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2020 Nov 18, 11:39am   860 views  5 comments

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Several weeks ago, I partially pulled back from the market to avoid what I perceived as risk around the election. Of course, the market immediately told me I was foolish by rising to record highs, but I'm actually ok with that, as that is the nature of limiting exposure.

As a small investor, I try to take a blended risk. However, I am always on the lookout for "good deals". I felt AMD was a good deal at around $2, and got lucky. Warren Buffet implies that there are constantly good deals, and his problem is he actually has too much money to be able to spend time to go in on the small caps that are the good deals in meaningful enough ways.

That said, anyone else interested in putting forth a diversified list of "early Buffet picks" here? This wouldn't be an in-n-out type list, but small caps and undervalued stocks that seem to be well valued and poised for amazing long term growth. The discussion could be around whether the financials support the position of purchasing.

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1   clambo   2020 Nov 18, 5:57pm  

Buffet? I have a story for you.
I inherited some WFC in 2017. My first impulse was to sell it.($54/share)
But, Wells Fargo was Buffett’s favorite stock, I decided to hold it “Who am I to argue with the Oracle of Omaha?”
Today I am deep underwater, WFC is $25.06/share. I have a $45,000 capital loss if I sell today.

I luckily had sold some and bought Roku, Alibaba, John Deere. These all made me money.
The majority of my investments are in mutual funds so I can buy them and not think about them much.
I’m always long the stock market, and I will seek some income to buy more even after I take social security.
As of ideas for today I have none, I’m presently so worried about taxes I cannot think of new ideas.
2   BayArea   2020 Nov 19, 5:32am  

If you try to time the market, you’ll lose.

Plain and simple.

You lost with your beta bear move. Nice job.
3   Cash   2020 Nov 19, 6:30am  

Buy crypto all the cool kids are doing it. ;)

BayArea says
If you try to time the market, you’ll lose.

The problem with timing the market is you almost always play the 1st 1 in and that is the last position a retail trader wants to find himself in.
Traders are dealing with all the perceived tax implications of 2021 as well as all the misc. like covid relief funds pump so although there is much confusion
when you look at USD and XAU I'm not seeing a whole lot of risk-off atm
4   Cash   2020 Nov 19, 6:42am  

1 other problem trading atm is there really isn't all the much liquidity in the markets, people are taking a pos to think a little about their next moves.
So short term trading has more risk then when their are plenty of pigs at the trough eating price up.
Zak says
partially pulled back from the market

Taking risk off can never be looked at as a bad thing it can help a person get a good night sleep ;)
5   rocketjoe79   2020 Nov 20, 11:04am  

I took a 5% position in TSLA back in May and have done very well. Morgan Stanley rates it as "overweight" so I think I'm in good company. After the S&P 500 purchases happen, I think another 5-10% bump is likely.

I'm also going to take a strong position in Starlink the day it opens. Not going to be left out on the next Elon Musk golden goose.

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