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China is close to 'world domination' and Europe must wake up to the danger, German spy chief says

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China is on the brink of 'world domination' and Europe needs to wake up to the danger, a former German spy chief has said.

Gerhard Schindler said Beijing was 'very cleverly' spreading its influence across Europe, Asia and Africa - warning that its technology is now so advanced that Germany cannot tell if it is being used for sinister purposes.

Schindler called on Germany to strip out Huawei from its 5G mobile network in order to make the country 'less dependent' on Beijing, echoing the US government's fears that Huawei could be used to spy for China's Communist Party.

Speaking to The Times, Schindler also argued that Angela Merkel's decision to open Germany's doors to refugees in 2015 had left the country with a 'large reservoir' of Muslim men who could be vulnerable to 'radicalisation, recruitment and violence'. ...

You can imagine scenarios where we are in a crisis and the threat "We're going to turn your communication network off" would influence our decisions.'

This is all obviously true, imho.
1   Ceffer   ignore (4)   2020 Oct 26, 6:29pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Seems the Chinese have not only bribed and appropriated Western politicians, they have convinced the Central Party Elites of the various Globalist nations that they can easily abolish democracy and human rights, now, with mass electronic surveillance. The elites will maintain Royal Immune Status to their own tyrannical dictates, and can make their ruling class status hereditary, keeping all the vast wealth of nations while controlling the lumpenproletariat with agitprop.

Greed and seduction by a self appointed elite are destroying democracy and human rights? Wow. What could possibly go wrong?
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Ceffer says
Seems the Chinese have not only bribed and appropriated Western politicians

They also will exploit the Woke-types (ie., Democrats) by leveraging identity politics and victim status. Democrats view the Chinese as a minority and as a historically victimized ethnic group (i.e., Opium Wars, etc.).

Plus the Woke-types in Western civilization (i.e., academia, mainstream media, federal bureaucracy, etc.) admire China's left wing authoritarian government, and will conveniently ignore its civil rights abuses such as in Tibet or with its Muslim population.

Fortunately for the Chicoms, there are not a lot of Hunter Bidens that need to be paid off. So the Chicoms don't necessarily have to pay off a lot in order to gain their favors and get free passes from them on free trade, etc.

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Ceffer says
Seems the Chinese have not only bribed and appropriated Western politicians

This is one of my favorite videos that speaks of this. JFK junior died within 1 year of this interview by Don Imus.


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