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The outsorcing chickens have come home to roost.

By Eric Holder follow Eric Holder   2021 Jan 4, 2:35pm 314 views  2 comments           share      

Employees say that under Mr. Thompson, an accountant by training and a former chief financial officer, every part of the business was examined for cost savings and common security practices were eschewed because of their expense. His approach helped almost triple SolarWinds' annual profit margins to more than $453 million in 2019 from $152 million in 2010.

But some of those measures may have put the company and its customers at greater risk for attack. SolarWinds moved much of its engineering to satellite offices in the Czech Republic, Poland and Belarus, where engineers had broad access to the Orion network management software that Russia's agents compromised.
The company has said only that the manipulation of its software was the work of human hackers rather than of a computer program. It has not publicly addressed the possibility of an insider being involved in the breach.

SolarWinds declined to address questions about the adequacy of its security. In a statement, it said it was a "victim of a highly sophisticated, complex and targeted cyberattack" and was collaborating closely with law enforcement, intelligence agencies and security experts to investigate.

But security experts note that it took days after the Russian attack was discovered before SolarWinds' websites stopped offering clients compromised code.

1   Eric Holder   2021 Jan 4, 2:38pm  

Both Czech Republic and Belarus are so heavily infiltrated by Russians (the latter is basically a satellite/client state) that it's practically guaranteed that the job applicants from there are either already compromised or will be approached by FSB/SVR soon after they get a job at an American company.

WTF were they thinking?
2   richwicks   2021 Jan 4, 2:48pm  

Eric Holder says
WTF were they thinking?

Do you think our intelligence agencies give a fuck who is president as long as they control the president?

They don't care if Biden was put in by Russia or China, or whatever - because it's the intelligence agencies that control the president. They couldn't give two tiny shits who is president or how the person was put in, provided they entirely control them. They couldn't control Trump, THAT was the problem.

CIA runs our nation again.

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