Unprecedented Pelosi pressure on universal mail in voting is highly suspicious

2020 Aug 25, 12:31pm   768 views  7 comments

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She is getting very nervous.
Use all possible tools to make this happen.
Want to buy postal service with $25B infusion.
Postal service union workers already declared support for Democrats.
Much easier to manipulate voting through mail than in-person.
Possibly delay votes counting to Dec. 15 so she can be a temporary President.
More push from her, more suspicions its become.
We know she is a snake.


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1   MisdemeanorRebel   2020 Aug 25, 12:34pm  

Please, Mr. Democrat Fox, don't be sending all them ballots to all those infirm, aged, unregistered blue collar voters in PA, WI, OH, VA, NC.

No siree! Please Mr. Democrat! Don't use the USPS that's controlled by the Federal Government not by the State of California Election Officials to send in illegal alien filled ballots, no siree! We all know the penalty for Federal Mail Fraud and that the Postal Service won't refuse to prosecute like SFBA elected communist election officials wouldn't!

Puh-leaasse Don't do it!
2   Karloff   2020 Aug 25, 3:10pm  

These people are getting very panicky and desperate. It will be so easy for Trump to trick them into making some very serious mistakes.
3   Hircus   2020 Aug 25, 5:05pm  

Hillary is making it clear dems have a plan in the works. Shes saying it out loud to all to help normalize the idea of contesting a loss.


Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton floated yet another conspiracy theory this week; saying Joe Biden should not concede the 2020 election under “any circumstances” because “this is going to drag out.”

“We’ve got to have a massive legal operation. I know the Biden campaign is working on that. We have to have poll workers, and I urge people who are able to be a poll worker. We have to have our own teams of people to counter the forces of intimidation,” said Clinton.

“We know more about what they’re going to do, and Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I believe this is going to drag out!” she added.
4   Ceffer   2020 Aug 25, 6:28pm  

If you vote republican, the envelope starts ticking and you have less than ten seconds to clear the area.
5   WookieMan   2020 Aug 26, 3:49am  

Hircus says
Hillary is making it clear dems have a plan in the works. Shes saying it out loud to all to help normalize the idea of contesting a loss.

Fucking hypocrite. Watched the video briefly. "Trump's inexplicable connection to Putin..." or something like that. The fuck cunt. You sold our uranium to Putin.

She's past her prime, visit the Grand Canyon and slip... on accident of course. And then the media will put on a 10 day funeral of your accomplishments of nothing. Just dead air for days which would be nice.
6   REpro   2020 Aug 27, 3:15pm  

Pelosi freaking out, looks like beginning of dementia.
7   SunnyvaleCA   2020 Aug 27, 4:03pm  

Country used to be concerned with the illegal act of "vote buying." Laws forbid picture-taking at the polls. Laws require employers to allow time off for voting. Laws restrict (generally — except in California) who can handle mail-in or absentee ballots, etc. That seems a concern completely thrown out the window with mail-in ballots.

Double-voting. Easier to send in a bunch of ballots than it is to show up multiple times to voting booths.

Imprecise voting rolls. Ballots are mailed to the deceased and can be controlled by whoever is living in that home. Ballots mailed to college students who no longer even live in the state. Again, quite possible to be retrieved by other students. Three ballots come in the mail ... voting 3 times. That's much easier than showing up 3 times at the voting booth.

People complain even now how sometimes their incoming mail is stolen (blank ballots) or their outgoing mail is stolen (votes not getting counted). I know people who never send checks in the mail for that reason.

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