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Some Forgotten History About The Holocaust And The City Of Shanghai

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#shanghaiandtheholocaustGreetings Everyone:
Thanks to our local PBS station I made a most-fascinating discovery about Jewish history. I want to share it with all of you.
When the Japanese occupied Shanghai, they encountered a large Jewish community. The Nazis were also aware of this Jewish community. The German government made a formal request. They wanted Jewish people in Shanghai to be transported to Germany "for further processing." We all know where that would have led-right to the gas chambers.
As ruthless and brutal as the Japanese could be, they declined this request. They allowed the Jewish people to stay in Shanghai. Now I have made a remarkable new discovery. The Japanese authorities also admitted some 20,000 Jewish people from Europe and gave them sanctuary during World War II. Here in San Francisco on 26 August our local PBS station at 6:00 PM a documentary entitled Harbor From The Holocaust will be broadcast.
What I have learned is that when one does good things, they get a reward at some point. In 1945 when the Japanese occupation was ending, the local Chinese population had an uprising. They wanted to hang Japanese civil servants and military officers right on the spot. The local Jewish population intervened. They urged calm. They said that the guilty people should be taken to court and tried. If found guilty, the court would decide their punishment. Many Japanese lives were saved with this intervention.


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