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Democrats frequently say "OUR DEMOCRACY". What they really have on mind?

Almost all countries in the world say they have democracy.
Venezuela have own democracy,
China have own democracy,
Iran, Cuba, Belarus, North Korea, and so on.


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1   Eric Holder   2021 Jan 7, 12:37pm  

When IHLary says "Biden should never concede no matter the election outcome" it's all good and dandy. When Trump doesn't immediately concede when some jorno outfit "calls the election in Biden's favor" on the morning after the elections - it's "OMG, he's ruining our DEMOCRACEY!!!!"

When Al Gore retracts his concession and goes to court to dispute and election over some stupid "hanging chads" - it's all good and dandy. When Trump raises objections over some blatant violations of election procedure - it's "OMG, he's ruining our DEMOCRACEY!!!!".

When Barbara-fucking-Boxer (or was it Dee FineSwine - I don't remember exactly) raises objections on Jan 6th to Electoral College certification not once, but twice - in 2005 and 2017 - it's all good and dandy. When Trump asks GOP senators to do the same - it's "OMG, he's ruining our DEMOCRACEY!!!!".

This is all you need to know about THEIR DEMOCRACY.
2   REpro   2021 Jan 7, 12:56pm  

Communist East Germany country name was DDR - Deutsche Demokratische Republik in English: German DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC.

USA is also republic and democratic. So we can have socialisms and practically nothing will change.
3   REpro   2021 Jan 7, 1:27pm  

DEMOCRACY by NORTH KOREA, North Korea officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
4   Karloff   2021 Jan 7, 2:20pm  

Always remember that everything they accuse others of is projection.

"They're attacking our democracy!" = We're dismantling any last remnants of democracy this country has since we can't allow the people to have a say in things.

"Trump is committing treason" = We're committing treason by rigging elections and involving foreign entities in the process.

"Trump is inciting violence" = We've incited violence many times by using the media to stir up hatred for groups that oppose us, allowing antifa/blm to riot, destroy, and terrorize, and having politicians like Waters telling her voters to harass her opposition and "get in their faces". Many people attacked simply for wearing a red hat. Never seen that happen to someone because they wore an "I'm With Her" hat.

"Trump is attacking free speech" = We're censoring anything we don't like on social media and working on "hate speech" laws so you can't tell people the truth about the horrible acts we're committing.

It goes on and on.
6   NDrLoR   2021 Jan 7, 2:42pm  

REpro says
So we can have socialisms
I was reading the Dallas Morning News at the library about an hour ago and saw a headline that said Congress Will Be Socialist--then I realized it was talking about Venezuela--same difference.
7   REpro   2021 Jan 7, 2:46pm  

Guarantor of Democracy by Democrats.
10   ForcedTQ   2021 Jan 7, 7:50pm  

People who say Our Democracy don’t know how to read properly or haven’t read the constitution and it’s supporting documents. They should not be allowed to profess this bullshit on TV, Radio, or Internet. It is promoting other ignorant morons to repeat without investigation a false characterization of our government.

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