Swiss Stocks

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by Patrick   $0.28 total tips   💰tip   follow   2021 Mar 1, 9:30pm  

I've been considering Swiss stocks after someone on this site mentioned them as a hedge against US inflation.

They seem remarkably boring and flat compared to US stocks, from the few I looked at. Some with quite high dividends though.

Some candidates:

https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/UBSG.SW/ Big bank, crazy low p/e of 8, dividend of about 1%. Stock price imploded in 2007-8 and never recovered.

https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/CSGN.SW Another big bank, low p/e of 13, dividend of about 3%. Same kind of price implosion after 2007-8.

https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/ZURN.SW Insurance company, low p/e of 15, dividend of about 5%. This one had a price implosion in 2001 and never recovered.

https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/SREN.SW Re-insurance company, recent loss so no p/e at all, super dividend of 6.8%. How do they pay that without earnings?

https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/ABBN.SW Electrical equipment, low p/e of 11, dividend of 3%.

https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/NOVN.SW Pharmaceuticals, p/e of 23, dividend of about 4%. The only one with consistently rising earnings.

1   mich   2021 Mar 1, 10:03pm  

Never heard of that. But yes diversified into different countries. these sectors Energy (uranium kicking major butt) oil, gas, Agricultural -fertilizer companies. Battery metals, Rare earths, Shipping(tankers)Precious metals.

Making my through the sectors and I'm really happy with Uranium and copper play and oil. Shipping still in early stages waiting for the breakout. it's allot of work but really enjoy learning about energy esp in these weird times!

They put out great research https://blog.gorozen.com/blog/green-energy-investment-mania-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly?utm_campaign=Weekly%20Blog%20Notification&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=112909989&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8hnumY0ERvv5aKgevoA7s7uLYqXaXgLdbd30_7OdWUQb2VqRi-DZxrQQpvdZs2bpQefOzdiBF3ZgjerHpgiL10EfZAIQ&utm_content=112909989&utm_source=hs_email

Horizon kinetics too!
2   Patrick   2021 Mar 1, 10:29pm  

If you like shipping, consider FRO. Crazy high dividend. Not sure how they do it over and over.
3   Zak   2021 Mar 2, 12:19am  

interesting swiss stuff:


austrian semiconductor
https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/AMS.SW/chart (AMSSY on tdameritrade)

etf tracker

disclosure. I have open bids on AMSSY
4   clambo   2021 Mar 2, 4:36am  

I’m considering a couple of ETFs that are comprised of Swiss stocks.

iShares and Franklin Templeton have a Swiss stock ETF.

The iShares EWL has a higher expense ratio 0.49% which I think is a rip off.
No wonder Black Rock is profitable.

Franklin Templeton Swiss stocks ETF symbol is FLSW. The expense ratio is 0.09% 🤑

I am afraid that the US dollar is going to lose more of its value because of the astronomical debt being run up by the government.

The time I visited Switzerland, 1 USD bought 3 Swiss Francs.

A nice feature of ETFs is there isn’t a minimum investment, unlike Vanguard funds for example.

I would compare them to a US fund that is comprised of large stocks like an “equity income” fund.

You won’t hit the ball out of the park, but you can do much worse (e.g emerging market stocks)
Tip: Fidelity has a stock information function, so you can see how FLSW is doing.
I’m going to get some FLSW myself.
5   HunterTits   2021 Mar 2, 6:39am  

Patrick says
They seem remarkably boring and flat compared to US stocks, from the few I looked at. Some with quite high dividends though.

That's because they are in high demand and Swiss GDP rates are more steady than in the US, I think.

And you won't own them, btw. You'll own the equivalent of ADRs. SDRs? Depository Receipts, which will be denominated in US dollars. Oh, they will be worth more if the Swiss currency stays more stable than the US dollar. But keep in mind that the Swiss don't let their currency appreciate much against either the dollar or the euro because their economy is dependent on outside trade like Singapore is

So if we get a huge bout of inflation that even the crooked banks and feds can't hide, the Swiss will depreciate the franc as will the ECB depreciate the euro in order to compensate. Only a hyperinflationary destruction of the dollar will be of benefit. But you will be too busy trying to put food on the table and shells in the shotgun to worry about money, if that happens
6   mich   2021 Mar 2, 8:15am  

Patrick says
If you like shipping, consider FRO. Crazy high dividend. Not sure how they do it over and over.
Yep one all the big players! Nice I didn't know the dividend was so high. Also looking into EURN and DHT. Shipping did really well in the great depression ;) This is all I do in my free time so happy help anyone who wants to financially better themselves while our government fucks everyone over.
7   Patrick   2021 Mar 2, 5:30pm  

mich says
Also looking into EURN


Jeez, that's similar to FRO: p/e of 4 and dividend > 18%

And not to be outdone, you have https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/DHT

p/e of 3.57 and dividend almost 19%

How are these things possible? The companies have all been around a long time and share price looks stable.
8   Patrick   2021 Mar 2, 5:34pm  

This one is very odd as well:


It's worth $100 per share!

Ha, just kidding, it's only worth $3.

No wait, it's $100 share again!

Fooled you twice, it's only worth $3 again.

9   theoakman   2021 Mar 2, 6:14pm  

Jeremy Grantham and Raoul Pal are both on record saying the best play might be to buy foreign stocks as they haven't really moved in 10 years while the US market has soared. The price ratio of the US vs. foreign stocks is as high as it has ever been. What they've shown is that these markets really aren't correlated so in the event of a US stock crash or decline, these markets are likely not going to move much on the downside and have much more upside potential.

I've taken that thesis to put a portion of my portfolio in ETFs in countries that seem to value capitalism and their national identity (i.e. don't sell out their workers). I hold EWS (ishares Singapore ETF), EWT (ishares Taiwan), EWL (ishares Switzerland). They pay dividends so it's fine for me to hold and wait.

The swiss ETF holds familiar companies (Roche, Novartis, Nestle). The Taiwan one holds Taiwan semicondcutor which has been an amazing company.
11   Patrick   2021 Mar 2, 9:07pm  

Patrick says
https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/SREN.SW Re-insurance company

A friend who is in re-insurance advised me to stay away from this one.

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