US Chamber of Commerce calls for ending extra unemployment benefits after disappointing jobs report

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1   NDrLoR   2021 May 7, 10:02am  

2   FarmersWon   2021 May 7, 10:04am  

Chamber can move to Zimbabwe.
3   HeadSet   2021 May 7, 10:27am  


Claiming that "unemployment benefits discourage work" is a smokescreen to hide the unemployment caused by citizen workers being displaced by illegals.
4   Patrick   2021 May 8, 9:47am  


U.S.—A surprising new study released Friday found that paying people not to work made people not want to work.

Amid shockingly low job numbers released today, the study suggested that some of that low unemployment was due to the government sending everyone more money than they would have made out working a job. Some smart expert analysts are seeing a connection between incentivizing people to stay home and them staying home.

"It's really bizarre -- telling people to stay home and watch Netflix while we send them money makes people just stay home and watch Netflix while we send them money," said one government official. "It seems that when you just send people checks they don't really see a point to going to work."

"We could not possibly have foreseen this."

At publishing time, experts had recommended raising the minimum wage to $1,000,000 an hour to incentivize people to go back to work, foreseeing no negative consequences from this course of action.
5   Patrick   2021 May 8, 9:49am  

I think that "unemployment" is always a case of wages being too low to motivate people, not that there are no jobs available. And wages are indeed driven down by mass illegal immigration.

But if you can make about the same by doing nothing and staying on unemployment, that's a huge factor too. Money motivates people. That's its purpose.
6   AmericanKulak   2021 May 8, 3:16pm  

Maybe corporations are getting too much welfare, so we should cut it so they're forced to expand and innovate.
7   Shaman   2021 May 8, 3:42pm  

Patrick says
Money motivates people. That's its purpose.

That’s its ONLY purpose!
8   Patrick   2021 May 8, 4:55pm  


The Biden Administration’s latest failure has made history. After economists predicted an addition of around one million new jobs to the economy, the actual number came in at a dismal 266,000. That makes it the worst miss in history and an absolutely pathetic showing for Joe Biden’s “build back better” strategy.

Not only did we not add anywhere near the number of jobs expected, but the unemployment rate actually went up to 6.1%.
9   Patrick   2021 May 8, 5:17pm  


The April jobs report was so dismally off target that CNBC reporters thought it was a typo 😂😭
11   RC2006   2021 May 9, 7:45am  

Numbers so bad left wing media thinks it's a mistake.

12   Patrick   2021 May 9, 2:42pm  


States that voted for President Joe Biden in the last election lost more than twice the number of jobs during the pandemic on average during the pandemic than states who voted for former President Donald Trump, according to a recent study.

Job losses differed significantly during the lockdowns for the Chinese coronavirus pandemic for states based on party affiliations, according to a recent analysis by the Daily Mail.

According to the report, states that voted for Biden on average lost 6.2 percent of jobs versus states that voted for Trump, which only lost 2.5 percent of jobs.

The Daily Mail analysis shows one of the main reasons job loss rates differed could be the varying severity of state lockdown restrictions. “Between February and December of last year, states that went for Biden saw the total number of people working drop an average of 6.2 percent, versus a 2.5 percent decline in those voting for the Republican,” the report claimed, referencing federal jobs data.

The 13 states that saw the least amount of decline in employment are all strongly Republican-leaning. The chart is led by Alaska and Utah, which according to the report, saw an increase in the jobs by 0.7 and 0.3 percent, respectively.

Of the states with the highest loss of jobs during the pandemic, 13 of the 14 states voted for Biden. Nevada and Hawaii led this group of states, which decreased employment by an extraordinary 10.2 and 9.3 percent, respectively.
13   HunterTits   2021 May 9, 6:24pm  

Left winger I know said to me, "These are really Trump job numbers, as Biden inherited the worse economy since Hoover as anyone with a brain knows."

Me: "Did you know that Hoover freed the slaves, not Lincoln"

Her: "He was still RACIST!"

It is akways Hoover...when it isn't Trump. And ALWAYS racist anyway, like that has anything to do with economics.
14   Hircus   2021 May 9, 7:31pm  

How is this jobs report possible? The commie bitch reporter at yahoo finance interviewed the stockton ca mayor, who said their UBI program actually made people not only get more jobs, but they also got better jobs, both more hours and better pay, compared to the non UBI group. Like litterally no drawbacks, and it pays for itself. Like, no reason not to do UBI.

So obviously this is all false, according to the commies.
15   zzyzzx   2021 Jun 4, 4:31am  

Maryland ending extended unemployment benefits. Democrats are extremely butthurt about this. Looks like all those Help Wanted signs I see everywhere are going to disappear!
16   RWSGFY   2021 Jun 4, 5:58am  

Hircus says
The commie bitch reporter at yahoo finance interviewed the stockton ca mayor

... who was thrown out by his constituency after just one term, bwahahaha.

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