Bitcoin at 31k - Congratulations and Happy NY to all BTC Holders!

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I made 2x in 2 month! We are in ultra bullish conditions. Institutions are pouring in millions and millions of USD into Bitcoin and no end in sight.


Beginning of November 2020

Jan 2nd, 2021

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47   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 3, 12:52pm  

BayArea says
By what date will we see BTC at $100,000?

Highly likely we will see a blow-off top and sharp retracement in the short-term. Cant imagine Bitcoin will go to 100k in a straight line. The market has its way to shake out weak hands that panic when Bitcoin pulls back. Bitcoin is in price discovery mode as we have no historical support/resistance levels at these prices. So, how steep it will pull back is anyone's guess.

The number two cryptocurrency by market cap (Ethereum) has high potential IMO
I assumed it's very likely ETH will hit 800 in the short-term. Well, it jumped to 950. The previous all time high for Ethereum is at 1.4k. Bitcoin is trading way above its previous all time high already while ETH is only at 70% ish of its previous all time high. Until now institutions only invested in BTC as far as I know. Imagine institutions start allocating funds into ETH.....
48   B.A.C.A.H.   2021 Jan 3, 1:03pm  

WookieMan says
Has nothing to do with what it actually is you'd be investing in

Hoarding money in fiat or otherwise form, is not investing. It's just hoarding money.

An argument can be made, that using tulip bulbs as a store of value is investing. Because the bulbs can be propagated and the flowers produce seeds.
49   ignoreme   2021 Jan 3, 3:04pm  

I don’t get it. Is anyone putting significant money into BTC? I get it might be fun to put 1K into it so you can brag about your 100% return to your buddies. But at the end of the day you make 1k and you get to? Take a cheap vacation?

To make real money here you gotta risk hundreds of thousands of dollars. Whose going to do that? How do you sleep? What do you do when quantum cpus break the whole algorithm?
50   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 3, 3:18pm  

ignoreme says
Is anyone putting significant money into BTC?

I put close to 40k into crypto this year and I am not done investing in it. 28k into BTC, the rest in ETH, Cardano and some other coins. Not sure if you call that significant money or not. Compared to hedge funds, PayPal, Square my investment is pennies.
Ethereum (ETH) just increased by 35% within a week. You can buy ETH for less than 1k. You can also buy shares of Bitcoin.

check out what publicly traded companies put in:

I sleep just fine. I dont NEED the money I put in crypto to pay bills, save and invest otherwise. This is just a form of diversification for me.
51   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 3, 3:51pm  

holy moly....Ethereum just hit 1k! It was freakin $700 on Dec 28th...
52   WookieMan   2021 Jan 3, 3:52pm  

G36 says
holy moly....Ethereum just hit 1k! It was freakin 700k on Dec 28th...

Ouch. Sounds like a pretty big loss.
53   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 3, 4:43pm  

ETH has pulled a 7x within the last 12 month.

54   EBGuy   2021 Jan 4, 1:24pm  

I do regret not buying a graphics card before Christmas.
55   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 5, 7:46am  

....if you cant beat them, join them. Banks are now getting into crypto.


"Today’s Interpretive Letter per Brian Brooks (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency)

Today the OCC published Interpretive Letter 1174, which explains banks may use new technologies, including independent node verification networks (INVNs) and stablecoins, to perform bank-permissible functions, such as payment activities. Said simply, a bank may use stablecoins (cryptocurrencies designed to minimize the price volatility) to facilitate payment transactions for customers.

In doing so, a bank may issue stablecoins, exchange stablecoins for fiat currency, as well as validate, store, and record payments transactions by serving as a node on a blockchain (INVN)."
56   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 5, 7:52am  

Big news! Congratulations to all Crypto holders!

"U.S. regulator says banks can use stablecoins, connect to blockchains"

57   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 5, 8:40am  

JPM changed their mind and is now bullish on Bitcoin


JPM recognizes that Bitcoin rivals gold.

"Bitcoin has the potential to reach $146,000 in the long term as it competes with gold as an asset class, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co."

IMO, Bitcoin is much better than gold. Its Gold 2.0 or simply put Digital Gold.
58   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 5, 9:01pm  

Bitcoin pumping!

59   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 5, 9:28pm  

I recommended Eth (Ethereum) on Dec 28 when it was at 700.....now look at it!

60   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 6, 4:55am  

The crypto market is skyrocketing....We are about to break the 1Trillion market cap for the entire crypto market the first time in history!

Top coins by market cap are exploding in value

61   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 6, 1:40pm  

Bitcoin broke 36k!!
62   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 6, 4:16pm  

YES!!....1 Trillion market cap for Crypto! First time in history! Congrats to all Crypto holders!
BTC approaching 37k now....

63   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 7, 7:52am  

Bitcoin broke 38k for the first time in history. The market cap has exceeded Alibaba's. Bitcoin is about to enter the top 10 asset class list by market cap!

64   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 7, 8:32am  

Had my coffee and checked my emails....in the meantime Bitcoin jumped from 38 to over 39K. Happy January! Maybe we should re-name January to Bitcoin-ary?
65   Cash   2021 Jan 7, 8:45am  

Where are the crypto mutts? I blocked the crypto mutts that nothing but ignore can silence
66   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 7, 8:55am  

well, when you are a Bitcoin hater and post for YEARS trash about Bitcoin and then see it skyrocket to 40k after you predicted it will go to 8k by year end, then I understand the
silence :)
67   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 8, 7:08am  

Thank you Bitcoin for slapping the Bitcoin haters daily.

68   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 8, 7:49am  

Retail investors are entering the market. Like I said before, history rimes. Bitcoin's bull run drives daily media coverage which drives retail investors.

institutional buying pressure>media attention>retail>

69   Dholliday126   2021 Jan 8, 8:01am  

This thread is getting a little long in the tooth, let's throw up a TSLA chart instead and proclaim what geniuses we are.
70   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 8, 8:19am  

You dont seem excited about Bitcoin's success. I could pull up my Tesla gains. But thats not so exciting to me. What excites me about Bitcoin is that all these haters are quiet now after predicting "the bottom will fall out", "It will go to 8k by year end"...."(insert whatever comes to mind)"
Does it trigger you when I celebrate Bitcoins impressive bull run? Maybe its time for you to hit the ignore button.
71   Cash   2021 Jan 8, 8:43am  

72   Dholliday126   2021 Jan 8, 8:44am  

G36 says
You dont seem excited about Bitcoin's success. I could pull up my Tesla gains. But thats not so exciting to me. What excites me about Bitcoin is that all these haters are quiet now after predicting "the bottom will fall out", "It will go to 8k by year end"...."(insert whatever comes to mind)"
Does it trigger you when I celebrate Bitcoins impressive bull run? Maybe its time for you to hit the ignore button.

I'm actually a bitcoin, altcoin fan. I just think its a little annoying when people gloat about their gains.
73   Cash   2021 Jan 8, 8:46am  

Dholliday126 says
I'm actually a bitcoin, altcoin fan.

Then why come here and be a dick like the other mutts?
74   Cash   2021 Jan 8, 8:49am  

G36 has had a good run I celebrate that with him while the mutts walk through there own dog shit trying to convince people they know something about crypto. ...
75   Cash   2021 Jan 8, 8:54am  

Dont forget Microsoft, Warren sure fucked up on that 1 and never invested in his buddies company... lmfao A $1,000 investment in Microsoft on the day of its initial public offering, or IPO, on March 13, 1986, would be worth more than $1.6 million today...
76   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 8, 9:00am  

nice! congrats then.

This is how it goes:
When you dont share any screenshots the haters say: show a screenshot, otherwise we dont believe you.
When you show a screenshot, they say: stop gloating about your gains! We cant take it anymore.

I am happy to share my gains and screenshots and I wont stop celebrating my Crypto success.
77   Cash   2021 Jan 8, 9:02am  

Dholliday126 says
I'm actually a bitcoin, altcoin fan. I just think its a little annoying when people gloat about their gains.

He has a right to defend himself from the disrespectful tolling ass holes walking in their own dog shit from day 1. Should I include you in that category?
78   Dholliday126   2021 Jan 8, 9:05am  

All good, do you altcoin thing.
79   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 8, 9:06am  

Dholliday126 says
All good, do you altcoin thing.

The majority of my crypto is in BTC
then ETH, ADA, Link and some others.
80   Cash   2021 Jan 8, 9:11am  

81   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 8, 9:15am  

yep :) I think some haters have an obsession with Bitcoin. They remind me of Peter Schiff. If you post daily trash about Bitcoin for years, you cant handle when Bitcoin is in a bull run. They hate everyday that Bitcoin is in the green :) Bitcoin at 2x its previous ATH is just too much for them to handle/comprehend.
They tried to throw everything they had in the hopes that something will stick. Their last hope is : "SPAMMERS! TROLLS! BOTS! BAN EM!"
82   Cash   2021 Jan 8, 11:34am  

Hey brother would BTC 53.8k bother you lol Because gold didn't follow USDs little pump my data is pushing back and as long as DX stays below 90.25 by todays close crypro should continue it's rise. Looks like lots of $$$ is yet going to run to BTC as Gold dumps another 75pts+/- to $1765+/- I am holding plenty with JIC cash to the side. That gives ETH a better chance at challenging the ATH 1448+/- Good times.
83   Bitcoin   2021 Jan 8, 11:40am  

lol, going to buy more booze to celebrate!
84   Cash   2021 Jan 8, 11:55am  

DX loosing 2+pts 88.150/87.875 is going to make crypto as well as the equity markets pop like no other lol
Old Joe promised mo gov. cheeze $2k for your vote that should pump some inflation in the game for us to play with. ;)
It's a very weird time in all the markets. Just my opinion but it appears USD and JPY are going to overall do a nose dive
and among those 2 JPY will make USD eat dirt lol I'm short GBP/AUD and GBP/NZD especially on weak XAU, strong Oil
with the addition of a weak JPY the stars align.
86   Cash   2021 Jan 9, 7:36am  

I am more then ready for the high probability trade of 50k+ ;) I'll let price make my arguments to the mutts.

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