American journalism is officially dead. "Reporters" are now activists, overtly biased.

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The CBS scandal you may have missed because of the 60 Minutes hit job on Ron DeSantis

The news network has published an article advising major companies on ways to "fight" Republican-backed voting laws. The report’s original headline read, “3 ways companies can help fight Georgia's restrictive new voting law.” Naturally, the story itself contains several tips on how businesses can protest Georgia-style legislation.

This is not journalism. This is political advocacy, and it’s all done in service of a traditional beneficiary of the press’s ethical lapses.

Imagine, for a moment, if one of the three major networks published a story advising businesses on how to “fight” ultra-permissive abortion laws. It’d be unthinkable. Yet, here, is CBS doing exactly that sort of politicking, but for bills such as the one passed recently in Georgia.

Perhaps realizing it had strayed headfirst into political advocacy, CBS amended the report’s headline eventually, softening its tone into something decidedly less partisan.

The headline as it appears online now reads, “Activists are calling on big companies to challenge new voting laws. Here's what they're asking for.”

In a way, this is actually worse than the original. At least in the original, CBS had the guts to declare its allegiance outright. The amended version chooses instead to hide behind “activists” to push an obvious political position.

As for the report itself, it remains unchanged. It still outlines various ways in which businesses can “fight” voting laws championed by Republican legislatures. It is still just as partisan as the day it first published.

“Do not donate," the report recommends. "Activists said companies should immediately stop making donations to Barry Fleming and Michael Dugan, the Georgia Republicans who co-sponsored the voting changes."

It continues, naming and shaming major businesses such as Delta and Home Depot for donating to Fleming and Dugan.

"Ending political donations is one of the most immediately impactful steps a company can take to sway lawmakers," the article reads.

The article also says companies can help fight Georgia-style voting laws by producing ads that "help stamp out efforts nationwide to pass voting laws similar to Georgia's," including in Arizona and Texas.

"Activists say it isn't enough for companies to issue tepid public statements in defense of voting rights," the CBS report reads. "Instead, companies should launch television and social media ads that oppose efforts in Georgia, Arizona, Texas and other states considering voter restrictions."

Companies, the story continues, can also support the coercive monstrosity known as the “For the People Act."

"If passed,” the CBS report reads, “the act would create same-day and online voter registration nationwide. It would also require states to overhaul their registration systems. The act seeks to expand absentee voting, limit the states' ability to remove people from voter rolls, increase federal funds for election security and reform the redistricting process.”

Though the CBS article is several days old, you likely missed it amid the network’s other major ethical lapse, when it promoted the lie that Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rewarded a grocery chain with an “exclusive” deal to distribute coronavirus vaccines as part of a “pay for play” scheme involving political contributions.

If you missed all of this voting law boycott business when it happened, you can be forgiven. After all, CBS’s “report” on DeSantis is possibly the worst political hit job since Dan Rather went on-air with forgeries of former President George W. Bush's National Guard service record.

It’s obviously not a great situation when one media scandal is obscured by a concurrent scandal and all by the same newsroom. If there are adults still left at CBS, now would be a good time to take back control.

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981   Patrick   2024 Jan 9, 9:26am  


Yes, a senior editor for Bloomberg Opinion thinks that people voting is a threat to democracy because there's only a 10% chance things will go well [read: The way he thinks they should go].

From Tobin over at Bloomberg:

"41% of the world's population is having major elections this year. Yay democracy! Right? Not really, what with extremist populist parties — mostly right-wing — on the rise everywhere from the European Union to the Pacific rim."

What's wrong with right-wing parties, Tobin?

Ah, you believe that progressivism is the inevitable and morally right destiny of government and humanity. That's called a political and religious belief. ...

So Trump, the only US president to achieve multinational peace in the Middle East with no new wars, would be the "wrong" choice over Biden, where the Taliban has reconquered Afghanistan, Iran is making big moves, Israel is in the biggest fight of its life, and Houthi rebels are stopping cargo flow through the Suez Canal. Got it.

And Britain was crazy to leave the EU, which is struggling financially and buckling under mass migration as it turns off its nuclear reactors in favor of failed wind projects.

And China is going to be dissuaded from invading Taiwan by an ancient president who has spent over half of his total time in office on vacation - who didn't even know his own defense secretary was bedridden in the hospital for days on end?

But see, if I point these things out, I'm an undesirable and squashing my voice is the only way to save democracy!
982   Patrick   2024 Jan 10, 9:03am  


President Joe Biden's re-election campaign has begun organizing a series of off-the-record trips for top political reporters and editors to the team's headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware and meet top officials, including the campaign manager, deputies, and other senior advisors for background briefings on campaign strategy.

They're also using it as an opportunity to tell them what they're getting wrong. Two people with knowledge of the situation told Semafor that during meetings with reporters from outlets like The New York Times, the Washington Post, and others, campaign officials have invoked a coverage spreadsheet laying out areas where the team believes their reporting has fallen short.

In particular, campaign officials have chafed at some of the coverage of former President Donald Trump, feeling that outlets are too focused on his legal troubles and haven't paid enough attention to some of his incendiary recent statements on the campaign trail. A source familiar told Semafor that with the exception of its recent meeting with the Times, the campaign meetings had been "substantive" and "productive," and that Biden staffers were scheduled to meet in the coming days with political reporting teams from ABC, NBC, The Wall Street Journal, Fox, NPR, Reuters, Bloomberg, and others in Wilmington.

Great work, Biden campaign! I hope the journalists do what you say. If not you can always find a way to punish them for it!

It's like they say...

Democracy dies in darkness!
985   Patrick   2024 Jan 11, 11:54am  


Corporate media has been breathlessly reporting that Nikki Haley is now the number-two candidate, somehow, polling neck-and-neck with front-runner Trump, even though she can’t even fill a small diner (see above) while Trump is regularly packing folks in the thousands and DeSantis is also drawing respectable numbers to his Iowa events, where the Governor has strategically focused all his recent efforts.
988   Patrick   2024 Jan 17, 10:23am  


How often have western media actually questioned their country's war efforts before hostilities begin?

As context, I studied journalism some 20 years ago now. In my mind growing up, and for a long time, the idea of a journalist would conjure up a left-leaning bespectacled intellectual, drowning in books, infinitely knowledgeable about history, taking the establishment to account and absolutely, fiercely adverse to war.

Yet… what is the reality? Reflecting on major conflicts from recent and less recent times, I could instantly think of several that were heartily cheered on — and possibly enabled — by the media. Take the 1898 Spanish American war or the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.
989   Patrick   2024 Jan 17, 10:27am  


The lie of "long covid" discredits the article though.

"Long covid" itself is purely having a damaged immune system due to the very dangerous and utterly ineffective vaccine.

It's all vaccine harm. Until they admit that, they're still shilling for Pfizer in a way.
992   Patrick   2024 Jan 18, 7:07pm  


I'm sure it was a mistake... right?

Houston QB CJ Stroud is very open when it comes to his love for Jesus Christ. In his rookie season, he's led Houston not only to the playoffs, but to the divisional round where they'll face off with a tough Ravens team who holds the #1 seed. All of this he attributes to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

On Saturday night in his postgame interview he did just that, but when NBC posted the interview to social media they edited the Jesus stuff right out.

Here's the original interview that aired live (you can ignore that second video within this link; I'll post it below)...
998   Patrick   2024 Jan 26, 8:23am  


LOS ANGELES, CA — Recently laid-off Los Angeles Times reporter Marco Gonzalez was seen standing on a street corner this past week offering to call people racist for food or money.

"These are hard times and we journalists need work just like everyone else," Gonzalez said. "I have a lot of marketable skills like calling people racist, calling people homophobic, accusing air pollution of being ableist, you know, the usual reporter kinda stuff."

The LA Times announced massive layoffs this weekend, with a large number of cuts impacting their culture, politics, and BIPOC issues departments. Gonzalez said he wasn't deterred by his layoff and knows he'll land on his feet soon.

"I spent years at the Times accusing people of being racist for wanting to solve issues like homelessness, immigration, inflation, diabetes, obesity, male-pattern baldness, rat infestations; you name it!" Gonzalez said. "I'd be happy to call anyone you want racist in exchange for a vegan burger or an ethically sourced soy oat milk caramel mocha frappuccino."

As of publishing time, Gonzalez had secured part-time work at a local animal shelter where he spends his time accusing people who don't want to adopt pit bulls of being ‘species-ist' and yelling at his boss for not hiring enough quadriplegic animal control officers.
1000   richwicks   2024 Jan 27, 2:39pm  

Patrick says

@Patrick - images frequently don't show up. Why? I can't see that image, and your server reports that image isn't found.
1001   Patrick   2024 Jan 27, 3:02pm  

richwicks says

images frequently don't show up. Why? I can't see that image, and your server reports that image isn't found.

@richwicks where did you find that image link? Could be an image I deleted because it had the copyright symbol. I worry about allowing explicitly copyrighted images, because it's one way the site could be legally attacked. If people are actively discussing the image, then Fair Use probably applies though.

Also, I was playing with nginx rate limiting, and that caused problems for a while, but I thought I fixed it.
1002   Patrick   2024 Jan 27, 4:49pm  


Savar mentioned fighting the "wokeism disease" and problems with godlessness and multiculturalism.
If he were a white conservative Christian, imagine the headlines. But since he's Muslim, nothing. Interesting!
1012   Patrick   2024 Feb 1, 6:55pm  


Liberal Journalists Outnumber Conservatives by 11 to 1, Study Shows
1014   AmericanKulak   2024 Feb 3, 2:31pm  

Patrick says

#LearnToCode, bitchez!
1015   richwicks   2024 Feb 4, 1:35am  

Patrick says

richwicks says

images frequently don't show up. Why? I can't see that image, and your server reports that image isn't found.

richwicks where did you find that image link? Could be an image I deleted because it had the copyright symbol. I worry about allowing explicitly copyrighted images, because it's one way the site could be legally attacked. If people are actively discussing the image, then Fair Use probably applies though.

Also, I was playing with nginx rate limiting, and that caused problems for a while, but I thought I fixed it.

@Patrick - There's an easy way to do rate limiting, you can use trickle. It's a very simple program and you just start it up with "trickle [arguments] command". That image is still not visible to me, here's the link:


Can you see the image in that post? I can't.
1017   Patrick   2024 Feb 7, 12:06pm  


60% of Voters Believe Biden’s Mentally Unfit and Media Is Covering It Up, Poll Shows

Seems pretty obvious to me that the corporate media is just a lapdog of the Democrat Censorship Complex.
1019   zzyzzx   2024 Feb 8, 11:11am  

Patrick says

Seems pretty obvious to me that the corporate media is just a lapdog of the Democrat Censorship Complex

Been that way my whole life, and I'm old.

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