Rumble gaining ground on censorious YouTube!

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YouTube alternative Rumble announced the testing of its first ever live stream – one of the features that are increasingly in demand among both mainstream and alternative platforms’ userbases.

Rumble – that says it is already serving over 3 million creators, and is independently owned without being beholden to venture capitalists or large companies – first announced it would be live streaming former President Donald Trump’s address at the Conservative Political Action Conference 2021 event, dubbed, “America Uncanceled.”

Rumble reported that a record number of people had tuned in to watch the livestream, specifying that the numbers were close to 100,000 concurrent users and approaching over 500,000 total viewers, and then announcing, “We did it and flawlessly. Rumble is ready for more.”

The reaction from commenters was mostly positive, reporting a smooth viewing experience, as well as praising the platform for incorporating closed captions for hearing impaired users.

And while it’s still early days for live streaming on Rumble, it’s no surprise this Canada-based alternative video hosting service – that is supported and widely used by conservatives and libertarians in the turbulent and censorship-laden post-election period – has decided to start testing and implementing this feature.

Namely, live streaming, although by no means a new feature on social networks, has recently seen a huge growth in popularity, particularly with the lockdowns, even giving rise to a new class of livestream-only apps like Clubhouse, along with established, Big Tech ones like Amazon’s Twitch and Google’s YouTube.

The way the pandemic and lockdowns have helped live streaming gain in popularity is human nature, as people isolated in their homes for months seek a sense of communication that is most similar to actual human contact and community.

Rumble, backed by political commentator Dan Bongino, might not be wrong to hitch its wagon to the live streaming trend, because it is still a largely untapped part of the video hosting market and is only projected to grow, both among users and marketers.

Ensuring growth among those categories is of key importance for Big Tech alternatives looking to become viable competitors.

Rumble is now seeking creators who live stream gaming, crypto, stocks, lifestyle, and sports.

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29   just_passing_through   2021 May 1, 11:53am  

The Rumble channel on roku needs lots of work.
30   Patrick   2021 May 19, 10:05pm  

Rumble secures investment from Peter Thiel and JD Vance

31   Patrick   2021 May 20, 5:07pm  


Steven Crowder joins Rumble after YouTube suspension
He praised the platform for not censoring his content.

Ever since the mainstream media amplified former Vox host Carlos Maza’s attempts to silence comedian Steven Crowder, YouTube has consistently censored and demonetized his channel.

Now, after facing almost two years of demonetization and video takedowns, Crowder has started posting his show to the free speech friendly video sharing platform Rumble.
32   Patrick   2021 May 26, 5:50pm  

Rumble growing very quickly now:


As soon as they start censoring election fraud videos and vaccine death videos, then you'll know that Bezos/Gates/Soros/CCP has got to them and it's time to move on.
33   Patrick   2021 May 30, 1:02pm  


After a record quarter and securing investment from several conservative venture capitalists, YouTube alternative Rumble has announced two new features – live chat and live stream archiving.

Live chats appear next to all active live streams on desktop and below them on mobile. Signed in users can post to the live chat at any time. ...

In addition to building out new features, Rumble’s support of free speech in the face of YouTube’s mounting censorship has helped it bring numerous creators with sizable audiences to the platform.

These creators include political commentator Dan Bongino (who is a Rumble backer, one of its most popular creators, and has the number one US news commentary podcast), comedian Steven Crowder (who has the number two US politics podcast), and One America News (OAN) (which reaches millions of viewers each month).

The platform’s CEO, Chris Pavlovski, has consistently voiced his support for a wide range of dialog, debate, and opinions on Rumble and has also vowed to never censor political discussions or opinions on the platform.
34   just_passing_through   2021 May 30, 9:51pm  

If Rumble shows a commercial it's up front. Not like the every 3 minutes bullshit that youtube does to people who watch it on roku. That if you don't cancel might run on for 20, 30mins or more.

I still use fucktube once in a while but if I want background sound (documentary, news whatever) while I'm busing doing something else it's ALWAYS rumble at this point. Lots and lots of people are moving to that platform.
35   Patrick   2021 Jun 4, 6:06pm  


Another conservative figure is experiencing censorship on YouTube, reports say, as they cite radio host Eric Metaxas who revealed that Google’s video platform has removed all videos of his radio show from the channel.

Metaxas, who is a Christian author, announced the news on Twitter, but didn’t seem at all surprised. “FINALLY,” he wrote, “YouTube decided that because we violated their ‘community standards’ my show has been entirely kicked off their platform.”

He then went on to say sarcastically that “in related news” the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the North Korean government also dislike the videos – a comparison often made between the ongoing censorship on YouTube and other huge western social media platforms, and free speech suppression under those regimes.
36   Patrick   2021 Jun 24, 3:08pm  


June 23, 2021
Senator Ron Johnson joins Rumble after YouTube censorship
Another high profile figure joins the video platform.
37   Patrick   2021 Jun 25, 4:23pm  


So why doesn't Trump exclude YouTube and just post to Rumble?

It would be a huge boost for Rumble.
39   just_passing_through   2021 Jun 28, 6:35am  

Patrick says
Lo and fucking behold:

That's how I watched (mainly listened) the Ohio rally yesterday. Great rally. In particular the last 1/3rd.
40   Patrick   2021 Jul 12, 5:17pm  


YouTube fined 100,000 Euro after German court rejects its “misinformation” excuse for deleting anti-lockdown protest video
YouTube ignored an order to reinstate the video and so was fined.

Oh come on, 100,000 Euros is nothing. It's so close to zero for YouTube it's not even a fine at all. It's a free pass to do it again.

And lo and behold, YouTube keeps censoring anything and anyone opposed to the overwhelming evil that corporate liberals do to the working class:


YouTube has deplatformed Spain’s fast-rising conservatives gathered around VOX, currently the second-largest opposition party in the country’s parliament.
41   Patrick   2021 Jul 13, 5:27pm  


Video producer Matt Orfalea censored again for calling out YouTube censorship

He should not post to YouTube at all.
42   Patrick   2021 Jul 13, 5:27pm  


YouTube censors public Lake Forest High School District board meeting where parents opposed mask mandates

They should not post to YouTube at all.
43   Patrick   2021 Jul 15, 9:40pm  


YouTube has a long list of things its users are not allowed to utter on the platform, often not even as part of a debate among scientists and doctors, as YouTube believes these things pose "a serious risk of egregious harm."

This includes recommending Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine for Covid treatment (even though critics of the use of these drugs speak about their inefficacy rather than potential harm), and making claims that Covid vaccines can make people ill. Contradicting local health authorities or the WHO is also prohibited, where it comes to treatment, prevention, transmission, or orders of restrictive measures such as mask wearing and social distancing.
44   Patrick   2021 Aug 4, 1:10pm  


Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance joins Odysee after YouTube censorship
The blockchain-based video sharing platform continues to gain momentum as Big Tech scales up its censorship.
45   Patrick   2021 Aug 4, 1:10pm  


Rand Paul embraces Rumble after YouTube censorship
Another big name promotes the popular video sharing platform.
47   Patrick   2021 Aug 11, 2:00pm  


Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care doctors switch to Odysee after Vimeo censorship
Vimeo is just as bad as YouTube for censorship.
48   Patrick   2021 Aug 12, 12:42am  


Congress Escalates Pressure on Tech Giants to Censor More, Threatening the First Amendment
In their zeal for control over online speech, House Democrats are getting closer and closer to the constitutional line, if they have not already crossed it.

Glenn Greenwald
Feb 20

CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey (R) and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg (L) are sworn in to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on September 5, 2018. (Photo by Jim WATSON / AFP) (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)
For the third time in less than five months, the U.S. Congress has summoned the CEOs of social media companies to appear before them, with the explicit intent to pressure and coerce them to censor more content from their platforms. On March 25, the House Energy and Commerce Committee will interrogate Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Facebooks’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Sundar Pichai at a hearing which the Committee announced will focus “on misinformation and disinformation plaguing online platforms.”

The Committee’s Chair, Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ), and the two Chairs of the Subcommittees holding the hearings, Mike Doyle (D-PA) and Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), said in a joint statement that the impetus was “falsehoods about the COVID-19 vaccine” and “debunked claims of election fraud.”
50   richwicks   2021 Aug 12, 3:10am  

Patrick says
We need an alternative to Twitter as well.

Do we??

I've regarded Twitter as nothing more than a site for celebrity twats to get adoration from dummies.

I've NEVER understood Twitter.
51   Patrick   2021 Aug 14, 1:04pm  


August 13, 2021
Rumble snags big names amidst massive growth
Glenn Greenwald, Tulsi Gabbard, Bridget Phetasy, Matt Orfalea, Siraj Hashmi, Mujahed Kobbe, Shant Mesrobian, and Zaid Jilani.
53   richwicks   2021 Aug 15, 1:32am  

Patrick says

You realize this is fine - don't you?

Now, we can identify enemies of our nation. They are now overt.

I would argue this has been a decades long struggle. We knew something was wrong, but we couldn't be certain what was wrong. We created the internet, we compiled minds and concepts and ideas. We talked and over time: this became a problem for the people that was making it wrong. It's taken decades. Now we can see what is wrong, who is doing it, and just how morally bankrupt they are.

I've several times seen that I'm 1 or 2 decades ahead in awareness though. It's going to take some time for the masses to realize we live in an entirely propagandized society. Propaganda is the only thing keeping this corrupt system running. We do indeed have a good foundation of a nation, but it's been perverted. The foundations of this nation are the best in the world. I'm sure it can be improved, but our nation has the best foundation of any nation, ever in recorded history.

Too bad I'm 50, I'd be curious about the outcome in 200 years. I still think that we are ultimately improving the world despite all efforts to make it worse by our corrupt ruling oligarchy. All I've seen in my lifetime is progress. I'm fairly confident that will continue, despite the corruption.
54   AmericanKulak   2021 Aug 15, 6:23am  

Cup half full or half empty.

The number of Truly Aware People is very high given the full court Media/Social Media Press and Censorship.

Certainly more than the necessary 5-15% of the adult population normally required for final arguments.

I'd guess something between 1/3 and 1/2 of the country knows something is seriously wrong.

I do believe that the pandemic, the stolen election, etc. were done prematurely under pressure rather than something "they" wanted to do at that particular time.

Really thinking the Underground Resistance is a good phase to enter, with Chalking/Poster Campaigns and maybe some flyers.

We need some kind of easily drawn mascot, like "Kilroy was Here" so we can mark territory all over, and every basic person or technocrat gets upset when they drive past a construction wall that there are people who don't believe their BS, and obviously more than just a "Handful of Extremists"

55   AmericanKulak   2021 Aug 15, 8:36am  

Keep using Rumble for your favorite Bloviators, but for Music, here's an extension to stop the COVID and the Whites Are Evil 24-7-365 Narratives from showing up:
56   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2021 Aug 15, 8:36am  

Rumble updated terms to now ban “hate speech”. Is bitchute the only place still free? Or odysee?
57   Patrick   2021 Aug 15, 11:45am  

Fortwaynemobile says
Rumble updated terms to now ban “hate speech”. Is bitchute the only place still free? Or odysee?

I was afraid this would happen. Might be time to move on from Rumble as well. Let's see.
58   GNL   2021 Aug 15, 12:18pm  

Patrick says
Fortwaynemobile says
Rumble updated terms to now ban “hate speech”. Is bitchute the only place still free? Or odysee?

I was afraid this would happen. Might be time to move on from Rumble as well. Let's see.

The government must be threatening these platforms. Or wallstreet/investors.
59   Patrick   2021 Aug 15, 12:29pm  

This is another reason we need distributed uncensorable systems.
60   AmericanKulak   2021 Aug 15, 3:41pm  

What is the deal with Freenet? Or any other alts? Anybody got an update?

I notice OpenSource world got totally cucked in the past few years as well, with Torvalds getting pushed to the side and RMS having to pull some tricks to stay in command of the Free Software Movement.
61   Patrick   2021 Aug 15, 6:25pm  

MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says
I notice OpenSource world got totally cucked in the past few years as well

This is true.

Any open source software with a "code of conduct" for developers is no longer trustworthy software unless you literally read all the code yourself, which is difficult.
62   Patrick   2021 Aug 20, 11:07pm  

Glenn Greenwald
Aug 19
Remember when, last week, WPost wanted to trash Rumble as a venue of disinformation and conspiracies, they quoted one "disinformation expert" who -- unbeknownst to the reader -- is funded by/partners with Soros, Omidyar, Google, FB, US State Dept, etc.

63   Patrick   2021 Sep 30, 1:29pm  


YouTube To Ban All Videos Except The One Showing Stephen Colbert Dancing With People Dressed As Vaccines

SAN BRUNO, CA—In an effort to prevent the spread of anti-vax misinformation, YouTube has announced that all videos that have ever been uploaded to their platform will be removed, except that one video that shows Steven Colbert dancing with people dressed as vaccines.

"We feel this is the responsible thing to do with our platform," said CEO Susan Wojcicki. "People can now visit YouTube and visit the Stephen Colbert 'Vax-Scene' video as many times as they want! Isn't that great! What a cute and hilarious video! We hope this will encourage many more people to get vaccinated."

People who visit the website will have the option of watching that video or leaving the site. It will be offered in high definition, in addition to having subtitles.

YouTube made the update to the site this morning. At the time of this writing, the video still has no views.

Watch our latest video on how to make sure your kids are absolutely terrified of COVID
64   Patrick   2021 Oct 2, 5:34pm  


October 2, 2021
Dr. Ron Paul further embraces Odysee after continuous YouTube censorship
Platforms like YouTube are becoming increasingly risky due to its overzealous censorship.
65   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2021 Oct 3, 11:21am  

Patrick says
Glenn Greenwald
Aug 19
Remember when, last week, WPost wanted to trash Rumble as a venue of disinformation and conspiracies, they quoted one "disinformation expert" who -- unbeknownst to the reader -- is funded by/partners with Soros, Omidyar, Google, FB, US State Dept, etc.

So they are funded by big tech too?
67   Patrick   2021 Dec 2, 7:12pm  


December 2, 2021
Neutral video platform Rumble to go public under ticker CFVI
The YouTube alternative is making big strides and experiencing rapid growth.
68   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2021 Dec 2, 7:21pm  

Rumbler banned me btw, they aren’t free speech

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