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Anyone get vaxxed?

I know a few and they sound like absolute shit, and both feel like absolute crap.

Anyone else?

Why the fuck are people injecting themselves with a non-FDA approved biological agent?

And what the fuck are people afraid of, when this covid has a 99.97% survival rate?

I don't understand this level of retardedness... Or maybe I am just super, over the top, fucking retarded, that I can't understand this shit.

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4347   Robert Sproul   2022 Feb 4, 7:00am  

They are coming hard for the children. Pfizer and the FDA are moving forward DESPITE the failure its drug trials on children under 5.
Pfizer and BioNTech already reported in December that:
“two doses of the pediatric vaccine failed in 2-, 3- and 4-year-olds to trigger an immune response comparable to what was generated in teens and older adults.”
Off the record a spokesman said:
"Who the Hell cares, let's get to jabbin' the little fuckers."
4350   Onvacation   2022 Feb 6, 11:46am  

4351   Patrick   2022 Feb 6, 5:31pm  


We need a word for when someone is given medication without informed consent and then dies because of it

Mark Changizi
7 hr ago

You know what the word is for when someone is given medication without informed consent and then dies because of it?


And if that’s done on a massive global scale?


4354   Ceffer   2022 Feb 9, 9:55am  

Patrick says
BBC admits they use HIV to make the covid vaccine

Known since March 2020 when the first few whistle blowers looked at the manufactured genetic sequences.
4355   Patrick   2022 Feb 9, 7:12pm  


News Flash: The Vaccinated Are Now Three-Quarters of Hospital Admissions
4357   Patrick   2022 Feb 10, 10:02am  

Patrick says
BBC admits they use HIV to make the covid vaccine

I'm seeing more of these articles around.
4358   joshuatrio   2022 Feb 10, 11:48am  

Patrick says
Patrick says
BBC admits they use HIV to make the covid vaccine

I'm seeing more of these articles around.

So I've seen a rash of AIDS related COVID jab stuff. Did some poking around and it looks like it's coming:

The sun, brits urged to get hiv tested:


Tripple jab get an hiv test:

https://patriots.win/p/141YWdKMjf/triple-jabbed-hiv-test-needed/c/?source=patrick.net FYI Montagnier, referred to in linked, died earlier this week

Feb 7 2022: “Newly Discovered HIV Variant Can Cause Patients To Develop AIDS Twice As Fast, Researchers Say”


Bbc admits they use hiv to make the inoculation

https://patriots.win/p/141YWlGrrR/the-jab-is-hiv/c/?source=patrick.net Video: https://patriots.win/p/141YbMG7qz/aids-in-the-vaccine-was-a-conspi/c/?source=patrick.net
4360   Ceffer   2022 Feb 11, 11:45am  

It's hard to say at this point if the AIDS stuff is for real, or just an extension of the fear campaigns. Any fear is good fear for the tyrants?
4361   GNL   2022 Feb 11, 1:39pm  

Ceffer says
It's hard to say at this point if the AIDS stuff is for real, or just an extension of the fear campaigns. Any fear is good fear for the tyrants?

A fear of the jab? How does that help them? Especially in Canada?
4362   Booger   2022 Feb 13, 3:34pm  

For those of you who still need lot numbers:

4363   Booger   2022 Feb 14, 2:54am  

City of Boston apologizes for ‘accidentally’ emailing out names of unvaccinated employees:

4367   Patrick   2022 Feb 17, 8:07pm  


Looks like the vaxxed are going to keep getting sick, while the unvaxxed will probably be fine.
4368   Patrick   2022 Feb 17, 8:12pm  


This past year was a test of two very different theories of government:

Team Fauci demanded that the U.S. centralize everything in the hands of a few captured bureaucrats. The results were abysmal. The U.S. has 4% of the world’s population and 15% of the world’s coronavirus fatalities. Jurisdictions, including New York, that did everything that Fauci told them to do became charnel houses. In every instance, Team Fauci puts the profits of Pharma ahead of the health of the American people.

Team FLCCC said ‘let doctors be doctors.’ Their outcomes are best-in-class. The FLCCC doctors follow the actual science not Pharma press releases. They proved that Covid is curable with early intervention. I would much rather have the one-million actively licensed doctors in the U.S. applying their independent judgement to solving the pandemic than a handful of captured bureaucrats in D.C. who are not-so-secretly working for the Cartel.
4370   Patrick   2022 Feb 18, 3:00pm  


Croatic MP Mislav Kolakušić: "Covid passes are one of the dumbest ideas in human history … they brought the army to streets of the European Union member states ... with long barrels, with automatic weapons. This is the Europe we live in today."

Has video.
4371   HeadSet   2022 Feb 18, 5:07pm  

Patrick says

Croatic? Not Croatian or Croat?
4374   Patrick   2022 Feb 20, 8:05pm  


Co-miRNA-ty anyone?
Seems it's all in a name.

Jessica Rose
14 hr ago

Tumbleweeds. Crickets. One my favorite smart people asked for some pretty vital information from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) recently. The good news is that they responded quickly. The bad news is that it doesn’t appear that they know anything about what they are actually doing with regard to this injectable mRNA tragedy that people are calling a vaccine. It’s hard to believe. Not one indication of documented safety studies pertaining to any of these points. No documents pertaining to the final protein products? Really?? The one that gets me is the point on pseudouridines. I wrote a little bit about this in this Substack and asked these questions:

What about the effect of translation fidelity due to the pseudouridine replacements? What are the effects of the humanized codon optimization? To what extent does the codon optimization - with GC content differences - cause protein folding impairment upon translation (look up ribosomal pausing3)? What of the mutated forms of S1 in the injected? There are far too many unanswered questions.

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small (20-22 nucleotides) single-stranded non-coding RNA molecules that function to interrupt or suppress gene expression at transcriptional or translational levels to regulate gene expression. They are essential components in many biological processes and can target cellular or viral RNAs to modulate the infection course. The human genome encodes about 2300 miRNAs.

N.B. Stephanie Seneff has warned of two miRNAs that disrupt the type-1 interferon response in any cell, including immune cells: miR-148a and miR-590. She explains a lot of complex biological processes in the video linked to that article. It’s excellent.


I don’t know what potential connections there are here yet but it is safe to say that any tech that involves the introduction of foreign mRNA to be mass-produced by human cells must be thoroughly safety tested. The fact that none of these documents ‘exist’ is proof positive that they either have no idea what the potential effects of what they made are because they did no bench work/investigations/studies, or, that they know and are hiding the results.

Either choice is beyond criminal.
4375   Patrick   2022 Feb 22, 11:11am  


Question to Dr. X: Is Dr. Vanden Bossche right about Omicron?
A scientific debate between Dr. X and Dr. G. Vanden Bossche about the article referred to in the link below.
4381   Ceffer   2022 Feb 25, 10:00am  

My wife says a bunch of her women friends in political group got fake vax cards from one of them who runs a printing shop.
4382   HeadSet   2022 Feb 25, 3:55pm  

Patrick says

"To become law, HB 581 would need to clear a Senate committee, pass the full Senate, and receive the governor’s signature."

Too bad it does not include colleges.
4384   richwicks   2022 Feb 27, 5:41pm  

Booger says

Study PROVES Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Permanently Alters Human DNA

A virus does the same. It modifies the DNA in order to duplicate itself. The immune system kills the cells over time. It's not as alarming as you think.

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