Trans activists are evil

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So Arkansas overrode the veto from beta cuck governor. But no one is asking why the leftist tran activists trying to fuck kids up before they grow normal since puberty tends to fix this shit. Such murderous jealous fucks, trying to drag kids down with them since they fucked up their own lives.

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2028   Patrick   2024 Jun 10, 9:52pm  


As Miss Maryland And A Military PR Rep, This Man In A Dress Will Interact With Kids ...

While Miss USA is more of a modeling competition and Miss America more of a scholarship and career competition, both also partner with pageants for girls as young as age 4. The adult pageant winners “mentor” these young women. They are obviously role models for these little girls, and thus it matters a lot who they are. ...

So Kennedy will be in close proximity to many children and especially young girls as a Miss Maryland USA pageant winner. It’s another example of how queer politics makes the public square toxic by exposing children as young as preschoolers to sex.
2030   Patrick   2024 Jun 12, 8:58pm  


Disturbing decision this week from a federal appellate court on the rights of transgender and nonbinary children to have other children silenced for their protection, but let’s do some background first for purposes of comparison. ...

So 118 years ago, the courts had to respect the certain view of science that the biological differences between the two sexes were absolute, certain, and unvarying, and very much to the disadvantage of women. The restriction of their labor was clearly, therefore, in the public interest. The Science™, you see. Can’t be argued with. The experts had spoken.

Now look at the extraordinary decision in L.M. v. Town of Middleborough, released on Sunday by the First Circuit. (Background here from the plaintiff’s lawyers.)

A middle school student wore a t-shirt declaring that there are only two genders; his school, fearing the devastation that hate speech would cause trans and non-binary students, ordered him to take it off or leave school. First Amendment litigation followed.

The decision from the First Circuit is exactly the territory of the Brandeis brief and the Muller decision. There’s a First Amendment right to speak, sure, but science and medicine warn that there’s a fragile population among us which is much more prone to harm than other populations — and therefore much more in need of protection, which draws a clear scientific limit to the First Amendment. Experts warn us that we need to limit free speech in the presence of children with non-cisgendered gender identity. Page 26, for example, which explicitly references social science...

Students can speak freely, unless they cause negative psychological impact by demeaning another student’s personal characteristics.

Like the Brandeis brief, and like the Supreme Court decision that followed its contours, the First Circuit takes a bunch of statements — trans students will be psychologically harmed by seeing the message on a t-shirt that there are two genders — and accepts them as the thing we know because social science says so.

The Science™, the oracle that issues incontestable decrees. We can see the irony of the courts relying absolutely on the firmly established scientific knowledge that binary sex is certain and inflexible, then relying absolutely on the firmly established scientific knowledge regarding the psychology of transgender and non-binary children — but can the courts see it? (And does it matter at all what the courts are able to see?)

In any event, social science has traveled to edges of the First Amendment and found the place where it stops. It’s a t-shirt that says there are boys and girls.
2038   Patrick   2024 Jun 17, 4:30pm  

Even a leftist lesbian Jew is waking up to the pure satanic evil of recent laws in California:


2040   Patrick   2024 Jun 17, 5:25pm  


‘There exists a widespread belief in many Western societies, that wasn’t even considered remotely possible just fifteen years ago, that there are people who fall outside our sexed borders. Though this belief has only become widespread in just over a decade, many people consider vast and rapid changes to our social order to accommodate this belief, compassionate and just.

Billions of years of evolution, and hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution, and the way our societies are organized around our biological realities as male, and female are being promoted as outdated. The overhauling of our societies, has been justified as support for what people call the “trans community.” “Trans,” as most people understand it today, refers to people, who for various reasons, seek to disown their physical reality - that of their reproductive sex. Men with the fetish of autogynephilia, children with autism or other mental and developmental issues, lesbians and gay men and youth reacting to social and internalized homophobia, individuals invested in a science fiction that they can create their own physical realities, youth attempting to rebel against strict boxes for culturally sanctioned sex role behavior, are all being referred to as a community. Corporate propaganda has us thinking these people are part of a cohesive group, one that was initially promoted as having intense body dysphoria, and who are now presented as expressing their true nature.

The “trans community,” like “trans” itself, is a corporate fiction. It is marketing propaganda so extreme, so diffuse, and penetrating, it is functioning like cult indoctrination.

“Trans” is not a type of person. People are biological systems that reproduce themselves through male and female sexes. Drugs and surgeries and/or claiming to be anything other than a male or female person doesn’t change this. People who have disorders of sexual development (intersex conditions), men with fetishes, and people who promote the idea that other cultures historically had names for a third sex don’t change it. Lesbians and gay men, attempting to hide from homophobia, and children who don’t adhere to strict boxes of social behavior for males and females are not a subgroup of humanity. They are humans, male and female all, with varying reasons for attempting to disown their sexed reality, not least of all because they’ve been told they can - repeatedly.

“Trans” is political and corporate power aimed at the next generation, conditioning them to think of themselves as parts instead of integrated biological systems within the larger biological system of our physical reality.

The youth are being conquered, their physicality is being colonized for profit and control of resources, just like so many parts of the planet have been colonized, its rich resources extracted for profit and its inhabitants controlled.’
2045   Patrick   2024 Jun 19, 7:15pm  


US judge in Kentucky blocks Biden Title IX rules, says ‘sex,’ ‘gender identity’ not the same thing ...

Coleman and the GOP attorneys general filed the lawsuit in April. At the time, they argued the Department of Education “used rulemaking power to convert a law designed to equalize opportunities for both sexes into a far broader regime of its own making” with the new Title IX regulations. ...

Reeves wrote in his opinion that “the Department of Education seeks to derail deeply rooted law” created by the implementation of Title IX.

“At bottom, the Department would turn Title IX on its head by redefining ‘sex’ to include ‘gender identity.’ But ‘sex’ and ‘gender identity’ do not mean the same thing,” he wrote. “The Department’s interpretation conflicts with the plain language of Title IX and therefore exceeds its authority to promulgate regulations under that statute.”
2050   Ceffer   2024 Jun 21, 3:10pm  

There are some pretty hideous vids of human body part and dead children tissue processing mills on Telegram. It's become a progressively expanding industrialized enterprise as the demand for such has increased with the Globalists bribing more and more useful idiots for their schemes. Can't imagine what the people working in these human slaughter houses are thinking, if they think at all.

Rape and abuse and terrorizing are part of the preps for bleeding adrenochrome from children, and they are not slated for long lives after they have been used as such. The remains are used as tissue banks and stem cells so that movie stars can have skin creams for radiant appearance. And, don't forget the human meat in fast foods etc.
2051   Patrick   2024 Jun 22, 3:13pm  


The Justice Department avoided all pronouns during a press announcement about a non-binary mass shooter 🤡

A while back, a non-binary man who uses "they/them" pronouns went into a LGBTQ club and started shooting. Of course, the media tried really hard to ignore that non-binary part, and the fact that he had visited the club several times as a patron. ...

But the part of the story that is Not the Bee-worthy is that somehow, in their entire announcement, the Justice Department managed to avoid a single pronoun for Aldrich. Instead, they purposefully and somewhat awkwardly used his last name.
2057   Ceffer   2024 Jun 26, 10:17pm  

The mentally ill tranny delusion doesn't work out so well when you don't have infinite Soros/Globalist bucks to script your exhibitionist fantasies.

2058   Ceffer   2024 Jun 26, 10:22pm  

More lesbo Star Wars shit. Apparently, the Globalists are subsidizing this profit eating alligator franchise with their endless printing press money to keep the propaganda subversion afloat. Well, if DeadBillGates can spend over 120 million a year to keep MSNBC afloat, I suppose Mockingbird can afford its absurdist red ink.

2059   Ceffer   2024 Jun 26, 10:33pm  

"Where the world comes for the maiming of the mentally ill, or to satisfy hysterical Munchausen Moms, or Hollywood elites castrating and sacrificing their children attempting to please their Satanic masters.

2060   AmericanKulak   2024 Jun 27, 12:55am  

Ceffer says

More lesbo Star Wars shit. Apparently, the Globalists are subsidizing this profit eating alligator franchise with their endless printing press money to keep the propaganda subversion afloat. Well, if DeadBillGates can spend over 120 million a year to keep MSNBC afloat, I suppose Mockingbird can afford its absurdist red ink.

This wasn't even the scene. The scene was the lesbian communal witch circle chanting.

The only thing they didn't incorporate was smacking the ground with sticks going "ReeeeEEEeeee!"

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