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Caucasian graveyard: Celtics rookie Payton Pritchard is compared with Larry Bird

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Pritchard is on a short list with Larry Bird after historic night originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Payton Pritchard just keeps one-upping himself.

The Celtics rookie is off to a strong NBA start and has looked comfortable playing significant minutes for Boston. On Monday night, though, Pritchard raised his game to a level we haven't seen from a C's rookie this early in his career in a long time.

Pritchard dropped 23 points on 8-of-13 shooting off the bench with eight assists in the Celtics' 126-114 win over the Toronto Raptors.
C's-Raptors Overreactions: Pritchard has earned the chance to start

The last C's rookie to post 23-plus points and eight-plus assists in one of his first 42 games? Some guy named Larry Bird.


Celtics with 23 points and 8 assists in the first half of their rookie season...

Larry Bird - November, 1979
Payton Pritchard - January, 2021

End of list.
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In general, when a white (or let's say fair skin) American is compared with Bird, it's usually the start of the what's called the Caucasian graveyard.

In other words, lots of attention followed by a year 3-4 bust in production or simply being outmaned by others, all over the court.

Here's the thread on white players ...

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On Larry Bird ...

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