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Professor Mike Adams, forced to retire over a tweet, found dead

By Patrick follow Patrick   2020 Jul 25, 2:35pm 183 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

From an email from reclaimthenet.org :

A former professor from UNCW, North Carolina, was forced to retire in late June after complaints about a post he made on Twitter. He was found dead on Thursday at his New Hanover County home.

Mike Adams, who taught sociology and criminology at the college, faced backlash over a tweet where he described Gov. Roy Cooper as "Massa Cooper."

Adams was set to retire on August 1st and would have received a $504,702 settlement for lost salary and lost retirement benefits that came with his forced early retirement.

Here is the Tweet that Adams made:

And here is the hate-Tweet in response that got this professor forced out, and probably resulted in his murder:

Sophia Bush got someone killed by her hate.
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Stupid cunt. Falsifying shit is a crime always has been, personal preferences - whatever their nature - aren't, as long as you comply with the law. These cunts are Orwellian as shit. Falsifying history is ok, wrongthink isn't. 1984.

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