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Effective techniques to reduce political division

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“Existential fear appears to be at the heart of what drives polarization,” says Kirk Schneider, PhD, adjunct faculty at Saybrook University in California and Teachers College, Columbia University in New York.

“One reason we tend to become fixated and polarized is because of individual and collective trauma that associates with a profound sense of insignificance,” says Schneider. In this state, people may feel that they don’t matter and fear “ultimately being wiped away or extinguished,” he adds...

“Some of this divide is a matter of perception,” says Tania Israel, PhD, ... “Most people are not on the extremes of any of these issues, but most of what we hear is from people who are more on the extremes.” ...

One way to mitigate the divisiveness is to physically bring people together in safe, highly structured dialogue groups...

He notes that post-workshop surveys among 1,800 participants in a dialogue organization called Braver Angels found that about 79% of the participants felt that they better understood “the experiences, feelings, and beliefs of those on the other side,” and that they, in turn, felt better understood. About 75% of participants felt less angry and less estranged toward those on the other side following the workshops, and about 80% felt that they were “more able to start constructive conversations” ...

We must also let go of our tendencies to want to bring someone to our own side of the political divide. “People are married to the notion that they can change minds—this almost always isn’t true,” says Safer.

Furthermore, she reminds us that we don’t always have to be drawn into an argument. “Sometimes it’s perfectly fine to just walk away,” says Safer.

She also cautions that social media limits our ability to have effective conversations. On social media, says Israel, “people feel like they’re having conversations with people, but they’re not really interacting as full human beings.” She recommends that we should be having political conversations “face-to-face rather than Facebook-to-Facebook.”

Perhaps the real reason for masks and extreme over-reaction to Wuhan Virus is the desire of politicians to keep people from physically talking to their neighbors and understanding them better, keeping everything online where there is more profit for billionaires and less possibility for real understanding. Politicians thrive on division.
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This place looks like they have the right ideas:

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Patrick says
Perhaps the real reason for masks and extreme over-reaction to Wuhan Virus is the desire of politicians to keep people from physically talking to their neighbors

So it's like a gag.
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Lol, yes, a mask is very much like a gag.
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"Critical Thinking" is must for understanding the red/blue con-game of elites.
Unfortunately high education and wealth makes people often lose common sense common with blue collar workers.

I am sorry to say that I know people who are very educated and still neck deep in this divisive game and I have no hope for them to come out.
Only thing I can do with them is lose friendship if I try to pull them out as they need no help.. They are happy there.
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@election2020 You might enjoy this article:


The Intellectual Yet Idiot

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