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Will Sponge Bob bring down the CBS Viacom media empire?

By EBGuy follow EBGuy   2021 Mar 31, 2:16pm 258 views   12 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

In the episode, a health inspector comes to the Krusty Krab and finds a case of the "Clam Flu" in the restaurant. Upon this discovery, the health inspector quarantines the patrons, and the characters grow anxious. Those who are assumed to have the virus are shunned and tossed in a freezer.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Losses stemming from Archegos Capital Management’s forced liquidation of more than $20 billion in holdings “is the third near accident this year so far,” Allianz Chief Economic Adviser Mohamed El-Erian told Yahoo Finance on Tuesday...
The collapse of Archegos, a family office founded by investment manager Bill Hwang, is sending shockwaves through Wall Street after its bets pushed lenders to initiate a margin call, ultimately forcing the firm to sell positions in ViacomCBS (VIAC), Discovery (DISCA), Baidu (BIDU) and Tencent Music (TME), among others.
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It jumped the shark after the 4th season and the first movie. That's when the original creator left.
But Nickelodeon got other writers to keep going.
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Just to be clear, this post supposed to be about imploding hedge funds, and whether we ought to be taking cover.
One of World’s Greatest Hidden Fortunes Is Wiped Out in Days
One part of Hwang’s portfolio, which has been traded in blocks since Friday by Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo & Co., was worth almost $40 billion last week. Bankers reckon that Archegos’s net capital -- essentially Hwang’s wealth -- had reached north of $10 billion. And as disposals keep emerging, estimates of his firm’s total positions keep climbing: tens of billions, $50 billion, even more than $100 billion.
It evaporated in mere days.

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off topic - any opinion on NTD TV (OTA 38.6 in bay area) or web https://www.ntd.com/about.html - looks much better than uniform abc, nbc, cbs channels.
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I had viac, got out at 50$ , figured stock can't go that high that fast but kept going up from 12 $ to 100$ in 6 months.

Glad it came down to normal evaluation.
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I think cat food is a good defensive hedge. How is purina doing these days?
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update: Fact: Nestle (parent company of Purina). up 5% YoY; Div yield 1.8%
JM smucker: up 15% YoY Div yield 2.85%
Colgate-palmolive up 10% YoY Div yield 2.29%
General Mills 10% YoY; Div yield 3.35%
Unicharm (JPN) 20% YoY Div yield 0.37%



I think they are underestimating the proliferation and impact of pet moms in executive meetings; this is also a male dominated field in which women wanting to get to top are unable to do so due to lack of mentorship.

I don't think their marketing is doing enough to appeal to this "shadow inventory" of single women and brainwashing them into buying pets.

Its a slow but predictable growth field with respectable dividends.
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Fallout from Archegos collapse continues....
Credit Suisse said it expects to post a pre-tax loss in its firs-quarter results due on April 22, inclusive of a charge from Archegos Capital Management's trading losses, becoming one of the largest casualties in the world's biggest margin call.
The Zurich-based bank will book a charge of 4.4 billion Swiss francs (US$4.7 billion) in the first three months due to losses at a US hedge fund, Credit Suisse said without naming the fund.
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EBGuy says
due to losses at a US hedge fund

Lol, I hope GameStop (GME) was part of that.
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There's over 3600 hedge funds in the US. One of them blew up. There are plenty of others that are massively leveraged. There's over $800 billion in regular margin loans outstanding. With derivatives they can be even more leveraged.

What could possibly go wrong?

Ok, everyone on Wall Street is doing a gut check. Today was the lowest volume day of the year.
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How Morgan Stanley avoided Credit Suisse's fate:
Morgan Stanley sold about $5 billion in shares from Archegos' doomed bets to a small group of hedge funds late Thursday, March 25, according to people who requested anonymity to speak frankly about the transaction...
Morgan Stanley was the biggest holder of the top 10 stocks traded by Archegos at the end of 2020 with about $18 billion in positions overall, according to an analysis of filings by market participants. Credit Suisse was the second most exposed with about $10 billion, these sources noted. That means that Morgan Stanley could've faced roughly $10 billion in losses had it not acted quickly.

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