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Mittens demands Respect

By MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou follow MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou   2021 May 1, 5:18pm 143 views   7 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Anybody rising and clapping for Mittens is the enemy.

"aren't you embarrassed??"

Yes, we're embarrassed to be in the same room with that turdbucket.

This was in Utah, btw.
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This was in Utah, btw.

Yes, the Utah that elected a carpetbagger just because he is Mormon, and would likely elect him again.
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Susan Collins goes on CNN to hammer the base and praise Clark Griswold's Evil Twin.

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Boo Romney because 1. He deserves it 2. Exercise freedom of speech.
Nobody cares what Collins thinks about anything.
She resembles that species of monkey with the funny nose.
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clambo says
She resembles that species of monkey with the funny nose.

Cold, but eerily accurate.

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