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PatNet posting tip: Adding an image thumbnail for a post with a video in it

By HunterTits follow HunterTits   2021 Apr 14, 11:39am 95 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

When creating a new post on Patnet, if you include a video you won't get a thumbnail displayed on the overall posts list entries like you would with a photo.

I figured a way around this.

1) See: https://patrick.net/post/1338781/2021-04-14-where-da-fuck-is-blm-about-this

See the video? Great. But if it is just a video, then you won't see this on the main posts lists entry for it, as I have right here:

2) How do I do that? Well, I made a screenshot of that video and then added it to my post. However, I don't want others to see that last one if they open the post because they will get confused about which is the video and which isn't. Besides, it looks like I fucked up and double uploaded the same image or a video and another 'video' that 'does not work when clicked'.

So I do upload that image. But I set it's width and height to be '1'. This doesn't stop Patrick's code from showing that image on the list entry view but does hide it on the detailed post view.

Here's the code I have for that entry:

Why do I not set the height & width to '0', you ask? Well I used to do that but I think Patrick put in some check to detect when it isn't set and then auto sets it, if I am not mistaken. But either way, '1' works just fine as nobody can see a 1px by 1px image anyway. Not unless they look really, really close. It would be a near invisible period if they find it. tho.

I can't find it (here is a screenshot of the result). So it is effectively invisible.

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Maybe I can get to this next when when I'm retired!

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