I have already learned
in many respects to do better about that
and I don't have to obsess about that
and go scrupulosity full scrupulosity on
it and so you know there's there's also
room for growth and and forgiveness
forgiveness of self you're not allowed
to forgive yourself for your racism if
you're white because you're still
complicit and in fact that's what Robin
Angelo says is one of the things that is
the worst ways of upholding white
supremacy is by thinking that you get it
thinking that you are less racist now
grown in terms of racism and so it's
like man I think I timed this there are
some papers out there that I would get
for but nobody got time for this
crackpot stuff no high school used to
say man used to say so you're crazy
someplace else we're all stocked up here
I think that every day Z and this stuff
I was reading this book on crowds it's a
classic I can't read the full title name
of the title I just started reading it
but he talks in there about how it
doesn't matter the academic level or the
intellectual level of the person and
when they're in a crowd you could be a
very low IQ person up to like a college
professor what a crowd what the people
in the crowd tend to act on more is
their base care the thing that will make
could make a person not get engaged in a
crowd as if where their character is at
so you can be a high academic low but if
you both if your if your character is at
that level that's what's going to
I'm out when you're in a crowd and I
feel like I see that a lot in this
movement they're very academic but when
it comes down to when they get in a
crowd it's all you know just acting
crazy they could be the title of an
academic paper you think I'm joking it
actually could probably is I mean as you
could then analyze how that's a thing
that mocks them and mock and tries it
tries from from the outside to D
intellectualize a movement that's
inherently deeply intellectual with a
long-standing academic Tricia and oh my
I've smelled my fart so many times that
I'm so smart and it's so intelligent I
mean I'm smelling my farts this morning
and I realized that they are very much
like watermelon and bubblegum it's I
don't know what people are talking about
I am buying this oh and do you I do
think though the academics are
particularly susceptible to this for a
few reasons some of which are structural
and some of which are personal academics
have I have a norm of not really
criticizing outside of their areas of
expertise which is being exploited here
I've seen both people on Twitter
reminding academics remember don't
criticize outside of your discipline
don't criticize us and it's like they
know that the backlash is coming the
academic backlash and don't criticize us
though and they also I mean a lot of
academics and I can't speak for all of
them it's not true of all of them but a
lot of academics are pretty introverted
people they spend a lot of time with
their work they are difficult to relate
to we used to have math parties when I
was in math doing my PhD and like a lot
of us math people get together and we'd
bring our friends or our spouses or
whatever and it's like the whole room
which is kind of like segregate and the
math people who could talk about math
and then everybody else would make fun
of us for talking about math and and
it's like what we never get together we
never have a chance to just talk about
stuff we understand with people we spent
entire lives talking with people who
don't know what we're talking about so
in a sense have to be kind of quiet
about our work that we're very excited
about and so there's a feeling when
you're an academic of being difficult
so become a people-pleaser in social
settings so you don't want to do things
upset people right and then there's a
structural this besides the academic
norm is actually a structural thing here
that there's no incentives to criticize
the oak stuff if you criticize it you're
gonna get called a racist they're gonna
threaten to take to retract your paper
they're going to threaten your degree
they're gonna haul you before a
diversity tribunal it's you know waste
your time your if you get pulled in
front of the diversity board your
co-workers like what'd he do you know
it's automatic and so it the costs are
really high and the rewards are even if
you can get a paper published in it it's
hard it's not in your major field it's
not gonna count a lot toward anything so
there are basically no incentive social
financial or academic professional to
lead people with an academia to want to
criticize what is literally completely
discrediting academia you have to get
like a metal level incentive which is
academia by the way if you haven't
noticed academics I know maybe you're
not that but academics might be
listening academia is flushing itself
down the toilet as fast as they can and
there's an incentive now to not have
your own job completely ruined and
discredited and turned into some kind of
weird diversity tribunal all the time to
stand up against this why you still have
a chance because my opinion is actually
that the academic sector is fried I
think it's I don't I don't even think it
can recover itself at this point the
road it's like that Lord of the Rings
thing where it's like the quest lies
upon the edge of a knife very very but a
little dears I exciting you you fall in
the abyss like that's basically academia
right now it's bad they have financial
problems that are gonna gonna prevent
them they're terrified to be called
racists they don't have any incentives
to criticize this stuff except in a
popular sphere that can't can barely
defend them and can't pay them so it's
just a bad situation to be caught in so
academics are pretty much the most gone
and I don't know how they get out of
this mess yeah as while things like
diversity tribunal sounds like a really
bad conservative satire that was written
like five years ago
like some crazy fever dream of
conservatives maybe I write the sequel
to or you could write because you the
grievance studies so you got to do your
sequel now like maybe you can wear a
whole costume and be like the next Robyn
D'Angelo but write the next book like
though even more what'swhat's more than
fragile like if I cut my bangs straight
across and diet like pink purple and put
on some ugly glasses and like be really
angry a lot keep my beard and put some
lipstick on or something
geez I'm gonna get canceled for that
white brutality I don't know I'm just
frangible is a word apparently the Royal
fertility fungible is a word changeable
yeah yeah you can actually you can
actually go to corporations and do
training for them like the wig off or
whatever and you're like well they're
all on their knees like pleading I mean
it's truly I think it might be past the
point though where like something like
the Sokol squared could even have a real
impact because I was reading a paper
somebody sent me I was reading it just
before I got on on the show with you
guys and it's about creating mad
activism ma D a capital M
in fact because same reason is capital B
black it's an identity and mad meaning
crazy like so it's literally an article
no it's m capital M lowercase ad be like
if they've capitalized it crazy or
something yeah like capital capital C
crazy but they're using the word mad
instead put them and the credits like I
know and the point is to just credit
psychiatry as a medical discipline
that's what the point of so it's like
how do you make fun of this oh I'll tell
you what I would do if I was gonna write
fake papers now though I would not write
ones they're funny it wouldn't be funny
I would start problematizing their own
core concepts so it starts to fall in
honestly so they go to civil war with
themselves that's the kind of kind of
satire that we're in ammonia that's the
only probably only way to defeat him
right if you can start turning them on
each other and make them all take
they're out well I mean they're already
doing that they're really already doing
that I wasn't weeded about that last
night I did a thread that they're at
each other's throats already were who
was it I don't remember one of these
guys tweeted something about it's like
he's going after like the the queer
theory aspects I think of the the black
lives matter thing which is like our
trans comrades and brothers and sisters
and all this stuff on the we must have a
feminist orientation so he's like saying
something about that I'm like ma'am
Kirk or a series about to be a war on
two fronts at the same time because it's
incompatible with queer theory period

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Great quote:

diversity tribunal sounds like a really
bad conservative satire that was written
like five years ago
like some crazy fever dream of

Yes, there are now actually "diversity tribunals".

Mao would be so proud.
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And good advice:

I'll tell
you what I would do if I was gonna write
fake papers now though I would not write
ones that are funny. it wouldn't be funny.
I would start problematizing their own
core concepts so it starts to fall in.
honestly so they go to civil war with

That is already happening, and will accelerate.

Violent leftists seek power above all else. The primary threat to their power is other violent leftists. So they will literally start murdering their rivals.

Stalin would be so proud.
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the trans activists are just like
not gonna have this so they like
putting the black power fist on the
trans flag and black people are angry
and then the trans people are calling
them transphobes so it's already melting

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Native Americans owned slaves

Double lol!

Didn't know this, but it does seem to be true.

OK, who gets the reparations now?
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Patrick says
Native Americans owned slaves

This should go in your "Reach the mentally enslaved with chalk!" post.
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Robert Sproul says
Patrick says
Native Americans owned slaves

This should go in your "Reach the mentally enslaved with chalk!" post.

Good idea. Done.

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Patrick says
the trans activists are just like
not gonna have this so they like
putting the black power fist on the
trans flag and black people are angry
and then the trans people are calling
them transphobes so it's already melting


The perfect black power trans flag has already been created!

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Native Americans owned slaves

Yes, just like all other non-Western cultures. They enslaved captive Indians from other tribes long before whites arrived. I think you meant Indians owned Black slaves. As did many free Blacks in the ante-bellum South.
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Patrick says
Patrick says
the trans activists are just like
not gonna have this so they like
putting the black power fist on the
trans flag and black people are angry
and then the trans people are calling
them transphobes so it's already melting


The perfect black power trans flag has already been created!

Snatching a rocket ship out of mid-air? haha

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