America could soon be swimming in COVID-19 vaccine. The shift from scarcity to surplus could bring its own problems

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1   RWSGFY   2021 Mar 9, 9:25am  

Thank you, Joe!
2   Onvacation   2021 Mar 9, 9:27am  

I'm not taking that shit!
3   clambo   2021 Mar 9, 9:37am  

Bullshit, fake problem.
If some people don’t take it so what?
Sell it to the other countries.
4   Onvacation   2021 Mar 9, 9:46am  

From the article:

With a plentiful supply of vaccine, there will be more urgency to convince the reluctant to accept it, experts say. Otherwise, the abundance of vaccine will become a stagnating surplus that threatens to undermine the nation's ability to move beyond the pandemic.

"When we start to have more vaccine available, we're really going to be in bad shape because what we're going to see is a lot of people who don't want to get vaccinated," said Bernadette Boden-Albala, dean of the public health program at the University of California, Irvine.

Why would anyone want a "vaccine" whose effects are worse than the disease?
5   Karloff   2021 Mar 9, 10:18am  

The scarcity angle was always lie designed to drive demand. People want what they are told they can't have.
6   Onvacation   2021 Mar 9, 10:20am  

Karloff says
People want what they are told they can't have.

"I do not want what I cannot have". Sinead O'Conner
7   Misc   2021 Mar 11, 1:51am  

Will the propagandaists get busy on their advertising proclaimimg the joys of getting the shot?

We need more articles proclaiming that the Donald got it so it's gotta be cool.

Uhhhhhhh, hate to point this out, but since the Donald already had Covid, getting the shot would simply be a waste. Quicky fact check ----- Liar liar pants on fire for the Mainstream media saying that the Donald got the shot.

Other than a few lame attempts, there really hasn't been the full media blitz pushing people to get the shot.
8   RC2006   2021 Mar 11, 5:53am  

They are already pushing covid variants. The endless invisible enemy.
9   RC2006   2021 Mar 11, 6:40am  

Its nauseating how fake news propaganda is promoting vaccines as bidens success and even more nauseating watching the left eat it up.
10   BoomAndBustCycle   2021 Mar 11, 12:22pm  

Onvacation says
I'm not taking that shit!

Have fun being denied travel by air, sea and public transport.
11   RWSGFY   2021 Mar 11, 1:17pm  

BoomAndBustCycle says
Onvacation says
I'm not taking that shit!

Have fun being denied travel by air, sea and public transport.

It needs to start happening first. As it stands now nobody gives a shit whether you have a "vaccine passport" or not: they still want one or even two different tests performed (anal swab if you fly to Asshoe) and still require masks on the plane.

My prediction: it will never happen. They just use it as a scare tactic to make more people submit and take the needle.
12   WookieMan   2021 Mar 11, 1:47pm  

BoomAndBustCycle says
Onvacation says
I'm not taking that shit!

Have fun being denied travel by air, sea and public transport.

Can't deny air travel or American public transportation because of a virus. Otherwise I want all AIDS carriers off everything. There is precedent with the law. To stop people "potentially" carrying a virus you'd have to shut down ALL air travel for it to be legal and ALL public transit in America. Not happening and hasn't happened. It's unconstitutional and always will be. You can't even ask if a person that lived in a house had AIDS or has AIDS. That's a small % of the population. You think they can track vaccines for travel.... lol to the max. We can't even secure our borders.

Non-American flagged sea vessels sure. So cruises you could mandate a vaccine since they fly under other countries flags. Tourist boats out of US ports and US flagged for a sunset cruise or something, no. Ferry, no. I will be first in line to help cover lawyer fees on that class action lawsuit if this administration was dumb enough to ever try that. I'd also do other things, but don't want to get Patrick in trouble or myself putting it out there online. There are remedies beyond the law.
13   Ceffer   2021 Mar 11, 2:44pm  

This is great news. This means you can take multiple doses and die even sooner for the greater glory of Bill and Klaus.

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