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The Great Pushback

By MisdemeanorRebel follow MisdemeanorRebel   2020 Jul 31, 2:33pm 282 views  0 comments           share      

Looking into compiling organizations dedicated to preserving real history, not woke history, and the pride of America. Kids need to be taught about Marconi, Columbus, Verazano, the Cabutto (aka John and Sebastien Cabot) Family for example. Not about terrorists like Asshat Shakur.

Wouldn't it be great if we could make Patriotic Orgs be like Gun Sales and increase their wealth and power during Leftist Freakouts?

Here's a few, starting with Christopher Columbus:

NIAF (National Italian American Foundation): https://www.niaf.org/culture/christopher-columbus/

National Christopher Columbus Association: https://christophercolumbus.org/about/why-columbus/
We honor here the memory and discoveries of Christopher Columbus. He was in a sense a grandfather (or at least a great-grandfather) of our country, the “Man of the (Second) Millennium” who stood astride its midpoint and astride the Ocean Sea separating two unconnected worlds. It was he who first linked the disparate civilizations of the eastern and western hemispheres in a way that made possible continuing communication and interaction between them. It was he who first brought to the western hemisphere those Judeo-Christian values, including the Christian faith, that now permeate virtually nearly all areas of our hemisphere

Other Italian American Organizations: https://christophercolumbus.org/resources/

Interestingly, while associated with Italians, the Knights of Columbus was founded by an Irish Catholic Priest for Catholics generally.
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