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AntiFa poser photos

By ad follow ad   2021 Jan 20, 1:38pm 292 views  5 comments           share      

There were plenty of AntiFa operatives at the Capitol riot. The ones that had a history of AntiFa activism were careful to cover their faces and not get caught, let's call them the A-players.

But AntiFa carefully recruited others that did not leave a bread crumb trail to AntiFa groups like Bend the Arc. They got "newbie recruits" such as Riley June Williams. Read her bio and profile as her Mom even said her daughter conveniently started to get an interest in Trump in December 2020, and was not a Trump supporter.

Then why did Williams go there (if she actually watched Trump's speech and not be the first to line up at the barricades) and commit those criminal acts ?
1   ad   2021 Jan 20, 1:42pm  

First off, look at Riley June Williams Facebook page. She is friends with some Chicom troll Emi Song. There is no info like voting registration to show Williams as being a Trump supporter. Yet, her ex boyfriend says she went there to support Trump and steal Pelosi's laptop for the Russians. This narrative smells rotten.

2   ad   2021 Jan 20, 1:43pm  

What about this girl in the video who seems to be inciting or encouraging violence. She took down her scarf or mask in order to be heard. The photo of her is taken at the entrance and clearly she broke through the barricades.

Or does she look too much like an AntiFa operative and has political protection ?
3   MisdemeanorRebel   2021 Jan 20, 1:45pm  

ad says
Or does she look too much like an AntiFa operative and has political protection ?

Her face screams Critical Literary Theory PhD Candidate.
4   ad   2021 Jan 20, 1:46pm  

The guy in dark blonde hair to the right of the flag seems to be part of the group that is breaking the glass. He seems to be there as protection for the guy wearing the hoodie behind him who broke the glass. Watch a little more and you can see the guy in the dark blonde hair has a man-bun. He's one of those people. And this first group that was first to get to the windows and doors quickly cleared out of there after they were confronted.

By the way this video is from Daily Caller which was posted within the last 2 to 3 days.

5   ad   2021 Jan 20, 1:47pm  

The lady on the top left in the sunglasses who acts like she is semi-OD on ecstasy or drunk is seen taking video of that guy in the hoodie (mentioned in above post) breaking the glass.

Call her fittingly by the code word "Molly".

There seems to be a coordinated or organized group initially in the front to get the glass broken. They, including the guy with the the dirty blonde hair with a man bun mentioned in the above post,. all seemed to exodus in unison when they were confronted or were replaced by another group.

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