The reciprocation should terrify every Liberal alive today

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by Tenpoundbass   $0.10 total tips   💰tip   follow   2020 Nov 18, 9:44am  

For the last four years, there has been an unreasonable assault on Trump and our way of life. The last year or two, that assault has ratcheted up to an outright assault on the American people who voted for Trump.

We're going into this coup, not with a rejection and hatred for Biden, but all of the Useful Idiots as well as the Self serving bastards that knew exactly what they were doing.

Joe Biden and Kamala will just be collateral incidentals for our Rage.

We're not going to be out the streets breaking windows, and we're not going to depend on Celebrities to gaslight people into genuine hatred. The reciprocation is built into the actions of those Looney Commie Projecting Scumbags. We'll be coming for everyone of them on our way to Revolt the Evil cocksuckers those useful idiots put in power. Less we allow them to do it again.

Rob Reiner and Bobby Deniero, from what I've seen of Beverly HIlls rallies that final months. You mother fuckers better sleep with one open an done eye shut. Your neighbors will be coming for you in the middle of the night. The last we'll hear of them is. "RRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" then silence.

Resist with every fiber in your body indeed. Because we know how losing side fares in these Commie take overs.

I would rather go to a Commies funeral than to have you folks visit me in a Mass grave the Commies has in store for us.

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2   Ceffer   2020 Nov 18, 10:48am  

Fox News anchors now addresses Biden as 'President-Elect Biden' in hushed, respectful tones. My Fox fanatic wife finally shut the thing off in disgust.
3   Tenpoundbass   2020 Nov 18, 10:53am  

Ceffer says
Fox News anchors now addresses Biden as 'President-Elect Biden' in hushed, respectful tones.

They have been since Wednesday morning after the election.

I would like to ask Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity what did they know about how FOX was going to handle election night, and play the role of the official election caller.
What did they know, and when did they know it.

Those two should be considered the biggest Scumbags on the planet until those questions are answered. They turned out to be exactly what I've been warning every person that posts a Tucker Carlson or Hannity Youtube segment. They were only controlled opposition to keep the Republicans calm while the Democrat subvert and overthrow him.

They made sure we didn't fly off the handle and storm Washington during all of the sham hearings and impeachment.

"Bombshells are coming tomorrow, everybody is going to jail!" that bullshit was to keep us all placid.

Tucker Carlson put in a phone order for the BLM mob to mob his house. And I suspect so did everyone else that it happened to.
It is illegal and Carlson would have had legal recourse, only he didn't want legal recourse he wanted sympathy and procrastinated rage.

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