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Five Al Qaeda jihadists are sentenced to death for hacking American anti-Islam atheist blogger to death because he called religious extremism 'a virus'

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Five Islamist extremists sentenced to death for murder of writer Avijit Roy
He was stabbed to death outside Bangladesh's largest book fair in February 2015
Roy, the author of 10 books, had written, 'For me, religious extremism is like a highly contagious virus'
Six people found guilty, with five sentenced to death and one to life in prison

The Muslims who did this were not extremists at all.

They were simply doing what Islam tells all Muslims they must do: murder anyone who criticizes Islam.

Mohammed would have approved. Look up the murders of Abu ‘Afak (an old man who wrote poetry about Mohammed) Asma’ Bint Marwan (a woman still nursing her child when she was murdered).
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5 less crazies to worry about

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