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Anyone get vaxxed?

I know a few and they sound like absolute shit, and both feel like absolute crap.

Anyone else?

Why the fuck are people injecting themselves with a non-FDA approved biological agent?

And what the fuck are people afraid of, when this covid has a 99.97% survival rate?

I don't understand this level of retardedness... Or maybe I am just super, over the top, fucking retarded, that I can't understand this shit.

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4933   GNL   2023 Jan 15, 1:50pm  

Patrick says

Considering the “vaccines” do not prevent infection, transmission, death, or anything else, what possible reason could they use to justify this?

4936   Patrick   2023 Jan 16, 10:10pm  


By Stephen McMurray January 16, 2023

THE vaccine industry and those who uncritically promote it will tell you that safety standards are so high, and testing so rigorous, that vaccines are totally clean and safe. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Apart from the toxic substances such as aluminium which are deliberately added, vaccines are frequently found to be contaminated with bacteria, viruses and metal particles.

It is now obvious that there are multifarious health issues associated with the Covid vaccines. Many could be a result of the experimental technology, but some may be related to contamination.

Three Japanese men died in August 2021 after being vaccinated with Moderna Covid vaccines contaminated with stainless steel particles during the manufacturing process.The batches had also been contaminated with latex, which broke off the vial seals when the needle was inserted, in a process known as ‘coring’. As coring happens an astonishing 40 per cent of the time and there are a number of people known to have latex allergies, this poses a serious health risk.

Even if the patient isn’t allergic to latex, the particles can still be dangerous. According to the publication Vaccine they ‘may potentially result in embolism and adverse reactions varying from autopsy-detected clinically occult pulmonary granulomas to local tissue infarction, pulmonary infarction and death’.
4937   richwicks   2023 Jan 17, 4:40pm  

Patrick says


By Stephen McMurray January 16, 2023

THE vaccine industry and those who uncritically promote it will tell you that safety standards are so high, and testing so rigorous, that vaccines are totally clean and safe. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Apart from the toxic substances such as aluminium which are deliberately added, vaccines are frequently found to be contaminated with bacteria, viruses and metal particles.

It is now obvious that there are multifarious health issues associated with the Covid vaccines. Many could be a result of the experimental technology, but some may be related to contamination.

Three Japanese men died in August 2021 after being vaccinated with Moderna Covid vaccines contaminated with stainless ...

Hey - anybody ever going to take a vaccine again?

3 years ago I wouldn't have a problem with it. Today, I'd only take one if I was travelling to the Congo.
4938   Patrick   2023 Jan 17, 8:15pm  


Forced Vaccination Laws are the Justification for Forced Sterilization Laws
"The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes." - Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr, Buck v. Bell, 1927

In the horrifying 1927 case, Buck V. Bell, the Supreme Court ruled, in an 8 to 1 decision, that it was constitutional for Virginia to perform forced sterilization on its citizens. ...

But even those who know about poor Carrie Buck may not know that the mandatory vaccine laws were the justification for this decision. They used our old friend Jacobson, the Massachusetts minister who refused to pay a five dollar fee imposed by the state on those rejecting the smallpox vaccine during a deadly outbreak in 1905, and took it all the way to the Supreme Court.

The venerated Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote the decision upholding the Virginia law that ended a woman's right to be a mother, by saying it was no different than vaccination...
4940   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2023 Jan 18, 4:29am  

Just redefine fentanyl as vaccination, and bingo!
4941   stereotomy   2023 Jan 18, 4:39am  

Patrick says

Is that Jonestown after the Koolaid party?
4944   Patrick   2023 Jan 18, 8:09pm  


After four shots, Covid jabs sharply REDUCED immune function in mice
Chinese researchers reported the results in a peer-reviewed paper published last month. The finding has gotten no attention. It needs attention.

Mice who received more than four Covid vaccine jabs had a collapse in their ability to fight the coronavirus, Chinese researchers have found.

The damage extended past antibodies, the immune system’s front line of defense against viruses and bacteria, to the T-cells that form the crucial backup.

The researchers reported the finding in a peer-reviewed paper published December 22 in the journal iScience. In surprisingly clear language, they warned:

Our findings demonstrate potential risks with the continuous use of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine boosters, providing immediate implications [emphasis added] for the global COVID-19 vaccination enhancement strategies.

Later in the paper, the researchers were even more direct:

We found that the protective effects from the humoral immunity and cellular immunity established by the conventional immunization were both profoundly impaired during the extended vaccination course.

4945   Patrick   2023 Jan 18, 11:08pm  

Win-win! Get paid to give someone a heart attack, get paid again to inject more of the same shit.
4946   richwicks   2023 Jan 19, 3:05pm  

original link

I really enjoy Matt Orfalea: https://rumble.com/c/Orf
4947   Patrick   2023 Jan 19, 8:05pm  


Indeed, at the beginning of the COVID vaccination campaign, I raised the concern that the vaccine’s mode of action, which involves transfection of cells with an mRNA encoding a viral protein, could cause autoimmune diseases, basing this concern on the medical literature and on current knowledge of the immune system. There is growing evidence that this indeed might be one of the consequences of the mRNA vaccine, with numerous case reports and case series, such as these (1-4).

I admit that I did not consider at the time the other side of the same coin. If the viral spike protein is presented in the same context as self-proteins, could there be some risk that the immune system will eventually recognize it as a self-protein and develop tolerance towards it, so that future response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus will be suppressed? ...

This is concerning because it could mean that the repeated exposure to the spike protein in the context of a “self” protein can eventually lead to development of tolerance towards the spike protein and a much less robust and effective immune response.

So either you get an auto-immune disorder from the vaxx, or your body decides that the spike protein is part of you, and then if you get infected again you have no defense.
4957   zzyzzx   2023 Feb 1, 8:22am  


For all the legwork that public-health experts have done over the past few years to quash comparisons between COVID-19 and the flu, there sure seems to be a lot of effort nowadays to equate the two. In an advisory meeting convened earlier today, the FDA signaled its intention to start doling out COVID vaccines just like flu shots: once a year in autumn, for just about everyone, ad infinitum. Whatever the brand, primary-series shots and boosters (which might no longer be called “boosters”) will guard against the same variants, making them interchangeable. Doses will no longer be counted numerically. “This will be a fundamental transition,” says Jason Schwartz, a vaccine policy expert at Yale—the biggest change to the COVID-vaccination regimen since it debuted.

Hints of the annual approach have been dropping, not so subtly, for years. Even in the spring of 2021, Pfizer’s CEO was floating the idea of yearly shots; Peter Marks, the director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, teased it throughout 2022. This past September, Joe Biden officially endorsed it as “a new phase in our COVID-19 response,” and Ashish Jha, the White House’s COVID czar, memorably highlighted the convenience of combining a flu shot and a COVID shot into a single appointment: “I really believe this is why God gave us two arms.”

Still, in today’s meeting, FDA officials were pushier than ever in their advocacy for the flu-ification of COVID vaccines. “We think that simplification of the vaccination regimen would contribute to easier vaccine deployment, better communication, and improved vaccine coverage,” Jerry Weir, the FDA’s director of the division of viral products, said at the meeting. The timing is important: After renewing the U.S.’s pandemic-emergency declaration earlier this month, the Biden administration seems set to allow its expiration this coming April. That makes the present moment awfully convenient for repackaging a chaotic, crisis-caliber vaccination paradigm as a scheduled, seasonal, normal-seeming one. A once-a-year strategy, modeled on a routine recommendation, suggests that “we’re no longer in emergency mode,” says Maria Sundaram, a vaccine researcher at the Marshfield Clinic Research Institute. Or at least, that’s the message that the public is likely to hear.

But federal regulators may be trying to fit a COVID-shaped peg into a flu-shaped hole. The experts I spoke with largely agreed: Eventually, someday, annual autumn shots for COVID “will probably be sufficient,” says Gregory Poland, a vaccinologist at Mayo Clinic. “Are we ready for that yet? I’m not sure that’s the case at all.”

Even in the short term, COVID-vaccination tactics need a revamp. “It’s clear above all that the current approach isn’t working,” Schwartz told me. Despite abundant supply, demand for COVID boosters in the U.S. has been abysmal—and interest seems to be declining with each additional dose. Last fall’s bivalent shot has reached the arms of only 15 percent of Americans; even among adults over 65—a majority of whom sign up for flu shots each fall—the vaccination rate hasn’t yet reached 40 percent.

For most of the time that COVID shots have been around, figuring out when to get them has been a hassle, with different guidelines and requirements that depend on age, sex, risk factors, vaccination history, and more. Pharmacies have had to stock an absurd number of vials and syringes to accommodate the various combinations of brands and dose sizes; record-keeping on flimsy paper cards has been a total joke. “I do this for a living, and I can barely keep track,” Schwartz said. Recommendations on the proper timing and number of doses have also changed so many times that many Americans have simply checked out. After the bivalent recipe debuted, polls found that an alarming proportion of people didn’t even know the shot was available to them.

Streamlining COVID-vaccine recommendations will remove a lot of that headache, Sundaram told me. Most people would need to keep only one mantra in mind—one dose, each fall—and could top off their flu and COVID immunity at the same time. Burdens on pharmacies and clinics would be lower, and communication would be far easier—a change that could make an especially big difference for those with children, among whom COVID-vaccine uptake has been the lowest. “It’ll be more scheduled, more systematic,” says Charlotte Hobbs, a pediatric infectious-disease specialist at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. COVID shots could simply be offered at annual well-child visits, she told me. “It’s something we already know works well.”
4960   Patrick   2023 Feb 2, 9:03pm  


Coronavirus vaccine: MIT Professor calls for immediate suspension of COVID mRNA vaccine

The number of health professionals urging for the suspension of COVID mRNA vaccine is increasing. The call for withdrawing the vaccine is getting stronger.

Recently, MIT Professor Retsef Levi took to Twitter to share the harm mRNA vaccines are causing in young people. "The evidence is mounting and indisputable that mRNA vaccines cause serious harm including death, especially among young people. We have to stop giving them immediately!," the MIT Expert in Analytics, Risk Management, Health Systems, Food & Agriculture Systems, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management has tweeted.

Professor Levi's video, in which he has warned against the use of mRNA vaccine, has received more than 1 million views so far.
“All COVID mRNA vaccination programs should stop immediately”

“I’m filming this video to share my strong conviction that at this point in time, all COVID mRNA vaccination programs should stop immediately,” Professor Levi has said.

“They should stop because they completely failed to fulfill any of their advertised promises regarding efficacy. And more importantly, they should stop because of the mounting and indisputable evidence that they cause unprecedented levels of harm, including the death of young people and children,” he continued.

“mRNA vaccines indeed cause sudden cardiac arrest”
“I believe that the cumulative evidence is conclusive and confirms our concern that the mRNA vaccines indeed cause sudden cardiac arrest as a sequel of vaccine-induced myocarditis. And this is potentially only one mechanism by which they cause harm,” he said.

“I personally became concerned with vaccine safety around the middle of 2021 when it became known that the mRNA vaccines cause myocarditis, and inflammation of the heart,” he says. “I was very concerned that it would not be detected by the existing vaccine safety surveillance systems. Motivated by that, we decided to analyze the Israel National EMS data to see if there are any signals of increased out of hospital adverse events,” he added and continued to substantiate his claims with the results of several studies.

“We detected an increase of 25% in the cause with cardiac arrest diagnosis”

“The analysis of the EMS calls and diagnosis data from 2018. throughout the first half of 2021 revealed some very concerning signals. We detected an increase of 25% in the cause with cardiac arrest diagnosis among ages 16 to 39. In the first half of 2021, exactly when the vaccination campaign in Israel was launched, a smaller increase was also detected in the older ages. Moreover, we also detected a statistically significant temporal correlation between the number of the Pfizer vaccine doses administered to this population and the number of EMS calls with cardiac arrest diagnosis,” says Professor Levi.

“Data from the UK, Scotland, and Australia replicate the data from Israel. Additional data from Israel indicates that in 2021, the EMS in Israel conducted more than 3,000 more resuscitations compared to 2019, which amounts for an increase of 27%. Two prospective studies from Thailand and Switzerland in which vaccines were tested before and after they received a vaccine, indicate that the rates of heart damage are likely to be significantly higher than the rates detected by clinical diagnosis. This is exactly the same finding that the US. military found in 2015 when it conducted a similar study on the smallpox vaccine.”

He continued, “Another study from the Harvard Medical School detected in the blood of children with vaccine-induced myocarditis, an entire spike, which is another indication of the underlying mechanism of harm, but in fact has even broader implications about the safety of the vaccine given the repeated evidence that we have that the mRNA and the lipids are actually penetrating the blood system.”

“And finally, autopsies of people that died closely after they received the vaccine indicate that in a large number of cases, there is strong evidence that the death was caused by vaccine-induced myocarditis. So presented with all of this evidence, I think there is no other ethical or scientific choice but to pull out of the market these medical products and stop all the mRNA vaccination programs. This is clearly the most failing medical product in the history of medical products, both in terms of efficacy and safety,” he said.

“This is huge”

Sharing Professor Levi’s video on his personal social media accounts, Dr Aseem Malhotra who has been vocal against the administration of mRNA vaccines has posted: "Eminent MIT Professor & expert on drug safety analytics Retsev Levi calls for immediate suspension of all covid mRNA vaccines
‘They should stop because they cause an unprecedented level of harm including the death of young people and children’
This is huge"
4961   richwicks   2023 Feb 2, 11:13pm  

zzyzzx says

The A and E in "vaccines" should be visible, and the E in "people" should be visible, since the A and E are exposed in "are". The vowels should be removed so:

Added the "R" to make it more obvious.
4962   Patrick   2023 Feb 2, 11:50pm  

Yes, that is an improvement.
4963   Patrick   2023 Feb 3, 3:37am  

A Hollywood strike would make millions of people very happy, because Hollywood sucks.
4964   PeopleUnited   2023 Feb 3, 5:41am  

Pretty sure the above post has copied forward a hoax. The Academy did not call for a strike in January 2023 over unvaxxed.
4969   Patrick   2023 Feb 5, 5:19pm  

I'm pretty sure Kissinger never said that.
4970   porkchopexpress   2023 Feb 5, 8:14pm  

He didn’t
4971   richwicks   2023 Feb 6, 4:45pm  

Booger says

You can't know if the speech is true or not at this point.

Who cares anyhow? We know Kissinger is a psychopath. Asshole supported the Khmer Rouge.

We obviously have sociopaths in power. Just disconnect from them.

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