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One-third of excess deaths US during pandemic were not from Wuhan virus

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A new study found that a third of excess deaths in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic could not be directly attributed to the coronavirus.

“Although total US death counts are remarkably consistent from year to year, US deaths increased by 20% during March-July 2020. COVID-19 was a documented cause of only 67% of these excess deaths,” the study, published on the Journal of the American Medical Association's website, said. “Some states had greater difficulty than others in containing community spread, causing protracted elevations in excess deaths that extended into the summer.”

One reason for the high amount of excess deaths not attributable to COVID-19 has been disruptions in health services caused by lockdowns. ...

People with dementia are dying not just from the virus but from the very strategy of isolation that’s supposed to protect them,” the Post continued. “In recent months, doctors have reported increased falls, pulmonary infections, depression and sudden frailty in patients who had been stable for years...

Deaths from chronic, non-emergent conditions also increased as patients put off maintenance visits and their medical conditions deteriorated,” Zinberg said. ...

Cancer diagnoses were delayed for months as patients were unable to obtain 'elective; screening procedures,” he continued. “For some, this will result in more advanced disease. Diagnosed cancer cases—normally treated with surgery or inpatient medical treatments—were treated with outpatient treatments instead.

The lockdowns themselves are killing people.
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The CDC says 6% of the dead had no "comorbidities".
So, that is about 200,000 dead x 6%=12,000.
A strange coincidence is about 12,000 people die falling down stairs.
You might say that the Wuhan virus is as dangerous as stairs.
Fauci probably wants them all replaced by chairlifts.

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