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Twitter blocks medical journal after it published a positive study on Ivermectin treatment for coronavirus

By Patrick follow Patrick   2021 Jan 4, 6:39pm 222 views  2 comments           share      


Twitter blocked an entire medical journal’s website for publishing one study proving the efficacy of Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19. The antiparasitic drug has shown promise as a preventative measure for the coronavirus.

Karl Denninger, known on Twitter as Tickerguy, posted a link to a study published in the European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences that concluded that Ivermectin could be effective as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PreP) against COVID-19. Only 6.9% of the study participants tested positive for the virus after taking Ivermectin. On the other hand, 73.3% of those who did not take the drug tested positive.

In recent times, Twitter has a tendency to block traffic to sites with information it does not agree with, using bogus warning pages. In fact, Twitter not only blocked that one study but also the entire ejmed.org website.

1   WookieMan   2021 Jan 4, 7:24pm  

I hope Trump dumps Twitter if/when he gets out of office. He's individually kept that company alive when he announced he was running and used the platform for everything. Twitter wasn't doing so hot 2015/16. I recall they were losing users rather rapidly. And with that revenue. I could be wrong as it has been half a decade, but it's kind of what I remember.
2   EBGuy   2021 Jan 4, 7:34pm  

Darkhorse Podcast had a good piece on Ivermectin and Twitter censorship this past weekend. Highly recommended. Also the segment that follows on mRNA vaccines vs the Astrazeneca vaccine is quite good.

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