Twitter now requiring News Nannying for "Likes"

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by MisdemeanorRebel     💰tip   follow   2020 Nov 23, 7:31pm  

Not just R/Ts.

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1   MisdemeanorRebel   2020 Nov 23, 10:32pm  

Imagine if during Bush vs. Gore, Altavista and Yahoo! had a "Find out more" button that popped up if you searched for "Hanging Chads" that linked to only Pro-Gore Opinion Pieces.
3   Booger   2020 Nov 27, 4:27pm  

Why does youtube not add a "label" underneath tranny videos saying that suicide attempt rates among LGBTQ people is like close to 50%?
5   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2020 Nov 27, 7:00pm  

I’m glad I don’t use twitter. Propaganda machine.

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