Biden Rally in Pennsylvania

2020 Sep 6, 5:06pm   863 views  6 comments

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1   Ceffer   2020 Sep 6, 5:10pm  

They didn't have time to photoshop the crowds?
2   REpro   2020 Sep 7, 5:39pm  

Today Biden met ... Voters in Harrisburg, PA.
Where is a beer?
4   REpro   2020 Sep 9, 11:35pm  

No.... he is not in basement.
5   Misc   2020 Sep 10, 5:02am  

If he's not in the basement, we need to send out a "Silver" alert.
6   Tenpoundbass   2020 Sep 10, 6:31am  

REpro says

So was that Faucis Yard, remember the Fauci patio photo shoot a few weeks back, his estate has red bricks like that. And the thing that struck me odd, was that anyone thought that it was a good location for pictures. As the bricks were filthy with algae and moss. Think with all of that Beijing Spokesperson sock puppet money he must be making, he could afford to pressure wash and seal his walls.

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