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Anyone get vaxxed?

I know a few and they sound like absolute shit, and both feel like absolute crap.

Anyone else?

Why the fuck are people injecting themselves with a non-FDA approved biological agent?

And what the fuck are people afraid of, when this covid has a 99.97% survival rate?

I don't understand this level of retardedness... Or maybe I am just super, over the top, fucking retarded, that I can't understand this shit.

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5100   Patrick   2023 Apr 19, 2:00pm  


Yesterday, in a significant stealth policy change, the FDA published all-new covid vaccination guidelines. In its online news release, the FDA said that the new rules are intended to “simplify” the “complicated” U.S. vaccination program, which currently requires two initial shots, any brand, then six-month boosters, any brand. That’s it.

Apparently the FDA now feels that is too complicated or something.

“At this stage of the pandemic, data support simplifying the use of the authorized mRNA bivalent COVID-19 vaccines and the agency believes that this approach will help encourage future vaccination,” said Peter Marks, M.D., Ph.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.

The over-funded, morbidly-obese health agency “simplified” the vaccine schedule by taking a single easy-to-remember rule and creating 23 separate rules with internal conditions. I am not making that up except I didn’t actually count all the new rules, because I got distracted during counting and had to start over twice. It could be more than 23.

There are now seven different groups of people that each have their own rule or rules, including: people who got one or more regular (not bivalent) vaccines; un-vaccinated kids and adults; un-vaccinated babies and toddlers; vaccinated babies and toddlers; people who got at least one of the new bivalent vaccines, EXCEPT: 65+ who had only one bivalent vaccine, and some types of immunocompromised who’ve gotten ANY of the bivalent vaccine, except for un-vaccinated babies and toddlers, who have a different rule.

Each of the groups has their own special guidance. I can’t wait to see the flowchart for this new “simplified” vaccine schedule.

Setting that initial lie aside, the FDA buried the really big news in the second group, about halfway down the long, “simplified” list of groups and rules, which covers the largest group of vaxxers. Here it is, in full:

Most individuals who have already received a single dose of the bivalent vaccine are not currently eligible for another dose. The FDA intends to make decisions about future vaccination after receiving recommendations on the fall strain composition at an FDA advisory committee in June.

See that? “Not currently eligible.” They’re cut off. The FDA just ended vaccinations for almost everyone following the regularly-scheduled jab programming. This holdout group of vaccine addicts, who are still lining up every four to six months to get their FREE booster shots, have all taken the bivalent vaccine by now. So the free part of the ride is over, baby!

Enter your credit card number to continue. If they want any more of the magic covid juice, they’ll have to pay for it themselves. Bivalent boosters are no longer FDA approved, not for them. (We’ll see about letting you have another one for next year’s covid season.)

The headline should have been: FDA ENDS VACCINE PROGRAM FOR MOST VACCINATED ADULTS. All remaining private vaccine mandates at colleges and private companies just hit the wall. It’s over.

It’s a grab bag of options for everyone else, depending on age, health, and vaccine status. For example, the FDA is giving older folks (65+) just ONE MORE TASTE before cutting them off:

Individuals 65 years of age and older who have received a single dose of a bivalent vaccine may receive one additional dose at least four months following their initial bivalent dose.

And they still want the kids, of course. Kids — at the lowest risk for covid — can still take advantage of a dizzying array of shots (3 doses if under five, and 2 doses of Moderna or 1 dose of Pfizer at 5 and over), unless they’ve had covid, maybe, it isn’t entirely clear.

The least newsworthy but most ironic rule was the new one for all the unjabbed people. If, like me, you’ve hesitated to get the jibby jab, there’s terrific news for you in the FDA’s new vaccine guidance:

Most unvaccinated individuals may receive a single dose of a bivalent vaccine, rather than multiple doses of the original monovalent mRNA vaccines.

Hahahahahahahahaha! That’s comedic gold! “Peter, how are we going to convince these hesitaters and skeptics now?” “Well Dr. Kwammi, let’s simplify their decision and let them skate with just one shot.” “But Peter, that doesn’t seem fair to all the people who took the shots we’ve required so far — they might get angry!” “Dr. Kwammi, the vaccinated will believe anything we tell them; they’ll never even notice.”

The FDA’s explanation for why an unvaccinated person can just have one shot and be “fully vaccinated” even though everyone else had to get seven shots was, get ready for this, a lot of people have already had covid.

Natural immunity!

I don’t know about you, but for me, as a vaccine-hesitant person, well, to be fair, a vaccine skeptical person … alright, truthfully I’m probably ANTI VACCINE at this point (I can’t follow all the definitional rules) — I’m going to ‘pass’ on the FDA’s offer to let me get be “fully vaccinated” with just one little prick.

Hard pass.

People who got seven+ shots should be furious about this. Many of them got multiple jabs after getting covid, sometimes even after getting covid twice or three times. The FDA says, “follow the science?” The science is meandering around crazier than a Baltimore panhandler who just finished his second bottle of Jack Daniels, and it’s only eight o’clock in the morning.

How are we supposed to follow THAT? Science needs to go to rehab.
5102   zzyzzx   2023 Apr 20, 9:23am  


Media Covers Up Tracking of Unvaccinated People

In other words, they have already begun tracking ALL of your vaccinations, not just the COVID shot, and they can use the Z28.3 sub-codes to identify why you refused a given vaccine.

They’ve also added a billable ICD-10 code for “immunization safety counseling,” which explains the codes detailing “why” you refused a vaccine. So, if you didn’t get a vaccine due to “personal decision” (code Z28.2), or due to “personal beliefs or group pressure” (code Z28.1), then your doctor can bill your insurance for regurgitating vaccine propaganda and trying to change your mind.

Yet still another reason to lie to your doctor.
5103   joshuatrio   2023 Apr 20, 11:00am  

This guy thinks the global population has already dropped by a BILLION... he makes a few good points:

"The general consensus was that there were 7.84 billion people on Earth in January 2020. The United Nations reported that the global population eclipsed the 8 billion mark in November 2022. As of publishing, Worldometer has the current global population at 8.028 billion.

There have been 40 million births and 20 million deaths, for a net population growth of 20 million thus far in 2023, according to the same source. The only people who believe any of the foregoing also believe that men are really women, and vaccines are safe and effective.

As of March 2023, there are two jobs available in the U.S. for every one unemployed worker. You don’t even need the ADP Workforce Vitality Reports to know that wages have been at all-time highs since Q4 2021. Just look around your local area, and you’ll see McDonald’s, Kum and Go, Circle K, Walmart, and all those former minimum wage jobs hiring at $15 per hour and up. They are forced to offer higher wages (or hire illegal immigrants) to entice what’s left of the U.S. workforce.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce acknowledged the ongoing labor shortage earlier this month. If every unemployed person got a job tomorrow, there would still be 4 million job openings. Mainstream media continually blame #ABV for this two years and counting labor dearth.

RELATED: Washington Post caught telling the truth – “vaccines” do in fact lower the risk of hospitalizations because vaccinated people are dying too fast (November 25, 2022)

The bottom line is that millions of Americans have died or are severely maimed from the lethal mRNA and viral vector DNA injections, and physically cannot work. Further, U.S. birth rates in 2021 were the lowest since World War I. You cannot find a straight answer anywhere as to 2022 U.S. birth rates. They now “splain” it as fertility rates and ramble on about 2015-2019 instead of just giving straight statistics about birth rates in 2022.

It’s not just the United States. The COVID Blog® is confident in declaring that the global population has dropped from 7.8 billion in January 2020 to 6.8 billion today – about a 13% drop in 28 months. The powers-that-be (“TPTB”) will never report the truth on this, and will do everything to conceal, manipulate and distort the real numbers. So all we can do is crunch everything we know to determine the progress of their goal – 500 million humans left on Earth by 2030.

We posited in August 2022 that the world population would be down to 4.5 billion by the end of 2024. It does not take a giant leap to accept that the world population is down to 6.8 billion today (from 7.8 billion in January 2020) because of the following five phenomena."

FULL ARTICLE: https://thecovidblog.com/2023/04/20/5-reasons-to-believe-the-global-population-is-already-one-billion-people-less-than-it-was-in-january-2020/
5104   Patrick   2023 Apr 21, 10:09am  


Moderna hid serious side effects suffered by its Covid vaccine recipients when it reported clinical trial results for the shot
Moderna scientists said in a 2021 paper no mRNA jab recipients in the trial had "serious adverse effects." In fact, 14 ultimately did, including three miscarriages. No placebo recipients did.

In February 2021, Moderna scientists published results from the Phase 2 trial of the company’s mRNA Covid jab in the journal Vaccine.

Moderna had started the “P201” trial with 600 healthy volunteers on May 29, 2020, mostly to examine if the shots were safe.

The company had good news on that front. In the “Highlights” section at the top of the paper, Moderna’s scientists reported:

No serious adverse effects were observed.

That statement was untrue. ...

In all, during the placebo-controlled phase of the trial, which ended in early 2021, seven of the 400 healthy volunteers who received a two-shot regimen of Moderna’s vaccine suffered serious side effects. ...

The problems included a heart attack and two miscarriages.

In comparison, the 200 people who received a placebo shot without any mRNA had no serious side effects.

Seven vs. zero. ...


21 min ago
Fear fueled EUA shifted endless dollars into pharma coffers, which they paid to lawmakers who won’t hold them accountable because: endless dollars. 🔄

Howling for Harmony
16 min ago
"Moderna says it hopes to offer new vaccines for cancer, heart disease, and other conditions by 2030" Moderna ---the firefighter that sets the fires!!
5106   Patrick   2023 Apr 22, 5:34pm  


Regular readers will immediately recognize Dr. Peter McCullough’s point, made in a recent Shannon Joy interview, and previously discussed here on C&C. The heroic covid doc explained that, according to a solid recent study, the real numbers of American adults that somehow avoided jabbing was actually 25%, not 8% like the CDC claims.

And 25% of adults — obstinate, passionate, and more than a little chafed at being prodded with needles every time they turned around in 2021 — that 25% group forms a monolithic, single-issue voting bloc, if some politician is smart enough to take advantage of it.

In other words, given that — even in a presidential election cycle — only 60% of Americans vote, we are THIS CLOSE to becoming an Anti-Vaxx Nation. Assuming the morons in charge don’t blast us back into the Stone Age, that is, I know, that’s a pretty big assumption, but if we somehow survive the next couple years, there WILL be a reckoning.


Dr. McCullough: The Voting Power of Unv'd Americans Cannot Be Ignored

The CDC said 92% of Americans took at least one S , but it turns out the CDC was double-counting people. 25% of American adults took zero shots.

And when it comes to the ballot box, "Let me tell you — this 25% is going to vote

25% of the adult population who's gonna vote are going to be charged on the v issue. Only 60% of adults vote in a presidential election.

So nearly half of the voting base will want a candidate who addresses the v issue."
5109   richwicks   2023 Apr 25, 11:53am  

Speaking of "dies suddenly noises" - Remember this?

original link

Start the video at about 1:00 in.

That was Gabriel Poliquin. I wonder if he lived through that?
5111   Booger   2023 Apr 26, 2:59pm  

joshuatrio says

It’s not just the United States. The COVID Blog® is confident in declaring that the global population has dropped from 7.8 billion in January 2020 to 6.8 billion today – about a 13% drop in 28 months.

If that's true, there would be way more listings on the MLS.
5112   Patrick   2023 Apr 26, 3:07pm  

joshuatrio says


Hey, this sounds exactly like what Luc Montagnier warned about!

And it looks like Reuters is just another elite lapdog which will publish lies to protect toxxine industry revenue at the cost of public health:


There is no possibility that COVID-19 vaccines in use can cause HIV, AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome, the name given to illness resulting from HIV) or false positive HIV tests, according to experts who spoke to Reuters.
5115   Patrick   2023 Apr 26, 5:39pm  

Patrick says

And it looks like Reuters is just another elite lapdog which will publish lies to protect toxxine industry revenue at the cost of public health:


There is no possibility that COVID-19 vaccines in use can cause HIV, AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome, the name given to illness resulting from HIV) or false positive HIV tests, according to experts who spoke to Reuters.

From the same obviously false article:

Social media users have since shared a quote attributed to Montagnier, but Reuters could not find any evidence the words came from the French scientist. It reads: "For those of you that have taken the third dose, go and take a test for AIDS. The results may surprise you. Then sue your government.”

I'm pretty sure I saw video of him saying exactly that, but now I cannot find that video. If anyone can, please let me know.
5118   Patrick   2023 May 3, 12:29pm  


A celebrated member of the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) has called for a staggering 86 percent reduction in the population of humans, arguing that the goal can be achieved “peacefully.”

5119   HeadSet   2023 May 3, 1:26pm  

Patrick says

A celebrated member of the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) has called for a staggering 86 percent reduction in the population of humans, arguing that the goal can be achieved “peacefully.”

Now that is extreme, but there is a basis in reality. The US cannot maintain a first world standard of living if it grows to a billion people. The population needs to stabilize by controlling immigration and limiting the birth rate. People are trending toward smaller families anyway, so just stop paying the lower classes to breed by paying welfare child subsidies.
5124   HeadSet   2023 May 9, 7:44am  

That may be for flu vax instead of the jab. At least I hope so.
5125   zzyzzx   2023 May 9, 8:22am  


COVID-19 vaccine maker Novavax to chop workforce, expenses
5127   Ceffer   2023 May 9, 9:34am  

Interesting, isn't it, that when people have a positive from proven invalid and non specific PCR testing, it is 'valid' for non existent Covid fraud, but when they have a positive test for HIV, it is suddenly a 'false positive'.

Murder Clown World.
5130   Patrick   2023 May 9, 8:52pm  

It should dip even more now that we have experienced the complete crushing of basic human rights for the power of Pfauci and profits of Pfizer.

I suspect that all vaccinations are merely a medically harmful money-making scam now.
5133   GNL   2023 May 17, 5:27am  

Patrick says

What is that?
5134   Patrick   2023 May 17, 9:27pm  


💉 On Monday, the National Institutes of Health issued a cheerful press release titled, “Clinical Trial of mRNA Universal Influenza Vaccine Candidate Begins.” The sub-lead stated, “Trial will test the experimental vaccine for safety and its ability to induce an immune response.”

Wait a sec. Right there’s your first problem. “Ability to induce an immune response” is not the same as “preventing disease,” or even “reducing severity” of disease, whatever that means. Injecting topsoil or lemonade mix also induces an immune response, but that doesn’t mean it protects anyone from taking a dirt nap or catching scurvy.

These scientists. S.M.D.H.

Anyway, the NIH’s proud press release described the “clinical trial of an experimental, [mRNA, quadrivalent,] universal influenza vaccine” developed, not by big pharma, but by the government itself. In fact, the new “universal” vaccine was developed by Fauci’s old team, the boys over at the NIAID, the crack team who seems to be all involved with DoD’s bioweapons development, purely for defensive reasons, of course, and not that it has anything whatsoever to do with the new mRNA flu vaccine, no, don’t be a silly goose.

You don’t need to study any of this stuff. Leave it to the government experts. Keep playing your cell phone games, aren’t they fun?

The NIH experimental vaccine trial will enroll up to 50 healthy volunteers, aged 18 through 49. I have some questions for these volunteers. I’d like to understand the thought process that leads someone to agree to have an “experimental quadrivalent mRNA vaccine” injected into them in exchange for a small styrofoam cup of watery orange juice and a stale donut.

Will the volunteers ask who will pay for their long-term medical care, or who will support their loved ones if something bad happens? Do they care?

Somehow I doubt these people are as reckless with their money as they are with their bodies. But, if they are, I have some exciting investment ideas I’d like to pitch to them while the opportunity is ripe (i.e., before they get the shot).

The early-stage jab trial will be run through a government program called the “Collaborative Influenza Vaccine Innovation Centers” (CIVIC) program, which was established by NIAID long, long ago, in 2019. I suppose it wasn’t that long ago.

But what’s so interesting is that the GOVERNMENT is developing this drug, not the pharmaceutical companies. Why? Why is the U.S. government getting into the pharmaceutical business? Is there an “influenza emergency?” For a couple years there, we had a good long stretch without any flu at all, and that was even without any experimental quadrivalent mRNA flu vaccines.

What I’m especially wondering is: are the regulatory rules different, maybe less stringent, for government study researchers as opposed to private sector researchers? Or is this all because the government is completely shielded from liability for jab injuries by sovereign immunity?
5137   Ceffer   2023 May 25, 10:11pm  

Like I said, first woman we knew before and after she got vaxxed (got real sick from second jab) in Santa Cruz now has recurrent breast cancer 15 years after she was considered cured. It's been just around the 20 month mark from vax.

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