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Pakistan police torture on Sikhs/non-muslim Bhartis

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Muslims and Hindooo are incapable of providing safety to minorities or ordinary citizens.
Only solution is reestablishment of Sikh Empire and Khalsa Raj... The rule of law and citizen empowerment as Sikh gurus intended without discrimination.

This thread will show atrocities in Pakistan. I have already showed the cruelty of hindooostan in other thread.

Dirty Hindooostan and Pakistan must be destroyed.


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Selfless service and religious freedom can only be provided by "Sikh Empire" and Khalsa Raj in Indus valley region.
No other religion have proven with sacrifices that "freedom of religion" is more important than being Sikh.

Poor and Desperate, Pakistani Hindus Accept Islam to Get By
Drawn by jobs or land offered by Muslim groups, some Hindus, facing discrimination and a virus-ravaged economy, are essentially converting to survive.

Hindooo, Muslim and Christians are biggest religions in terms of "population".. But their Gods are still not satisfied with "numbers" they have and want to steal followers from Gods of another smaller religions AND EACH OTHER.
So much greed in religion is not good...
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Hindu girls tortured in Pakistan; found dead in police officer's room

The never-ending ordeal of Pakistan's minorities

4.2 Non-Muslim women are Halal and non-Muslim Men are Haram:
4.3 Concept of going to heaven by converting a non-Muslim to Islam: Illiterate, poorly educated and ignorant mullahs are promoting this mentality/thinking/idea that if a Muslim converts a non-Muslim to Islam that Muslim and his seventy relatives and those who support him in this task, will definitely go to heaven. This is rather sad that this mentality compels Muslims to focus their energies on hounding a non-Muslim into embracing Islam instead of improving their deeds and morality to become a better Muslim and a better human being to avail a seat in heaven.

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