Trump offers his hotel for Army National Reserve to sleep in

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by richwicks   $0.10 total tips   💰tip   follow   2021 Jan 22, 1:11pm  


I'm all for a military dictatorship. I don't see it being much worse than this one.

And I'm being absolutely serious.

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1   Patrick   2021 Jan 22, 6:13pm  

richwicks says
A requirement in the military is just to follow orders, and never question the higher ups.

Lol "A requirement"?

That THE sole requirement.
2   Patrick   2021 Jan 22, 6:14pm  

richwicks says
Our soul as a nation died when George W. Bush marched us into Iraq. That was really when we crossed the Rubicon.


Every person and institution who lied to get us into that war should burn in hell.

Starting with the worst one, The NY Times.

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