Trans activists are evil

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So Arkansas overrode the veto from beta cuck governor. But no one is asking why the leftist tran activists trying to fuck kids up before they grow normal since puberty tends to fix this shit. Such murderous jealous fucks, trying to drag kids down with them since they fucked up their own lives.

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458   richwicks   2022 Sep 18, 2:09pm  

This really isn't on the subject of transgenderism, but I just went to www.amazon.com today and this was the first advertisement:

My question is - is that a dude? There's another picture of the model:

459   AmericanKulak   2022 Sep 18, 6:39pm  

They're coming for the Organ Donors now.

460   HeadSet   2022 Sep 18, 6:46pm  

Why not just get the dead girl's pussy?
461   richwicks   2022 Sep 18, 6:48pm  

AmericanKulak says

They're coming for the Organ Donors now.

I had to verify that picture:

Imagine going through extensive surgery to end up looking like that? A middle aged, wrinkling woman with male pattern baldness. I bet he's over 50.

If he's not over 50, damn, he had a hard life.
462   mell   2022 Sep 18, 7:02pm  

They have no compass, no religion, no morals, no real family and friends, nothing to live for except their weak innate urge for self sustaining, so they just push for more and more grotesque shit.
466   AmericanKulak   2022 Sep 19, 10:23pm  

Trans Teacher can violate the school dress code Students have to abide by.

467   HeadSet   2022 Sep 20, 7:30am  

They will just say the nipples are not "exposed."
469   Patrick   2022 Sep 20, 1:32pm  


Steven Hannah is enlisting other people's children in his sexual fantasies. ... This is the guy in the van trying to give your children candy. ... He is a freakin weirdo wagging fake breasts in the face of your children because it titillates him. And if you complain about that, you're the problem.

Good summary.

470   Patrick   2022 Sep 20, 1:35pm  

Tucker Carlson: "People that underwent 'gender-affirming surgery' were 19 times more likely to kill themselves than people who hadn't."
472   Leo1980   2022 Sep 20, 6:29pm  

new documentary about Trans Lies
473   Patrick   2022 Sep 21, 2:47pm  


My team and I have been investigating the transgender clinic at Vanderbilt here in Nashville. Vanderbilt drugs, chemically castrates, and performs double mastectomies on minors. But it gets worse. Here is what we found. Let's start at the beginning

Vanderbilt was apparently concerned that not all of its staff would be on board. Dr. Ellen Clayton warned that "conscientious objections" are "problematic." Anyone who decides not to be involved in transition surgeries due to "religious beliefs" will face "consequences"

Vanderbilt opened its trans clinic in 2018. During a lecture the same year, Dr. Shayne Taylor explained how she convinced Nashville to get into the gender transition game. She emphasized that it's a "big money maker," especially because the surgeries require a lot of "follow ups"

In case the objectors hadn't gotten the memo, Vanderbilt unveiled a program called "Trans Buddies." The "buddies" are trans activists from the community who attend appointments with trans patients, monitoring the doctors to guard against "unsafe" behavior such as misgendering

Vanderbilt makes their Trans Buddies available to children, too. They make lots of "services" available to children, including chemical castration. Though at some point in the last month they removed explicit admission of this fact from their site. Here's the archived screenshot

But they must have forgot to delete a video from Vanderbilt Psychiatry’s Youtube channel back in 2020 which admits explicitly that they will give and have given irreversible hormone drugs to children as young as 13.

So, let’s review. Vanderbilt got into the gender transition game admittedly in large part because it is very financially profitable. They then threatened any staff members who objected, and enlisted a gang of trans activists to act as surveillance in order to force compliance.

This is what "health care" has become in modern America.

They now castrate, sterilize, and mutilate minors as well as adults, while apparently taking steps to hide this activity from the public view.
476   Patrick   2022 Sep 21, 4:43pm  


Here’s one thing I’ve noticed doing that over the last decade or two: when systems (organizations, life forms, algorithms...) have a life-or-death need to align to reality as precisely as possible, they tend to combine heterogeneous types of evidence to arrive at conclusions.

The existence of trans surgery and the resulting epidemic of suicide seems to disprove that.
478   mell   2022 Sep 21, 8:11pm  

481   Patrick   2022 Sep 23, 10:48am  

Patrick says


My team and I have been investigating the transgender clinic at Vanderbilt here in Nashville. Vanderbilt drugs, chemically castrates, and performs double mastectomies on minors. But it gets worse. Here is what we found. Let's start at the beginning

487   richwicks   2022 Sep 25, 12:11am  

Patrick says

At least they spared her nipples, it's quite common to remove them entirely.

These people are just sterilizing themselves, you have to realize that. Back in the 1990's when I was an astringent atheist, I was realizing we reproduced in far less numbers. This is a self correcting problem, although it is destroying individual people. You can think of this as a eugenics program.

Our authorities will push this, but won't practice it, figure out the eventual results... Might take a few generations, but our "authorities" will be entirely displaced in time, as they are breeding themselves into inferiority. They are already there if you look at it - they just have money and connections, but do you honestly think they are superior in any way? They are animal degenerates to be honest. Look at Hunter Biden, look at how many people fell into Jeffrey Epstein's trap - who here would have been stupid enough to fall into that? But our "elites" do..
488   Patrick   2022 Sep 25, 9:54pm  


Texas Father Fears Custody Ruling Could Mean Chemical Castration for 10-Year-Old Son

A Texas father embroiled in a high-profile custody battle fears a court ruling this week could allow his ex-wife to move to California and medically transition his 10-year-old son to a girl.

Jeff Younger, who lives in the Dallas area, told The Epoch Times on Sept. 23 that he will fight the Sept. 21 ruling by Dallas District Judge Mary Brown, and vows he’ll continue to fight for his son, James.

The parents have been engaged in a custody battle over James for most of his life. The mother, Anne Georgulas, started questioning James’s gender when he was a toddler. She argues that from a young age James chose to identify as a female, wanted to wear dresses, and eventually wanted to be known as Luna.

She eventually socially transitioned the boy, and presented him at school as a girl. The school supported that after the couple separated.

The mother did this and should go to prison for child abuse.
490   AmericanKulak   2022 Sep 25, 11:14pm  

Patrick says

The mother did this and should go to prison for child abuse.

I'm reading about Caligula and Nero.

They were actively subversive against Roman Ideals, unlike the previous Emperors Caesar, Augustus, and Tiberius.

Nero married his eunuch and offered a massive prize to anybody who could give him a "canal" ... and pointedly did so while trying to build the Canal over the Isthmus of Corinth.

Just a ton of sick shit.

Another great Tom Holland book - this one is "Dynasty", about the first 5 Emperors.
491   RC2006   2022 Sep 26, 9:42am  


Parents are as mentaly ill at the trannies for letting thier kids anywhere near this. The pendulum can't swing back to the other extreme fast enough.
494   Patrick   2022 Sep 27, 4:05pm  


Libs of TikTok exposes University of Wisconsin for performing "gender affirming" surgeries on minors, university then scrubs entire gender clinic website

"Gender-affirming" doctors are quite a bit like cockroaches. You expose them to light and they scramble to hide.

That's what happened in the Matt Walsh-Vanderbilt case, and now the same thing has happened in Wisconsin after Libs of TikTok exposed Dr. Katherine Gast as a "gender-affirming" surgeon, AKA butcher of healthy kids.
497   Patrick   2022 Sep 28, 7:27pm  


Virgin Atlantic proudly announced on Wednesday that their male pilots and crew can now wear women’s clothing.

Allowing the obviously mentally ill to fly planes is an extremely bad idea.

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