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Is Globalist Narrative Fraying At The Edges?

By Ceffer follow Ceffer   2021 Apr 7, 10:49pm 81 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Has the fiat money seditionist Globalist Blitzkrieg of bribery, blackmail, corruption, and Soros injected public officials on USA failed to bring a quick enough jackboot of tyranny on USA? Is the pushback beginning on the bag of tricks?

Fed refuses to sanction vaccine passports and tries to fob it off on private corporations to do their dirty work instead? Wow, completely out of character and not Globalist psychopathic agenda.

Nuremberg Trials for Covid 19 Agenda conspirators and Davos mobsters? WHO relaxing its position on vaccine passports?

Biden (puppet masters) caving on the border wall and border policies, to re-instate some of Trump’s border policies?

States becoming assertive in preserving their citizens’ rights against the malignant foreign City State of Washington DC and the (bankrupt) US Corporation? Some disgusted Democrat pols going over to Republican Party?

Have Trump and secret military ops been able to handle some of the bad players? Did implemented Space Force sky net shoot down Mossad, Euro, CIA and foreign satellites threatening EMP? Directed Energy? kill switches on USA as extortion to enable the unhindered progression of stolen elections and KommieKunt Oppressions? Have Special Ops let the Globalists know that we know where they live and who they are? Was dead Rothschild a shot over the bow? Can they amputate the fingers and not just the puppet strings of the Great Reset?

Has Trump, unburdened by the routine duties of the Presidency and MSM hectoring actually been acting as shadow President and able to form policy and foreign diplomacy in conjunction with allied military factions to enact operations behind the scenes? Is he still traveling on AF! and military planes?

Is there yet hopium?

Curious, overactive imagination, paranoid and poorly informed minds need to know.

"The vorld vill bend to my Vill, at ANY COSTS! Kill them, Kill them All!"
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