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Anyone get vaxxed?

I know a few and they sound like absolute shit, and both feel like absolute crap.

Anyone else?

Why the fuck are people injecting themselves with a non-FDA approved biological agent?

And what the fuck are people afraid of, when this covid has a 99.97% survival rate?

I don't understand this level of retardedness... Or maybe I am just super, over the top, fucking retarded, that I can't understand this shit.

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5118   Patrick   2023 May 3, 12:29pm  


A celebrated member of the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) has called for a staggering 86 percent reduction in the population of humans, arguing that the goal can be achieved “peacefully.”

5119   HeadSet   2023 May 3, 1:26pm  

Patrick says

A celebrated member of the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) has called for a staggering 86 percent reduction in the population of humans, arguing that the goal can be achieved “peacefully.”

Now that is extreme, but there is a basis in reality. The US cannot maintain a first world standard of living if it grows to a billion people. The population needs to stabilize by controlling immigration and limiting the birth rate. People are trending toward smaller families anyway, so just stop paying the lower classes to breed by paying welfare child subsidies.
5124   HeadSet   2023 May 9, 7:44am  

That may be for flu vax instead of the jab. At least I hope so.
5125   zzyzzx   2023 May 9, 8:22am  


COVID-19 vaccine maker Novavax to chop workforce, expenses
5127   Ceffer   2023 May 9, 9:34am  

Interesting, isn't it, that when people have a positive from proven invalid and non specific PCR testing, it is 'valid' for non existent Covid fraud, but when they have a positive test for HIV, it is suddenly a 'false positive'.

Murder Clown World.
5130   Patrick   2023 May 9, 8:52pm  

It should dip even more now that we have experienced the complete crushing of basic human rights for the power of Pfauci and profits of Pfizer.

I suspect that all vaccinations are merely a medically harmful money-making scam now.
5133   GNL   2023 May 17, 5:27am  

Patrick says

What is that?
5134   Patrick   2023 May 17, 9:27pm  


💉 On Monday, the National Institutes of Health issued a cheerful press release titled, “Clinical Trial of mRNA Universal Influenza Vaccine Candidate Begins.” The sub-lead stated, “Trial will test the experimental vaccine for safety and its ability to induce an immune response.”

Wait a sec. Right there’s your first problem. “Ability to induce an immune response” is not the same as “preventing disease,” or even “reducing severity” of disease, whatever that means. Injecting topsoil or lemonade mix also induces an immune response, but that doesn’t mean it protects anyone from taking a dirt nap or catching scurvy.

These scientists. S.M.D.H.

Anyway, the NIH’s proud press release described the “clinical trial of an experimental, [mRNA, quadrivalent,] universal influenza vaccine” developed, not by big pharma, but by the government itself. In fact, the new “universal” vaccine was developed by Fauci’s old team, the boys over at the NIAID, the crack team who seems to be all involved with DoD’s bioweapons development, purely for defensive reasons, of course, and not that it has anything whatsoever to do with the new mRNA flu vaccine, no, don’t be a silly goose.

You don’t need to study any of this stuff. Leave it to the government experts. Keep playing your cell phone games, aren’t they fun?

The NIH experimental vaccine trial will enroll up to 50 healthy volunteers, aged 18 through 49. I have some questions for these volunteers. I’d like to understand the thought process that leads someone to agree to have an “experimental quadrivalent mRNA vaccine” injected into them in exchange for a small styrofoam cup of watery orange juice and a stale donut.

Will the volunteers ask who will pay for their long-term medical care, or who will support their loved ones if something bad happens? Do they care?

Somehow I doubt these people are as reckless with their money as they are with their bodies. But, if they are, I have some exciting investment ideas I’d like to pitch to them while the opportunity is ripe (i.e., before they get the shot).

The early-stage jab trial will be run through a government program called the “Collaborative Influenza Vaccine Innovation Centers” (CIVIC) program, which was established by NIAID long, long ago, in 2019. I suppose it wasn’t that long ago.

But what’s so interesting is that the GOVERNMENT is developing this drug, not the pharmaceutical companies. Why? Why is the U.S. government getting into the pharmaceutical business? Is there an “influenza emergency?” For a couple years there, we had a good long stretch without any flu at all, and that was even without any experimental quadrivalent mRNA flu vaccines.

What I’m especially wondering is: are the regulatory rules different, maybe less stringent, for government study researchers as opposed to private sector researchers? Or is this all because the government is completely shielded from liability for jab injuries by sovereign immunity?
5137   Ceffer   2023 May 25, 10:11pm  

Like I said, first woman we knew before and after she got vaxxed (got real sick from second jab) in Santa Cruz now has recurrent breast cancer 15 years after she was considered cured. It's been just around the 20 month mark from vax.
5138   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2023 May 26, 6:12am  

Patrick says

“Ability to induce an immune response” is not the same as “preventing disease,” or even “reducing severity” of disease,

Yep. Historically cancer vaccines have induced the generation of target specific T cells with zero effect on the disease.
5139   mell   2023 May 26, 8:55am  

Al_Sharpton_for_President says

Patrick says

“Ability to induce an immune response” is not the same as “preventing disease,” or even “reducing severity” of disease,

Yep. Historically cancer vaccines have induced the generation of target specific T cells with zero effect on the disease.

That's mostly but not fully true, there are some immuno therapeutics that do work at least somewhat. But the question is why don't they work better? Interesting field. Also some become too toxic for the healthy tissue as they attack the whole body. It's a promising field is my prediction, jabs and immunontherapies will become better. But I prefer drug conjugates over jabs, my favorite field. Not much chatter about it yet, but it will be yuge imo, beating out jabs.
5141   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2023 May 26, 9:40am  

mell says




Thanks, Mell. So many biotech companies. ADC’s have come a long way. Protein engineering, too. And let’s not forget CAR T cells.
5143   Patrick   2023 May 27, 6:03pm  


Two new studies published this week on the same day. The Biochimie study described three separate, complex systems by which the covid proteins could promote cancer growth. The Cureus study described massive excess deaths in Germany in 2021-22, and suggested an astounding possible reason for them.

Both studies are peer-reviewed. Both studies are lengthy and highly-footnoted. Both studies were very carefully written. Both are remarkable.

But one of the studies is a limited hangout, a psyop that gives us a little bit of new, truthful information, information intended to distract us from the horrifying implications of the other study.

Today’s roundup dives deep into both remarkable studies, so we can nip this new narrative psyop right in the bud light.
5144   Patrick   2023 May 27, 6:44pm  


Dec 15, 2022

text of tweet: "PET scan results = MYOCARDITIS! Left for over a year with myocarditis, gaslighted and left to believe this was all in my head! People need to realise you know your own body better than any Dr will! DR'S ARENT ALWAYS RIGHT! THE COVID-19 VACCINE IS DOING MORE HARM THAN GOOD!"

video attached


JOHN WATT: I just thought I'd give everyone a quick update in regard to my PET scan I got last week. I got the results at the start of the week. And it turns out myocarditis. Myocarditis. It's taken over a year to diagnose me and a specialist in the UK, a specialist cardiologist in the UK, to tell me that it's myocarditis from the vaccine. I've seen over about 5 different cardiologists in Scotland, not one of them as soon as I say this is from the vaccine not one of them want to acknowledge me. Well there you have it. Myocarditis one year later after the vaccine. I've been complaining about chest pain, complaining about heart issues, and what was I told? It's anxiety, PTSD, health anxiety, all in my fu*king head. And now the confirmation that it wasn't.

This is a message to all the health professionals. I'm going to start calling you the health unprofessionals. If I had sat here and had just accepted what you told me, I would never had got an answer and never understood what was going on with my heart here. I want people to realize it took me a year and it's taken me 27,000 pounds to get an answer for my heart. I want people to realize if you're going to your doctor and your doctors tell you this is in your head, that's anxiety and whatnot, you know your body better than these fu*kers! You know yourself better than this!

This vaccine is doing more harm than good. One year they have left me with myocarditis. I think it's time for people to start questioning, people start questioning the health professionals. It's time for you health professionals to realize you're doing more harm than good. I could have take my own life because yous made me believe this was in my head! This narrative will change in the near future. Trust me when I say it! I want this message to get around the whole world. And make yous realize it's time to start doing the right thing. You're killing people and making people think they're going fu*king crazy!
5147   Patrick   2023 May 30, 7:34pm  


As we emerge from the psychological trauma of the COVIDcrisis, the data and receipts in the form of FOIA’ed documents are coming in from all over the world demonstrating that governments and transnational organizations (NGO, WHO etc.) have completely failed to respond in a measured, mature and appropriate manner to the infectious disease “threat” of COVID, to the extent that this genetically engineered virus really has been a threat to the majority of the global human population. In particular it is now well documented that the members of the “five eyes” intelligence community cooperative (UK, USA, Canada, NZ, Australia), have intentionally and consciously deployed propaganda and military-grade psy-ops methods to “convince”, coerce and compel their citizens to accept an experimental medical treatment (the genetic SARS-CoV-2 “vaccine”) without informed consent or really any shred of respect for personal bodily autonomy. Let alone adequate clinical data demonstrating safety and effectiveness in preventing infection, replication, spread, disease or death by SARS-CoV-2.

As if that is not enough, please also recall the enforced use of sham paper mouth/nose masquerades whose primary positive utility appears to have been for enabling efficient and globally harmonized virtue signaling, and of course the clear political overreach of the “lockdowns”, which were predicted by more mature and experienced voices to cause far more harm than good and of which prediction time (and data) have clearly vindicated those many sane “conspiracy theorists”.

The list of lies and manipulations which supposedly “democratic” governments have willingly imposed on their citizens in the name of “public health” is enormous. And still they persist with their lying. ...

I argue that the founders of the United States got it right. A federalist representative democracy of limited size and ambition, focused on and enabling the laws and regulations necessary to support a society and encourage hard work, entrepreneurship, innovation, collective self-governance and self-defense is what our great nation has been built upon because it works.

What is being proposed and built without our consent, is a globalized command-economy led by an unelected technocracy. This is a recipe for rampant and unaccountable incompetency, as we have so clearly seen demonstrated over the last three years. Left to their own devices, some will seek unlimited power over others, and will use this new world order for nefarious purposes.
5148   HeadSet   2023 May 31, 6:06am  

zzyzzx says

Did the anchor die of myocarditis or other jab injury? If so, imagine what the anchor thought when he heard the diagnosis. If the anchor died in a car wreck or similar, then this is a clown post designed by the originator to make anyone who passes it on or refers to it look like a fool.
5149   Patrick   2023 Jun 3, 5:43pm  


From https://rumble.com/v1f0lqt-dr.-bhakdi-warns-of-greatest-conceivable-manmade-catastrophe-of-all-time.html


DR. SUCHARIT BHAKDI: Today mankind would be doing so well if not for the incessant meddling by the WHO and the so-called health authorities who are now planning the greatest conceivable man-made catastrophe of all time. Mark these words: Routine introduction of gene-based vaccines spells the downfall of man and mankind.

Reflect: What happens when a foreign gene is allowed to circulate and enter cells throughout your body? Production of non-self protein, flu, measles, hepatitis, you may name it, cannot but provoke immune attack on your cells. The intensity of the attack will rise with each and every booster. As the genes get stronger and stronger, the harm gets larger and larger. The covid booster injections are demonstrating this to the unseeing world day by day. Need any more be said?

Physicians around the globe: you may be pardoned once for having been lulled and gulled by the great deceivers who are steering this criminal operation. But now you are on the brink of a precipice. If you allow yourself to be instrumentalized again, you will be guilty of complicity in mass murder. The fall from the precipice will plunge you into the deepest recesses of living hell from which you will never escape.

Stop injecting these ungodly agents. Recall that you are homo sapiens gifted with the power of thought, and return, before it is too late, to the ethics of your once so noble profession.
5150   HeadSet   2023 Jun 5, 6:02pm  

Patrick says

Recall that you are homo sapiens gifted with the power of thought

How presumptuous. Homo Sheepians

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