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Here is the first draft of Patrick's book, titled "readme.txt"

Self Separation Perception Consciousness Ideas Abstraction Information Communication Memory Memes Truth Energy Entropy Nature Life Shit Pollution Bodies Brains Dreams Intelligence Reason Meditation Drugs Alcohol Cannabis Motivations Emotion Hate Fear Anger Pleasure Mania Melancholy Depression Disease Aging Cancer Death Chickens Eggs Gender Men Women Dimorphism Variability Fertility Beauty Fate Dating Judgment Subtext Rejection Romance Hypergamy Feminism Sluts Sex Paternity Pregnancy Inbreeding Marriage Husbands Children Letters Words Grammar Writing This Simplicity Elegance Censorship Technology Computers Programming Dependency Fragility Play Learning School Universities Competition Cooperation Specialization Fairness Problems Dilemmas Goals Evolution Race Africans Indians Irish Mediterraneans Parsis Armenians Jews Judaism Christianity Islam Buddhism Religion Tradition America Diversity Conflict Genocide Borders Invasions Dominance Power Status Silence Resentment History Cities Homosexuality Outsiders Names Identity Argument Politics Taxes Georgism News Rights Democracy Laws Privacy Robbery Crime Evil Corruption Illegals Rationalization Poverty Money Cash Merchants Business Economics Labor Capital Capitalism Corporations Raises Organizations Banks Finance Guilt Debt Cars Health Housing Mortgages Rent Success Wealth Billionaires Owners Idealism Equality Loyalty Friends Permanence Perspective Humor Enlightenment Wisdom Belonging Happiness Meaning


Self is an idea. It is no thing you can find. Self is the idea that there is a
separation between what is part of you and what is not.

Self extends beyond your body. We are proud of our possessions, and we feel pain
when these things are damaged.

Self includes other selves. When you see yourself in others, their pain hurts
you too. You feel sympathy, compassion. When you don't see yourself in them, you
don't feel their pain. Their self is not your self. It becomes easy to steal
from them, to kill them, and in the case of animals, to eat them.

Love is seeing others as self. What you love is what you are. A mother sees her
self so much in her child that she would suffer any pain to spare that pain from
her child. Marriage is a man and a woman declaring self to be in their union.

Pain is another idea. Pain is the idea of less self. Sensations are not painful
unless threatening to the line you have drawn defining your self. To be rejected
by those we love is worse than physical pain.

Because self is an idea, self can change. We can fall in or out of love. We can
become more or less fixated on our names, our bodies, sex, and money. We can
make friends and enemies, putting them on this or that side of the line.

We like those who are like us. We are kind to our own kind. But who are your
kind, really? Your family, your nation, your religion, but there is a more
fundamental kind of self. All who can suffer are your kind. In the one way that
counts, they are just like you. They have the idea of self. This includes all

Understanding that self is an idea leads to solutions to life's problems. When
you wish others well, your own fears fade. You leave jealousies and resentments
behind. You feel that this body and mind are just one among many. Not separate
in any important way. It becomes easy and natural to be kind to all, and it
makes you happy. It becomes difficult to harm others, because you feel their
pain. You love your neighbor as your self. You do unto others as you would have
them do unto you.

When you understand, you can die when your time is up and not worry about it.
You know that life goes on, and it's the same life that you got to live for a
while. And it's all OK.


The word "self" has the same origin as the word "separate".

Separation of self from other is the first requirement for life.

Our immune systems must separate self from other in our bloodstreams, or we die
of infection. Our immune system has the idea of self.

Were we all to share one bloodstream, we would all die from shared infections.

The internet is a shared knowledge-stream carrying infectious mental illnesses.

Food must be kept separate from shit, or we become sick.

Separation of blood and shit in our intestines fails in dysentery, and we die.

Cleanliness is next to godliness because what is clean is separate from dirt.

The whore is not separate, not clean. She has mixed herself with many men.

"True eye contact would be quite disgusting."

We separate everyone into "our people" and "other people".

The problem is always other people.

Self is a matter of degree.

"Me and my brother against our cousin, me and my cousin against the outsider."

What is noble is known, separate from the masses. From Latin gnoscere, to know.

What mixes loses its identity. What is separate retains its identity.

The Hebrew word for holy, kadosh, also means separate.

Separation is holiness for the Jews. Separation preserves the Jews.

The fastest way to destroy anything is to halve it repeatedly, which is what we
do to our genes in reproduction. But endogamy stops gene flow in and out.


Self-interest distorts perception. We see what we hope to see.

Facts are filtered by their implications.

No one perceives the world directly. We see only an internal image constructed
by selective perception.  If the image does not reflect the reality of others,
they call it a hallucination. If the image does reflect the reality of others,
they call it true.

We never see the world in all its glory, only the thin slice of our visual
spectrum. It's the difference between a movie projected on a screen and the
world itself.

We perceive categories that do not exist outside of our thoughts.

The color spectrum is parsed differently in Celtic languages. They distinguish
colors that English does not, and do not distinguish colors that English does.

Russian has two words for different shades of blue. It's obvious to them.

The mind maps physical spaces to mental spaces. We forget upon walking through a
doorway because it's a different mental space.

Looking into someone's window at night is like looking into their brain.

We notice the rare coincidences, but not the trillions of possible coincidences
which did not happen.


Consciousness is a loop in your neurons, the perception of perception.

Consciousness is self-perception, where object and subject are the same.

Self has a model of the world with the self in it. Self is where logic breaks
down, a hall of mirrors.

Point a video camera at its own output. It recurses down the rabbit hole.
Consciousness may be created in that moment.

Consciousness is the point of recursion in your perception.

Recursion: see recursion.

A de-brained cockroach can still scurry away from light. There is no one home,
only a light perception machine connected directly to muscles with no mental
model in between. Consciousness requires only the extra step of perception of
that perception.

Once conscious, we still don't see the world, but only our model of it.

Computers are not yet conscious because they have no idea of self. Without a
self, they cannot feel emotion either.

Consciousness arises in nature, a form that comes and goes, a vortex of
recursive perception. It is part of nature, not supernatural.

In the womb, a child gains consciousness. An egg has none.

Even houseflies have consciousness. They have fears and desires. They gather
around one of their own who is injured.


To have an idea is to see in your mind. The word idea is derived from the Greek
word eido, meaning "I see".

The thought is not the thing.

The world you see is not the world. The map is not the territory.

The world you see is only a reflection, a mental model built from the limited
input of your senses and many assumptions. Your mind creates the world you see.

Bats can hear ultrasonic sounds. Bees can see ultraviolet. Pigeons can see
magnetic fields. The worlds they know are not quite our world.

Our senses can be fooled, and our ideas are often wrong, reflecting our
assumptions and our desires instead of reality. What we see may not be real.

Self is the center of your model of the world. Look at your hand, your arm, and
up towards the center of yourself. You cannot see it. Self is the blind spot.

Self sees, but cannot be seen. Self is the eye which can see everything except
itself - unless it looks in a mirror.

What is the mirror for self? Others.

When you look in a mirror, your own eyes are always looking at you.

Buddhists claim to see the self directly.


Thought separates the world into this and that, self and other, us and them.

There is neither enough time to learn everything nor enough mental space to
remember it. So we compress reality by creating a few categories which we
can remember, and then classifying what we see into those categories.

To classify anything is to force it into a class, ignoring all other details.
Classification is data compression. We take a plethora of details and reduce it
to a single word. "This is a chair." Classification does violence to the truth.

We must create abstractions to have useful thoughts, but we also obscure reality
merely by thinking about it. Each neuron abstracts and classifies many input
details into a single yes or no.

Reality is subtle, complex, and infinitely detailed. What is true or false is
always subject to doubtful cases. Yes and no are never entirely correct.

When we see a chair, we see the details, and then abstract the idea of a chair.
When we read a story, we reverse the process, mapping the word to the details.
In reading a novel, we conjure images in our minds, generating a colorful
reality from black marks on a white page.

Nothing is a matter of principle. Everything is a matter of degree. What is the
difference between a book and a hammer? You can pound in a nail with a book, and
you can read words from the handle of a hammer.

Abstraction itself is an abstraction.

Abstractions are imaginary, yet are as consequential as a credit rating.

Real comes from Latin res, thing. To call something real is to call it a thing.

0/0 is 1, even if mathematicians refuse to define the obvious.

To create something from nothing requires infinity of nothing.


Information gives form to matter, creating reality. Form is only an arrangement.
Ideas pass in and out of reality by being formed and dissolved. A thought
becomes real. A reality becomes a thought.

Take four sticks. Arrange them in a square. Is there a square? There is. Gather
up the sticks in a bundle. Is there a square? There is not. Where did it go? You
have moved an idea into and out of reality.

Creating and destroying a square of sticks shows that information is what is.
The sticks were not the square. Their arrangement was the square. A square
is an idea, like self.

To set bits in order in a memory chip is also to set a small amount of reality
in order. A real painting is an order of atoms. A virtual painting is an order
of electrons in computer memory. They mirror each other. They have the same

The world continuously loses information, preserving only what is able to copy
itself, or to inspire others to copy it. Copying is expensive. Bibles reproduce
themselves with the help of willing humans. The Bible is a meme.

Cities have a wealth of ideas. Forests have few. No books, no one to talk to,
unless there is an internet connection.

A tiny amount of information can be extremely valuable. The winning lottery
number. The combination to the lock. The name of the right drug for the disease.

To move ideas around the world by internet is to move reality around the world.

All forms which propagate themselves include enough redundancy to maintain
coherence in this noisy world.

Forms are selected for by conditions. The conditions include other forms, giving
recursion of forms.

Wheat uses people to make more people who plant wheat.

A billboard filters incident light to reflect a form someone wants you to see.


Communication is the copying of a mental model, a signal, from here to there.

Signals decay during transmission without redundancy to correct errors. They
become noisy. Informational entropy mirrors physical entropy. The same
equations describe both.

Information obeys the laws of entropy because the causes are the same. There are
many more states of disorder than order. Disorder is much more probable.

The integrity of any transmitted information can be guaranteed by sufficient
redundancy to compensate for noise in the channel. Claude Shannon showed this at
Bell Labs in 1947.

Each arriving bit resolves uncertainty. It tells us what we did not know,
cutting the remaining possibilities in half.

Computer files can be compressed by removing their redundancy. Not all files can
be compressed without loss. If all files were compressible, then every file
could be compressed down to a single bit, and even that bit, which is absurd.
Only files with redundancy can be compressed.

A compressed file is a fragile file. Without redundancy, errors cannot be

Redundancy is the cure for entropy. You are a signal. Your children are the
redundancy of your signal. The cure for death is children.

"If you wish to live forever, plant a tree, write a book, have a child."


Memory is communication through time.

Transmission of information through time is like transmission of information
through space.

Copying from now to then is like copying from here to there. The same error
correction algorithms can be used.

Digital information can be copied with perfect fidelity forever, given enough
redundancy to compensate for noise in the channel, yet is ephemeral because it
depends on being hosted on computers and media which rapidly become obsolete.

Books are difficult to copy, but do not require batteries. Books can last for
thousands of years in the right conditions. The most important information
should always be printed.

People have a forgettery which is as important as their memory.

"Those not yet born will be forgotten by those that follow them."

A sufficiently clear memory happens again in the present by remembering it.

Memories are subtly altered by remembering them.

Feelings are easier to remember than facts.

"You may not remember what someone said, but you will remember how they made
you feel."

It is important that no one can clearly and intensely remember being in love, or
they would do nothing but sit and remember.


A meme is a virus, a bit of information which manipulates you to spread itself
to others. Memes pass from one person, through you, to another.

If a meme can inspire rage, it can propagate itself well.

The "silence is violence" meme is a rage meme demanding that you propagate rage
or be attacked yourself for not propagating rage.

Islam is also a rage meme. Islam demands Muslims join the jihad to spread Islam,
or be attacked themselves.

Weaker memes not making such demands do not survive as well in the sea of ideas.

When we see the mechanism by which a meme is manipulating us to propagate
itself, the meme loses power. So memes which inspire blindness to their own
mechanism survive better.


Truth is filtered by self-interest. What is good for me is easily accepted.

What is good for our teachers and our owners is taught as truth in school.

Critical thought means looking for mistaks in what you are taught.

Critical thought questions authority.

Neither our teachers nor our owners like to be questioned.

Nor do we enjoy questioning our own beliefs.

"Please give us a simple answer, so that we don't have to think, because if we
think, we might find answers that don't fit the way we want the world to be."

To deny a truth "for the greater good" creates a greater evil.

Money conspires against truth.

The real estate agent who tells the truth about a house will lose her job.

Truth is less important than belonging.


Money paid to a worker is convertible not only to goods, but also to energy,
measurable in calories or kilowatts, contained perhaps in the food he eats, or
the electricity he uses in his house.

A worker could convert all of his money to electricity. At 10 cents per
kilowatt-hour, a $20,000 income would buy 200,000 kilowatt-hours, enough to send
a reasonable thunderbolt down the street.

The energy consumed in the beating of his heart and the motion of his limbs
must, however, first be deducted from this 200,000 kilowatt-hours or he will
not be alive to enjoy the spectacle.

As a worker works, he helps to free this 200,000 kilowatt-hours from oil for
his use.

Actually he makes more than 200,000 kilowatt-hours available. Otherwise his
boss would not make a profit and the worker would not be employed.

For any given product, you can translate the price into kilowatt-hours and be
reasonably sure that it took no more than that much energy to create.


Entropy is a measure of the disorder of a system. Without energy to maintain a
particular unlikely order, life becomes random, disordered. We die.

Life obeys the same thermodynamic laws that inanimate matter does. A living
being becomes disordered and dies without the input of energy from food.

Economics and pollution are also explicable in terms of entropy. An economic
system takes in energy and generates pollution to produce goods from raw land.

All creations of value are ordered and not random. They have a specific
transient form useful to our selves. They have a limited time to exist before
disorder overtakes them again. "Things fall apart; The centre cannot hold."

Capital refers to all the creations of men, low-entropy goods.

Cash, energy, and low-entropy goods are all interconvertible.

A ceramic dish has an orderly form useful to people. To say that a dish has a
useful structure is to say that its entropy is low. Throw a dish on the floor.
As it shatters and becomes random, its entropy rises as its value falls.

Conversely, in the creation of the dish, an amount of energy has to be expended
and an amount of pollution created, say smoke from the kiln.

A dish has few useful forms, only those that hold contents. The same dish has a
vastly larger number of broken forms. There are trillions of ways to break it
into shards, and eventually into powder. The valuable forms are few, and the
random forms are many.

It is easier to destroy than to create because most orders of matter are not
useful. To destroy is to change something from useful to not useful.

To create, one has to find and implement one of the few useful orders. It takes
time to build a house of cards. This careful and pleasing arrangement is rare
among the many possible stable orderings of the cards. Most orderings are just
another pile of cards.

We describe the amount of entropy of a good by translating into money.


Men love straight lines. Nature does not.

Nature has many business analogues. A fruit is advertising for a seed.

Plants may have thorns or poison, but rarely both. They don't need both.

The hawk feels shivers of joy as the squirrel screams, bleeds, quivers, and
dies. Time to eat!

Bees have no doubt about their purpose. Their self is the hive. They feel
joy in collecting nectar from flowers in the sun and bringing it home.

The lamb cries "Mama! Mama!" as it is dragged to have its throat cut. The ewe
looks on in panic and can do nothing.

A mother duck will sometimes peck her weakest baby to death. The duckling pecked
to death by its mother is the saddest creature on earth in those moments,
without even a mother to protect it.

Prey must flee from predators or be eaten and turned into shit. The prey's self
is lost, the predator's self increases.

Predators need greater intelligence than their prey, or they will never catch
their food. Predators must also lack sympathy for their prey, or they won't eat.

The wolf has no sympathy for the deer. The kindly wolf would quickly starve.

Commercially minded ethnic minorities require greater intelligence than the
majority they sell to, and a lack of sympathy for them, or they will fail.

Over evolutionary time, you can see an animal group grow fangs and claws and
split to live off the flesh of its cousins. Hawks eat other birds. Lions eat
other mammals. Given enough time and strict endogamy, some human ethnic groups
would do the same.

The dinosaurs are not dead. Every bird is a descendant of dinosaurs.

Deer should form a union and kill mountain lions. They have the numbers.

If we ever meet aliens, they will also have the concept of self.


Animal life is a slow fire of sugar and fat, creating warmth.

Fires spread to burn available fuel. Animals reproduce to eat available food.

There may be life on the sun. To them, the earth is a cold and barren planet
where nothing seems to move. Sun-beings would live for only seconds. They do not
suspect what to them is unimaginably slow life. Starfish have active but slow
social lives, moving over the sea floor at a glacial pace, visible in

Human lives are not infinitely valuable. Lives have a dollar value which is
calculated when deciding how much money to spend on highway construction, for
example. It could not be otherwise, or we would spend all of our resources
saving the last few minutes of the lives of dying people, and we ourselves would
then die from using all our resources in this futile battle.

Any food which is very nutritious spoils quickly because it's as nutritious to
mold and bacteria as it is to you.

Money attracts lawsuits, scammers, and thieves the way grain attracts rats. What
food and money have in common is low entropy.

Women and food are closely connected. Your first food is your mother's milk.

Food is inherited on the maternal line, because mothers cook much more than
fathers. You grow up on the food your mother made you, and find it comforting.


Shit is inevitable with all animal existence.

"Shit happens" expresses the second law of thermodynamics in concise form.

Disgust keeps you alive. Shit is disgusting to keep you from eating it.

We detest shit and separate it from ourselves because it spreads disease.

Shit is food to flies.

Flies prefer some shit to others, and rejoice upon finding fresh shit.

Some dinosaur shit has been fossilized.

Yeast shit alcohol.

Pigs and dogs eat shit, which makes them unclean to Jews and Muslims.

Q: What's brown and sticky?
A: A stick.


To create any order creates disorder elsewhere.

Whenever a useful product is created, useless or outright toxic byproducts are
also created.

Pollution is the shit of factories and transport.

Look at the air above industrial countries. More production, dirtier air.

Diesel is the smell of death. Diesel particles are just the right size to stick
in human alveoli and cause cancer.

Pollution is a kind of theft. Every time a diesel truck drives by and you choke
on the fumes, consider that the pollution in your air is the entropy increase
which must occur for the owner of the truck to make money, an entropy decrease
for him.

Before you curse him, however, consider that you also save money when the owner
sells the goods on the truck to you at a better price because he saved on fuel.

In a way it's actually you who are saving money by polluting. Was it worth it?
If not, what would you think of polluting someone else's air and still saving
the money? That is outsourcing to China.

Nature is not a zero sum game, because unlike the oil we use, more energy in the
form of sunlight arrives on the earth every day. Life uses this energy to
recycle its own waste, so the earth stays reasonably clean.

A dead body may be revolting and spread disease, but it won't last long.

Pollution created by industry is another story. You might as well try to reason
with a forest fire.

As eons of rain washed salt from rocks into the ocean, the ocean became polluted
with salt. Marine life adapted to the salt.

As plants gave off oxygen as a result of photosynthesis, the air became polluted
with oxygen. Land life adapted to the oxygen.


We are large tubular worms with limbs. We are naked tailless apes.

We are compact machines designed by selection for survival and reproduction.
Everything has to work in a small space. There is little room for error.

You smell like your ancestors did at your age.

You think you are in control, but you are not. Your body is in control. You will
lose your temper when provoked enough. You will get tired. You will fail to do
what you intend to do. You are subject to forces stronger than yourself.

Eating causes pleasure at maintenance of self.
Shitting causes embarrassment at the incompetent self.
Fucking causes pleasure at joining your self with another self.
Mourning is pain at the loss of part of your self.

Your body knows which nutrients you lack and makes you desire food with them.
This is especially true for pregnant women.

Fasting for a day gives insight into your brain. Thoughts of food sneak in.

Fasting lengthens life.

Eunuchs live longer than men with testicles. But then why bother to live?

On average, humans have one testicle.

We see red well because it is important to know when we are bleeding.

The alert dot for a new text looks like a blood spot to get your attention.

All languages have a word for red, though other colors may vary.

Knifes and forks are better teeth than we naturally have.

Clothes make better fur than we naturally have.

"Humans can live underwater. Just not for very long."


The left and right hemispheres talk, but they are not the same person. The two
halves of our brains are two distinct people. They communicate via the corpus
callosum. Instead of individuals, we should be called dividuals.

The limits of our brains are obvious when we try to multiply large numbers in
our heads. Doing math problems without writing is the mental equivalent of
lifting weights. We get stronger with exercise.

People don't do math well. Math is hard.

The brain is made of nerves but feels no pain when cut. Who would it tell?

Your brain can operate without you. You can read a children's book out loud with
the right intonation while your mind wanders.

Listen to your intuition. When you're uncomfortable, pay attention and try to
understand why.

When you notice a drop of sweat on yourself, you might be nervous, yet not
consciously aware of it. Trust your gut.

You are thinking thoughts that you are not directly aware of.

You feel the presence of a beautiful woman before the thought becomes conscious.


Dreams are stories the brain spontaneously narrates.

The dreaming self is the same person as the awake self.

Awake thought is not far from dreaming. "Life is but a dream."

You fill in your dreams to fit your feelings and physical sensations.

When awake, you alter your perceptions to fit your model of reality.

Whatever we did, we assume we wanted to do, and then create a motive to explain
our own actions, even in dreams.

We may come to valid conclusions and new insights in dreams.

Sex in dreams is always hot, never tepid.


We are not all created equal. Some are smarter than others from birth.

Intelligence is extremely heritable. Identical twins raised apart have an 80%
correlation in IQ scores. This scientific fact of life makes many idealists sad.

Intelligence has many dimensions. Attention, insight, memory, mental models. We
may be blessed in one dimension and cursed in another.

IQ varies during the day, and with coffee.

Great intelligence is required to write a compelling story.

Intelligence is required to see the motives of others and to fool others.

Merchants must be smarter than their customers for the same reason that
predators must be smarter than their prey.

Funny people are usually intelligent.

Intelligent people tend to drink more.

Intelligent people usually have quick reflexes in addition to quick wit.

People afflicted with dystonias tend to be exceptionally smart. Twitchy nerves.

Even idiots have a native language, but the ability to learn a foreign language
as an adult is proof of intelligence.

Even flawed mental models can lead to correct predictions. One may think that
electronic devices run on smoke. When they overheat, the smoke comes out.

Education is acquiring a useful mental model of the world. An educated mind mind
is a capital good created through study and practice, It has a limited duration
like any other capital good, because reality changes, and because people
eventually die. When you pay a doctor or lawyer, you are renting this capital

Ask questions until you understand others, even if it starts to annoy them.

Gloss over nothing. Understand all the details. Read all the manuals.


We do not start from evidence and then reach conclusions.

We start from desired conclusions and then look for supporting evidence.

Once any action is performed, the mind automatically comes up with reasons to
justify it, the way that the mind incorporates external stimuli into dreams. The
mechanism can be useful to alter one's own attitude. Smiling makes you happy.

The brain justifies what the body does. We assume we must like someone we did a
favor for, so to get someone to like you, ask them to do you a small favor.

We enjoy believing ourselves, even when we know we are wrong.

"If you don't understand how someone could possibly believe something as stupid
as they do, that this is more likely a failure of understanding on your part
than a failure of reason on theirs."

"The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he
has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made
clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on
not understanding it."

Every thought has at least some subtle emotion woven into it.


Meditation increases awareness of brain automation.

Your brain is an excellent toy, always with you.

Count your breaths, note when your mind wanders.
Bring your mind back and start over.
One improves with practice.

Every moment stuck waiting is an opportunity to meditate.

Meditation for health is good exercise.

Meditation for enlightenment is selfish, and therefore pointless.

To seek your own enlightenment is to guarantee you will not find it.
To realize that your own enlightenment is unimportant is to find it.

Attention is a wave synchronized with your heartbeat. To see the lapse in
attention requires attention, which is not present.

Note the tick of the second hand of a clock drop out when it happens to hit that
lapse in attention.

The waveform shape of attention becomes visible when you are high on marijuana.

Attention is a flashlight in a dark room. When you shine it in one place, the
other places lose their illumination.

Every sentence on a page competes for attention with all the other sentences.

Enjoy doing all necessary daily actions like tooth brushing in a zen-like way.

When dealing with any set of items like bills or recipe ingredients, put them
all on the left to start. As you deal with them, move them to the right. The
ones on the right are all right. The ones on the left are still left.


Drug companies spend only about 15% of their revenue on drug research, but more
on advertising and even more in taking profits.

Drug research should be publicly funded and published for free use globally
without royalty payments. Taxpayers would end up paying less with public drug
research. But then, drug stocks would sink.

The elderly have time. They could stand out in front of pharmacies with signs to
apply political pressure against rent-seeking. They need only to be organized.

All addictive drugs inspire rituals.
Wine is drunk on the Sabbath.
People like their coffee just so.

Caffeine and alcohol can both inspire irrational anger.

Caffeine and nicotine evolved as insecticides. Bugs eat the leaves of coffee
bushes or tobacco plants and die.

Caffeine is extremely soluble in hot water. The few drops into the coffee pot
contain most of the caffeine.

Drugs are like the combination to a lock. Enormous energy might be expended in
discovering what the combination is, but the combination itself is a simple
thing. Quinine helps malaria and is not expensive, but the knowledge was unknown
to Europeans until an American Indian pointed out the bark of the cinchona tree.

Opiates happen to fit into pleasure receptors of the brain. The poppy evolved as
a pleasure poison. Any animal that eats enough poppy will fall into a happy
sleep and stop eating.

Heroin addicts are usually impotent.


A small amount of alcohol daily improves health and increases longevity.
A large amount of alcohol daily harms health and reduces longevity.

People who enjoyed the taste of alcohol lived longer and left more children.

Red wine has extends life more than other alcohol does.

Roman soldiers added wine to their water to disinfect it on campaign.

Asparagus reduces hangovers, but only if you eat it before drinking.

"One martini is just right, two is too many, and three is not enough."

"When I read about the evils of drinking, it makes me want to stop reading."

"My grandmother is 90 and doesn't need glasses. Drinks right from the bottle."

"I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy."

"You can't stop drinking if you never start."

"I don't drink anymore. I don't drink any less, either."

"Two Irishmen walk out of a bar."


No one dies from using marijuana, but millions die from alcohol every year.

The ratio of lethal to effective dose is 20 for alcohol. 20 drinks may kill you.

The ratio of lethal to effective does is extremely high for cannabis.
You can take 1000x the effective dose of cannabis and not die.

The harm of cannabis is limited to lung damage and increased forgetfulness.
No one should drive stoned, but the drug itself is not very harmful.

Prison guard unions lobby against legalization because they depend on having
plenty of prisoners for their income. Alcohol distributors lobby against
legalization because they fear the competition.

Mexican drug cartel violence is half driven by marijuana profits. Violence would
be greatly reduced by national legalization, as it was when prohibition ended.

Cannabis triggers the same color of emotion as being in love, only fainter.

Cannabis is an aphrodisiac, which is one reason it's illegal. Too much fun.

The words hemp, cannabis, and canvas are all derived from the same ancient word.

"I'm not as think as you stoned I am."


"Not for love or money" summarizes human motivations.

Love is seeing the other as part of your self.
Money is seeing the other as useful to self.

Anything you would sell to a stranger, you would give free to your child.

Anything done for love is superior to anything done for money.
Anything done for money is superior to anything done by government.

Countries can run on the love of money alone, but such countries do little for
their citizens, because they don't love each other.

A positive motivation sustains better than a negative motivation. Give people
something to look forward to, something big. "Make no small plans."

The rich are motivated by approval from their peers, not by yet more money. This
is why modern art museums are full of shit. The Emperor's New Art.

To say you don't care is to show you do care.

If you don't care, why would you even try? But if you do care, you risk losing.

Cynics say that everything is done for selfish reasons, that even a mother loves
her child for selfish reasons, but this is wrong. The right way to think about
love is an expansion of self to include the other.

Action creates the motive as much as motive creates the action.
If you help someone, you assume you must like them.
If you smile, you assume you are happy.


Emotions can be written down as music and poetry.

Music and poetry give an idea of the range of human emotion.

Music is always a voice, even when there are no words.

There are many unnamed emotions in English:
The feeling from a glance one second too long, implying interest.
The desire to exaggerate to make a better story.
Joy at another's misfortune.

Joy at another's misfortune is a named emotion in German: Schadenfreude.

The stupid, the ugly, and the elderly feel as deeply as anyone else, yet their
feelings are discounted because there is little that they can do for us.

Why wouldn't animals also feel deep emotions?

The pain of feeling stupid is powerful and pervasive.

Plain gray ordinary thoughts cannot understand the vivid colors of intense
emotions. Those in love cannot be understood by those who are not, except in the
most abstract and pointless way. Soldiers who have killed and seen friends
killed cannot be understood by those who have not been there.

The deepest emotions are about love and death. Love means more self, death means
the end of this self. The death of one's children is the deepest pain, greater
even than the death of one's own body.

Without sexual attraction, love of one's children, and fear of death, ones genes
do not survive to pass on those emotions. Emotions rule us of necessity.

Sex and death have layers of emotions to them, so that failure of motivation at
any one layer be can compensated for by other layers. There is not only one kind
of sexual attraction or fear of death. There are many.


Hate is fear. You don't hate what you don't fear.

"The opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference."

The world is indifferent to your existence. It doesn't even bother to hate you.

The embarrassment of failure engenders hate for the winner. "Esau hates Jacob."

Embarrassment is the most powerful unspoken force in politics.

"The embarrassment wherein he finds himself produces in him the most unjust and
criminal passions imaginable, for he conceives a mortal hatred against that
truth which blames him and convinces him of his faults."

It is sometimes necessary to kill, but it is never necessary to humiliate.

Praise in public, criticize in private.

A wise old black man: "White people don't hate us, they're just afraid of us."

"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned."

"Hate can't injure the person hated. But it destroys the hater."

Much evil is perpetrated as revenge for perceived humiliation.

The most frustrated are the most vicious. When American Indians captured and
tortured prisoners from other tribes, it was the old women who were the most
brutal, gouging out eyes, flaying skin, and burning prisoners alive.


Fear is anticipation of loss of self.

Fear is the opposite of hope.

Fear motivates more than money, status, helpfulness, or fairness.

Fear gets attention, which can be sold to advertisers.

The press are fear-mongers, causing deliberate distress for profit.

Authorities accumulate power by using fear to get you to abandon your rights.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary
Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

"Of course the people don't want war. But after all, it's the leaders of the
country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the
people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament,
or a communist dictatorship. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they
are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and
exposing the country to greater danger." - Hermann Goering

Even if you yourself are not afraid, your neighbor will suppress your rights out
of his own fear.

Fear breeds superstition. The less control we have, the more we invent rituals.

Being kind quells your own fears, because you see beyond yourself.

The body's response to stress saves your life right now at the cost of long-term
damage. The moment of terror before impact saves lives. Adrenaline constricts
blood vessels, you feel less pain, and your heart races. But if you are stressed
continuously, you die younger.


Angry people are angry at their own failures.

Passive aggression satisfies because causing anger causes pain.

Rage gives strength. An enraged rat will chase a startled cat down the street.

Rage is a pleasure that leaves a bad hangover.

The morning after a fit of rage, you wake up with even more problems.

Angry words bill you later.

Anger keeps sadness going.

"Anger is a feast at which we ourselves are the main course."

The wise are not baited into responding.

To forgive can be inspired by love, or can be just another way of winning.


Pleasure is the money of the body.

Pleasure directs everything we do, even the unconscious scratch of an itch.

You cannot do anything unpleasurable. All actions are motivated by one pleasure
or another. It's only a matter of which.

Watch people waiting in line - every shift of foot, each scratch moves them
away from discomfort towards more comfort. They cannot remain perfectly still.

The end of pain is also a pleasure.

There is no motion without subtle emotion.

Look at all the cars on the highway going in both directions. Each side wants to
be where the other is. Why can't both sides be happy where they are?

The Irish tend toward alcoholism because they enjoy alcohol more than others do.

Discipline can never defeat pleasure. Discipline is only seeking a long-term
pleasure greater than the short-term pleasure.

All failures of discipline are due to the long-term pleasure motivating less
than the short-term pleasure. It helps to put pain between the self and the
short-term pleasure. For those who are dieting, never have sweets in the house.
Then it would be some work, which is pain, to go out and get them.

Willpower is a limited resource, not infinite. Use it sparingly.

How was Thich Quang Duc able to burn himself alive to protest the Vietnam war?
Perhaps he was able to simply turn off the feeling of pain.


In the manic phase, you touch the source of all pleasure. Now you know: every
motion is driven by this source. When you need to rest, it makes you rest. When
you need to rise, it makes you restless. It was always there, only unrecognized.

A manic episode, romantic love, and hard drugs all touch the same nerve. You'll
spend all your money and damage your relationships and your work to get more,
the classic signs of a problem needing treatment.

An electrifying chord plays all day. All women are beautiful. It would not be
surprising to find yourself levitating. Nothing is wrong! Everything is fine.
Thoughts are clear, fluid, and racing. It is hard to slow down enough to speak.

Vivid dreams startle and delight, as real as daytime.

It is pointless to reason with yourself, or for anyone else to reason with you.
They have nothing to offer which could possibly compete. Were you able to convey
the feeling, they would drop their own pathetic reliance on reason and join you
in your insanity.

Anyone who has touched it knows what is possible, and can no longer be happy
with what is. This is the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If you eat from
it, you will die. "Neither shall you touch it."

As the tide recedes, you chase it. The addict lying in his shit in the gutter
can never get up. He has eaten the forbidden fruit, and knows what heights are
possible. Ordinary life holds no interest for him anymore. He will die.

All addictions are the same addiction. There is only one pleasure circuit.

To defeat an addiction, you must find more joy in abstaining than partaking.
This is unlikely. The only possibility is in being loved by family and friends.

The insane and the addicted approach the limits of what is possible to think.

It is the same for those who have been deeply in romantic love. They know what
is possible. The longing to get back to that place follows them constantly.

Were we to clearly remember the joy of being in love, we would do nothing else,
and eventually die. And so we cannot remember it, but only a shadow of it.


We repeat the same routines each day, as if we never get them right.

When nothing new is coming out of your mind, something new should be going in.
Read all books, listen to all music, watch all movies, travel, meet new people.

Years of childrens' lives are wasted in boring classes. Decades of adults' lives
are wasted in boring jobs. The loss of human life puts any genocide to shame.

It's not easy having fun. Real fun takes serious preparation.

It is not possible to maintain constancy of mood.

A thousand tiny annoyances weigh on our moods each day. Pay attention, make them
conscious, solve them or eliminate their cause.

A tiny problem multiplied by every day of your life is well worth fixing.

Oil the squeaky hinge or better, remove the whole door.

There should be a fine for invisibly locking one door in double doors.

Worry has a purpose. The worried brain scans possible options both while
sleeping and awake, mentally trying out solutions, and may find the right one.

Worry expands to fill your capacity to worry.

Real problems displace mundane worries instantly.
Real problems make you long for your old boredom.

More options are always better than fewer.

Sometimes there are no good options.

Yet if you are loved, all problems can be borne.


Depression is a reaction to a painful circumstance we have not been able to
change. Depression evolved to get us to do nothing for a while, until the
circumstance perhaps changes itself.

The cure for the relentless succession of days is to create, so that today is
different from yesterday. Something good is growing. Even a small accomplishment
asserts control and hope.

It's easier to get up every morning when making progress towards a goal.

Do something for someone else, to see once again that there are others, and that
they can use our help. In giving we receive.

You can always find something you should have done better.

Regret is only a motive to apologize or to try again, otherwise a waste of time.

Office workers feel the same sadness of trapped zoo animals when they've given
up looking for an escape, waiting to die. They should all quit, now.

Suicide is shortsighted. Can you be certain the future will be so bad?

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Why not flee to Tahiti?

Some apathy is healthful. Do not care too much. Save your energy for things that
matter. Don't give a fuck too easily. "Fucks don't grow on trees."

"Depression hits losers the hardest."


Illnesses are called disorders because the patient is in one of the many
unwanted orders and not in one of the few wanted orders.

Venereal disease has an efficient path for transmission with the exchange of
bodily fluids. Without sex, we die out. With sex, a pathogen can ride along. The
human solution to venereal disease is monogamy, or strict age bands for sex.

Every infectious disease must move from older to younger people, or die out.

Even the worst illnesses have a saw-tooth curve to them, where the patient seems
to be getting better for a while.

People who die of cancer don't go straight downhill. There are remissions.

Sharing needles to inject heroin shares a bloodstream and so spreads AIDS.

Anal sex is a different kind of injection with same result. Anal sex breaks
tiny blood vessels and literally opens one up to disease. Semen carries immune
suppressants necessary to get sperm past vaginal defense systems. Vaginal sex
does not break blood vessels, and so vaginal sex does not spread AIDS nearly as
efficiently as anal sex.

Pretending that male homosexuality is innate is like pretending that heroin
addiction is innate.

There are opioid proteins in semen. Perhaps they are addictive, making the
comparison of being gay with being a heroin addict even closer.

Sharing needles and anal sex are both violations of bodily integrity.

Infectious diseases spread when we join the clean and the unclean.


Aging is an anti-cancer device. You get small cancers frequently, but the
telomere mechanism usually limits cell division and the cancer ends. Our cells
chop a bit of DNA off of the ends of a chromosome each time it divides. If a
cell tries to reproduce out of control then it will normally hit this limit on
the number of divisions and stop. The limit is called the Hayflick limit.

A limit on division of cancer cells also means a division limit for healthy
cells. Cells hit the Hayflick limit and stop dividing. Then you die. Without the
Hayflick limit, you'd die of some cancer before having children. With the
Hayflick limit, you're unlikely to die young, but guaranteed to die of old age.

The biggest determinant of longevity is belonging to people who care about you.
It is in your own interest to build a close community.

Daily flossing also contributes to longevity. Toothpicks are praised in Islam.

The elderly cannot live alone when they cannot use the bathroom alone. Then it
is up to their relatives to take care of them and wipe their asses, or they
become fodder for nursing homes, where median survival time is three months.

Incontinence reduces one's status back to that of a small child.

When you're young, there isn't enough money.
When you're old, there isn't enough time.

We age and die by a thousand random cuts as one thing after another goes wrong
with our bodies. Seeing one's own body age and get diseases leads the elderly to
pessimism about civilization itself. But it has always been this way.

As you age, many insights fade into view. To a child, the paint on a house seems
permanent, having been there his whole life. But the adult eventually sees that
the paint peels, and remembers when it was applied. All human actions and
thoughts reveal themselves as repetitive.

The job of the elderly is to not complain. It is better to get old than not to.

It is sad but true that the death of elderly parents frees their children.


Carcinogens mutate your DNA. Random mutations happen all the time in your body
from radiation, smoke, chemicals, and molds. You can reduce your exposure to
carcinogens, but there will always be some about.

When a computer program gets hung it's because the program is in a loop which
cannot pay attention to user input, using up resources like CPU. It's very
consistent. Alter a few random bytes in memory, and out of chance the program
will inevitably get stuck in a loop of instructions. If the loop contains the
instruction to create a new process, you rapidly fill up the computer's memory
with useless self-replicating processes. The only treatment is to reboot.

This is similar to cancer. Cancers are caused by altering a few random letters
in the DNA of a single cell. The alteration is done by carcinogens. When the
instructions both defeat the cell division limit and get into a loop that causes
cell division, you have a cancer. The first cancer cell splits, and then those
new cells split, and so on, until your body runs out of resources and dies.
There is no reboot option.

Asexual organisms have no limit on cell division. They are immortal.
Sexual organisms age and die. Original sin kills them.

Apache web server processes kill themselves after a certain amount of time,
because it is simpler than trying to write code which is guaranteed not to have
memory leaks. This is like the Hayflick limit, the limit on cell division.

Cancers which defeat the telomere mechanism are immortal. Cancer cells from
Henrietta Lacks are still growing well 50 years after her death.

Chemotherapy is like aging. It harms rapidly dividing cells more than healthy
cells, but it does harm all cells nonetheless. Both the good and  bad effects of
chemotherapy are from harming rapidly dividing cells the most: hair follicles,
digestive tract.

Fasting fights cancer. There is a reason that cancer patients don't get hungry.

Cancer is inevitable, if you live long enough.

Cancer rates are higher near gas stations.


The dead rejoin the earth, no longer separate. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust."

Death is the end of only part of yourself. People you love live on.

To be born is to be condemned to death. The living are the pre-dead.

When we are dying, our good and bad deeds come back to comfort and torment us.

It is comforting that others die as well.

The problem is not that you will die. The problem is that it upsets you.

One's own death is incomprehensible. Who would be there to comprehend it?

All lives end badly, but the egotist suffers more.

However bad dying may be, it doesn't go on long.

Near death, the ego is defeated. There are no more games to be played.

Life goes out like a candle goes out. When a flame goes out, where does it go?

Death is like birth. There is pain and wailing, then peace and quiet.

The dead are safe. Nothing can hurt them. All their problems are solved.

The dying have accomplished feats of strength in the silence of their last
moments which even Olympic athletes cannot.

Witnessing a death, you see for a moment that all is vanity. "A chasing after
the wind." The a person's life is put in boxes, stored, sold off, forgotten.

It is embarrassing to be dead. Bodies deflate and flatten as they desiccate.

Grief is biologically programmed. There is a distinct neural pathway triggered
upon the death of your parents. The cliff is before you now.

Grief triggers sexual thoughts, to replace the missing family member.


Chickens' sex roles are innate. Why should one think differently of humans?

Chickens are not automata. They have distinct "chickenalities". They are
individuals with habits and idiosyncracies.

The rooster has no penis. He rubs the semen in. He does not need to remove the
previous cock's semen by pumping with a penis, because he keeps all the hens
under strict control. Human females are not under control. Less control means
the need for a penis to pump out the competing sperm.

If only one rooster gets to mate with all the hens, then why are half of the
baby chicks roosters? The answer is that the rooster is expendable. He is the
hens' defense force. The loss in genetic diversity from having one father of
many is offset by the fact that that father has proven himself competent at
fighting off the other roosters and predators.

Cocks collect hens, and the defeated cocks wait on the periphery. Roosters don't
last long. While they're dominant, they father lots of chicks, but they are
dominant only a short time. Eventually all the roosters get their turn, in order
of dominance.

Roosters crow to signal to rivals that they are still around. When they die
protecting the hens, there is silence the next morning, and the next rooster
moves in.


"Eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap." This fact explains the dating marketplace.

Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have.
Men continuously create more sperm.

Men can have thousands of children. Women can have few, about 20 at most. This
explains why men are indiscriminate about sex. They have little to lose and much
to gain. Women, on the other hand, have much to lose and little to gain. They
make huge investments in pregnancy and infant care. They must choose wisely.

Rich and powerful men left many more children than others. We are all their

The double standard is not in judging men and women differently for the same
action, but in judging them the same when they are under different rules.

There must be meaning in the fact that women's periods follow the cycle of the
moon. It would make more sense to have 13 months in our year than 12.

One can remember the start of a woman's period by remembering the phase of the
moon. She will then ovulate at the opposite phase of the moon and get slightly
giddy and horny.

A woman's reaction to the same action by a man varies with her time of the
month. This confuses men.

It is entirely safe for girls to have babies as soon as they begin menstruating,
as they have done forever in the past. It is safer than even a few years older,
but we maintain the polite fiction that it is somehow unsafe in order to spare
older women the competition.

Perhaps women would be better off having children at 15, and then starting their
careers at 30.


The division into male and female at least a billion years old.

Pigeon mating: male flies up to female and struts. She flies off, unimpressed.

The idea that gender is socially constructed was itself socially constructed.

The binary gender of all mammals is scientific fact. Liberals reject science.

Gender is fixed at birth. True transgender people are only those with severe
and very rare birth defects. Most transgenderism is fashionable self-delusion.

Women want to feed all the children and treat them all equally. Women are born
socialists. Men want to defend borders and thrive in hierarchies. Men are born
capitalists. Of course there are exceptions, but the notability of the
exceptions proves the rule.

When you have a child of the opposite sex, you start to understand that point of
view. You now see the interests of the opposite sex for what they really are,
not what you are told you must think they are by someone with an ax to grind.

Men want their daughters to get good genes, and don't care much if she cuckolds
her husband with a powerful man, as long as someone pays to raise her child.

Women want their sons to get a loyal wife, to know that their grandchild is
really their own. Women forgive their own past indiscretions, but not their

Women with sons are more inclined to defend national borders, so that their sons
are not killed in an invasion. No matter how unlikely it sounds, such invasions
and slaughters were normal human history for millenia, so the thoughts remain.

Men get money in order to have sex. Women have sex in order to get money.

Without boy scouts, a heterosexual male military, and men's clubs, whole
countries grow ripe for invasion by stronger men. When the invasion starts, the
war is already lost.

Traditional sex roles brought us down to the present day. When those roles are
violated, we slowly die out, replaced by people with more respect for tradition.


We are all the descendants of kings, because women offer themselves to kings.

Men's vices are their virtues.

Men take risks because when then win, they win big.

Recklessness, greed, and lust resulted in a small number of Spaniards replacing
almost all of the native Y chromosome in Latin America.

Half of all men in the last million years did not get to reproduce, but almost
all women did. The upper half of men must have averaged two women each.

The men that won women propagated the traits that helped them win.

Growing a beard and developing upper body strength makes men more conservative.

There is a distance between a man who can do ten pull ups and one who cannot.

Men would be more productive in women-free workplaces, communicating with women
online only. There would be more attention to work.

It is hard to work for a former peer who has been promoted to be your boss.

The older a man gets, the more he finds older women are attractive - but only
those younger than himself.

Men have midlife crises when their wives hit menopause. It's an adaptation.

Woman cannot procreate much themselves, but they can have sons who spread their
genes around the world. "May you be the mother of many sons."


Women do not fall in love with man who are in love with them, because women do
not value themselves. "If he were a truly valuable man, why would he be in love
with me?" Women fall in love men who do not love them back.

Women love men that many other women love, because the other women are a proof.

Female gorillas fall in love with the male who kills her baby, because he has
proven he is more dominant than her current mate who failed to protect her baby.

Female humans fall in love with the invader who rapes them, because he has
proven that he is more dominant than her current mate who failed to protect her.

"The pattern of women of defeated tribes quickly acquiescing to the ruler-ship
and sexual privilege of the conquering men who slew the women's brothers and
fathers and husbands is seen all over the world. It evolved to preserve the
female reproductive prerogative. Treacherous disloyalty of convenience is an
inseparable part of female psychology." - Heartiste

Most women have had rape fantasies. Most men have not.

Women love dominant men because the child of a dominant man is likely to spread
her genes widely. When other men bow to her man, she knows she has a winner.

Women dress up to intimidate other women as much as to impress any man.

It is a common mistake for a man to tell all his thoughts to his girlfriend.
Women don't do that, because they are not so stupid. "A woman wants you to be
honest about your feelings the same way the IRS wants you to be honest about
your income."

She may be able to figure out your physical strength and wealth by looking, but
she needs to test you to find out if you have the necessary confidence.

Remain amused no matter what she does. Her goal is to get you to betray your
real feelings so that she can judge you, and perhaps reject you.

Women have to be slightly smarter than men to catch them, to get enough devotion
and resources to raise the next generation. The man loses alternate
opportunities but wins in higher quality offspring because both parents are
present and paying attention.


Men's and women's thoughts are as different as their bodies.

Men are larger than women on average, as is typical of polygamous species.

Some women are stronger than some men. Most men are stronger than most women.
All of the strongest men are stronger than any of the strongest women.

Boys and girls think differently from birth, as any parent of both can tell you.
Boys have more trouble paying attention, and far more interest in war games.

Boys have a harder time understanding the emotions of others.
Girls are more attentive and obedient, less aggressive, and more social.

Young women suddenly acquire great power in their teen years. Young men do not.

Men are always hungry, living among walking talking cheesecakes.
Women are always nervous. They suspect men's motives, and rightly so.

Men want women. Women want men to want them.
Women fear men. Men fear women will reject them.

Women are bait. Men are willing to enter a relationship to have sex.
Men are not bait. There is little inherent value to a man's body.

Men pay for prostitutes because they have to.
Women never pay for sex, because they don't have to.

Men dealt with life and death situations such as war much more than women did.
Direct clear speech was essential to men's survival. Not so for women.

Women consistently underestimate how much men want sex.
"It's the difference between throwing a bullet and shooting it out of a gun."

There is a vast porn industry for men, all visual.
There is a vast porn industry for women, all romance novels.


Women vary less than men do in all respects: height, weight, intelligence,
aptitudes, and inclinations.

"All women are the same woman" is more true than "all men are the same man".

There are more male idiots and geniuses than female idiots and geniuses.

Technically, men are more related to male apes than to human women, because
males have only one X chromosome, while females have two.

James Damore pointed out that the usual disingenuous reply to the obvious
reality of sex differences is to "misrepresent and shame". The reply
misrepresents the argument as being "all women are here" and "all men are there"
in some dimension, when the argument is two overlapping bell curves.


All aspects of feminine hotness advertise fertility: youth, clear skin, long
hair, facial symmetry, symmetric breasts.

Men are strongly attracted to signs of fertility and health in women, such as
long hair. Long hair proves the woman has been healthy enough to keep her hair
for a few years at least. The care of long hair is also difficult, so clean
well-kept long hair is a proof of competence. Unkempt hair may be a sign of
mental illness or other illness.

The angle of "swayback" men most prefer is that which correlates with the fewest
problems in giving birth.

A beautiful young woman walking alone is carrying a small fortune in potential
reproduction. To rape her was to rob her of the time and effort in gestating and
caring for a child. She should be as paranoid as if she were carrying around
several years wages.

Heaven is a beautiful woman. She is the gateway to more self, eternal life,
genetically speaking.

Women age faster than men. It is a common to see a couple of the same ages where
she looks older than he does. Women have a shorter time to bear children, about
20 years, but men can be fathers for about 60 years.

Women require the reaction of men to know how beautiful they are. Even then,
they make mistakes. Some beautiful women think they are ugly, and some ugly
women think they are beautiful. Men never make these mistakes about women.

All women are insecure about their beauty. All men are insecure about their
penis. This is tragic, because most women are in fact beautiful enough to
attract a suitable man, and most men are well enough endowed.

Men will do what young women want, in the usually vain hope of a sexual reward.
Adult women discover at about the age of 35 that the power they enjoyed over men
has begun to dissipate. This reflects older women's declining fertility.

Women do not care much that men are fertile, the way that the signs of fertility
make women attractive to men. There is no shortage of fertile men.

The limit to population growth is the number of fertile women.


Female beauty is objective fact, not cultural. Men of all cultures strongly
agree on female beauty, primarily youth and health.

In all cultures, most men find fairer women more feminine and thus more
attractive. The word "fair" itself means both beautiful and light. Since rich
men get more choice in women, the upper classes in all cultures become lighter
than the lower classes as rich men choose fair women. Blondes actually do
have more fun. Even if all people were to intermarry, the same process would
immediately begin the separation again.

Even in ancient Roman and Egyptian art, women were painted as having lighter
skin, and men as having darker skin. Light skin is perceived as being more
feminine in all ages.

Beautiful women sing by being. The same neurons which respond to a beautiful
song also respond to a beautiful woman.

To even hear that men are disgusted by fat and ugly women makes women angry.

Many famous men have been trapped by women. She offers to sleep with him to
further her own career or to catch him as a husband. If she doesn't get what she
wants, she retroactively revokes her offer and charges him with rape. The wise
man keeps good documentation of her offer for just such an eventuality.

"She offered her honor. He honored her offer. And all night he was on her and
off her."


A woman's fate is often determined by her beauty. This is inherent in human
biology. Beautiful young women are more fertile than ugly old women. Beautiful
young women get pregnant easily and give birth to healthy children. Men who
strongly preferred signs of health and fertility in women had more surviving
children in every generation.

A man's fate is often determined by his status. This is also inherent in human
biology. Rich and powerful men are more likely to be able to provide for and to
protect their children. Women who strongly preferred signs of wealth and power
in men had more surviving children in every generation.

Most men are sexually disappointed most of the time. Women don't care for most
men, who are then condemned to accept a woman who accepts them only from lack of
better options, or to be alone, or to be gay, which is also a failure.

Man: I gave you my love, but you didn't value it.
Woman: If you gave away your love that easily, it's not valuable.

Woman: I gave you my pussy, but you didn't value it.
Man: If you gave away your pussy that easily, it's not valuable.

Women fight by being more beautiful than other women.
Men fight by fighting.


Dating is a rough game played for high stakes.

Men must prove themselves. Women must look good.

In their early 20's, women have the advantage in dating. Later, men have the
advantage. Men become richer and more dominant and do not show age or lose
fertility as rapidly. Men's looks never counted for as much anyway.

The balance of power between men and women crosses at about age 30.

Women's breasts and buttocks inflate at puberty, and deflate with age.

Women tend to look like their mothers as they age.

Women are physically weaker than men, yet have sexual power over men.

Women are drug dealers, selling men what they want most, love and sex.

Women rate 20% of men as above average, and 80% of men below average.
Men accurately rate the objective desirability of women on a bell curve.

Most women get daily interest from at least some men. Only the top 20% of men
get daily interest from at least some women. Literally - the tallest men get
more interest than men of average height.

Men tend to say what they mean, a mistake when talking to women.
Women abhor direct speech, which confuses men.

A man on a first date should not give away too many details about himself.
He should shut up and kiss her.

Females act "irrationally" when dating to keep the male off balance to judge his
stability. They don't have to learn this because it is in their nature.

"The essence of romance is uncertainty."

Yet she also needs to feel certain that the man won't talk about her.

Take her to a horror movie. When her heat races with fear, she may conflate it
with love, and you will seem protective.


We are constantly judged by others in subtle ways, on our appearance,
understanding, and micro-expressions. The person with the better perception has
an advantage. Women perceive emotions better than men do, giving them an
advantage in relationships.

The judgment is relative to those around us. To do well puts pressure on others,
and if they do well, it puts pressure on us.

If one's hair is unkempt, or clothing not quite right, fly down, or even one
button not buttoned, it gives a signal to others that we are not quite there.

A single misspelled word or grammatical error can betray lack of education.

"We have become increasingly dependent on the opinions of others based on
uncertain criteria." We don't even know what the questions are.

We all judge ourselves, all the time.

"You should not judge anyone until you've walked a mile in their shoes. That
way, you'll be a mile away, and you'll have their shoes."


Subtext is an encoded message.

It's hard to hear what isn't said, but it's always the most important point.

It is embarrassing to have your subtext understood by others when you're trying
to hide it. The ideas you bring up betray your thoughts.

We remember insults to ourselves and bring them up, betraying insecurities.

There is the polite answer, beneath which is the real answer, which takes effort
to decode. The excuse for missing your party is a cover for the real answer: she
is not that into you. The ambiguity is deliberate and subtle.

An immediate answer shows interest.
A delayed answer shows disinterest, or feigned disinterest.
No answer is also an answer.

To suddenly understand the subtext of women's words and actions is like suddenly
understanding the language of the birds. It was there all along.

If a woman likes a man, she will find a way to touch him.
When she touches him, it will be ambiguous, to maintain plausible deniability.

If a woman does not like a man, she will avoid even the slightest touch.

If a woman speaks at all to a man where her job does not require it, she's
expressing interest in him.

Both women and men tend to point their feet at people they are interested in.

First woman on the moon radios ground control:
Woman:   Houston, we have a problem.
Houston: What's the problem?
Woman:   Never mind.
Houston: So, there is no problem?
Woman:   You know what the problem is.


In dating, repeated rejection means having to move downmarket from what you
desire. This is painful, proving a limit to your sexual value as you are now.

It is normal for men to be rejected, though painful. This is why men are nervous
about asking women out. Men anticipate and fear the pain of rejection, again.

It is less normal for women to be rejected, because they have something valuable
to offer: nine months of pregnancy caring for a man's genes. So it is yet more
painful for women to be rejected. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Rejected women console themselves saying "dick is cheap and abundant" but in
truth it is hard for most women to gain the commitment of a high-status man.

With self-improvement and dating practice, a normal man can increase his
success rate with women from 1% to 10%. Rich, powerful, and famous men get
what they want 50% of the time with no effort.

The pain of being rejected is balanced somewhat by the right to reject.

It always hurts to be rejected, even when we try to convince ourselves we didn't
really want her. But if you didn't want acceptance, you would not have asked.

The cure for pining after a woman is to find another woman.

Men have infinite capacity for self-deception in love. Hope overrides obvious
truth. The slightest hint of interest from her is taken to have more
significance than it really does.

Men like to think that the woman they are in love with is in love with them.
They are frequently wrong, and do not discover their error until she leaves, or
gets a restraining order.

There is a simple plot on continuous replay all around us, in which the man
eventually realizes that his love and devotion to a woman was not only
unreciprocated, but it resulted in her contempt for him.

Many men think they are loved by a woman when they are merely useful to her.

Women don't reject men outright, but try to fade away instead. Uninterested
women progressively increment the delay before responding to messages.


After one taste of romantic love, you will humiliate yourself for more.

Intense love is crippling. If you could recall that feeling at will, you would
do nothing but sit all day and enjoy it, useless to the world.

You cannot choose to fall in love, or you'd do it all the time. But you can
choose whether or not to get close to the edge of the cliff, beyond which the
process runs on its own, and takes you with it.

You pity all who are not in love. Everything they do is hardly worth doing at
all. They seem comatose.

The distance between love and ordinary life far below seems greater than the
distance between ordinary life and death.

In mundane life we chase subtle wisps of pleasure. In love, the hurricane blows.

Love is impossible to explain, though a million pop songs try, such as "Can't
Explain". Love songs reach only the audience that already knows.

Love cannot be argued with. It is its own axiom and proof.

She sparkles. You can think of nothing else. The pleasure from seeing her smile
or hearing her laugh overwhelms any attempt at self-defense. You're a junkie,
and it is heaven on earth. You have grabbed a live wire and cannot let go.

In the waltz, only your faces are in focus while the world spins about you both.

You cannot make anyone love you. You can only improve yourself and then select
from those who are interested. It is the same in all kinds of sales.

Yet mere propinquity engenders many a love relationship.

Crushing romantic love is true happiness, but if you get your desire, the
ecstasy is transient, slowly descending into normal life. If you don't get
your desire, you waste in torment for want of it.


Women trade up until they find a better man than they think they should get.

Women live in a state of tension between fear that their man might leave for a
better looking woman, and happiness that their man has the power to attract
better looking women.

High status men need do nothing to get free sex. Low-status men must provide
money and time to women, and then get only duty sex. At the bottom, there is
only payment for prostitutes.

Men form themselves into hierarchies to accomplish big goals and select their
own leaders. Women then choose the men selected by other men.

Women test themselves against desirable men. They brush against or bump into
such men. As long as they keep getting a good reaction, they quietly consider
leaving their current man and finding one with more power and higher status.

Most of women's attractiveness is youth, which fades. Eventually women calculate
that the man they have is the best they will get, and they end the game.

Men with beards seem more dominant and more aggressive, and thus get more
attention from women than men without beards.


Feminists compare themselves to high status men but don't see lower men at all.

Women back to Queen Medb have both resented and loved high status men.

Most men have never wanted to be women, but most women have wanted to be men.

The common female desire to be male disrupts male camaraderie, even on all
playgrounds of the world.

Women can choose to have abortions, but men have no say, only obligations.
Women can choose to give their children up for adoption, but men cannot.

Marriage and divorce laws protect women but penalize men.
Women gain rights but take on no new responsibilities.
Men take on new responsibilities but gain no rights.

Marriage was only barely worthwhile for men even before feminism.
Feminism has driven men away from marriage. Who would want to marry his rival?

Men accomplish in order to win the prize of a woman. When men compete with
women, they are competing with the prizes, a confusing state of affairs.

When women have unlimited choice, all of them sleep with the same top men,
leaving most men with no reason to accomplish, undermining civilization.

Feminism intended to liberate woman, but has made them lonely and sad instead.

Feminism is war on motherhood. Such a war cannot end well.

Whole countries have been brought into demographic decline via feminism. They
are dying, soon to be replaced by cultures that praise motherhood above all.

Trying to be a man is a waste of a woman. Women are at their best as women.

"A virtuous woman who can find? For her price is far above rubies."


Feminists try to become men by being promiscuous, as men are. But it doesn't
make them men, it makes them sluts.

No man wants to marry a slut, because he wants to be sure the children are
really his own. But women want to marry a man who has slept around, because it
proves his high value to women.

A woman who sleeps with many men has done something easy.
A man who sleeps with many women has done something difficult.

A woman who wants sex wants to give away something.
A man who wants sex wants to get something.

The lock that opens for all keys is a worthless lock.
The key that opens all locks is a valuable key.

Women want a man who could easily get another woman, proving his worth.
Men don't care if a woman can easily get another man, because they all can.

Women don't like competition. This makes whores more tolerable than chaste
rivals. Women know that men are innately concerned about paternity, and that
whores are therefore unlikely to gain the long-term commitment of their man.

All religions forbid sluttery because it rapidly spreads diseases like HPV and
shortens life. Sluts are far more likely to get cervical cancer.

Sluts trade away their long-term happiness as wives, mothers, and grandmothers
for the short-term freedom and pleasure of violating ancient rules.

"Jack and Jill went up the hill, each with a dollar and a quarter. Jill came
down with $2.50"

Strip clubs reverse the pickup game. The strippers circulate looking for easy
marks the way men circulate in bars looking for easy women.

Slit, slat, slot, slut.


All vertebrates have two sexes, the female who creates eggs and the male who
creates sperm. There are no other sexes.

Every person has one mother and one father, and no other parents.

The shape of the human penis was optimized by evolution for semen removal. The
goal of thrusting is to pump out the semen of the previous guy, and then leave
your own. The human refractory period is to prevent you from working against
yourself. Once you come, you cannot continue.

Fellatio evolved as a way for women to avoid getting pregnant when they didn't
want to be. If a woman gives a man a blow job, she disables his ability to
impregnate her during the refractory period, as well as reducing her risk of
venereal disease. She could then escape or move on to be impregnated by a man
she felt to be of greater advantage to herself.

Women who swallow a man's semen are more likely to get pregnant from vaginal
sex with that man later. Her immune system becomes more accepting of him.

The elephant seal cow puts up with the dominant bull seal because he defends her
from being raped by the other bull seals.

Women are more likely to contract a disease from sex than men are.

Both men and women are sexually attracted to displays of great talent.

Sex has a dollar value, romantic love does not.

Sex is selfish, but love is generous, including another self in one's own self.

Women have a lower sex drive than men, except when trying to attract
powerful men. Then they are insatiable. "Power is the best aphrodisiac."

Sex exists to create babies, but no one thinks of babies during sex.

Women are all about the same in the dark. "They all have the same equipment."


Paternity is uncertainty.

Men prefer to marry virgins because they are concerned about paternity. The
fewer past sexual partners a woman has had, the more likely a man is to commit.

Mandatory paternity testing at birth would greatly reduce child abuse. Abusive
fathers are often uncertain whether the child is theirs.

For a man to see his child and know it is his own is a source of great pride.
For a man to see his child and be uncertain is a source of great shame.

Even the fear of possible cuckolding makes a man invest less in the child.

Men who were not paranoid about paternity were cuckolded out of the gene pool.

We should eliminate all child support obligations of biological non-fathers.
Women will object, because it reduces their power to deceive and use men.

Women do not care much whether the man who thinks he is the father actually is.
Women always know the child is their own.

Maternal grandmothers take better care of their grandchildren than paternal
grandmothers do, because grandmothers know that paternity is uncertainty. They
do not want to invest much in a grandchild who may not be their own.

A thousand years of records in Iceland show that children entrusted to maternal
grandmothers survived better than those entrusted to paternal grandmothers.

"My father can beat up your father."
"Oh yeah? Well my father IS your father."

Bastards are smart. This makes sense because their fathers were obviously smart
enough to impregnate a woman without paying the cost of raising the child.

Bastards are evil too, for that same reason.

Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison are both bastards.


Nine women cannot create a baby in one month.

Pregnant women may develop a dark stripe from their belly button down to their
pubic hair. Their breasts grow larger.

The birth of a child squeezes shit and piss out of a woman.

An episiotomy during delivery is a snip through the side of the vaginal opening
with heavy scissors, to make the opening wider. Blood gushes out. It is sewn up
after the birth.

The umbilical cord is about as thick as a finger.

Human breast milk does not come out in a stream, but a spray. It is very sweet.


Inbreeding is too much self, not enough other.

Recessive genes are broken genes. They may be beneficial. They are recessive
because having a functional copy on the other chromosome masks their effect.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, and lactose tolerance are due to defective genes for
pigment or for the lactose gene repressor protein. They are all recessive.

Neoteny means holding on to baby-like traits into adulthood, such as light hair
and the ability to digest milk. Humans tend to show neoteny.

Everyone has some harmful recessive mutations. To prevent the harm from
expressing, it is necessary to have a second chromosome with a functional gene.
This is the advantage of out-breeding, breeding with genetically distant
partners. Farmers are well aware of the greater health of hybrid offspring, and
there is a term for it: "hybrid vigor"

Inbreeding creates unhealthy children because of the same recessive mutations
from the two parents.

There is also "out-breeding depression", in which useful genes require two
similar copies to work well. Out-breeding reduces vigor for these genes.

We are all necessarily related to our spouses. The only question is how far back
until the most recent common ancestor. Because each of our parents has two
parents, 10 generations back we each have 1024 ancestors, and 40 generations
back we each have one trillion ancestors - yet this cannot be, because there
were not one trillion people 40 generations ago. So we all must be the product
of repeated inbreeding.

Inbred animals may be retarded because so many genes are necessary to build a
properly functioning brain. Consider the English royal family. The next failure
is joint function, because it also takes many functioning genes to create
properly functioning joints. Inbred animals tend to have defective joints.


Marriage is the joining of two selves.

A happy marriage makes a happy life.

A successful marriage requires each to understand the other's moods.

Marriage works as long as both spouses want it to work.

All marriages are business relationships to some degree. Jews acknowledge this
fact with a marriage contract which the couple keeps on a wall in their home.

A husband is obligated to protection and support.
A wife is obligated to cooking, sex, and childcare.

The wife who puts out without the husband earning an income is being cheated.
The husband who earns an income but gets no sex is being cheated.

When a man stops earning money, his wife may be understanding at first, but the
clock is ticking.

When a wife stops wanting sex, her husband may be understanding at first, but
the clock is ticking.

To get rid of a husband is easy: stop having sex with him.
To get rid of a wife is hard: the state will give her your money anyway.

Many women think: "So I can't have the alpha in charge of other men, but if this
beta is willing to support me even though I don't care about him, why shouldn't
I take what I can get?"

The best predictor of divorce is eye-rolling by a wife while her husband is
speaking. She is demonstrating a lack of respect. Without respect, she has no
attraction for him either.

If your girlfriend disrespects you in public, it's already over even if you were
unaware of the fact.


A husband has a house. The hus in husband means house.

Women put up with shit from men because they need the house, the income, and the
protection men provide in order to raise their children.

While women need resources from men, they frequently fall for men who provide
nothing, but are sexy and dangerous. This makes evolutionary sense because such
fathers may give her sons who can spread her genes far more widely than a
responsible and loyal man can.

Women throw themselves at the prince for an affair, who picks and chooses as he
pleases. "When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything."

Women would rather have a fraction of a great man than all of an ordinary one.

All women want to marry the prince, but most women must settle for marrying an
ordinary man in a monogamous society.

Many women have found a husband in the state. The state provides welfare income
and police protection. Now a woman can raise a child alone, with tax money from
men and police protection from men. But the sons of single women often end up as
criminals, and the daughters of single women as sluts.


Which of your ancestors had no children?

Billions of years of evolution have come down to you, a survivor of every
generation of winnowing. Are you going to throw that away?

Those with children know that those without cannot understand the joy and pain.

"Children are the reward of life."

"If you didn't love your children, you'd kill them."

"I have two wonderful children - and two out of five isn't bad."

Famous child prodigies always have a parent promoting their abilities to the
public, a parent who is also expert in whatever talent the child has.
Beethoven's father was a musician, as was Mozart's.

We want to protect our children and grandchildren for their whole lives, but we
will eventually die and they must continue on their own.

The atomized existence of car culture deprives children of a physically near
community of relatives, making them susceptible to cults to find belonging. But
children who grow up in an ethnic neighborhood have fixed beliefs and relatives
nearby who will help and protect them.

All cults hate your family, because they are rivals for your affection. This is
why Abraham was told to kill Isaac.


The first letters were literally pictures.

Alphabetic systems use pictures to represent the first sound of a thing. The
words for ox, house, and camel in Hebrew (aleph, beth, and gimel) begin with
sounds similar to our letters A, B, and G. These three letters are still
recognizable as an ox, a house, and a camel, if you know how to look at them.

By making pictures represent each sound we use, whatever can be spoken can also
be frozen in time.

Our first letter, A, was once a picture of an ox, which was in itself the word
for an ox. You can still see the horns at the bottom of the letter. Someone
figured out that you could write any word that you could say by using a
different picture to represent each sound of that word in order. The existing
picture-word for ox, aleph, started with the sound "a", so the picture of an ox
became the symbol for the sound "a", and remains so to this day.

Our second letter, B, was once a picture of a house and that picture was in
itself the word for a house. The ancient Semitic word for house, beth, started
with a "b" sound. So the word-picture of a house became the symbol for the
sound "b". And the system of writing was called aleph-beth, or the alphabet.

Once it became easy to write down our thoughts, it became easy for one
generation to pass on a large amount of information on to the next. Oral
traditions were limited by the fallible memories of men. "The faintest ink is
better than the best memory."

Even a small amount of written information can dramatically change our
mental models. Consider a telegram. "Your son died in the war" gives grief.
"Your son survived and is on his way home" gives joy. Writing is powerful.

"The pen is mightier than the sword."


Words describe the world, yet are also in it, on paper, or in computers.

Words have meaning only by referring to something else.

Words reflect things. They are not the things, but look like them.

To write is to reflect part of the world onto paper.

A word can refer to anything, including other words, but there is no word which
refers only to itself. Words refer outward to the world, to model the world in
terms of self-interest. We don't have words for that which does not matter to
us, and we don't care.

A bit represents true or false. Being is truth. Absence is falsity.

We can describe the world with bits, but the description of a bit is only
another bit - a copy. It requires yet more memory to model memory. So
omniscience, to remember all, is inherently impossible. There will never be
enough bits in the universe to model those bits themselves.

"You can't have everything. Where would you put it?"

"If the brain were simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to
understand it."

Things become thoughts, thoughts becomes the words, words become things.

Etymologies are instructive. We share bread with our companions, and meat with
our mates.

Matter is the mother of the thing. We can see this in its etymology.

To matter is to be a thing, to be material.

Philosophers write too many words, overlooking their own child begging for
attention at their knee. They miss the trees for the forest.

Three words changed the course of world history: "Limes cure scurvy."

To limit which words we may use also limits our ability to resist our owners.

Grammar is essential to all communication.

Most English speakers have used "it's" where they should have used "its".

his, hers, its
he's, she's, it's

The problem is that the possessive is usually formed with 's, but not in the
case of the pronouns.

Commas and periods should not go within quotes unless you intend to quote them.
The Germans already do this correctly. They like to be correct.

"Only" modifies the immediately following word.

I only eat fish when I'm sick. (Ambiguous)
I eat only fish when I'm sick. (Unambiguous)
I eat fish only when I'm sick. (Unambiguous)

"I only eat fish when I'm sick" implies that you might drink fish otherwise.

It's not who you know, it's whom you know.


Writing is a representation, a re-presentation of a mental model.

Speech preceded writing by eons. The spoken form is definitive, not the written
form. Writing was created to reflect speech. Even as children, we learn to speak
long before we learn to read and write.

When two people converse, they are exploring each other's mental models, each
other's ideas, what they can see. "I see your point."

Ideas can be shared in speech or in writing, but speech is ephemeral. Writing
freezes ideas to later be thawed in other minds.

The written word is subject to decay over time, like all information.

Graphs are better at convincing people than arguments are.

Which books to read is an important and difficult problem. You may not know
you've wasted your time until your time was wasted. You will never know which
treasures you failed to read, because you didn't read them.

The best books are short. They do not waste words.

Good words are light and accurate enough to hit a target from far away in time.

A few good words at the right time are more valuable than whole libraries.

The clearest writing uses redundancy to minimize ambiguity.

Consider how your point could be misinterpreted, then cut off the possibility
for misinterpretation by rewriting, or adding further explanation and examples.

Claude Shannon would understand why you added the redundancy. It is to
compensate for noise in the channel.

The challenge is to minimize ambiguity using the fewest words.

One needs to be in the right frame of mind to write well.
Anger is the wrong frame of mind.

All writing has a human context. The writer has friends, enemies, family.


This book, titled readme.txt, was written in 2020 by Patrick Killelea,

Freedom to electronically copy and share this book unmodified is granted to
everyone who understands the difference between a bell curve and a single
value. All generalizations in this book refer to bell curves. When I say "men
are taller than women", I mean that the bell curve for men's heights is
distinctly to the right of that for women, with some overlap.

Physical printing rights reserved until the beginning of the year 2040.

Every fruit has a seed. For a printed copy, see https://patrick.net/

No bar code is ever to appear on a printed copy of this book. They are hideous.

Many thanks to the reviewers on patrick.net.

Each chapter is a maximum of 42 lines, to be completely visible on one page.

Each line is a maximum of 80 characters. All characters are plain ascii text.

If it's in quotes, that means I'm quoting someone. I may not know whom.

You are reading this now. Were you not, you wouldn't be.

The fact that you are reading this implies you have the time, and enough food,
and know English, and a world of others truths.

If you find this book useful, please pass it on to others.

Don't just believe what I write. I could be wrong. Look for mistaks.

Stop reading this for now. Go do something nice for someone. Then come back.


A few well-chosen words are enough. Too many words are worse than none at all.

Every wasted word should be counted as an error. Life is short.

We are dependent on black boxes of complexity, computer, legal, financial.
We are dependent on specialists whom we must pay to understand and fix them.

Accountants depend on the complexity of tax law to earn their living.

"All professions are conspiracies against the laity."

One gets professional degrees so that those without are legally forbidden from
questioning one's professional judgment. One with a degree can be judged only by
those who also have such a degree, and so are also part of the conspiracy.

Simple laws and simple technology are best for people, but not profitable.

Conspiracies arise without planning, by confluence of interests. Lobbyists want
laws that trap the public and make them pay. Congressmen want "donations".

At my first programming job I was told by my mentor: "Don't document anything.
If they don't know how their business works, they can never fire you."

All software eventually bloats to death as its complexity becomes untenable.
Managers get bonuses for adding unnecessary features. "Look, I did something."
Most programmers enjoy adding new features, not removing useless features.


Elegance is sister to simplicity.

The Japanese and the Germans share a taste for order.

Order is simpler than disorder, and therefore more elegant.

The best wines have the simplest labels.

Efficient computer code is elegant, even poetic.

The elegant solution is also beautiful.

"Think deeply about simple things." There are many secrets yet to be uncovered.

Les is mor.


Censorship comes from fear that information will spread and harm ourselves.

All free speech worth protecting is necessarily offensive to someone.

If we ban "offensive" speech, then the most easily offended can silence anyone.

The easily offended are not worthy of respect.
The man who is difficult to offend is honorable.

The politically correct make the rest of us walk through life on eggshells.

National Security Letters, gag orders, and hate speech laws are all attacks on
freedom of speech by government, violations of the First Amendment.

Copyright enforcement is practice for suppression of political speech. In both
cases, people in power find the person responsible for distributing information
and then fine or imprison him so that others may not see the information.

Movie piracy is good practice for resistance to censorship.

The phenomenon of samizdat, or unofficial self-publishing, helped to bring down
Communist totalitarianism in spite of government controlled publishing.

Blogs and forums, our own samizdat, are helping to bring down corporate
totalitarianism in spite of corporate controlled publishing.

All copyright should be limited to 20 years, like patents. The Mickey Mouse
extensions to copyright protect Disney profits at the expense of the public,
pure corruption.

Every copyrighted work is stored as a large integer on disk. A copyright is a
claim to own that integer.

Anyone proud of his work should be more afraid that his work will not be copied
than that it will.

The ideal is uncensorable commentary on all advertising, news, and government.


"There is no cloud. It's just someone else's computer."

When it's someone else's computer, you are dependent on them not to turn it off.

Your Google docs cease to exist the moment Google decides they don't like you.

To use "free" Google services is to pay dearly with your privacy.

Technology has been a race between transportation and communication since the
railroad lines and the telegraph.

As telecommunications matures, it will become more attractive not to cart
oneself and goods about in a metal machine, but to let the information we are
seeking come to us.

Unlike transportation, which physically moves an object, to transmit information
is to copy it, not to move it. The information also remains where it started.

3D printing approaches the convergence of the two. Material artifacts may now be
transmitted as information and realized by those printers.

"Any sufficiently developed technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Tools have genealogies, back to rocks. Tools are used to make other tools.

The Antikythera mechanism pushed back the origin of finely machined gears.

We should not be surprised if fossilized tools one day prove that dinosaurs had
a civilization 60 million years ago.


Computers model the world. They describe it. Their memories are written to, an
ethereal paper. Computers hold our ideas like writing does. They search and
transform our ideas faster and more accurately than our own brains do. Yet they
perceive nothing. "The spoon does not taste the soup."

Computers amplify our power to find solutions to our selfish problems.

It is far cheaper to create a model of a building in a computer's memory than to
create a building on the ground. We can create that model, flip it around, alter
it at will like a god, and destroy it if displeased.

"In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God, and the Word was God."

As computers get more advanced, they will get more advanced viruses.

A cellphones develop, they accumulate more senses: vision, hearing, balance.
They begin to approach life, mere insects so far.

Computers never add subtext. They mean what they say, and nothing else. This
makes them easy to understand for autists. Ordinary people are constantly
implying subtexts both by what they say and what they omit, frustrating autists.

If you want to save money, use standards-based open-source software.
If you want to make money, sell proprietary closed-source software.

Whatever just happened is likely to happen again soon. This is why caches are
effective in computing, but also applies to life.


Programming a computer is specifying its behavior. Programmers are always given
incomplete specifications. Were they given complete specifications, their job
would already be done and they would have nothing to do.

Portability trumps performance. Bash is slow but will outlive the cockroaches.

Laptops beat desktops, phones beat laptops, each with less computing power.

ASCII text is inefficiently stored, yet will be universally readable forever.

Web pages are readable on all hardware and all operating systems, unlike apps,
which are imprisoned and dependent on one operating system for corporate profit.

Every framework is a trap your code will never escape.

No function definition should be longer than fits on one screen.

All functions should be pure functions, except for the few that need I/O.

Complexity is cost. Keep it simple, stupid.

Dependencies are evil. To minimize evil, minimize dependencies.

Captive user interfaces create a needless dependency on human input.

All programs should be runnable as filters, taking stdin and writing to stdout.

All executables should be statically linked for maximum portability.

The difference between programmers and salesmen is that the programmer will
speak clearly and tell the truth. The salesman will do neither.

A good programmer writes as clearly as possible out of sympathy for those who
will maintain his code, or who must fix it in an emergency.

The best programmers produce negative lines of code per day. They remove bad
code and collapse redundancy while maintaining crystal clarity.


Dependency is the opposite of self-sufficiency.

To control people, give them money regularly and then threaten to stop.

To make desert tribes dependent, the Chinese built them a modern water system
with a shutoff valve controlled in Beijing, and then filled in all their wells.

The wealthy are dependent on their servants. When the servants stop cooperating,
wealth is revealed to be ephemeral. The boss is dependent on the employees.

When the power goes out, the home generator pays off.
If the power never goes out, the home generator was the cost of insurance.

Girl Scouts should once again bake and sell all of their cookies personally.
Girl Scouts should not be laboring for cookie corporations. They are children.

DNS names, SSL certificates, and search engine rank are insidious dependencies,
points of control. They can all be cut off to suppress political dissent.

Electronic payment systems are a way to suppress dissenting businesses, and a
way to spy on buyers. Cash and Bitcoin give freedom and privacy.

Tech companies trap your data in their format or on their website. To read your
own work, you must pay to decode their format or use their site.

Both Android and iPhone trap your app so it won't run on the other platform, but
web pages are usable on all platforms.

There are no app stores for web pages. Access is instant. Apps are a mistake.

Businesses get paid because customers are dependent.
Were the customer not dependent, he would not pay.

The first hit of heroin is always free.

Tech companies litter their "free" services with fishhooks. One day you find
you've got a fishhook in you and it's very painful to get it out.

Apple is expert at making the fishhooks go in painlessly.


Were we all employed doing only what we do best, and to exchange it for what
others do best, we would have maximum productivity, but we also have maximum
economic fragility. When such a fragile economy is disrupted, many will suffer.

As insurance, we should all have some ability to provide survival basics on our
own in small communities. It's fun too: water, farming, power, building, baking.

Survivalists forget that in emergencies, community help is more important than
ever. One Amish farmer alone would have a very hard time, but a community of
Amish can last forever without modern technology.

Orchids are most efficient plant for their niche, but cannot survive out of it.
Dandelions are not efficient, but grow all over the world.

When the environment is static, the optimal organism is highly specialized for
a niche: orchids, anteaters.

When the environment is changing rapidly, the optimal organism is generic and
adaptable: dandelions, rats, people.


Play is practice for life. Children play at doing what they see adults do.

Kids play house because they see that adults live together in houses.

Games are practice at dealing with others, winning and losing.

Sports are practice for war as it was waged for millennia, small groups of men.

Boys stage play battles because we are all the descendants of men who survived
battles with other men. They survived because they were inclined to think about
battles as boys. Girls, not so much.

Girls play with dolls much more than boys do, again for obvious genetic reasons.
Girls grow up to be mothers who need to think about how to take care of a baby.
Boys do not play with dolls nearly as much, but they do play with toy soldiers.

Reading fiction is practice for life. We read about situations to see how others
handled them. We enjoy reading about people who have the same problems we do, to
give us ideas about solving our own problems.

Literature is about love and death, because those are the problems of self.

Movies are a way to cheat at reading.

All movies include aspects of the movie maker's personal life history.

Mainstream movies feel empty when you're lonely because you realize that the
movie makers don't care about you. They just wanted your money. Instead of
movies, what you need is to know that you are loved by someone, hopefully by
many people.

Yet niche movie makers do care. There is a love of humanity in those movies.


Learning is adding to your mental model of the world.

You learn at the edges of what you already know. The more you know, the faster
you learn. The surface of a sphere increases with the square of the radius.

You're done learning a subject when you keep learning the same points over, not
new ones. This is also true when learning about life.

Pain is an excellent teacher.

Learning and pain are connected at the deepest levels of the brain.

You quickly learn what is painful. Evolutionarily, it was good to learn to avoid
pain and so the same neural pathways are used for both learning and pain.

Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from poor judgment.

Experiences are more educational that books.

To be proven wrong stings your ego, yet brings you closer to the truth. You
should thank anyone who can prove you wrong.

The best student is not the one that memorizes the most, but the one that can
find mistaks in what he's taught.

A human lives at most 100 years, with few exceptions. That's about 36,525 days.
Every fact known to man has to be learned by some person in one of their days.
This limits the sum of all human knowledge to those facts valuable enough to be
learned in that time, times the number of humans.


Peers are a greater influence than nature or nurture. You do what your peers do.

Children should not have to learn polynomials. Most will never use them.

Children should learn crossword puzzles because they are good practice for life.
There is not enough information, your assumptions are probably wrong, and the
answers depend on each other. You have to start with guesses and backtrack.

There is a limit on the benefit of education to any one person. That person will
die one day, having used any one educational point n times. But if they leave
behind a greater sum of knowledge because of how they used their education, the
benefits can accrue forever.

A college degree is proof of sustained obedience to arbitrary demands. A degree
qualifies one to be an obedient worker.

Good teachers are valuable. With a minimum of words they can impart a good
mental model. They light the room so you can walk around and not bruise your
shins on the coffee table.

Bad teachers set you back by imparting a wrong mental model, or none at all.

We need teachers committed to traditional values to counteract the damage done
by resentful liberal teachers. We should teach patriotism, marriage, hard work,
and care for all our fellow citizens. We should not let children be taught
homosexuality and promiscuity, communism, and division by race.

Parents should have access to classroom cameras for the same reason police
should wear bodycams: to be sure our public servants are serving the public.

Children should be able to test out of any subject. They would have more free
time and free up the teacher to help those who need help.

Working mothers depend on school as day care, so kids who test out of a class
should still be in school, but allowed to be in the library, or the gym, or
working on a personal project.

People don't change. Every adult can be described by his kindergarten teacher.


Universities have become centers of rigid political orthodoxy, enforced through
a reign of terror in which everyone can be accused of some -ism or -phobia. No
evidence is needed and no defense is possible. The accusation is the conviction.

The accusation raises the status of the accuser and protects him or her.

Purity spirals arise when some seek power by showing themselves more "pure" in
their ideology than others. As they get power, they organize witch hunts to
exclude and harm their enemies by accusing them of being less pure. No amount of
purity is ever enough. But in the end, Robespierre was also guillotined.

"Purity always goes wrong. You know when there was the worst witch-hunting? When
the Puritans were in charge. It doesn't work to be too pure, because people deny
their own negative stuff and then they start projecting it onto other people.
The main thing is to be tolerant, try and listen, and try and be kind."

"A Culture of Victimhood, in which prestige comes not from a resolve to
retaliate against threats (a Culture of Honor) or an ability to control one's
emotions (a Culture of Dignity) but from a claim to have been victimized on the
basis of race or sex, a grievance that is predictably ratified and redressed
by the campus bureaucracy."

The cult of victimhood has infected the corporate world via HR departments,
aided and funded by corporations who see victimhood as a useful distraction from
questions about the harms of globalization.

Ivy League graduates are told they are the best and tell each other the same
thing. The the truth is that they are the best only at obeying and conforming.

In academia, awards are given for having received the most awards.

Liberal arts students argue forever because no one can prove anything, while
arguments between engineering students end quickly when one of them is proven
wrong. "No, that won't compile. Look."

Liberal arts students are pessimistic about getting a job, while engineering
students all happily know they will be employed.

Not everyone should go to college. The German trade apprentice system should be
adopted in America.


There is no need to create a quality product if there is no competition.

A moral business makes a better product, or a cheaper one.
An immoral business simply eliminates your alternatives.

Barbasol got itself written into law. All barber shops were required to buy it.

Cornelius Vanderbilt gave free rides on his Manhattan ferries until his
competitors all went broke. Then he started charging.

Microsoft gave away its word processor, spreadsheet, and browser until competing
businesses died. Then Microsoft made sure that payment for Windows was required.

The end game of every business is to prevent free market competition, to force
you to buy from them at unlimited or unknown prices. The US medical industry is
already there.

Competition between businesses limits profits, benefiting the public. Many
businesses seek to limit "ruinous competition" by influencing the government to
impose regulation on their competitors. Most environmental laws are made to
protect profits, not to protect the public. Smaller businesses cannot comply,
and go out of business.

Governments have a monopoly on their services, so quality is low.

Public employee unions are organized crime to extort money from the public,
which has no alternatives.

When public employees have power to halt the functions of government unless
their demands are met, they have taken over the government.

The hard problems in life are hard because we are competing with ourselves. We
are all the descendants of winners, those who managed to reproduce. This makes
us all similar to each other.

Sibling rivalry is the first unpleasant fact of life encountered.


Life is an iterated game of Prisoner's Dilemma, in which you do not know whether
to trust the other person. The winning strategy for an individual is called
"tit-for-tat": first trust the other person, then do whatever the other person
did. If the other person has been trustworthy, then one should also be
trustworthy to him. If not, then not. Yet, if no one trusts others, we all lose.

Low-trust societies become poor societies. Diversity destroys mutual trust. The
cure is to always promote unity in spite of our differing origins, and never
promote diversity for its own sake. E Pluribus Unum.

Airport food is bad and expensive because there is little repeated interaction
between the same people and airport restaurants, since everyone buying food in
an airport is about to leave that city. The restaurants calculate that their
most profitable strategy is to be untrustworthy because you are unlikely to ever
see them again anyway.

A restaurant which does not list drink prices is counting on your being too
embarrassed to ask so that they can overcharge. If any business does not post
every price clearly, leave and never patronize them again. They have already
betrayed your trust.

The medical system in the US counts on hiding prices from you in the same way,
yet you are forced to use them. You face unknown and potentially infinite bills,
even for a single aspirin. It's like handing your credit card to the waiter and
saying, "order whatever".

During WWI trench warfare between France and Germany, neither side was able to
make progress. They shelled each other, causing deaths on both sides, but no
victory. The soldiers who had been in the trenches a while started to
deliberately miss with their shells to see if the other side would also choose
to miss. And they did. Eventually, French and German soldiers were having tea
with each other instead of killing each other. Generals were appalled and
realized that they had to keep swapping out soldiers in order to keep the
fighting going.

Trench warfare is a lesson for ending political corruption: people who have been
in Washington DC for a long time learn to cooperate with lobbyists and to
abandon their duty to the public. The solution is term limits, to keep a fresh
crop of idealistic representatives coming in and then removing them before they
become cynical and corrupt.


Wealth requires worker specialization.

Cities become wealthy as each citizen becomes a highly productive expert in a
specialized niche instead of just another farmer.

We can each be above average at something, but not at everything.

Cities are wealthy but fragile, a pyramid of dependencies.
Farms are poor but robust. They have few dependencies.
In great disasters, city folk always flee to the countryside.

A farming economy remains viable as long as the sun shines and water is
available. Cities may come and go with little effect on the peasantry.

Every middle school should have a farm, a class in farming, and fruit trees,
harvested by the students.


Even animals and small children understand fairness.

It is fair to divide the pie or to choose the piece, but not to do both.

To be treated unfairly is to be told your self is unimportant.

We are motivated by money, but also by the desire to be fair.

Homo economicus, the "rational economic man", is a myth used by economists.

The ultimatum game proves that the motive of fairness is greater than the motive
of personal gain. Two people will not agree to split $10 as $1 for one and $9
for the other, even if they both get nothing otherwise.

No one should have the power to make laws which don't apply to themselves.

If taxes are to be raised, they should be raised on the raiser as well.


Problems are impediments to the continuation of self.

We are problem solving machines.

Our technology is new, but our problems are old.

"A man of 40, if he have a grain of common sense, has seen all that was and all
that will be again."

"There is nothing new under the sun."

"History does not repeat, but it does rhyme."

All practical problems are the same problem: how to get more money.

All the questions of life become only one question as you age:
How well will you handle the next familiar old problem this time around?

It takes skill to see your possible problems and outcomes, but those
possibilities are limited, not infinite.

All problems solve themselves eventually. Waiting is one solution.

Many problems cease to matter when you cease to care. You may think you have
some flaw in appearance or ability, but others barely notice, or not at all.
They are too busy worrying about themselves.

There is not enough time to understand everything, yet we must act.

Everyone is replaying the lives of all who have gone before.

Ask for advice from those who have gone before. Expect to make mistakes

Divide each problem into smaller problems, because smaller problems are easier
to solve. To finish even a small piece adds momentum.

Do one thing at a time. Context switching is mentally expensive.
Yet when blocked waiting on something, don't waste the time. Do something else.

Whatever your problems, they are easier to bear if you are loved.


Thought selects for dilemmas. Non-dilemmas require no thought.

The right answer to a dilemma is often neither, half, or both.

Start by considering the worst outcome in either case of the dilemma.

Not choosing is also a choice.

We trade one problem for another, this pain for that pain.

Exercise or be fat. Study or be ignorant. Forgive or be lonely.

The urgent fights the important.

Decisions are costs. Freedom from choice is as valuable as freedom of choice.

Many dilemmas are duplication versus dependency. It is more efficient not to
duplicate effort, but to depend on a centralized resource. This efficiency comes
at the cost of failure when the centralized resource is not available.

Dependency is efficient but fragile. Duplication is robust but wasteful.

One can duplicate code, making it independent, or share code, making one section
dependent on another.

It was cheaper for US pharmaceutical companies to outsource manufacturing of all
antibiotics to China. But then Wuhan Virus made Chinese supplies unavailable
while US manufacturing ability had been lost when US factories closed.

The human genome has opted for one level of duplication, one chromosome from
each parent. Duplicate copies of each chromosome gives us better health. If a
gene does not work on one chromosome, it will probably work on the other -
unless you are the result of incest. Then the backup copy will likely be
identical to the broken copy. This is why incest leads to birth defects.

We have all become dependent on centralized sources for our food and energy,
because it is much more expensive to produce your own. One solution is to
produce a survival level of both locally. In an emergency we will at least have
food and energy, and when there is no emergency, we get the lower cost of
cheaper centralized production.


"Your dreams are very different from the actions that will get you there."

If you see you are going to fail, fail quickly. Do not waste time.

Do not beat yourself up for failures. Learn and keep going.

The key is persistence. Drop by drop the pot becomes full.

Half the battle is knowing the right path to take. Ask for advice.

The future tense "I will" in English comes from Germanic words meaning "I want".
What you will do is what you want to do. The future is created by desire.

Work well done is poetry.

Gilgamesh could not find eternal life, but found satisfaction in having built
the walls of his city.

The way to accomplishment is sustained focused effort. Imagine yourself
accomplishing what you set out to do. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Slower may be faster.

Deliberate practice builds skill.


We are the descendants of those who feared death. The others did not survive.

We are the descendants of those who desired sex. The others left no children.

Men were selected to find wealth and women fascinating.
Women were selected to find wealthy men fascinating.

We enjoy fat and salt and sugar because they are necessary and are hard to get
in nature, so there was a benefit to being motivated to get them.

We did not evolve to see truth, only to see what helps us survive.

Evolution does not keep what you don't need. When fish evolve in dark caves for
millennia, they do not just become blind, the completely lose their eyes because
eyes sometimes get infected. Eyes are a net loss in perfect darkness.

The tortise has a shell and the hare has speed. They don't need both.

Evolution pushes expenses into the future if that wins a large current benefit.
Testosterone reduces life expectancy, but makes men stronger and better at
reproducing while they are young.

The motto of evolution is "Whatever works." If it is necessary rip apart fellow
animals and eat them, that will happen. Humans are only slightly nicer about it.
If it is necessary to trick and trap the weak and innocent to get their money,
that is what will happen. All professions have many smiling hungry predators.

We understand only a few of evolution's tricks so far. The hard shell of a
tortoise obviously evolved to protect it from predators. But far more of the
tortoise was selected by evolution to survive under certain conditions, and these
more obscure adaptations have been yet to be recognized.

Evolution continues down to the present day, faster than ever because there are
more people than ever.

For the last 3,000 years, the Chinese executed their most violent criminals and
promoted universal study for government exams. The criminals had no more
children, and the successful government job applicants had many surviving
children. Now the Chinese have fewer genes for violence and are a bit smarter
than most other nations.


Human races diverged from our common ancestor in the same way that languages
diverge from common ancestors. Human races are as real as different languages.

If you can't talk about the reality of race, then all differences by race will
be falsely blamed on "racism". To deny that race exists is to deny science.

Real science, unlike social science, has advanced to the point where you can
spend $100 at and be told your racial composition with great precision.

The denial of race demands you ignore what you see and suppress your thoughts.
The sentiment is laudable. Acknowledging the existence of race might lead to
deterministic thinking about race, but we should put truth above sentiment.

"There are breeds in the animal man just as in the animal dog."

Dogs have been separate from wolves for only 50,000 years, far less than human
races have been separate from each other. There are people in the Andaman
Islands alone who have been completely isolated for 50,000 years. No one will
deny that different breeds of dog have different temperaments. Yet no one will
admit that the different races of humans also have different temperaments.

The young believe all races are the same. The old have enough experience to know
better. The young of every generation then think the old are racist.

Races vary in temperament, but only on average. The bell curves overlap a lot.

Penis size, testicle size, intelligence, age at walking all vary by race, on
average. Black men have the largest penises and testicles, and lowest average IQ
scores. Asian men have the smallest penises and testicles, and highest average
IQ scores. Whites are in the middle, but toward the Asian side of the spectrum.

Testicle size evolved with female promiscuity, since men who produced more sperm
were more likely to be the one to father a child with a promiscuous woman.

Black babies walk at 11 months, whites at 12 months, and Asians at 13 months.

The different races evolved to thrive most on different foods, the foods
most available and with the most benefit in that given climate.

Race should be completely ignored in all education and employment decisions.


"Black people" refers to about a dozen different races. The genetics of Africans
varies far more than the genetics of white people or Asians. Black people look
similar to each other but that similarity masks large differences among them.

Humans originated in Africa, and so there has been more time to diverge into
different groups there. The groups that left Africa and became white and Asian
are more homogeneous, since they are all descended from small groups that left
Africa relatively recently.

In most biological dimensions, the greatest variety is in Africa. Since the
greatest variety of athletic skills exists in Africa, selecting for the best
athletes in America is going to result in more black people than white people in
professional sports.

All the sounds of every non-African language can also be found in an African
language. The Bushman language has tones like Chinese does, and there are some
sounds in African languages that exist nowhere else, like the click sounds in
Bushman and Zulu. Africa has an amazing variety of languages, as different from
each other as French and Mayan are.

It used to be thought that human races were at most 50,000 years separated from
each other until a person in Cameroon was found to have a Y chromosome 500,000
years away from the rest of humanity. Then more were found.

African diversity also applies to immunology. Africans have had the longest time
to evolve human diseases and defenses against those diseases. They have the
greatest variety of the germ that causes stomach ulcers.

The tallest people in the world are the Tutsi - in Africa.
The shortest people in the world are the Pygmies - in Africa.

All of the world's fastest sprinters have west African heritage.
Most of the world's fastest long distance runners are from east Africa.

One might also think that some of the dumbest and smartest people in the world
are from Africa. The Igbo ethnic group from Nigeria is one of the smartest,
regularly outperforming Indian and Chinese students at Western universities.


The American Indians are most genetically homogeneous race in the world. They
are the most recently split off and isolated. Only a small group made it over
the Bering Strait and colonized all of North and South America. It's a fantastic
success story.

Then European explorers showed up in America and half of the Indians dropped
dead from smallpox because they're genetically homogeneous and had not evolved
resistance to European diseases.

There was no genocide of the American Indians, only germs.

A professor at the University of Michigan fabricated a story about "smallpox
blankets" that has been repeated for decades. It never happened.

Europeans also showed up in Africa about the same time and the Africans were
fine. Africans had seen their diseases before. The harm went the other way, with
Europeans picking up diseases they weren't used to and dropping dead. So
Europeans were not able to effectively colonize Africa, except in the south.

Columbus was more related to the Indians from India than to the "Indians" he
found in the New World.


The Irish could not grow hard wheat in Ireland because the sun is too weak. They
grew soft wheat with less gluten, which makes crumbly bread. The Irish have the
highest rate of gluten intolerance because they are not adapted to wheat gluten.

The Irish have had cattle for millennia, and are very well adapted to drinking
milk. They have the lowest rate of lactose intolerance.

Irish Gaelic is referred to as "Irish" and Scottish Gaelic as "Gaelic". This is

Irish has many words which cannot be defined, but only used in a context.

Irish has no words for yes or no. This is an advantage, since a question must be
answered with the verb. It is harder to misunderstand an answer, or to fake an
answer if you didn't hear the question.

The Irish never use one word where they can use two or three.

The Irish considered east to be the principal direction, not north as in
English. East was considered forward, west backwards, and the direction of the
setting sun and death. When immigrants went to America, they went west, and
their relatives held a funeral because they would likely never seem them again.


Before Islam, the whole circumference of the Mediterranean and much of the
Middle East was Christian.

Ancient middle eastern cultures still exist as Christian ethnic minorities
today, Armenian, Assyrian, Chaldean, Coptic, Greek, Syrian Orthodox, while
around them the poor converted to Islam. All of the Christian minorities are
richer than their Muslim neighbors because richer people are less likely to
change their religion.

The Parsis fled from Persia to India and remained Zoroastrian.

The Romans still exist as the Roman Catholic Church, which still uses Latin.
Latin America is a recent extension of the Roman Empire, both genetically and
linguistically, still looking to Rome for leadership, to the Vatican.

Rome picked up Christianity through its soldiers in the Mideast. The US may pick
up a new religion from its soldiers abroad as well.

In the late Roman empire, the people were distracted by games which were bad for
their moral health, watching others die in the Colosseum. They were entertained
but lost their sympathy for other humans. They poisoned themselves.

There are analogies between the late Roman empire and the current United States:
costly foreign wars, decadent entertainment, corruption, vast disparities in
wealth, and the loss of unity that follows from too much diversity.

They end stage of every religion is an ethnic religious remnant with an archaic
liturgical language. "Thee" and "thou" are preserved in the King James bible in
English through the same process.


The Parsis are the descendants of Persians who fled to India during the Muslim
invasion of Persia in the 7th century AD. They are among the last Zoroastrians,
with a smaller group still in Iran. They are also the richest and most
exclusive ethnic group on earth. Only 100,000 people, they are only 0.01% of
the billion people in India, yet they own about 25% of all Indian wealth.

Converts are not accepted, and children of mixed marriages are not considered
Parsis. There is enormous economic distress in India, so almost all the factors
for a genocide seem to be present, yet it never happens to the Parsis.

Non-Parsis are not even allowed to set foot in Parsi fire temples.

The Parsis have distinguished themselves in public works and an attitude of
benevolence toward the public. The have sponsored hospitals and schools, and are
seen as hard-working and honest. One factor for genocide that is missing is open
contempt for outsiders. The Parsis are exclusive, but take pains to be helpful
and not to offend, and this is the secret of their immunity from popular hatred.

Drawing a sharp boundary between self and other, us and them, and helping only
your own people is a reliable way for an ethnic group to get rich. And once a
group gains in wealth, it has no motive to admit poor outsiders who dilute that
wealth. The richer the group, the more exclusive. You can become a Jew if you
try, but you can never become a Parsi. The Parsis are too rich to allow it.


The Armenians took care of their own, tended their businesses, and prospered.
They were successful and exclusive, much like the Jews. Then there was the
economic decline of Turkey, the loss of territory, and the rise of the Young
Turks, radicals determined to grab power. The stage was set for disaster and the
genocide happened in a similar way as it would happen a few decades later in
Europe, the main difference being that the Armenians were killed with bayonets
and forced marches into the Syrian Desert rather than with gas chambers.

Jews became genetically smarter than most other ethnic groups due to selective
pressure on their occupations. But in the Ottoman Empire, the Jews did not
become smarter because their niche was occupied by the Armenians, who themselves
became smarter. The more successful merchants had more surviving children.

Some Armenians also moved into Poland as merchants, much like the Jews, but did
not remain distinct from the Poles because the religious barrier was small, with
both Poles and Armenians being Christians.

The Armenians are always the silver medalists in the victimization olympics.

The Armenian genocide is consistently downplayed or ignored by Holocaust
memorials and museums. Jewish groups have even lobbied Congress against the
recognition of the Armenian genocide. The Armenian genocide dilutes the Jewish
claim to uniqueness as the only people who have ever suffered so much.

The similarity to the Holocaust is remarkable. The Armenians were richer and
better educated than the Turks they lived among. Armenians have an intense sense
of uniqueness and belong to their own ancient branch of Christianity. They do
not seek converts.

The Armenian Orthodox Church is deliberately different from the Greek and
Russian Orthodox churches, intended only for Armenians.

Armenians say "It takes three Genoese to fool a Jew, and three Jews to fool an
Armenian." Lo and behold, the Genoese were themselves massacred in
Constantinople in 1182.


Jews are a community above all else. "One Jew is no Jew."

Jews are only two percent of the US population, but own one third of US capital
and are one third of the students at elite universities.

Jews love money because they don't love you, nor you them. Deliberate
alienation from the majority culture is dangerous, yet essential for stopping
assimilation. Their self is not your self. Money gives security and status.

Jews were moneylenders even in the ancient world. They were not forced into it.

Jews are born old. They know the score.

Though a millennium of selection for successful businessmen Ashkeanzi Jews have
ended up with mutations which make them smarter than average, but which
predispose them to certain diseases as well.

Jews specialize in starting businesses. Most people work for someone else.

Jews are smart because it was necessary to be to run a successful business.

Jews' accomplishments in science and business have benefited all of us.

Jews will provoke for no reason other than entertainment.

Yiddish is the only language whose grammar has an inflammatory tense.

Bugs Bunny is a Jew. Elmer Fudd is a goy.

A Jew who gets along with outsiders and eats with them will end up with
non-Jewish grandchildren.

Antisemitism is a reaction to semitism, favoring one's own and excluding others.
Antisemitism is ironically necessary for Jewish separation and survival.
The greatest danger to the Jews is not the hate of the majority, but their love.

Jews say "Antisemitism cannot be explained" because they know the explanation.

Q: What do Jews think of other people?
A: They don't.


Judaism is the worship of the Jews. The Jews worship themselves.

The two Torah scrolls are the two testicles of Judaism.

Jews were created by the Torah as much as the Torah was created by the Jews.
Jewish genetics have been altered by following the laws of the Torah.

At first the Jews said "Elohim are our gods."
Later, "Yahweh is our only God."
Later, "Yahweh is THE only God."

The unity of God is a metaphor for the unity of believers in God. Both Jews and
Muslims stress the unity of God as a way of remaining unified themselves.

When the Jews pray, they use "us", "we", and "our", the -nu ending in Hebrew:
aveinu, eloheinu, kulanu. The grammar itself makes Jewish unity clear.

The Shehecheyanu prayer is clever, praising "God who has brought us down to the
present day." Only those who made it down to the present day get to say that.

One is a Jew by birth if one's mother was a Jew. This rule came about because
maternity is certain, or perhaps because intelligence is maternally inherited.

Judaism: "If you follow these 613 rules, God will give you wealth and children."

This works whether God is a person or whether God is what is. Judaism is a
successful algorithm for dealing with what is.

You don't have to believe to be a good Jew. You just have to follow the rules.

Judaism is not about the afterlife. It's about this life.


Christianity is the belief that we can be forgiven no matter what we have done.

Christianity is popular because it absolves believers of their painful guilt.

Jesus quoted Moses, but not completely.
Moses said "Love your neighbor as yourself" when dealing with other Jews.
Jesus said "Love your neighbor as yourself" omitting the condition.

Jesus did not rob, rape, or murder like Mohammed did, nor did he have have a
wife and child to abandon like Buddha did.

The Muslim Jesus is not the messiah, nor the same person at all. Muslim Jesus
will return with a bloody sword to slaughter the Jews and abolish Christianity.

Atheists should be grateful to fundamentalist Christians because they are
self-inoculated against becoming fundamentalist Muslims.

If evolution is true, then maybe the bible is false, and believers are not going
to heaven even though this life is so hard. Therefore evolution must be false.

If Jesus died for our sins, that shows how guilty we should feel.

Salesmanship 101 is to create pain, then offer relieve that pain - for a price.

Christianity tells you that you are in danger of eternal damnation, and then
offers a way out by believing in Jesus, and donating.

Catholic dogma holds that Mary is "ever-virgin" yet the bible makes it clear
that Jesus had biological brothers.

Mary the mother of Jesus is a model for the religion of love.

The cost of no hell is that there is no heaven.
The benefit of no heaven is that there is no hell.

The difference between Christian sects is primarily in who gets the donations.


Islam is the worship of Mohammed, and the desire to remake one's self in the
image of Mohammed. The Koran repeatedly demands that Muslims imitate Mohammed in
every way. When one sees one's self in Mohammed, any insult to Mohammed feels
like an insult to one's self.

Islam is a simplified and universalized form of Judaism, plus Mohammed worship.

Islam has an elegance lacking in other religions. Believe, pay, or die.

Polygamy in Islam resulted in rich men monopolizing all the women, leaving many
angry young men. The leaders of Islam wisely sent these angry young men outward,
granting them all the non-Muslim women and wealth they could capture. This
spread Islam quickly. Minarets are phallic symbols erected over the landscape.

Germans are naive about Islam. Muslim men are taught that non-Muslim women may
be raped with impunity by Muslim men. When a million young Muslim men were
invited into Germany by Angela Merkel, they raped German women of course.

Had Hitler won, we would now all reflexively say "Peace be upon him" at every
mention of Hitler's name, exactly as devout Muslims do when Mohammed is
mentioned. Hitler didn't like the Jews either.

Muslims are fellow humans who have been captured by a violent ideology.

Muslims cannot leave Islam, because to leave Islam would be to lose family and
friends, and perhaps get murdered. To leave Islam, they would need a new
community to join, one that is as supportive as the one they are leaving.

Muslims don't hate the West. They love the West and want the West to accept
Islam, but the West will never accept the religion of its historical enemies.
The rejection of Islam by the West feels like a rejection of themselves.

Islam's "role model for all humanity" is Mohammed, who massacred the 800 Jews of
Bani Qadr after they surrendered, approved the murders of the old man Abu Afak
and the mother of five Asma bint Marwan, robbed caravans, raped the Jewess
Safiya on the day he killed her husband, father, and brother, slept with 9 year
old Aisha. This is official Islamic history, from the Koran and Hadith.

Saudi Arabia had legal slavery until 1962, and slavery there continues to this
day informally. It remains part of Islam. ISIS tells the truth about Islam.


Buddhism explains the self as an idea, an illusion.

Every Buddhist book for sale is not Buddhist. They each fail by including the
author's name, the copyright notice, and the price. These three facts show a
selfish author, unqualified to teach Buddhism.

Sitting on one's ass seeking enlightenment is selfish.

Buddha's error was leaving his wife and child to seek enlightenment.
To seek enlightenment is to want something, therefore to fail.

Buddhism evolved out of Hinduism as a kind of Protestant movement.

The Buddhists of India were not prepared to defend themselves against Islam.
They were wiped out.

Sikhism evolved out of Hinduism in response to Muslim invasions, and took on
some aspects of Islam. "The oppressor's boot leaves its image on you."

There are even more sects of Buddhism than of Christianity.

The difference between Buddhist sects is primarily in who gets the donations.

Buddhist hell is a mental hell, the pain of knowing you hurt others.

"Many Westerners think death is the end. Buddhists think that's too optimistic."

Marcus Aurelius' Meditations has insights similar to those of Buddhism. Marcus
could have known about Buddhism.

Jesus' sayings are similar to Buddha's. Jesus could have known about Buddhism.


Religion is more about belonging than about dogma. The more unlikely the dogma,
the more one proves his devotion to the group by believing it.

No religion publishes a strict accounting of donations.

All religions seek a monopoly on pleasure.

The Sabbath meal is a romantic date, at sunset on Friday, with wine, candles,
song, and food. This is not mere coincidence.

New religions first spread among the poor to comfort them about their lot. If
the religion is adopted by the upper classes and then the government itself, the
oppression of the poor remains, and the poor then move on to new religions. Thus
religions get smaller and richer as they get older. The Parsis are the richest,
with the oldest religion, then the Jews, then the Christians, then the Muslims.

Both Hasidic Jews and the Amish dress in black, grow beards, speak a German
dialect, limit secular education, and avoid unnecessary contact with outsiders.

Cults create a fear and claim to be the cure. "You are a sinner who will go to
hell, unless you convert and become saved." Sales does the same thing.

Religions demand to be more important than your own children. Buddha left his
wife and infant son to seek enlightenment. This was Buddha's error.

Abraham should have refused to kill Isaac when God ordered him to. God's test
was to see whether Abraham would refuse. In obeying, Abraham failed. The right
answer would have been "A just and merciful God would not make such a request."

Religions protect their own existence above all else or they cease to exist.
Thus the First Commandment, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

Religious rituals provide a sense of control in the face of uncertainty.
Cosmonauts piss on the right rear tire of the bus before launch.

A belief does not have to be correct to be useful.

Religions give the young answers, a clear direction, and a community.

All of morality is only this: do not cause suffering.


Do not discard tradition lightly, because there are benefits which are not
immediately obvious. Traditions themselves survive a long time by protecting
and extending the lives of those who follow those traditions.

Many biblical rules have real health benefits. Washing hands before eating
reduces disease. Drinking small amounts of wine reduces heart disease. Avoiding
pork avoids trichinosis. Avoiding shellfish avoids red tide poisoning.

How can sex be a sin? The answer is that sex, like food, may kill you or spread
disease. What is morally right is defined as that which keeps believers alive.

Circumcision prevents cancer of the penis, and reduces the transmission of
diseases. Homosexuality spreads disease rapidly, and is therefore prohibited.

Other biblical laws must have benefits we haven't understood yet.

All forbidden foods are tasty. If they weren't, there would be no need to
forbid them. Bacon is the best tasting food, and the most forbidden.

Traditions have value for creating a sense of community even if nothing else.

Marxism seeks to destroy tradition so that Marxist leaders can become dictators.
The process for resisting Marxist takeover was identified by a former KGB agent,
Yuri Bezmenov:

Keep faith in our own culture and institutions.
Work for stability, not radical change.
Deny the next supposed "crisis" any importance. It is imaginary, not real.
Refuse to accept "the new normal". It's not normal and should not be accepted.


America is to Europe as Rome was to Greece.

The difference between European and American attitude is explained by density.
Americans were happy to meet a fellow citizen. Europeans, not so much.

Americans were optimistic because of two centuries of economic growth, a land of
unlimited possibilities, unlike Europe, where possibilities are very limited.

Adventurous Europeans moved to America, and adventurous Americans to California,
where nothing is stable, not even the land itself.

California is not a friendly place. Everyone is there for themselves alone.

American economic expansion ended when cheap Chinese goods put American
factories out of business. Now America is dependent on China. Our elite sold our
independence so that stockholders could get richer at the expense of US workers.

"Free trade" is very expensive for US workers who lose their jobs to China.

Imaginary racism was used as an excuse for gutting America's manufacturing base.
Accusations of racism are a deliberately divisive distraction from the truth.

The Ivy Leage elite is strongly for racial diversity, but categorically against
economic diversity. To learn hatred for the real working class and their tastes
is the whole point of an Ivy Leage education. That hate is what binds the elite
together for mutual benefit. It is their mark of solidarity and belonging,
allowing them to drain money from the working class to enrich themselves without
feeling any guilt.

It will always be possible to temporarily boost returns to capital by moving
production to lower-wage countries with weak labor laws and lower environmental
standards, but it harms the country. Tariffs and strong borders are the answer.

Living without a border is like trying to live without skin. Infection and death
inevitably result.

100% of the productivity gains in the last 40 years have gone to shareholders
alone, and 0% to labor. Gains used to be shared until the Democrats sold out to
capital. Now labor has no representation in government at all.


Diversity divides us, eroding mutual trust.

Everyone is more comfortable with people from their own ethnic and economic
background. We trust those who are like us more than we trust those unlike us.
This is universal human nature.

As diversity rises, civic engagement falls. People of disparate origins do not
care about or trust each other unless bound together by common experience, a
common culture, and a strong sense of nationhood.

"The greater the diversity in a community, the fewer people vote and the less
they volunteer, the less they give to charity and work on community projects. In
the most diverse communities, neighbors trust one another about half as much as
they do in the most homogenous settings."

In a very diverse city or country, no one feels bound to his fellow citizens by
blood or history or religion or culture. The only bonds that remain are
economic, which do not inspire loyalty to any place or its residents.

Diversity leads to crumbling roads, widespread crime, and a declining economy.

Corruption thrives on permanent diversity as each group looks after its own.

No man is willing to die to defend the borders of a country that has no soul.

Diversity weakens nations until they are invaded and destroyed, or split in
endless Balkanizing wars. Where there is no single dominant culture, there is no
sense of belonging or duty. No one cares because it is no one's country.
Multiculturalism murders countries.

We already know the answer. It's on our money: E Pluribus Unum. "Out of many,
one." A single strong national culture is the answer to the harm of diversity.
Our grandparents were right about "the melting pot" creating new Americans.

Citizens should get to know each other, marry each other, and become more
unified. The country then benefits from increased mutual trust.

We are willing to care for each other to the degree that we feel part of the
same project, the same team. I will pay taxes to support your grandmother if she
could just as well have been my own grandmother.


Conflict is inevitable.

We will always rationalize the exploitation of others.

The exploited will always revolt eventually.

We cannot all be rich, because someone has to work.

Older people are richer and no longer need to or can compete with the young.

We say sorry to show non-aggression, but sorry itself can be passive-aggressive.

Life is short. We are taken by surprise at how little time we get.

"The world does not know that we must all come to an end here, but those who
know it, their quarrels cease at once."

"Rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic."

The wise man is tired of jealousies and conflict.

In a college job, I use to place rats in a big sink full of water, to make them
swim in a lab which studied exercise. The rats would panic and climb on each
other, forming a ball. The rats on the bottom could not breathe, so they would
break out and crawl to the top of the ball, causing it to capsize. This created
a rotating ball of rats in the water, all clones, all selfish. This is a good
metaphor for human history.


The Holocaust is presented as a unique event, but it was not. The early Jews
themselves repeatedly committed genocide as documented in the Old Testament.

"And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young
and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword." Joshua 6:21

The Armenians were a successful and exclusive minority of different religion.
The Jews were a successful and exclusive minority of different religion.
The Igbo were a successful and exclusive minority of different religion.
Malay-Chinese were a successful and exclusive minority of different religion.
The Tutsi were a successful and exclusive minority.
The Cambodian upper classes were a successful and exclusive minority.

Ironically, calling the Holocaust unique illustrates the exclusivity that is a
major factor in all genocides. Jewish self-identity rests on the assumption that
the Jews are unique.

The "Holocaust" name itself is marketing to elevate one genocide above others.

The Holocaust is always presented as mysterious, inexplicable evil, but the
Holocaust was ordinary, easily explained evil. A classic genocide needs a
wealthy and exclusive minority group, a radical group seeking power, and
economic stress.

After a genocide, public recognition of the true causes is not socially
acceptable. The reaction was wildly disproportionate to the offense, so we
quietly ignore the offense and express sympathy. But we think "I could have told
you that was going to happen."

Anti-Semitic pogroms were about release from bondage to the alien. The many who
were in debt to Jewish moneylenders added fuel to the fire.

Jews relied on family, money, and education to quickly escape and recover from
pogroms, which happened every time the majority had debts to Jews.

True action against genocide would require a willingness to give up the economic
benefits that come from ethnic exclusivity. This will never happen.

It must be true that some evil people were killed in the Holocaust along with
the innocent.


Borders define a country. Without borders, there is no country.

Women are not killed by invading armies. They are too valuable for reproduction.
Men are disposable.

Even male chimpanzees protect the borders of their territories against male
invaders. Female chimpanzees have no interest in defense, because like human
women, they find the winning male sexy, since he has proved himself in battle.
If he can kill her own males, he can also protect her.

Women are disinclined to maintain borders. They are not opposed to an invasion
of sexy foreign men who prove themselves more dominant than their own men. This
is a valid argument against women's suffrage.

"Joshua sent out two spies to examine the fighting force of Jericho. The spies
hid in Rehab's house, which was constructed into the city wall. The men sent to
seize the spies asked Rehab to bring them out. Rather, she covered them under
bunches of flax on the roof, protecting them from being captured."

Mohammed killed the husband, father, and brother of Safiya, a Jewish captive.
She knew that she herself would not be killed but instead be taken care of by
Mohammed and have his children. She did not resist.

La Malinche helped Cortes invade her own land, which ultimately resulted in the
near extermination of the American Indian Y chromosome in Latin America. It was
replaced with the Spanish Y chromosome.

Women innately have more compassion for children than men do. This evolved to
make sure all the children were fed and cared for. Once women have political
power, they bend the rules out of compassion for criminals. In our day, they
bend the rules for illegal aliens, undermining the law and driving down wages.

The "dead immigrant child" propaganda photo works on women but not men. Show a
picture of a drowned child to a man, and he's not likely to care much. Show the
same picture to a woman, and she will likely demand that men save all such
children, even if it is impossible.

Women who defend borders deserve higher praise than men who defend borders.
Those women are being selfless, while the men are merely defending themselves.


We are all the descendants of men who invaded their neighbors' territory, killed
the men, and took their women and land.

The invader's language becomes the standard language. Latin, Arabic, Spanish.

Ireland lost to England because the Irish put clan first, while the English put
king and country above family. Ireland now speaks English.

The Scots were the advance guard of the Irish, and yet bigger assholes. They
also lost to the better armed and better organized English, who put loyalty to
the king above loyalty to clan. This cult-like centralization around the king
allowed the English to raise bigger and more unified armies than the Irish or
Scots could manage in their clan system.

The Vikings are still with us. You can trace a line from the Vikings who invaded
Normandy, then England with William the Conqueror, and then North America. The
Vikings are unusual in taking on the language of the people they occupied.

Latin America has now almost entirely Spanish male lines with American Indian
females lines. The women went along with it because the Spanish were winning.
Women love the winner.

Arabs did the same in the Middle East.

The title of any land can always be traced back to armed men who took it.

There is far more value held in land than in cash.

Ownership of land is only the ability to get men to defend it for you.

America is being quietly attacked by China and Russia through propaganda.
"To destabilize peaceful societies: pick the most extreme statements by a
member of one political side and play them to the most extreme members of the
opposition, then play their most extreme reactions back to the original group,
and so on and so on until the population is at war with itself."


We swim in a sea of dominance and submission, too near and too embarrassing for
those who submit to see it.

Even lobsters express dominance and submission. It's that old.

Others worry about angering the dominant man.
The dominant man does not worry about others at all.

The dominant man does not ask many questions. He either knows, or doesn't care.

Women watch men fight in order to choose the winner.
Men do not care about fights among women, only about their beauty.

Cheerleaders shout "Be aggressive!" with the implied promise of sex.

Women lust after dominant men with the same passion that men lust after
beautiful women. Women are disgusted by weak and needy men in the same way that
men are disgusted by fat and ugly women.

Women judge men harshly for apologizing because apologies look submissive.

Muslims built mosques on the Jewish temple in Jerusalem and on the temple of Ram
in India. Muslims turned the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople into a mosque.

The Spanish built a cathedral in Mexico City on the ancient Aztec holy site.

The Vikings ruled Normandy through dominance, and then brought their techniques
to England, whence their descendants ruled the world.

In private English schools, called public schools, upperclassmen sexually abuse
younger peers. This is an early lesson in dominance, part of the curriculum.

"How do you know when a Canadian is angry? Because he is staring at your shoes
instead of his own."


Power is the ability to make others obey. All power comes from making others
feel dependent on you. If no one feels dependent on you, you have no power.

The dependency need not be real. "The perception of power is power." The belief
that you have a gun can be as effective as actually having a gun.

A monk who visits a king is treated with respect because he has power over
himself, which is difficult to come by.

Dependent employees are obedient employees. Your boss has a motive to see you
take out a huge mortgage.

A mortgage is an abstraction which obscures the reality of masters and servants.
You obey your boss's orders, or men with guns remove you from your house.

Even the boss is dependent on his workers. If they unionize, they take power.

To control others, it is easier to withhold a benefit than to inflict a harm.

The only power a consumer has over a merchant is the power to refuse to buy.
The only power a boss has over an employee is the power to refuse to pay him.
In both cases, it is the withholding of money.

Unions withhold work from the boss.

Women striving for power are repulsive to men. Powerful women are not feminine.

Power defends itself without morality. Morality can be rationalized later.

Graffiti is written by the powerless on the walls of factories as an assertion
of existence. Yet, were they the owners, those same vandals would ruthlessly
prosecute graffiti artists.

A small push in the right place can change world events.

"Small ax chop down big tree."


Archaic forms of speech acquire status from their antiquity. Latin still seems
more profound than English.

Status depends partly on the random shibboleths of current good taste.

When pronouncing foreign words, use only sounds which exist in your own
language. To use foreign sounds is a status signaling affectation.

People are acutely aware of their status.

Most consumer spending is to increase status, not for necessities.

The rich are worshiped as examples of what we want to be, whether they got
their money though honestly or through theft.

Most speech is approval-seeking, and fails thereby.

The quiet man wins approval because he does not need approval.

The higher status man speaks more slowly.


Silence may speak volumes.

Silence can be ambiguous.

Silence has power.

Your position in an argument may be strengthened through silence, rather than
talking too much and giving away details which can be used against you.

"You have the right to remain silent."

It is a greater insult to be ignored than to be insulted.

Mentioning any topic is an approval of it.

You don't mention what you don't want others to think about.

If you do not belong, others may be silent when you need their help.

What isn't said may cause more harm than what is. "The bridge is out."

When the usually silent man speaks, his words have more force thereby.


"Man would fain be great and sees that he is little; would fain be happy and
sees that he is miserable; would fain be perfect and sees that he is full of
imperfections; would fain be the object of the love and esteem of men, and sees
that his faults merit only their aversion and contempt. The embarrassment
wherein he finds himself produces in him the most unjust and criminal passions
imaginable, for he conceives a mortal hatred against that truth which blames him
and convinces him of his faults." - Pascal

To say "I am this" or "I am that" is only about the "I am" part. It's an
assertion that one matters in the face of a universe that says one does not.

The ego is a fragile bubble, briefly floating by.

"I don't talk about myself" fails twice already.

It is difficult to go even one day without saying I, me, or my.

Why would a teenage black girl deliberately get pregnant? Before she had a baby,
she was nobody. After, she's somebody's mother, which makes her somebody too.

We all want to look smart. No one wants to look dumb.

We can't all be the best at everything, but we can all be the best at something.

Ego is a zero-sum game. Cain slew Abel because God chose Abel's offering.
Brothers have always competed for the approval of their father.

The thought of self is the most common thought.


History is punctuated by revolutions against hereditary aristocracies.

Ibn Khaldun wrote that empires have life cycles. Empires rise when men are
unified and take over from a corrupt dying empire. The descendants of the
founding men become decadent. Then outsiders with better discipline and unity
invade and found a new empire.

The rich become ever richer by mere ownership, without work. The more they own,
the more rent everyone else is obliged to pay them.

When social mobility ceases, a country is ripe for revolution or invasion.

Genocide is one form of revolution against hereditary aristocracy.

When an invasion starts, the oppressed join the invaders.
The Muslims were supported by overtaxed Byzantine and Persian peasants
The Spanish were supported by Indian tribes oppressed by the Aztecs.

The post-revolution society slowly solidifies once again into a state of
hereditary servants and masters, as it was before but with different names.

Old cultures ossify. Merit declines in value, only money and parentage counts.

The past is rewritten to suit the present power.

An art forger inserted fake pages showing his fake paintings in archived
exhibition catalogs from 100 years ago. Now no one trusts archives.

The study of history is useful to see the patterns and predict the future.

Trends over centuries are visible within one lifetime. The slow death of the
Celtic languages continues.

We live in the ancient times right now, before everything changed.


You can travel from one city to another on the other side of the world and be in
about the same place, yet 100 miles away a rural area is completely different.

All you need to travel is money and a passport. Supplies and clothing and
lodging can be purchased anywhere.

There has always been conflict between rural and city people, the bourgeoisie.
Bourgeois literally means "of the city", from the word burg, "city".

Rural areas value self-reliance more than cities do, and necessarily so, since
the resources of the cities are far away from them.

Arabs, Scots, and Texans had to be assholes, living in remote areas with law
enforcement far away. There were no police coming any time soon, so it was
necessary to intimidate criminals personally.

Cities depend on government and laws to function, rural areas less so. Therefore
cities favor more government, and rural areas favor less government.

Rich cities are all woke because they are full of people who were obedient in
school, obedient at work, and did not resist indoctrination. They make more
money, but are afraid to question what they were taught, no matter how wrong.
It was their very obedience to indoctrination that got them their good jobs.

The homeless have used up all their social credit. They steal from their
families to support drug habits, or they are insane.

The side of the highway and the worn down mall are unloved. They exude sadness.

Concrete is a sad kind of stone.


Gays need to believe that their habit is innate to escape the pain of the truth.

Once it has been justified with the fiction of "I was born this way", then all
rational objection can be persecuted with a vengeance.

Gayness is only the ancient vice of sodomy with the modern LGBT lobby behind it.

Homosexuality is a learned addiction like many others. No gay men were born gay.
Most gay men were converted through sexual abuse as boys.

Gay men may indeed fall in love with other men, but only after their conversion.

Gays are just two percent of the population, but commit one third of all child
sexual abuse. This is the primary method of propagation.

Identical twins are not identically gay or straight despite sharing all genes,
the same womb, and the same upbringing.

The epidemiology of homosexuality matches that of a viral disease.

Scientists who publish facts implying that homosexuality is not innate risk
their careers.

Nature has no innate or exclusive homosexuality, but male mammals will fuck
almost anything, even other species, because of their very high sex drive.

Some men will fuck sheep. A male dog will fuck your leg.

All religions forbid male homosexuality because it rapidly spreads diseases and
shortens life.

Men are inherently promiscuous, making male homosexuality much more dangerous to
public health than lesbianism.

Gays deserve sympathy because they have a disease which they fail to recognize,
but they should not be allowed to spread that disease to children.

Lesbians have at least some evidence for innate predisposition to homosexuality.
In every country, gay men are more disliked than lesbians, because people know.


There are striking similarities between gays and Jews.

Gays and Jews are not the topics of polite conversation.

Gays and Jews are non-conformists, outsiders.

Gays and Jews live mostly in urban areas in distinct neighborhoods.

Gays and Jews are often in the arts.

Gays and Jews are each about 2% of the US population.

Gays and Jews are wealthier than average and better educated than average.

Gays and Jews have an excellent sense of humor and make fun of themselves.

Gays and Jews were massacred by the Nazis during WWII.

Gays refer to other gays as "family". Jews say "All Jews are family."

Homosexuality and Jews have coexisted throughout history, notably in ancient
Greece, medieval Florence, modern New York City.

It is more common to discover someone is Jewish than to discover that he is not.
It is more common to discover someone is gay than to discover he is not.

Yet there is a barrier of religion between the groups. Orthodox Judaism bluntly
condemns homosexuals to death, and gays in turn reject all religious laws.


We conflate the name of the thing with the thing itself.

The pharaohs erased the names of their rivals from monuments.

The Jewish fear of saying the name of God is a subconscious echo of a child's
fear of saying his father's name and angering him.

European Jewish names are peculiar because they were assigned when Jews became
citizens of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, or Russia. In the Austro-Hungarian
Empire, the names were assigned as colors (Gelb, Weiss, Schwarz, Roth) or
precious gems (Diamant, Perle, Rubin) or the nobler animals (Adler, Baer, Lowe).
In Russia Jewish names were for places like cities (Minsky, Pinsky) or for
occupations. Before surnames, Jews had only their Hebrew given name and were
known as "son of" their father: Solomon ben David.

The Irish have the oldest hereditary surnames in Europe. The "O" names came
first (meaning "from" an ancestor), followed later by "Mac", which means "son
of". The Irish never named people for places, only for ancestors.


Identity is a label for self.

Religion, nation, tradition are markers of identity. Liberals blamed them for
wars and tried to eliminate them, but identity is necessary for survival.

People without identity die out within a few generations, or are defeated and
enslaved by enemies who have a stronger religion, nation, and tradition.

To mock religion is to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Anything we can measure, we can change. Now that we know how genetics works, we
can change our own genes. People will become other people, genetically unrelated
to their former selves.

You're a unique individual, just like everybody else.

"Our best evidence of another man's true feelings and beliefs is his behavior,
not his words. What the Chinese knew is that a man uses this same evidence to
know what he himself is like. He observes his behavior to understand his own
beliefs, values, and attitudes."

When you see yourself doing something, you change your self-image to include
"I am a person who does that thing."

When you think others see you in a certain way, you see yourself in that way.

You behave in ways that are consistent with your self-image.

All pride parades are reactions to shame.
St. Patrick's Day parades are a reaction to the shame of losing to the English.
Feminist parades are a reaction to the shame of being dependent on men.
Gay Pride parades are a reaction to the shame of having sodomy as an identity.

Except for cash, all of your assets are dependent on proving your identity.

With only the right address and the key you can come home late and crawl into
bed next to your wife.


Every argument is about self. Self is not negotiable.

Every grievance studies department is founded upon an unspoken embarrassing
truth, a feeling of inadequacy. Aggrieved minorities demand more syllables.
"African American" instead of "black".

"Some people are always vocally upset about one thing or another due to their
own personal life dissatisfaction, natural argumentativeness, desire for
attention, or other factors that can't be assuaged by any change in the world."

The daily pain of the commute, taking orders from a boss, and seeing one's life
passing by unfulfilled are embarrassing, and generate resentment.

Unspoken fears and resentments explain much otherwise inexplicable behavior.

Graveyards are full of old resentments, never to be resolved.

We do not look at facts and then draw conclusions. We desire certain conclusions
and then select supporting facts. New "facts" will be hallucinated into
existence if required for comfort. Other facts will be invisible when they lead
to embarrassing conclusions.

"Faced with a choice between changing one's mind and proving there is no need to
do so, almost everyone gets busy with the proof."

The best way to change a mind is to eat and drink together.
The worst way to change a mind is to humiliate.
"A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still."

To change belief is to leave a community of like-minded people, to change self.

It is easier to change a compatriot's mind because he assumes goodwill.
It is easier to accept ideas which are similar to ideas you already hold.

Argue your opponent's point of view to gain insight into how he thinks.

To publicly argue against an idea is to also give that idea free advertising.

To kill a bad idea, stop talking about it. Silence is death for ideas.
To end racism, "Stop talking about it". - Morgan Freeman


Political beliefs are rationalizations for embarrassing truths.

When you can express your point of view as you would speak to dear but mistaken
friends, you might win them over. As soon as you get angry, you lose.

You may be able to convince someone they have overlooked a detail. Everyone
overlooks details now and then, and it is not humiliating. This changes the
frame of the argument.

Most people don't have time for politics. They're busy with work, family,
shopping. They don't care unless they can see how it immediately affects them.
That means the people who do care have more influence than those who don't.

All large campaign donations are bribes given in the expectation of profit.
The profit comes from trapping the public in a rent-seeking scheme by law,
eliminating competition. This is true of real estate, drugs, medical care, and
cellphone service, which all donate heavily to corrupt our lawmakers.

Theft from you is protected by rationalization. "That's just how things are."

We are deliberately divided along sex, race, and other lines to keep us weak.
Diversity is praised by people with power because a divided public keeps them in
power. We should always praise unity and never praise diversity. Virtue is in
accepting others without regard to race, not because of race. We are all simply
Americans. E Pluibus Unum.

"The old ethnic divisions of Europeans are no longer profitable for dividing and
ruling the public, so we have moved on to division by race and sex."

The political spectrum is a circle, not a line. The far left is similar to the
far right, violently intolerant of dissent. Stalin was similar to Hitler.

Be careful of writing or saying anything, lest you be quoted.

Conservatives are consistently happier than liberals.

The person with integrity calls out all corruption, even by their own side.

The problems of the world don't matter as much as your own relationships. If you
are loved, you will be happy regardless of the political climate.


A penny saved is two pennies earned, if you consider taxes.

Everyone in America must get dollars to pay taxes. Only the Federal Reserve can
create dollars. So we all must work for the Federal Reserve.

The British controlled East Africans by demanding taxes payable in British
pounds. There was no way to get the money except from the British, so East
Africans were forced to work for the British in order to pay taxes and stay out
of jail. They were pastoral people had no need of money and so they were hard to
control before taxes were imposed.

The Arabs were successful in gaining local support for their invasions because
they offered much lower tax rates. While the Byzantine Empire and the Persians
were trying to extract as much tax revenue as possible from their peasants to
fund their wars, the Arabs swept in and offered a better deal: taxes of only
2.5% of assets per year for those who converted to Islam and supported the
invasion. The poor had no assets to tax anyway.

All government operations should be funded out of revenue collected in advance,
not debt. If we don't have the money, then we can't afford it.


Georgism is the idea that there should be a single tax, a tax on land values.

The goal of landlords is "I do nothing for you, and you work for me, forever,
because I am the owner of land you need to live on." This is hereditary
aristocracy, a form of enslavement. Georgism is opposed to this.

The Irish loved Henry George, because he described their plight perfectly.

Henry George watched the settlement of San Francisco during the gold rush, and
saw society separate into rich and poor on the basis of who owned land.

Georgism is fair since each pays according to the value of the land he owns.

It is impossible avoid a land value tax, since land ownership is public record.

Those who don't own land would still pay tax via their rent.

There would be no tax returns, saving time. Tax accountants would hate it.

No income tax or sales tax would create more jobs and more commerce.

Work is discouraged by income tax, and commerce is discouraged by sales tax.
Taxing land does not discourage land creation, because no one creates land.

Radio spectrum is also a kind of land. Radio spectrum should also be taxed.

Land ownership benefits no one but the land owner.

The ruling class deliberately conflates non-productive rent-seeking with actual
production to deter the public from taxing their unearned land rents.

There should be unified land ownership and land tax records for the whole
country in a nationally standardized and free digital format.

If poor or elderly people cannot pay their land value tax, the tax should be
recorded as a debt but not collected until the person dies or sells the land, at
which time the taxes would be collected from the proceeds.

The best tax is a tax on all forms of non-productive rent-seeking. All would
benefit thereby, except those who are attempting to extort without producing.


The selection of news is a larger source of bias than the writing of it.

It's hard to read what isn't reported.

"If they can get you asking the wrong questions, then the answers don't matter."

Most reported news is negative, not positive, because we have been tuned by
evolution to pay attention to danger.

The media seeks out divisive and inflammatory stories, because those stories get
the most readers and thus the most advertising money, daily harming public peace
and cooperation.

The news is usually devoid of useful content.

One could go a lifetime ignoring the news and be happier for it.

People watch the news to feel good about having their biases confirmed.

"When the media is on your side, you're not the resistance."

"Every newspaper has a business section. None of them have a labor section."


Rights are agreements on the minimum territory of each self.

"Freedom of speech is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."

All prisoners should have the right speak to the public at least once per week
for one hour, no matter what they are accused of, to help ensure justice.

With every right comes a responsibility.
With every responsibility comes a right.

No human right requires others to pay for it.

Health care is not a human right. Education is not a human right.

Free speech is a human right. Freedom from torture is a human right.

All human rights and obligations exist in a social context.
Your right to swing your fist ends where the other guy's nose is.

"We all learned this point early on in school: there are criminals in the world,
and allowing the police to break down our doors without warrants would help
criminals be caught. Despite that, we don't allow the police to break down our
doors without warrants. The police can catch criminals by searching homes only
when they have warrants, a process enshrined in the Constitution in order to
avoid the inevitable abuse that comes from allowing the Government to search our
homes without oversight. Thus, people such as the Founders who favor the warrant
requirement before the police can search our homes aren't pro-criminal. They
know that criminals can be caught while preventing government abuse and
lawlessness. Why is it so hard -- for some people -- to apply that same, quite
basic reasoning to eavesdropping and all other forms of surveillance?"
- Glenn Greenwald

Every large asymmetry in power inevitably causes corruption and rationalization.


Democracy is the idea that each person gets one vote regardless of his wealth.

There is more power in a good voter guide than in any political party. A clear
list with evidence of which officials are exporting factories or promoting
illegal immigration would do much to solve those problems. Yet it takes time and
money to create such a guide, and no businesses is willing to donate to the

Shopping is voting with dollars on what will get produced in the future.

We should pick a candidate of any party, and petition him to do the right thing,
track his progress, and score him in public.

"Power belongs not to the voters, but to those who count the votes." - Stalin

Sadly, voters are under no obligation to study the candidates or the issues.

The poor are necessarily more numerous than the rich, since being rich means
having many servants. "The rich require a plentiful supply of the poor."

Our owners fear democracy because they are vastly outnumbered by their own
servants. Democracy is a threat to every ruling class.

"When property accumulates in too few hands it is taken away."

"When the great lord passes by on his high horse, the humble peasant bows low --
and silently farts."


Public opinion is the law. The media shapes public opinion, therefore the law.

We should have few laws, but good laws, well enforced, only rarely changed.

Laws should be written tersely and in eighth grade English.

Obscurity in the phrasing of laws is a hiding place for corruption.

There are far more regulations than laws, all enacted without a public vote.

When laws are not well enforced, we lose respect for the law. Every single car
that speeds should get a ticket every day, or the speed limit should be raised.

In ancient times it was remarked that the Jews knew all of their laws, while the
Greeks did not, because they were too complicated and too numerous. Therefore
the Greeks needed lawyers, while the Jews did not.

The average person should be able to read and understand all of the federal,
state, and local laws that apply to him.

There should be mandatory elementary, middle, and high school courses in law.
Lawyers will be opposed to this idea because it reduces our dependency on them.

Most licensing and zoning laws are designed to protect established businesses
against new entrants and new business models, not to protect the public.

Jurors should be allowed to decide that the law itself is unfair and should be
contested in a higher court.

Congressmen should be required to read laws before voting on them.

"The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under
bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread."


Government should not be allowed to spy on any private digital content without a
signed search warrant as specified in the Fourth Amendment. Emails are letters.

One benefit to violation of privacy: a bit of your self now exists in the brain
of your violator.

Whatever you can see on the internet can also see you.
Whenever you load a web page, your request reported information about you.

The inclusion of "free" Google javascript on any website offers up your every
keystroke and mouse movement on the page up to spying by Google. Even the FBI's
"anonymous tip" site exposes everything to Google. It is not anonymous.

If the service is "free", then you are the product. Your privacy is being
invaded and sold to merchants, every detail compiled into your life dossier.

To use Gmail betrays all of your friends' emails to you to Google too. It's not
just about you.

Never use Facebook or Google. They are much too expensive.

Mobile apps are far worse than web pages, listening in on your microphone, using
your camera, recording your movements, your location, who you were near. This
information can and will be used against you.

All computers and phones should have mandated hardware kill switches for all
sensors, especially audio, video, motion, and gps.

Kompromat, the Russian term for compromising information, was collected and
stored by the KGB in Soviet times, and is collected and stored by Google and
Facebook in our time, dystopian surveillance machines.

Catholic confession was the greatest source of kompromat ever, until now.

Our owners are using Wuhan Virus to make it illegal to walk in to a restaurant
without it being recorded and sent to them. They are tracking everyone your
phone was near so they know where to look for you when you object to their
control. Our owners will try to make it illegal to use cash for privacy.

Maybe we don't really need mobile phones at all. Is life possible without them?


Robbery is a transfer of order from one self to another.

A gun makes a mess of another person; it increases that person's disorder.

Money allows a person to lower the disorder in his life, perhaps by hiring a
maid, or in the case of a gunshot wound, a doctor.

A robber is saying "If I shoot you, the your disorder will be much larger than
the disorder imposed if you hand me your money", though it's unlikely that he
uses those exact words.

There is a point at which the two quantities of entropy, the bullet wound and
the loss of money, are equal. Say someone carrying a large amount of money is
threatened with an unimpressive gun. If the value of the money is large enough
and the possible disorder imposed by the weapon small enough, The victim will
make a subconscious calculation and refuse to hand over the money.

Consider the oil in the Persian Gulf and the weapons used to defend it. They are
proportional in entropy.


Government and the mafia are similar. In both cases, you have armed men
demanding money for your protection. The difference is the level of public
support. Government has a large theater budget to maintain apparent legitimacy.

Russian government tax collectors in masks confiscate business inventory to
cover the business's back taxes. They look like bandits.

Colombian drug dealers build schools and hospitals where the official government
fails to do so. They look like a government.

Those who lack trust write up contracts.
"If a lawyer is involved, it's too late."

Where the government cannot be trusted to enforce contracts fairly, a mafia
arises to fill that role.

The mafia does not rob people directly. They get you to borrow money, or to
engage in some vice that can be used against you. Then it's your fault.

If you're black find that and white people are nervous around you, remember that
black people in America commit violent crime against white people at twelve
times the rate white people commit violent crime against black people.

No case of a white man raping a black woman can be found, unlike the inverse.

This huge differences in crime by race are completely censored in the US media.
It is not necessary to point out any fact just because it is a fact, but to
suppress facts so thoroughly discredits the media and insults the victims.

The insult is compounded by the fashion of labeling all white people as racist,
even though most white people's ancestors arrived long after slavery ended and
and are happy to be friends with frienly black people.

What is falsely labeled racism in America is the valid fear of black violence.

White people also commit crime at twice the rate Asian people do.

America is nearly the least racist country on earth, as measured by willingness
of people to live next to people of a different race. India is the most racist.


Good and evil are relationships. Good and evil do not exist unless others exist.

We feel the difference between good and evil. It accuses us even when buried
under the floorboards.

"If only it were all so simple. If only there were evil people somewhere
insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them
from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts
through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of
his own heart?" - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

It is a comfort that there are many horrible people you'll never meet.

It is a virtue to waste spammers' time. Engage them in conversation. Better yet,
automate those conversations with AI.

Evil begets more evil. Being insulted makes one more likely to insult others.

Bullfights are horrifying at first, then grow tedious.


Corruption follows directly from rationalization. "Everyone does it."

The rotting of our laws and enforcement are like a putrefying body. Maggots
hatch from eggs of cynicism and eat the body from the inside out.

The quiet promise of lucrative jobs later motivates lawmakers to write bad laws.

Corruption hides in the shadows of complexity like cockroaches hide in the dark.
Our owners love laws so complex that no one has time to read them. Simple laws
reduce corruption.

One should be paranoid in proportion to the amount of money involved. The long
game is worthwhile only for a lot of loot. The more loot, the longer the game.

Wikipedia was at first a testament to the desire of people to be helpful. Then
the work of millions was locked down and corrupted by Wikipedia editors who
abused the good will of contributors to push a one-sided political agenda.

Mayor Alioto of San Francisco withdrew police protection from certain
neighborhoods so that crime would rise and property values would fall. Then he
bought property in those areas, sent the police back, and sold the property when
the values had risen in response to the neighborhood's being safe again.

Corruption causes poverty. Why work to create anything if it will be stolen?

No government is secure from insider corruption. The solution to corruption is
to keep swapping the insiders rapidly. Term limits reduce corruption by
decreasing the time Congressmen have to become corrupted.

No corruption is secure from insiders either. Criminals break ranks.

Publicly funded campaigns would make our representatives more representative.

The elderly, the ill, and the mentally slow are the usual victims of corruption,
being the most dependent and defenseless.

Crabs come out to eat the living flesh off of wounded and defenseless sea life.

Prisons and mental hospitals capture and keep inmates to make money off of them,
because those people have no power and the police won't help them escape.


Illegal immigrants violate our borders to steal jobs from our poorest citizens.
They make a mockery of our borders and our laws.

Yet the bigger criminals are the Americans who employ illegals. They steal from
our poor to give to themselves.

Business owners love illegals because they work for less than US citizens and do
not complain in public about pay or working conditions.

The jobs "that nobody wants" would indeed be wanted at higher wages, the wages
that would be paid without competition from illegals driving them down.

Were we to enforce immigration law to increase wages for our poorest citizens,
our welfare costs would fall, though our cost for produce would rise.

The humanitarian argument against deportation is funded by employers to keep
wages down, ignoring the suffering imposed on the poorest American citizens.

To instantly fix illegal immigration, offer $10,000 and a free ticket home to
any illegal who proves that he was hired illegally and turns in his employer,
and mandate prison time for all employers of illegals with no exceptions.


Rationalization is the automated minimization of self-blame to feel better.

Rationalization is the foundation on which corruption rests. "Everyone does it."

You should fear the ability of others to rationalize harming you for their own
benefit. Conversely, you should suspect that you also rationalize.

Rationalization of theft from outsiders becomes part of religions.

The Gypsies have a legend that Gypsies comforted Jesus on the cross while others
would not, and so Jesus gave the Gypsies permission to cheat non-Gypsies.

Jews rationalize sharp business practices by lovingly nursing a litany of
complaints against non-Jews which has become part of Judaism itself. "In all
ages do men rise up against us."

Tibetan Buddhist clergy rationalized the serfdom of Tibetan peasants to the
clergy by claiming that the peasants have a "1000 year debt" to repay for their
sins, a debt which carries across lifetimes.

Every large asymmetry in power inevitably causes corruption and rationalization.


Individuals descend into poverty through illness, drugs, alcohol, and debt.

To purchase with debt always costs more than to purchase with cash.

The poor get what no one else wants: the worst housing, the worst food, the
picked over clothing at the Good Will.

The poor depend on crime in their neighborhood to keep their rents down.

The richest neighborhoods in the US each have a poor crime-ridden area nearby,
where the servants live. The rich also have an interest in keeping crime high in
those areas, so that their servants can afford to live there on low salaries.

The fractal wall between wealth and poverty winds its way through every big city
downtown, guarded by doormen.

Charity to corrupt societies can increase poverty. Grain was shipped to Somalia
to alleviate famine caused by war. It was confiscated at gunpoint and then sold
at high prices to buy weapons to keep the war going.

Rent-seeking is our own corruption, bleeding the poor to fatten the rich.

The poor lack order and predictability.

The poor are criticized for their bad taste, but it's not a choice between high
quality or low quality. It's a choice between low quality or nothing.

The help the American poor, keep out illegal immigrants who steal their jobs.

Possessions are a burden. Own little, and keep what you own in good repair.


Money is control over labor. No one is wealthy without workers.

To be rich is to make others obey you. Money sets you free by capturing others.

Money makes you do what you didn't want to do.

Money is not as real as most people think. It depends on belief.

Money is worth what you can buy with it.
If there is nothing to buy, money has no worth.
What you can buy depends on the number of working people.

The rich drive up costs for the poor when they buy, especially real estate.

The rich have many people dependent on them for some service, which is how they
in turn get others to serve them. "He is in manufacturing" or "He is in
software" means that he has control over some good or service that people need,
and therefore people will serve him to get it, or serve those who serve him in a
wide and obscure loop, but always a loop. You don't do for others without others
doing for you -- unless you love them.

The money loop runs in the opposite direction from actual goods and services.
Whomever you pay ultimately pays your boss.

What makes money is what happens. What does not make money does not happen.

How can I get your money? Business, theft, taxation, fines, donations.

The only sure way to protect money is to spend it.

Money can't buy love, being the opposite of love.

Lawyer: What did you do with the loot from the bank robbery?
Defendant: I spent most of it on hookers and coke. The rest I wasted.


Cash gives privacy.

A silver dollar from 1920 still has the same value today.

A paper dollar from 1920 has 4% of its value left. The other 96% was stolen by
the Federal Reserve. Most other countries' currencies are even worse.

The Byzantine Empire lasted 1000 years because they never debased their gold
coin, the bezant.

Physical gold and silver money by weight is beautiful and elegant. We should not
have dollars, but grams of gold and silver, coined by the government in standard
weights, always 99.9% pure by law.

Silver kills germs, making silver coins hygienic.

The Constitution is ignored every day: "No State shall ... make any Thing but
gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts"

Gold, silver, and Bitcoin are the only money that is not a mere promise, a debt.

Gold and silver money will not end credit cycles, but they will guarantee that
savings preserve value.

Gold and silver currency give power to the public, by taking away government
power to print. No government issues gold or silver currency anymore for that
reason. Government wants the power to confiscate your savings through inflation.

Roosevelt made gold illegal to own during the Great Depression.

Gold, silver, and Bitcoin have no inherent value in themselves, since they
produce nothing, but as long as they are in demand, they will be in demand,
because people will work for you to get them.

It's interesting that ATF regulates those things that can be used as currency in
the event of a total financial breakdown: alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

After WWII ended and the Nazis lost, their currency went to zero and people used
cigarettes as currency for a few years.


Merchants trade what they have too much of for what you have too much of. When
you buy, you are saying you have too much money and not enough of their good.

The merchant's self is not your self. Merchants do not love you, by definition.

If you did everything merchants wanted you to do, you'd be poor and fat.

There is a clay tablet from ancient Babylon written about 1750 BC, on which a
customer complains that a merchant delievered substandard copper ingots to him.

Professionals without morals are more dangerous than merchants. Some dentists
would extract all your teeth for profit alone. Some doctors will get you
addicted to drugs to keep you coming back. Some will lie that your child or
elderly parent needs their expensive treatment, using guilt on you for profit.

Merchants raise prices until customers refuse to buy.

The cheap item usually ends up being expensive in the long run.

"There is hardly anything that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a
little cheaper. The people who consider only price are this man's lawful prey."

90% of everything is shit. Low quality is the rule, high quality the exception.

The best sales strategy is to find people who already want your product. You
need not convince them to buy. Sales becomes search.

Google became rich because in searching, you say what you want. That information
is sold to the highest bidding merchants to save them time in finding you.

Reciprocity is powerful. You feel you must reciprocate a favor. Merchants use
this fact when they give away samples. The Hare Krishnas give away a flower to
manipulate passing people into talking to them, and then into donating, and
maybe converting.

The Netherlands and Egypt were both blessed with a river flowing one direction
and a prevailing wind the other way. Put up the sails, go upstream. Put down the
sails, go downstream. Commerce flourished.


Customer dependency is the essence of business. You don't pay unless you must.

The whole game is about dependencies: making others dependent on you, and
avoiding dependency on others.

Every business seeks to make the public dependent. Your dependency is their
independence. Their wealth is how much you must work for them.

All business has an element of evil to it.

The poor and the sick are the most profitable, because they have the fewest
options. They must pay whatever is asked, or be evicted, or die.

A good dependency is, say, the creation of a restaurant which serves good food.
If you want that particular good food, you must pay. A bad dependency is a
monopoly on food, such that you must pay whatever is demanded, or die.

A monopoly supplier will confiscate all your profit by raising their price.

Small businesses are less efficient but more human.

Software is a "scalable business". The same bits can be sold over and over at no
extra cost to the business.

A restaurant is not a scalable business. To sell more, you need to buy more food
and hire more employees.

Much of tech uses the heroin model: first, make the customer dependent.

The feeling when one's business begins to succeed is akin to being in love.

Workers get depressed by their entrapment and exploitation like farm animals.

Governments and religions are also businesses. People are farmed for taxes and

Brands degrade the wearer to the status of cattle.

Our owners use religion, government, and corporations to gain ever more wealth
and power at the expense of everyone else. The solution is democracy.


The economy is people doing nice things for each other, for a price.

It's all a fight about who is going to do what for whom.

Look around your room. Thousands of people were involved in creating it.

All goods come from land through labor. You yourself were created from land.

Everything created by men we call capital. Tools are one form of capital.

Labor is applied to the earth via capital to create goods, more capital.

Economic growth is limited by human attention. With more attention, more can be
created, or better. Processes can be automated only until they need human
attention. Customer service is human attention, which is labor, and therefore is
hard to come by. "Your call is important to us" is clearly false.

What is good for short-term business profits harms the country in the long run.

Exporting factories to China results in American factories closing.
Importing illegals from Mexico pushes down wages for American citizens.

Both of those actions force wages down and therefore drag down the economy as
workers can buy less of everything. But the businesses which forced down wages
get short-term profits. In the end, all factories will be in China and America
will be impoverished, destroyed by our owners' greed.

When the rich get more money, they throw it on their pile in the basement.
When the poor get more money, they spend it, benefiting the economy.

New York is rich because of interest and commissions sucked in from elsewhere.

Boston is rich because tuition is expensive and medical research creates ever
more expensive treatments. Their money is also sucked in from elsewhere.

Silicon Valley is rich because the internet devastates real-world businesses.
"Software eats the world."


Instead of dollars, think of prices as hours of work you must do.

Most of the cost of production is wages, the cost of labor.

Women were brought into the workforce for the same reason that illegals are
brought in from Central America: to drive down wages by making workers compete
more against each other for jobs, boosting profits for our owners.

Real value is created by more people working, or working better. As a billion
Chinese people begin to work efficiently at specialized jobs in cities rather
than farming in the countryside, there is more to buy. Unfortunately, low
Chinese wages put Americans out of work.

To control labor, our owners have the threats of eviction and poor medical care.
The US Chamber of Commerce makes sure that your medical options will be far more
expensive to you if you don't work for a large corporation.

The dollar amounts in the social security debate are irrelevant. The important
numbers are demographic: how many people are there, and how many are working? It
is impossible for a large aging population to retire with only a small number of
younger workers working for them, no matter how much "money" they have.

Don't worry about interviews. If they don't want you, they will find a reason.
If they do want you, you would have to work to lose the opportunity.

If your boss wants you to succeed, you just have to be good enough.
If your boss wants you to fail, nothing you do will ever be good enough.

Your boss can never really be your friend, since he may have to fire you.

The worst employees are the last to quit, because they lack other options.

Q: How many employees work here?
A: About half of them.


Capital is everything made by people. Capital reproduces itself through labor.

The economy consists of land, labor, and capital. Their distinguishing features
are the permanence of land, the hourly work of labor, and the degradation of
capital. Since capital is created by men, and all created things eventually fall
apart, capital must be continually renewed via labor with material from land.

A house is capital, but that land that it sits upon is not. It's land.

The reproduction of physical capital is reflected in the reproduction of
financial capital, which is a claim on physical capital.

If you personally build a windmill, you should have the right to the income from
the windmill. To retire on its earnings is to retire on investment income from
the operation of the physical machine, less the cost of maintenance, because all
capital falls apart due to entropy.

To retire on savings is like selling off shares in your windmill until it is no
longer yours, eventually zero. But to retire on investment income can
potentially go on forever, like income from the windmill.

Wealth runs the clock of entropy backwards. Decay seems to repair itself. The
house seems to clean itself, food appears on the table. Money makes water run

Wealth is the secular heaven. The stock market is the secular Jesus.

When one is saved by Jesus, entropy also reverses. One comes back from the dead.

Many watch their investments when tired at work, thinking "Can I quit yet?"

Who watches the workers? Managers, but they may act in their own interest.

We are all captured and farmed by the rich until we can capture workers too.
A pyramid is a stable structure.


Capitalism brings general prosperity as long as labor gets to share in
productivity gains. When all gains go to our owners, capitalism devolves into
hereditary aristocracy, which we already fought one revolution against.

Exporting jobs and importing illegals are both ways of evading US labor laws,
impoverishing American workers for temporarily greater profits to shareholders.

Executives who export US manufacturing to China get bonuses, but the Chinese
themselves had the death penalty for exporting silkworms and the knowledge that
they eat only mulberry leaves. The Chinese were right about that.

The American dream creates self-blame. "If you're so smart, why ain't you rich?"

"This inward blame has been a treasure for the rich and powerful."

Middle-class Americans are like a farmer with one cow who hates the farmer with
two cows, but loves the rancher with thousands. The farmer with two is a rival,
but the rancher with thousands is an idol.

No one's job in an American corporation is ever secure. The corporate self does
not include your self, unless you are a major shareholder.

All workers in a publicly traded corporation, even temporary, contract, and
janitorial workers, should get a vote on how the company is run, not only

Differencies in salaries are small compared to differences in capital ownership.


Corporations act in their own interest, not yours. If they happen to provide
something useful, that is just a means to power for them. When become close to a
monopoly, what they provide becomes lower quality, and you are forced to pay
exponentially more for it, because your alternatives are eliminated.

Corporations should not have the rights of natural people, because corporations
are not people.

Corporations should be subject to a death penalty. Repeated abuse of the public
interest should result in the corporation being dissolved and the assets given
to the treasury.

Millions of human lives are sacrificed to the profits of corporations annually.

Cubicles are graves, each containing a body, with a nameplate for a tombstone.
At quitting time, the bodies rise from the dead and drive their coffins home,
only to return to their graves the next morning.

"Big companies destroy innovation and the human soul and all they do is give us
Federal Reserve notes in exchange for our lives. We are dying, one minute at a
time, spending it within the walls of cube farms, away from kids and family,
earning monopoly money they can hedge against but we the sheeple cannot. Now get
back to work."

A comparison of the psychopathology of zoo animals to that of corporate
employees would show strong parallels.

Management wants you to speak up!
To say what you really think.
Even if it costs you your job.

"After your layoff, we will be a stronger company. Since you've always been such
a good team player, we know you won't mind."

"No one on his deathbed ever wished he had spent more time at the office."

A good job is more about whom you work with than about the work itself.


To get a raise, a few conditions must be satisfied.

They must have the money.

They must think you're worth it.

They must think you can go elsewhere and get it.

You must ask.

When you go in and ask, be ready for the likely excuses. Some common excuses and
how to respond:

"It wouldn't be fair to your co-workers to give you more than they get."
You should reply that what your co-workers make is none of your business.

"Other people will know you're getting paid more, and they'll be jealous."
You should reply that you hope your HR department is capable of keeping secrets.

"Ask again in 6 months or a year."
You should reply that you have another offer right now, and it doesn't make
sense to wait.

You may get a raise by emailing yourself a forged offer, if you know that your
boss reads your email. He has no inherent right to be snooping authentic email.

The odds of getting a good raise, say 20% in a year, are small if you stay in
your current job, no matter how well you do. You almost always have to change
bosses, departments, or companies to get a good raise.

The only way to guarantee a large raise is to change jobs. If your boss sees
you've been working well for $50K, he's not going to give you a raise to $100K.
But if you change jobs in a hot market, you may get that $100K.

The largest determinant of what you'll be offered upon starting is what you were
paid in your last job. You can lie about your previous salary, but HR workers
all tend to know each other.


Organizations are a collection of selves pointed in the same direction.

All organizations seek to perpetuate themselves regardless of their merit.

The first thing a social worker is taught is to find more cases to work on.

"(1) As if governed by Newton's First Law of Motion, an institution will resist
any change in its current direction; (2) Just as work expands to fill available
time, corporate projects or acquisitions will materialize to soak up available
funds; (3) Any business craving of the leader, however foolish, will be quickly
supported by detailed rate-of-return and strategic studies prepared by his
troops; and (4) The behavior of peer companies, whether they are expanding,
acquiring, setting executive compensation or whatever, will be mindlessly
imitated." - Warren Buffett


Banks are not a safe place to keep money. Governments confiscate money in the
bank every day. They take it when there is a judgment against you, fair or not.

Money in the bank can be confiscated even for unpaid parking tickets.

Banks report your identity, balances, and all transactions to the government.

In America money is the score, and the banks keep the scoreboard.

If you lose in court, your punishment is to have your score reduced.

The Federal Reserve creates the points on the scoreboard for its friends.

The Federal Reserve exists to bail out the biggest banks at public expense.
Heads they win, tails you lose through inflation.

It is naive to think the Federal Reserve will not abuse their power to print.

Inflation encourages people to put their money banks where it can collect
interest. So the Fed has an interest in promoting inflation, and the government
approves of the power banks give them to view balances and to confiscate.

It is a crime to even attempt to live without Federal Reserve Notes. All who
attempt it are by definition homeless, since the government demands Federal
Reserve Notes in order to pay property taxes. Someone may rent to you for
services you can provide, but then they themselves are breaking the law, and you
are breaking the law for having the "income" of a place to live without paying
income taxes in Federal Reserve Notes.

Since we all are forced to get Federal Reserve Notes to remain law-abiding
citizens, we are all forced to work for the Federal Reserve, a private bank.

"Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the

"Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to
create money and control credit, and with a flick of a pen they will create
enough to buy it back."


"Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness.
Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six,
result misery." - Charles Dickens

When you pay a bill, write on the bill how much you paid, when, and from what
account. Then you won't pay it twice by mistake.

Never own a debit card. When there is fraud, your money is gone and you must
fight to get it back. With a credit card, you can still refuse to pay.
If your bank sends you a debit card, find another bank which will not.

Direct deposit permission also quietly grants direct withdrawal permission.

Buy stocks with low P/E ratios for stability.

Rapidly increasing revenue justifies a paying a higher P/E ratio.

A dividend indicates a profitable stock, unless the dividend was paid from debt.

If the market falls for no particular reason, think "stocks are on sale today".

"The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent."

You can't lose by winning. If you sold at a profit, don't look back.

If a company issues a billion shares and sells one for a dollar, it is
technically worth one billion dollars.

Never trade on margin and never short a stock. You can be bankrupted easily.

Do not buy a house until you have saved up enough to pay cash.

If you never borrow, then you never worry about your credit rating either.

It is good to save, but it is also good to spend, to be sure you'll get some
benefit before inflation, taxes, and other confiscation takes it away.

As you approach retirement, you have another year of savings, but one fewer year
of life. So every year of work brings you two years closer to retirement.


Blame has great utility in rationalizing harm. Punishment is justified by guilt.

If you want to injure someone, first find a reason to blame them.

It is disturbingly easy to find blame for those we have harmed.

The higher average culture-independent IQ of Asians correlates well with their
higher incomes in the US. The lower average culture-independent IQ of blacks
correlates well with their lower incomes in the US. Yet all differences by race
are unfairly blamed on white "racism".

"Reporting the data for Asian Americans would undermine, if not devastate, the
conclusions reached from black-white comparisons." - Thomas Sowell

Christianity promises of relief from the pain of guilt. Because Jesus died for
your sins and you are forgiven, then you need not feel guilty about the people
you have hurt, or failed to help when they needed you. You are saved from guilt.

The popularity of Christianity is due to its absolution from guilt.

The individual alone is responsible for his own sin. There is no group guilt.

Crying at funerals is more guilt than grief.

Do not cause suffering, if only for your own sake.

The regret of guilt is a heavy burden.

The most valuable goods you can own are a clear conscience and a good name.

Don't do anything you wouldn't want to see publicized.

Do not promise what you may not be able to do. If you make a promise, keep it.

"Do not explain by malice that which can be explained by incompetence."

"I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you."

Cats and babies would kill you if they could, and they would not feel guilty. It
is good they are small and weak compared to adults.


Debt is what you have that belongs someone else. The "b" is from "de habeo".

The German words for "debt" and "guilt" are the same: Schuld.

Debt makes you guilty. The guilty may be harmed with impunity.

Debt is used to threaten harm, to control, to force payment.

Debt for production is sometimes useful.
Debt for consumption is always harmful.

Debt guarantees raise the cost to the buyer as more buyers compete.
Government guarantees of mortgage and student debt help only bankers.

Debt never sleeps nor takes a day off. Debt is relentless.

Interest compounds exponentially, while incomes do not.

Debt makes you a slave.

"Neither borrower nor lender be."

If you can't pay cash, you can't afford it.

Assets work for you. Debt works against you.

Your boss loves your debt, because it makes you an obedient worker.

Banks started in Italy as a place to store gold. Customers would pay for that
service. Then banks figured out that they could lend out the gold and pay the
depositor a portion of the interest. The problems are that the gold isn't safe
anymore, and now both the borrower and the depositor think they own it.

You don't have money in the bank. The bank has a debt to you, and may default.

Most money is debt, a promise, an IOU. My coffee card is a debt. I give the cafe
$20, they credit my card, and suddenly there is $40 in existence. The new money
is only the promise that the cafe will give me $20 worth of coffee. The old
money is spent by the cafe on labor, rent, coffee beans.


Crime on public transit is the best car salesman.

On the bus you meet the losers: the poor, the mentally ill, the retarded.

We have all been quietly enslaved to the automobile and oil industries.

Imagine a city in America with no passenger cars at all, only trams, bikes, and
pedestrians. There would be no fumes, little noise, little danger for
pedestrians. No space taken up by parking lots or garages. No gas stations. No
car purchase expense, no car insurance expense. No waiting in line at the DMV.
No taxes for maintaining freeways that are ten times as expensive as the best
public transit systems. No traffic fatalities. Drink what you want without
worrying how to get home from the party.

Those who could afford it would move to that city. It would become famous
worldwide for its quality of life. Property values would go up.

On the other hand, it would be hard to get the groceries home, and the elderly
and ill would have difficulty getting around. Nor would we have the protection
from our fellow citizens that a car offers, a sheet of metal and glass.

You'd still need fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars, but they could be
electric, and there aren't that many of them. There would still be the need for
trucks for construction. Routine shipping could all be by rail. Munich has a
system where shipping to the pedestrian area is served by the subways early in
the mornings.

Mackinac Island in Michigan banned motorized vehicle for more than a century and
is so beautiful and expensive that you can't afford it. Why shouldn't all city
dwellers finally live in peace, free from cars?

Highways are rivers of death. Death under the road, death on the road. Fumes and
brake dust in the air.

If our roads were made of solar cells, they could provide enough power for cars.

Nothing will change, because cars are a strong dependency with which we are
controlled and farmed by our owners.

Cars kill about as many Americans every year as died in the whole Vietnam war.


Medieval convents assessed the health of applicants with: "Eats well, sleeps
well, laughs well." These are still good indications of health.

Work hard and work out each day to sleep well.

Health insurance independent of your employer at the same cost would make you
independent. Dependency gives employers control over you. So employers get to
deduct premiums from their income, but you do not.

The US Chamber of Commerce is the biggest briber of Congress by far. It is the
employer's union against workers. It lobbies against cheap and portable health
insurance for the benefit of the biggest employers.

The ability to start a small business requires that a reasonable independent
health insurance option exist. Minor and optional procedures need not be
covered, but should be paid for out-of-pocket from a menu of published prices.

Insurance companies should be obligated to publish the exact amount of coverage
for any given medical billing code to create a real market for medical care.

Except for life-saving care, all medical bills should be presented in advance of
treatment, and insurance companies should immediately say how much they will
cover, so that the consumer can make a market based choice. For life-saving
care, prices should be fixed by law because no market is possible when your
alternative is to die.

Fee-for-service care encourages unnecessary services to get more fees.

There should be a small set of standardized health insurance plans by law. So
there would be plans A, B, C, D, and E. Every plan B, for example, would cover
the same care and have the same out-of-pocket costs. Only the premiums would be
different, making it obvious which plan is better.


There should be no mortgage interest deduction. It is a gift to banks, not to
buyers. The buyers lose more in increased housing prices than they gain from the

There should be no Fannie, no Freddie, no FHA. They all make housing more

The government should publicly acknowledge that lower house prices are better
for young families, our future.

Mortgage lending should be limited by law to rental value, not based on
comparable sales, so that every borrower can always rent out the house to cover
the mortgage rather than default on the loan.

There should be an open and transparent market for houses, with all bids quickly
published and verified by a notary to prevent realtor lies about bids.

Underpricing is fraud. Sellers should be legally obligated to accept any
no-contingency offer that meets their published asking price.


Mortgages are a way for the owners of capital to create obedient workers.

Debt has always been used to control labor. Control over labor is wealth.

Why can't you leave your tedious job? Because armed men would come and kick you
out of your house. Worse, you trapped yourself by taking on the mortgage.

The workweek is never shortened as workers become more productive because no
matter how much productive we are, all profits go to stockholders.

You trade the few days of your life for money, but the value of the money
declines as you age because you have less life in which to spend it.

We are farmed by the rich. It is a farm where humans are tended only well enough
to keep them able to work. We penned in by economics, and guilt over our own
failure to be rich.

All high schools should require a course in lending, compound interest, and the
evil of borrowing from a payday lender.

Guarantees for mortgages raise the cost of houses, getting buyers deeper in
debt. But once in place, they are hard to remove because removing them would
make houses cheaper. Banks and owners wouldn't like cheaper houses.

Guarantees for student loans raise the cost of college, getting students deeper
in debt than they could get otherwise. This is the goal. The product of college
is indebted workers, who are obedient workers because of their debt.

If we need more of something, we should increase the supply of it, not the
demand. Build more housing, build more schools. Never subsidize debt, because
debt is slavery.


Rent is what you render for the use of another's property. Renters render.

Rent and interest are the same thing, payments for the use of capital or land.

The annual rent divided by the price of a fairly valued house is the same as the
current interest rate.

"Rent-seeking" means seeking to take wealth from others without creating new
wealth. The classic example is putting a chain across a river and charging boats
to pass. No wealth is created by the chain, only an impediment to commerce.

The goal of every business is to "run away with the ball", to win and then
prevent anyone else from playing. That is, to live from unproductive
rent-seeking forever, to become an aristocracy.

The most profitable model for every business is rent-seeking.
The worst businesses for the economy are rent-seeking businesses.

The solution is to heavily tax all forms of rent-seeking, and nothing else.

Tax the ownership of land, but not the building on it. This is Georgism.

The rent on the building is fair, because a building is created and maintained.
The rent on land is unfair, because no one created the land.

Governments themselves become rent-seekers over time, collecting without
producing, distributing some of the loot in return for votes.

Hereditary aristocracy is rent-seeking via land ownership.

Aristocrats are cannibals, feeding on the flesh of others.


It is hard to argue with success, whether it's wealth, sex, or mere survival.

In America, success means wealth.

The usual ways Americans become rich are leveraged land-lording, investing in
the stock market over decades, starting a business, or taking the elite road
through the Ivy League to Wall Street. The easiest path is to choose your
parents wisely.

Your chances are immensely improved by belonging to the right team, say the
Jews, or old New England families, groups that know the system and already have
many wealthy members who will help you out of good will.

Hard work is not enough to achieve success. One must also take risks.

To win a race, one must not only run hard, but also run in the right direction.

Half of winning in life is knowing which direction to run. Who will tell you?

Success is always a combination of individual effort and social context.

To be lucky, put yourself in situations where you can be lucky.


For the rich, money is only a way to count their servants.

We cannot all be rich. Who then would be the servants?

"For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance,
but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away."

The majority of wealth in America is inherited, not earned.

Culture-independent IQ tests are strongly correlated with income in the US.
Yet beyond some point, wealth accumulates to the rich no matter what.

The rich are paid to be rich. The poor are charged to be poor.

"Making one million dollars is hard. Making the next million is inevitable."

Great concentrations of wealth distort reality much like gravity does, such that
neither light nor truth can escape.

The rich cannot separate themselves from the poor, who are their wealth.

The hereditary rich are boring people.

The powerful are also wealthy, because power is wealth, making people obey.
Saddam filled semi trailers with $100 bills when he tried to escape.

The young rich and the retired old are in the same boat.
Their concern is how to keep the rest of us working for them.

To retire, you need to own about 10 workers. But where will the workers get the
workers they themselves need to retire?

It is easier for the rich to remain rich when the population is growing. This is
one reason illegal immigration is not prosecuted even though it harms the poor.

The rich live uphill because the homeless can't push shopping carts that far up.

Great fortunes are eventually diluted out of existence by numerous descendants.
The English policy of primogeniture is an attempt to forestall this process.


Billionaires are those who have succeeded in being the most selfish.

Billionaire "charity" is a way to distract from and excuse the practices which
created the billionaires in the first place. No billionaire's charity will solve
the problems created by the billionaire's own business.

Billionaires are still limited in what they can buy by what is offered for sale.

Diversity is promoted by billionaires to weaken public unity. Diversity lowers
civic engagement, and a disengaged public fails to prevent regulatory capture
and the resulting rent-seeking that is so beneficial to billionaires.

People don't have money. Corporations have money.

There are 2,200 billionaires in the world, but there are 33,000 corporations
worth more than 1 billion dollars.

"Advertising is the rich asking for more money."

Advertising is sold by an ad agency to the advertiser, not to the consumer. This
explains bad advertising.

The cost of the ad is paid by the consumer. Most of the cost of a can of Coke is
the cost of the advertising.


Our owners' self is not your self. They separate themselves from you.

"The real owners are the big wealthy business interests that control things and
make all the important decisions. Forget the politicians, they're an
irrelevancy. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have
freedom of choice. You don't. You have no choice. You have owners. They own
you. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control
the corporations. They've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the
Congress, the statehouses, the city halls. They've got the judges in their back
pockets. And they own all the big media companies, so that they control just
about all of the news and information you hear. They've got you by the balls.
They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying ­ lobbying to get what they
want. Well, we know what they want; they want more for themselves and less for
everybody else.

But I'll tell you what they don't want. They don't want a population of
citizens capable of critical thinking. They don't want well-informed,
well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They're not interested in
that. That doesn't help them. That's against their interests.

You know what they want? Obedient workers ­ people who are just smart enough
to run the machines and do the paperwork but just dumb enough to passively
accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay, the longer
hours, reduced benefits, the end of overtime and the vanishing pension that
disappears the minute you go to collect it." - George Carlin

"Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups
representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S.
government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have
little or no independent influence." - Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page

"Who has predominant power in the United States? The short answer, from 1776 to
the present, is: Those who have the money -- or more specifically, who own
income-producing land and businesses -- have the power." - G. William Domhoff

Our owners rationalize their position via their charities, but those charities
never solve the harm done by the businesses which created their wealth.

At Davos, Rutger Bregman suggested taxing the wealthy more. "It feels as if I'm
at a firefighter's conference and no one is allowed to speak about water." He won't be invited back.


Idealism is the selfish desire to impose one's own agenda on others.

"People seem good while they are oppressed, but they only wish to become
oppressors in their turn."

Whatever happens is thereby proven possible.

The idealist wishes to impose a state which can never be, and bewails the
occurrence of events which are bound to happen in every age.

The ideal world is unimportant. The goal is stirring, but impossible.

If you live your life the right way, you have done your part. Great evil is done
in forcing the world to conform to others' ideals.

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Unintended consequences kill millions. Communism was even worse than fascism.

Communism resulted in the deaths of 100 million people, yet saw itself as the
savior of humanity. Even now it has believers in spite of proof of its evil.

The embarrassment of failure drives the believer in communism, producing "the
most unjust and criminal passions imaginable, for he conceives a mortal hatred
against that truth which blames him and convinces him of his faults."

Gay liberation resulted in half a million deaths from AIDS in the US alone.

Feminism resulted in mass childlessness and unhappiness.

Sympathy extends your self to include a suffering self. You feel their pain.

"With less sympathy in the world, there would be less trouble in the world."

"First, do no harm."


Equality of opportunity is a worthy goal.
Equality of outcome is impossible without violent oppression.

Upward mobility is likely with hard work.
Downward mobility is possible in spite of hard of work.

The poorer you start out, the harder the next step up is.
The richer you start out, the less secure you are about your own ability.

Joining the military is a good path out of poverty, assuming you survive it.

Public libraries do more for opportunity than public schools do.

Ethnic groups that take care of their own do better than those that don't.

Even poor Jews start life with a wealth of cultural knowledge.

Attention from two loving parents is a good predictor of success in life.


When you have been cheated, robbed, fired, or suffered any calamity at the hands
of others, what you need to hear from the people who love you is one thing:
"Fuck them! I'm on your side." This reinforces the bonds between you and the
people who love you.

If they say anything else, the bond between you and them is weakened, adding to
your suffering. Even if it was your fault, they should still be on your side.

Every parent should tell their child: "I will always be on your side."

Loyalty is the firmness with which another is held close to self.

Jesus came to Simon Peter, who asked Him, "Lord, are You going to wash my feet?"
Jesus replied, "You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will
understand." "Never shall You wash my feet!" Peter told Him. Jesus answered,
"Unless I wash you, you have no part with Me." "Then, Lord, Simon Peter replied,
"wash not only my feet, but my hands and my head as well!"

A woman who won't flirt because she is married becomes more attractive thereby.
She has proven she would make a good wife.

Dual citizenship creates conflicting loyalties. It should never be allowed.

Two campers are in the woods. A bear runs at them. The first guy puts on his
running shoes. The second guy says "You can't outrun that bear!" The first says
"I don't have to outrun the bear. I have to outrun you."

I told my mother I was going to buy a motorcycle. She replied "Don't do that. My
brother was killed in a terrible motorcycle accident. Take his."

It was the least I could do, so that's what I did.

Hurting you is the last thing I want to do. But it is definitely on my list.


A friend is someone included in your self.

We like those like us. It is easier to be friends with someone similar to you.

A rich man cannot be friends with a poor man.

A beautiful woman cannot be friends with an ugly woman.

Ostracism is painful because it is separation from self.

Exclusion is a powerful weapon.

"Aboriginal Australians did not need to burn at the stake those who broke taboos
or refused to respect and follow traditional rites. It was enough that their
peers would exclude them from the community, and that they would then perish in
the desert."

Overheard in a preschool: "We don't like her, do we?"

You learn who your friends are when you need their help most.

To be quietly abandoned by friends is to lose a piece of your own heart. A new
line has been drawn between self and other, making a smaller self.

Always seek new friends. The happiness is worth the risk of disappointment.

Yet there are people we should run away from. It takes judgment to know which.

As a practical matter, it is good to have smart friends.

Half of the opportunities in life come as tips from your friends.


What seemed permanent when you were a child is revealed to be temporary as you
age. Your parents grow old and die, your house is revealed to be just a wooden
box that sits out in the rain and slowly rots.

Rust never sleeps.

You can't unscramble an egg.

Randomness will overtake us all when we die. A scattering, disordering of our
bodies. No longer separate from the dirt, no longer a self.

Nothing lasts forever. Nothing must be some pretty tough stuff.

"The ultimate purpose of life, mind, and human striving: to deploy energy and
information to fight back the tide of entropy and carve out refuges of
beneficial order."

Everything which has a beginning also has an end.


Perspective comes from distance, many years or many miles.

Your flight takes off in the rain, and you rise above it into sunshine.

Bacteria reproduce in hours, people reproduce in decades, yet from an airplane,
an area infected with people looks like a Petri dish infected with bacteria.

When you child is dangerously ill, all political controversy instantly becomes a
farce unworthy of attention. At the end of your own life, you can finally let go
of the resentments you nurtured for years, realizing their pointlessness.

When you are small, events that mean little to an adult assume iconic
significance and remain with you through life.

The older one gets, the more the ignorance of the young becomes apparent. Yet
they have good will.

Little is as good as one hopes, or as bad as one fears.

It's never too late to fuck up your life.

It really is a small world after all. Everyone knows everyone indirectly.

We are all just passing through. No one is a permanent resident.

We all die, but between here and there and now and then is valuable space and
time to enjoy being with people we love.

As you age from 10 to 50 years, the ancient world moves five times closer.

80 years x 365 days x 24 hours = 700,800 hours in a long life.

Were the world to end tomorrow, much happiness is still safe in the past.

Looking at a parent's life after their death, you think, "That was the whole
thing, an entire life." It was mostly just ordinary. What mattered was the
happiness of belonging to them, and of their belonging to you.

There are stars beneath your feet.


There is truth in humor.

Humor thrives on tension about death, sex, and loyalty. Loyalty is the
fundamental question of all human relationships.

How loud one laughs is proportional to the amount of tension one feels about the
subject of the joke.

Effective humor violates your assumptions, throwing you into a different
context. The sudden perception of a context switch causes a physical reaction
like a punch, hence the word "punchline". Yet we must make assumptions to
function in life. We cannot always consider all the possibilities.

Crossword puzzles work on the same principle. Assumptions are set up and then
violated by an answer in a different context.


So many of you! Every day is your birthday, and your deathday. They are all you!
Most don't get the joke. The few that do will laugh along.

Human lives are 7 billion movies with similar plots, playing simultaneously at
different points in the movie. Be kind, because everyone you meet is fighting a
hard battle, battles you know well.

Suffering may lead to enlightenment, but some are resistant. "The beatings will
continue until morale improves."

When a tornado rips apart a house and scatters its contents, the anatomy of our
pathetic lives is exposed. Worse, there is no disaster so bad that recovery is
not possible, at least for the following generations. Dresden was rebuilt.
People still live in Hiroshima.

When you're in love and got all you ever wanted, the sun still rises and sets.

When you're in love, the point of existence is directly obvious. The fact that
it happened is enough, even if the universe were to end.

When you're happy you think you'll never be sad again, and when you're sad, you
think you'll never be happy again. The truth is you will be happy when life goes
well and sad when it doesn't. It will go on like that for the rest of your life.
And after your life, it will go on like that for everyone else.

Your mother loves you. Your bodies separated but your selves did not. Those
whose mothers turn against them are at high risk for suicide.

We are carried by the currents of life more than we swim in any one direction.
"Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory."

You understand, but then the race of life catches up with you again, and you
must run on with it, losing the enlightenment you had for a moment.

I was enlightened once, but not anymore. It comes and goes like everything else.
The moon alternates between full and empty.

The enlightened also die. The next generation may learn again, and may not.

"I think to myself, why is that Frisbee getting larger? Then it hits me."


Wisdom is knowing that this self has significance only by being loved.

The wise are difficult to anger. They understand the frustrations of others.

A good understanding of others is a great advantage in life.

Do not wait for life to begin. It already has.

This day will not come again. Do not waste it in arguments.

Be cautious about what you can't easily undo.

Do not kill bugs. Capture them and release them outside. It is better for them,
and even better for you. Except for mosquitoes. They should be killed.

Ecclesiastes shows both wisdom and ignorance. In chasing after the wind, the
author forgets he belongs and is loved. He misses the trees for the forest.

Everything learned is lost, except what is written. To learn again is painful.

Everything repeated forever grates, then is intolerable, and then imperceptible.

Ignorance is endlessly regenerated. It is failure to understand belonging.

No trauma is the end of all trauma. A fresh hell awaits.

Even the worst day of your life is only the worst day so far.

Giving up is a great comfort. To live forever would be hell.

The brain quickly rots, all connections dissolve. They don't matter.

All that really matters is who loves you. Who will still love you when you can
do nothing for them? A small child can have more wisdom than an old man.


Belonging is being part of a greater self.

Live within walking distance of relatives and friends for a sense of belonging.

To belong to a family that is there when you need them is a joy.

Belonging to a gang can give as much happiness as belonging to a loving family.

Being in the military is belonging to the biggest gang, hopefully the best one.

Belonging to a church is more for belonging than for belief.

"People repeat the ideas of their group to show they belong to the group."

Signs and symbols show belonging. Hair, clothing, customs.

A family name is a valuable badge of belonging.

The natural religion is the Roman gens, the known descendants of your common
patrilineal ancestor. Traditional Irish and Chinese culture was also organized
this way, because it has the power to keep people together.

The point of genealogy to create a feeling of belonging by common origin.

Genealogists track the dead to make connections between the living.

Other people's genealogies are as boring as your own is interesting.

Even a known descendant of Caesar is probably not related to Caesar.

Keep a book of the names of everyone you meet, and when and where you met them.

Introduce all your friends and relatives to each other. Square the connections.

It is worth the effort to keep up with old friends.

Friends may come and go, but family lasts your lifetime.


Happiness comes from loving and being loved, belonging. Sine qua non.

Communities arise from common interests, shared history, and shared ancestry.

To love requires taking on responsibility for others. Your self is their self.

Yet you are not responsible for anyone else's happiness. They must find it.

Happiness also comes from success at what you set out to do, however modest.

Freud said happiness comes from "love and work".

You can change your happiness by altering your trajectory in life.

More money increases happiness for the poor, but not for the rich, except as a
score in the game of life.

A Rothschild to his children: "Dedicate yourself heart and soul to making money.
That is the way to happiness." It worked for them, since making money was a
family team effort, giving them a sense of belonging. And they were good at it.

Serenity, if not happiness, is always within grasp.

The bullseye can be drawn around the point where the arrow landed.

"Lord, give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to
change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

"Do not carry your troubles with you. Set them down and go on."

There is happiness in not seeking happiness.

Making others happy will make you happy.

Maintain goodwill toward all. It isn't easy.

Being friendly will make you happy. In giving you receive.

Do not pass by an opportunity to help. It is a gift to you.


Everything meaningful signifies more self or less self, belonging or rejection.

No one in love questions the meaning of life.

That which does not affect our selves is not meaningful.

We worry about the meaning of life only when we have no real problems.

The starving do not think about meaning. They think about food.

When your children are sick, your meaning is to help them.

To belong gives meaning. Yet we want freedom from the obligations of belonging.

To have affected even one other life gives meaning.

Meaning is here and now in how you treat friends and family, how they treat you.

"Gilgamesh, where are you hurrying to? You will never find the life you seek.
When the gods created man they allotted to him death, but life they retained for
themselves. As for you, Gilgamesh, fill your belly with good things; day and
night, night and day, dance and be merry, feast and rejoice. Let your clothes be
fresh, bathe yourself in water, cherish the little child that holds your hand,
and make your wife happy in your embrace, for this too is the lot of man."

1   Fortwaynemobile   ignore (3)   2020 Oct 31, 4:12pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Thanks Patrick, read few. Will read more.
2   BayArea   ignore (1)   2020 Oct 31, 5:12pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Thanks Patrick, looking forward to reading.
3   Fortwaynemobile   ignore (3)   2020 Nov 1, 12:11pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Would be cool to add paragraph on new socialist doctrine “diversity equity inclusion “. All are communist propaganda Slogans from the 80s designed to push toward “equality” and communist revolution.
5   Fortwaynemobile   ignore (3)   2020 Nov 1, 1:32pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Maybe a mention of those things? It’s very relevant today. DEI is being brainwashed into corporate structure, and that’s scary.

It’s very same indoctrination as it is in universities with socialist professors.
6   Fortwaynemobile   ignore (3)   2020 Nov 1, 1:34pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

An interesting thought on equality of opportunity. But I don’t think such is possible. Some are born rich, some are poor. Some are tall, some are short. I think freedom is best we can hope for. This is just a thought.
7   Patrick   ignore (1)   2020 Nov 1, 1:43pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

I think the diversity and inclusion thing is really just meant to divide us so that we can't unify to stop the outsourcing to China and insourcing of illegals.

Sure, BLM is a Marxist group and wants to overthrow the US, but I think they are supported by the elite as a way to keep us all fighting each other so we don't fight the elite.
8   Fortwaynemobile   ignore (3)   2020 Nov 1, 1:57pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Patrick says
I think the diversity and inclusion thing is really just meant to divide us so that we can't unify to stop the outsourcing to China and insourcing of illegals

Yes but importantly equality of outcomes based on that is the goal of both. It’s literally equality, just stated differently. All meant to divide.
9   ad   ignore (0)   2020 Nov 2, 6:43pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Patrick says
Comments greatly appreciated.

Need at least one chapter on the Chicoms.
10   election2020   ignore (1)   2020 Nov 3, 9:45am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Based on README , Patrick is OK for people to highlight "religion/Genocide".
So reporting on "Sikh Genocide" should be within confines of this website.
11   mich   ignore (0)   2020 Nov 3, 10:19am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Interesting! Nice work! Will this be a real book? I hate reading on the internet >:P
12   Patrick   ignore (1)   2020 Nov 3, 10:26am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

@mich Yes, I hope to get comments until the end of December, fix mistakes and be nicer about my opinions, and then print it.
13   WookieMan   ignore (6)   2020 Nov 3, 10:39am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Patrick says
be nicer about my opinions

Why? In all honesty if you're looking to make anything off it, go in hard on it. Piss people off. Fact is the people that might be upset will end up reading it anyway if it gets traction.
14   Patrick   ignore (1)   2020 Nov 3, 12:21pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Good point.

Llike Trump's interview with Leslie Stahl in the White House where she asks if he regrets being so offensive. He replied to the effect that "No, we are in the White House talking right now, aren't we?"
15   mich   ignore (0)   2020 Nov 3, 1:08pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Awesome! Still have your first book
16   Patrick   ignore (1)   2020 Nov 8, 1:29pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

People found it hard to read individual chapters, so I just uploaded the whole text to this post.
17   Patrick   ignore (1)   2020 Nov 11, 11:16am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Added internal links so you can pull up any chapter you know the name of like this in the case of the "Diversity" chapter:

18   FortWayneAsNancyPelosiHaircut   ignore (3)   2020 Nov 11, 11:40am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Patrick says
Added internal links so you can pull up any chapter you know the name of like this in the case of the "Diversity" chapter:


That's good.

If you are interested. I think there are two kinds of "diversities". One that happens naturally, the other one is artificial one where government starts social engineering. Latter creates major problems because it is not natural and it adds all those problems you talked about.

Point is you can force people to live together using force, but you can't make them like each other no matter how much force you use.
19   HeadSet   ignore (2)   2020 Nov 11, 11:47am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Point is you can force people to live together using force, but you can't make them like each other no matter how much force you use.

Yes, and even peoples that have been living together fine for hundreds of years can suddenly be at each others throats, like in Serbia and Rwanda. At the time, I was wondering if there was some kind of "locust" instinct that suddenly changes people.
20   NDrLoR   ignore (1)   2020 Nov 11, 1:30pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

FortWayneAsNancyPelosiHaircut says
you can force people to live together using force
Which is what busing was all about and why Commie Harris is such a proponent of it and why she savaged Biden as a racist in an earlier debate because he opposed it.
21   NDrLoR   ignore (1)   2020 Nov 11, 1:35pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

FortWayneAsNancyPelosiHaircut says
there are two kinds of "diversities". One that happens naturally
Which is what the United States is all about, the most diverse country that ever existed, contains every race that ever existed, but under one American ideal. That''s what's being destroyed today with phony PC based diversity quotas.

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