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Progressive Shill DeBlasio Turning Shrill Kommie Karen On Cuomo Hoping For Useful Idiot Reprieve For Self

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by Ceffer   $0.13 total tips   💰tip   follow   2021 Mar 16, 2:49pm  

If DeBlasio can get Governorship in rigged elections, he can turn the entire state of New York into insane Kommie shit hole instead of just New York City.

1   Ceffer   2021 Mar 16, 3:28pm  

"Keep up the good work, Bill, and there may be a rigged Presidential election in your future! We finally achieved our goals of rig-electing a tomato plant criminal to the high office. We thought, why waste agency drug sales, weapon sales and human trafficking resources on generating a Manchurian legend like Obama, when we have dedicated citizens already such as yourself? After you shit hole the city of New York then the state of New York, we know you are the man to continue shit holing the entire United States! Trust us!"

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