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Hack Journalists Panic as Trump Vanishes

By Patrick follow Patrick   2021 Feb 17, 7:46pm 60 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    


I like Trump, I thought he was a great president, and he was certainly the man we needed at the time we needed him. And if he stops being useful, I will just as quickly abandon him until he becomes useful again. It’s nothing personal, just business. As an American citizen, politicians owe me loyalty, not vice versa. I am about winning.

He’s doing the right thing now, laying low, taking a breather, not because I am glad to be rid of his mean tweets. I always loved his mean tweets because I’m not a bow-tied virgin sissy more concerned with Muh Principles than with defeating the enemy – but because without Trump, the left is freaking out in hilarious fashion.

For half a decade, with the craven connivence of the garbage mainstream media, the Democrats and their Fredocon minions did their very best to distract form their unbroken track record of failure by feigning performative outrage over Bad Orange Man.

So, welcome to a world without Trump, suckers. When he hides, you have no one to hide behind.

Now, they will try, but their failed impeachment (see below) was their last gasp. Now it’s just sad. With President , it’s promises made, promises broken. As the virus fails to magically disappear, as fat public school unionists refuse to teach kids, as jobs vanish and the government racism infects everything, people are going to get tired of hearing about MUH DRUMPF.

They will need to perform, which they can’t do.

And Trump will be golfing while President
wanders about, looking for his tee-vee so he can watch his stories.

The spotlight is on you losers now, and like roaches you’ll scatter as we laugh at your pain.

Trump’s Glorious Victory of Winningness

Speaking of laughing, how bad do you have to suck to lose after cheating? We found out during Impeachment 2: Revenge of Onan, the hapless effort the convict the guy without any of those niceties of due process that are supposed to separate us from the Kafka Klan. They, of course, lost despite cheating, and it’s fun to call his victory an “exoneration” and observe that he was “proven innocent.” Since there are no rules, we’re free to say what we want.

Let’s review how this whole circular assembly of jerks violated the most basic rules of due process…

You can’t impeach a guy not in office.
There was no evidence attached to the impeachment package – it was all conclusions.
The alleged victims of the pseudo-riot were the jurors.
The presiding officer was not only an alleged victim but a political enemy of the defendant.
The Democrats lied about the “murder” of a police officer when there is zero evidence he was murdered.
The Democrats changed, altered, and doctored evidence used against the defendant.
The Democrats accused the defendant of things not alleged in the charges.
The Democrats not only offered as evidence hearsay (“An out of court statement used to prove the matter asserted”) but double hearsay.
This is a staggering series of wrongs, representing an embrace by every Democrat and seven of the Republicans of a due process farce. If it can happen to the president, it can happen to you. And they expect loyalty to an elite that Nadlers all over the most basic rules of civilized justice?

Kiss my Schumer.

The Coming of Con Entertainment

Gina Carano got fired from Star Wars for doing what the liberals there did, but not in a liberal way so it was cool. Her agent quit too. If you are still empowering these slimes by giving them money to watch their stupid kids’ shows, you are complicit in your own oppression. Stop being complicit.

The news that they fired a con for being a con is not news. What is news is that within 24 hours she had a deal with our friends at the Daily Wire, which is now branching out into movies.

The enemy has peaked.

For a long time, the threat was that they will totally ostracize us, and we did not submit enough so they finally started doing it. Social media purged cons. Parler was gone. Patriots were cancelled. And it turned out not to be all that bad.

People adapt, and they now see that the worst-case scenario, the threat, is kind of a bluff.

The fascist social media hassling you? Go to Townhall VIP or check out new, independent communities like Dave Rubin’s site Locals.com. Parler is coming back. And now, cancelled people are figuring out how to uncancel themselves by appealing to the voiceless tens of millions of Americans who actually like America.

We’ll see more of it. It is all as Andrew Breitbart foretold. We will build our own cultural institutions since the existing ones have decreed that we are not welcome. It will take a while. It will take work. Dumb conservative money men need to stop handing the George Will pipsqueak platoon cash and start funding pop culture. But it will happen. We are hungry and lean. The elite is fat and stupid.

We now know that we don’t need them
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The corrupt foreign city-country-state of D.C. needs to be cut out like a cancer.

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