Journalists/Activists/Bloviators arrested in connection with Jan 6

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2021 Jan 14, 9:02pm   477 views  1 comment

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First, John Sullivan, the guy in the PLO Scarf but MAGA Hat:

Now there's word that a CNN On-Air Consultant/Blatherer was active and tweeting "We got 'em" as they stormed the Capitol.
It's on Twitter so I can confirm

Also saw this, but can't get to the twitter thread:
Antifa/BLM activist & arrested Capitol siege agitator John Sullivan's adopted daddy is Air Force Maj. Gen. Kevin J. Sullivan. The Air Force general was reprimanded and resigned after an incident involving NUCLEAR WARHEADS. This raises NO QUESTIONS whatsoever.

Great thread by MaxBlumenthal on John Sullivan's shady-Glowie activist past

Fucking Pedes need to screenshot/Nitter.

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1   Patrick   2023 Nov 19, 11:29pm  

MisdemeanorRebel says

First, John Sullivan, the guy in the PLO Scarf but MAGA Hat:


BLM activist John Sullivan, who encouraged the Capitol riot and sold film to the media, found guilty on all counts for his role in J6

Remember this guy — the BLM activist who stormed the Capitol and got it all on tape, shouting "we did this together" once inside, and then made tens of thousands of dollars from media outlets for the footage?

He's just been convicted on all charges for his role on January 6th.

"I was only observing," John Sullivan told the court, "I followed the crowd; I'm there to document." There's only one problem.

"I'm gonna side with anyone who is ready to rip this sh-t down," Sullivan said in one video shared by prosecutors. "I brought my megaphone to instigate sh-t," he said in another video.

In addition, Sullivan can be heard saying on video, "We did this together. F-ck yeah! We are all a part of this history" and "Let's burn this sh-t down."

Sullivan sold the rights to several of his videos to multiple media outlets for tens of thousands of dollars. Both CNN and NBC paid Sullivan $35,000 for the video of Babbitt. Sullivan also received $5,000 from Left/Right Productions and $2,500 from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

He encouraged, incited, and then profited from J6.

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