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Conservatives are happier than liberals. There should be a "Mission to Liberals" to save them.

By Patrick follow Patrick   2020 Sep 29, 8:21am 269 views   6 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

First I was a liberal arts major, studying German. It was a common worry among all liberal arts majors that they wouldn't be able to get a job that would cover the cost of their education. We all talked about it, and it was depressing.

And it was true. I got a German degree, and then could not get work except some sporadic translation jobs which didn't pay well. I ended up working in a bookstore.

Then I went back to the university (UM Ann Arbor) to engineering school and was struck by how happy the students were. They all knew they would get good jobs, and pretty much exactly how much they would be paid right out of school. They did not get stuck in vague and endless debates like liberal arts majors did. Debates among engineering students usually ended quickly with "look, that doesn't compile" or some other solid proof.

Engineering students were also much more conservative than liberal arts students. They did not protest, certainly not riot, were pretty punctual and polite, etc.

I found Christians on campus to be the same way. They were happier than atheists, and didn't worry about the future as much. Even if you don't think they had the right answer, they do think so, and it works for them.

There should be a "Mission to Liberals" by conservatives, pointing out that the traditional life of studying a useful skill, getting a job, getting married, and having kids is very fulfilling and will make them much happier than grievance studies, bumming around, and sleeping around.
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Money and work issues do affect mood.

I noticed the difference between Santa Cruz California and Florida; everyone you see in Santa Cruz knows he can’t buy a house there, so he knows that he must leave someday and have something better.

Lately, I see exceptions around, there are tech jobs and people who commute to Santa Clara, etc. They seem happy.

But where I lived in Florida it was interesting to see how much fun people were having.

Which mortgage would you like to pay; $200,000 or $600,000?
How well would you sleep at night knowing you were one faux pas at work away from losing your place?
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Patrick says
Then I went back to the university (UM Ann Arbor) to engineering school and was struck by how happy the students were.

Go Blue. What years were you there and what was your major? I assume computer science?
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Thank you for "Grievance Studies." That term is GOLD. I'd never heard that before, but I'll be using it from now on. Lots.

Even PM Churchill knew: Let's focus on winning WW2 first, folks. Then we can all take up painting.
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Too many Woketards are beyond help at this point. And they are the ones pulling the cart of the Jackass Party.

At best, they can only be 'managed as so:

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Who says grievances can't co-exist with happiness, you fuckers, I'll get you, just wait!

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