American journalism is officially dead. "Reporters" are now activists, overtly biased.

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The CBS scandal you may have missed because of the 60 Minutes hit job on Ron DeSantis

The news network has published an article advising major companies on ways to "fight" Republican-backed voting laws. The report’s original headline read, “3 ways companies can help fight Georgia's restrictive new voting law.” Naturally, the story itself contains several tips on how businesses can protest Georgia-style legislation.

This is not journalism. This is political advocacy, and it’s all done in service of a traditional beneficiary of the press’s ethical lapses.

Imagine, for a moment, if one of the three major networks published a story advising businesses on how to “fight” ultra-permissive abortion laws. It’d be unthinkable. Yet, here, is CBS doing exactly that sort of politicking, but for bills such as the one passed recently in Georgia.

Perhaps realizing it had strayed headfirst into political advocacy, CBS amended the report’s headline eventually, softening its tone into something decidedly less partisan.

The headline as it appears online now reads, “Activists are calling on big companies to challenge new voting laws. Here's what they're asking for.”

In a way, this is actually worse than the original. At least in the original, CBS had the guts to declare its allegiance outright. The amended version chooses instead to hide behind “activists” to push an obvious political position.

As for the report itself, it remains unchanged. It still outlines various ways in which businesses can “fight” voting laws championed by Republican legislatures. It is still just as partisan as the day it first published.

“Do not donate," the report recommends. "Activists said companies should immediately stop making donations to Barry Fleming and Michael Dugan, the Georgia Republicans who co-sponsored the voting changes."

It continues, naming and shaming major businesses such as Delta and Home Depot for donating to Fleming and Dugan.

"Ending political donations is one of the most immediately impactful steps a company can take to sway lawmakers," the article reads.

The article also says companies can help fight Georgia-style voting laws by producing ads that "help stamp out efforts nationwide to pass voting laws similar to Georgia's," including in Arizona and Texas.

"Activists say it isn't enough for companies to issue tepid public statements in defense of voting rights," the CBS report reads. "Instead, companies should launch television and social media ads that oppose efforts in Georgia, Arizona, Texas and other states considering voter restrictions."

Companies, the story continues, can also support the coercive monstrosity known as the “For the People Act."

"If passed,” the CBS report reads, “the act would create same-day and online voter registration nationwide. It would also require states to overhaul their registration systems. The act seeks to expand absentee voting, limit the states' ability to remove people from voter rolls, increase federal funds for election security and reform the redistricting process.”

Though the CBS article is several days old, you likely missed it amid the network’s other major ethical lapse, when it promoted the lie that Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rewarded a grocery chain with an “exclusive” deal to distribute coronavirus vaccines as part of a “pay for play” scheme involving political contributions.

If you missed all of this voting law boycott business when it happened, you can be forgiven. After all, CBS’s “report” on DeSantis is possibly the worst political hit job since Dan Rather went on-air with forgeries of former President George W. Bush's National Guard service record.

It’s obviously not a great situation when one media scandal is obscured by a concurrent scandal and all by the same newsroom. If there are adults still left at CBS, now would be a good time to take back control.

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450   Patrick   2022 May 29, 1:25pm  



A Censored American NO MORE!
· May 28
Two networks, Same victim, different fathers. 🤔
451   Patrick   2022 May 30, 11:12pm  


Where’s the media? Police say black man killed one person, injured seven at Memorial Day mass shooting
452   Patrick   2022 Jun 1, 5:25pm  


The BBC reportedly changed quotes from a rape victim to avoid using male pronouns to refer to a transgender attacker, according to The Sunday Times.

The outlet’s diversity team reportedly wanted to avoid “misgendering” the attacker in a 2021 story about lesbian women being pressured to have sexual encounters with men who identify as transgender women, according to the Times. Some senior journalists were concerned that the BBC’s policy of using an individual’s preferred pronouns got in the way of accurate and unbiased reporting.

Ya think?
453   HeadSet   2022 Jun 1, 5:41pm  

Check this Associated Press article for bias:

This was written in a piece about the Tulsa shooting, and recaps prior shootings. Notice the lie about "automatic" weapon and the race of the shooter not mentioned in the Uvalde shooting, but clearly identified the shooter as "white" in the Buffalo shooting.
454   Patrick   2022 Jun 2, 9:01am  


I'd be surprised if it's really even that high.
455   Patrick   2022 Jun 6, 9:00pm  


Mainstream media suddenly goes dark on monkeypox after endless fear porn
Whether the virus has taken a new course, is actually just old-fashioned monkeypox, or has been tinkered with by 'Wuhanies,' one thing is for sure: we’re not being told the truth.

Someone gave the order to suppress it in the corporate media. Maybe because it's making gays look bad.
456   Patrick   2022 Jun 7, 2:58pm  

ATLANTA, GA—Citing an objective poll of everyday Americans who work as CNN executives or Democrat tacticians, CNN has announced a strategic rebranding to JAN6NN, citing the vital significance of what occurred on that fateful day in 2021.

Following the rebrand to JAN6NN, all news coverage will focus solely on Jan 6, 2021, meaning no real change will occur.

"We feel this strategic rebrand better matches our company mission to be the most trusted name in news that helps the Democratic National Committee," said JAN6NN brand advocate, Billstrom Spleeny, "Also, 516 days have passed since we ceased reporting on news unrelated to January 6, 2021, so..."

Media strategists praised JAN6NN's rebrand as the most brilliant corporate news decision since the announcement of CNN+, and predicted JAN6NN would quickly double viewerships to 348 viewers.
458   Patrick   2022 Jun 9, 10:41am  

Because the shooter was black.
459   Patrick   2022 Jun 9, 10:44am  


Washington Commanders Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio Questions Why “The Summer Of Riots, Looting, Burning, And The Destruction Of Personal Property” Is Not Discussed

John F. Trent June 8, 2022

Washington Commanders Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio recently took to Twitter to question why Congress does not discuss “the summer of riots” in 2020 is not discussed.
460   FuckTheMainstreamMedia   2022 Jun 9, 10:48am  

Yahoo news opened the comments a few weeks ago and it’s mostly been leftists taking a pummeling.

No factual basis on which to fight and mostly just muh trump and that’s it. They host lots of LA Times articles and it’s like shooting the broadside of the barn. The Times is nearly 100% opinion pieces at this point.
462   Patrick   2022 Jun 10, 10:37am  


Features writer Jose A. Del Real found himself embroiled in the drama as well when he stood up for Weigel and drew Sonmez’s ire. “So I hear the Washington Post is a collegial workplace,” she tweeted, alongside a screenshot showing that Del Real had blocked her. WaPo federal government reporter Lisa Rein replied, “please stop.” ..

A closer look at the players involved offers some revelations about what’s really going on between Sonmez and the Washington Post. Sonmez is currently engaged in litigation against the Post for discrimination. In March of this year, a judge tossed Sonmez’s case but she is currently appealing it. ...

It certainly looks apparent that despite the suspension of Weigel over a simple retweet, Sonmez is trying to provoke a disciplinary action from her superiors at the Post, which she can then use as evidence of retaliation for her lawsuit in her appeal.

Lol, hire wokies and that's what you get.
464   Patrick   2022 Jun 10, 11:37am  


Regarding mass media and fearporn. This is a clip from the “gift of fear” masterclass. Food for thought. To quote John Prine- Blow up your TV!
466   Patrick   2022 Jun 10, 5:55pm  

Patrick says

It certainly looks apparent that despite the suspension of Weigel over a simple retweet, Sonmez is trying to provoke a disciplinary action from her superiors at the Post, which she can then use as evidence of retaliation for her lawsuit in her appeal.

And she got the disciplinary action she was hoping for:

467   Patrick   2022 Jun 10, 9:53pm  


DeSantis to legacy media: "We don't care what you think anymore." 🔥
468   Patrick   2022 Jun 11, 9:33pm  

The good news is that independent sites and journalists are popping up all over, publishing the truth that the captured corporate media will not print:

470   Patrick   2022 Jun 17, 4:39pm  

Fake news alert — USA Today deletes 23 articles: A “journalist” for the Leftmedia outlet USA Today has resigned after an internal investigation revealed that she had fabricated sources and evidence for nearly two dozen of her articles. “After receiving an external correction request, USA Today audited the reporting of Gabriela Miranda,” the paper stated. Not only did Miranda fabricate sources and quotes, she “took steps to deceive investigators by producing false evidence of her news gathering.” The paper has removed all of Miranda’s offending articles from its webpage, replacing them with the message, “This story has been removed from our platforms because it does not meet our standards.” The articles in question appeared to address a wide variety of topics, including the war in Ukraine, TikTok, abortion, pop culture, and COVID. How many other Mirandas are there in the mainstream media?
471   Patrick   2022 Jun 20, 11:46am  


Most Journalists are Scientifically Unqualified
Why does anyone rely on reporters to interpret scientific articles?

Robert W Malone MD, MS

There is an organizational paradox which enables immense power to be amassed by those who have risen to the top of the civilian scientific corps. These bureaucrats have almost unprecedented access to the public purse, are technically employed by the executive, but are also almost completely protected from accountability by the executive branch of government that is tasked with managing them- and therefore these bureaucrats are unaccountable to those who actually pay the bills for their activities (taxpayers). To the extent these administrators are able to be held to task, this accountability flows indirectly from congress. Their organizational budgets can be either enhanced or cut during following fiscal years, but otherwise they are largely protected from corrective action including termination of employment absent some major moral transgression. In a Machiavellian sense, these senior administrators function as The Prince, each federal health institute functions as a semi-autonomous city-state, and the administrators and their respective courtiers act accordingly. To complete this analogy, congress functions similar the Vatican during the 16th century, with each Prince vying for funding and power by currying favor with influential archbishops. As validation for this analogy, we have the theater observed on C-SPAN each time a minority congressperson or senator queries an indignant scientific administrator, such as has been repeatedly observed with Anthony Fauci’s haughty exchanges during congressional testimony.

Into this dysfunctional and unaccountable organizational structure comes the corporate media, which has become distorted and weaponized into a propaganda machine under the influence of multiple factors. The most overt driver of this cooptation has been that the Biden administration, through the CDC, made direct payments to nearly all major corporate media outlets while deploying a $1 billion taxpayer-funded outreach campaign designed to push only positive coverage about COVID-19 vaccines and to censor any negative coverage. With this action, the corporate media behemoth has functionally become a fusion of corporate and state-sponsored media - a public-private partnership meeting the definition of corporatist fascism. According to the Associated Press, despite the 2013 legislation that changed the U.S. Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (also known as the Smith-Mundt Act) to allow some materials created by the U.S. Agency for Global Media to be disseminated in the U.S., under the new law it is still unlawful for government-funded media to create programming and market their content to U.S. audiences. Nevertheless, this is precisely what was done in the case of the COVID-19 vaccine campaign.
473   Misc   2022 Jun 25, 4:41am  

... AnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnD they've done it.

American news media is the least trusted in the entire world

476   HeadSet   2022 Jul 6, 3:42pm  

Same with local Tribune papers.
481   HeadSet   2022 Jul 7, 6:54pm  

Patrick says

Odd how gun control is not on either list.
482   Patrick   2022 Jul 11, 11:31am  


Media activism: Central to all late-regime policies, is the role press, not as mere reporter, or even advocate, but as a central political actor. They don’t so much persuade, as portray to media consumers an edited version of reality, in which the preferred regime policies are justifiable and legible. Their role is analogous to that of political police like the Stasi in Warsaw-Pact socialist regimes, except that they operate via positive rather than negative persuasion. If the DDR had decided to lock down, state security services would have enforced it. But in the democratic Federal Republic of Germany, it is rather the media who terrifies everyone into staying home.

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