Fauci Created The Virus To Sell The Murderous "Vaccine", Then Blocked Cheap Lifesaving Drugs

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How come this fact is not at the top of "alternative" press? The corporate press is of course part of Fauci's murderous corruption.

This is perhaps the greatest crime against humanity ever committed by a small group of people: Fauci, Daszak, and the Bat-lady in Wuhan.


There should be nothing else in the headlines, only this.

Fauci has a long history of funding gain-of-function research to facilitate the creation of viruses which can be used to sell vaccines for large profits.

Anyone who has read a decent mystery novel will see the means, motive, and opportunity were all there. It's obvious in retrospect.

Until Fauci is in jail, we are all in danger of his doing it again, and again, and again, or having some minion like Daszak do it. Why is there no official investigation going on?

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362   Patrick   2022 Jul 1, 8:30pm  


The Fauci-Funded Peter Daszak is Now Working With Kremlin-Backed Researchers, Isolating New Coronavirus Strains.

Sounds to me like Fauci is trying to throw Daszak under the bus.
363   Patrick   2022 Jul 2, 10:50am  


House Committee Votes To Defund Labs In Foreign Hostile Countries, Including Wuhan Institute Of Virology ...

Almost two-thirds of Americans are opposed to funding animal experiments in countries that are adversaries of the U.S., according to one poll. The bill also increases the funding of the CDC and NIH by billions of dollars.

1. So one third of Americans are not opposed to funding animal experiments in countries that are adversaries of the U.S.?
2. Funding the CDC and NIH is also deadly to Americans. Rational people would want their funding cut off as well after their shameless sell-out to Pfizer.
364   richwicks   2022 Jul 2, 7:05pm  

Patrick says

Rational people would want their funding cut off as well after their shameless sell-out to Pfizer.

You still believe there are rational people in the United States after 2 years of this crap?
365   Patrick   2022 Jul 2, 8:33pm  

Sure, I think about half the country is still pretty rational. The ones who saw that the vaxx was a massive scam.
366   richwicks   2022 Jul 2, 8:43pm  

Patrick says

Sure, I think about half the country is still pretty rational. The ones who saw that the vaxx was a massive scam.

I strongly disagree. We think that people "over there" might be rational, but in Silly Con Valley, I see barely any sign of it, at least among white collar professionals.
367   Patrick   2022 Jul 2, 8:49pm  

Yes, around here, most people are caught in a dilemma between their loyalty to the "good" Democratic Party and the daily overwhelming evidence presented to them that the Democratic Party serves the oligarchy alone, and seeks to divide us with various issues in order to perpetuate oligarchic rule.

But about half the country sees the evidence clearly because they have no attachment to the Democratic Party. Not that Republicans are so great either, being largely corporate-owned RINOs, but I think a lot of the country understands that as well.
369   Patrick   2022 Jul 5, 7:39pm  


Many have come to believe that if Dr. Anthony Fauci either resigns or is removed from his position as Director of the The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), then the whole COVIDcrisis problem of chronic, strategic and tactical administrative overreach, dishonesty, mismanagement and ethical breaches within the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would be resolved. Under this theory, Dr. Fauci is responsible for policies which were developed during the AIDScrisis and then flourished during the COVIDcrisis, and once the tumor is removed the patient will recover. I strongly disagree with this magical thinking; I believe that Dr. Fauci represents a symptom, not the cause of the current problems within HHS. Dr. Fauci, who joined the HHS bureaucracy as a way to avoid the Viet Nam draft and personifies many of the administrative problems that have accelerated since that period, would merely be replaced by another NIAID Director who might even become worse. The underlying problem is a perverted bureaucratic system of governance which is completely insulated from functional oversight by elected officials. ...

Development of inverted totalitarianism is often driven by the personal financial interests of individual bureaucrats, and many western democracies have succumbed to this process. Bureaucrats are easily influenced and coopted by corporate interests due to both the lure of powerful jobs after federal employment (“revolving door”) and the capture of legislative bodies by the lobbyists serving concealed corporate interests.
370   Patrick   2022 Jul 5, 10:03pm  


Even when one realizes that SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon, the rest of the story still does not make sense
So I turn to you dear reader to help fill in the gaps ...

So of course The Lancet named Sachs to head its blue ribbon commission to look into and cover up the origins of SARS-CoV-2.

Well, apparently the lies about SARS-CoV-2 were too much even for Dr. Sachs and at a recent conference he revealed that the best evidence points to SARS-CoV-2 originating from a bio(weapons) lab — IN THE UNITED STATES!

Like the horror movie cliché, the call is coming from inside the house.

... One might think that the opposition party would be interested in making hay out of this situation. Yet the Republican party bosses are SILENT on the fact that the highest paid federal bureaucrat in D.C. killed 1 million Americans and 6 million people worldwide?

What on earth is going on? ...

As you can see, I’m out of answers, so I’m looking for someone to explain it to me.

From the comments:

15 min ago
Have you really not read Unz?


As most are surely aware, for more than two years I have been pointing to the strong perhaps even overwhelming evidence that the Covid outbreak that devastated our own country and the world was very likely the result of an exceptionally reckless American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran).

Under my analysis, the million American deaths and massive social disruption we have suffered would constitute the most disastrous blowback of any military operation in the history of the world, and if it became widely accepted, the domestic political consequences would be monumental.

Last month, the prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences carried an opinion article authored by prominent Columbia University economist Jeffrey D. Sachs and a medical colleague suggesting an American role in the creation of the virus and arguing for an independent inquiry into that possibility.

Fauci was certainly illegally funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan, so how does that tie in to this idea? Was the work also being done in the US?
371   richwicks   2022 Jul 5, 10:50pm  

HeadSet says

Patrick says

These guys drilled into the teeth of exhumed Black Death victims & took out DNA to sequence the plague.

Can we please mandate virologists watch Jurassic Park?!

Better to have those virologists get injected with that reconstituted Black Death.

We are all the results of people that survived the black death, at least most white people have survived it, Asians as well. Don't know how far it got into Africa. If you want diseases to kill off Asians and Whites, go there.
372   FortWayneAsNancyPelosiHaircut   2022 Jul 5, 11:02pm  

when people like that are so easily forgiven and adored by establishment and their media, it means they are all playing for same team for same goal. that's all i can think of here.

Fauci isn't alone, there's a whole lot behind him. he's untouchable.
373   Patrick   2022 Jul 22, 6:10pm  


A recent peek inside the world headquarters of the Dr. Anthony Fauci Fan Club—Anthony Fauci’s home office—shows that no one is a bigger fan of Fauci than the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director himself.

Festooned with a life-size portrait of his favorite subject, his own headshot, and several other images of himself, Fauci’s office appears to lack a significant homage to his true legacy as the head of NIAID, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) branch that Fauci has directed for more than three decades. So to fill the hole, PETA created a prize worthy of being added to his already burgeoning collection of Fauci memorabilia.

Anthony Fauci Portrait Is a Reminder of the Animals NIAID Kills

Anthony Fauci Portrait Is a Reminder of the Animals NIAID Kills

The artfully designed mosaic portrait of Fauci, suitable for framing, represents his true legacy as head of NIAID: the pain and suffering of dogs, monkeys, and other animals in laboratories under his direction. The portrait uses of hundreds of photos of caged and suffering animals—animals who feel fear and pain and who value their lives, just as Fauci does his own—to form a portrait worthy of President Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor’s shrine to himself.

We hope the mosaic will remind Fauci of how NIAID greenlighted tests in which experimenters drugged beagle puppies and fed their heads to hungry, infected sandflies. Or how NIH contracted with a beagle-breeding facility so foul that the U.S. Department of Agriculture cited it for 39 violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act in just three months. Or that NIAID, under Fauci’s direction, funded a colossally absurd experiment that will subject male rhesus macaques to feminizing hormone therapy to see whether it will make them more susceptible to contracting HIV, a disease they can’t contract.
374   Patrick   2022 Jul 23, 9:50am  


Dr Robert Malone: Fauci Profits Lifetime Payouts From Covid Vaccines
375   Patrick   2022 Jul 27, 7:15am  


FAUCI YESTERDAY: "I didn't recommend locking anything down."

FAUCI IN OCTOBER 2020: "I recommended to the president that we shut the country down."
376   Patrick   2022 Jul 27, 9:51am  


maybe a year ago, certain internet felines were heard to say “it won’t be long before you cannot find anyone who admits to have been pro lockdown.”

the jersey changing is getting pretty amazing and the need to distance from this dreadful loser of a policy ever more acute.

honestly, with all these blameless people running around, it’s becoming pretty darn puzzling how all this happened.

no one seems to have caused it.
378   Patrick   2022 Jul 29, 2:25pm  


Anthony Fauci Is STILL Funding China’s Military-Run Labs With U.S. Taxpayer Cash.
379   Patrick   2022 Jul 30, 6:18pm  


In 1999, Anthony Fauci warned that the potential harms of a new vaccine may only become apparent after more than a decade.

"If you take it [the vaccine] and a year goes by, and everybody's fine. Then you say, 'Okay, that's good, now let's give it to 500 people'. And then a year goes by and everything's fine. You say, 'Now let's give it to thousands of people'. And then you find out that it takes 12 years for all hell to break loose, and then what have you done?"
380   Patrick   2022 Jul 31, 9:11pm  


Think back to July 2020. Trump and Fauci were at war with each other. Key leaders within the Trump administration, including Peter Navarro, wanted to fire Fauci. There were riots in the streets as people protested the murder of George Floyd. And new evidence shows that behind the scenes, Fauci was working to torpedo Trump’s chances for re-election.

We already knew that Fauci, the FDA, CDC, and the pharmaceutical industry went to great lengths to block safe and effective treatments including hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in order to prolong the pandemic and create the market for Covid-19 vaccines. But a new book reveals that Fauci also forced Moderna to delay their clinical trial by three weeks — which pushed the release of their preliminary results until after the presidential election. ...

The important thing to understand in all of this is that Fauci, the FDA, NIH, and CDC are political functionaries pretending to be scientists. Pandemics, vaccines, and public health are a way for the Democratic Party machine to direct billions of dollars to their base and reward large donors to the party. These companies and their bureaucratic enablers were happy to take money off of Trump. But they knew that they could get an even better deal from Biden.

As you know, the results of this criminal scheme are gruesome. The Covid-19 shots authorized right after the 2020 election have made no discernible impact on the course of the pandemic. Far more people have died of Covid-19 since the introduction of the shots under Biden than during the Trump administration when no Covid-19 shots existed. The Covid-19 shots have negative efficacy and even quadruple-dosed Biden and quadruple-dosed Fauci have contracted Covid-19, twice. These are the deadliest and most toxic shots in the history of the world.

So what started out as a grift turned into mass murder and a crime against humanity. ...

It appears that once again, the public health gatekeepers are doing politics not science. If shots go into bodies in the last two weeks of September, Democrats will claim progress against Covid during October right before the midterm elections on November 8. It’s basically the political win that these same actors denied to Trump (it’s not a public health win, as I will show below).

What’s likely driving this is that Fauci, Pfizer, Moderna, the FDA, CDC, and NIH all want Democrats to retain the House and Senate in order to prevent hearings into their bungling of the Covid-19 response. Of course they also want to keep the Covid-19 vaccine gravy train going as long as possible.

But, you’re surely saying to yourself, we know that these 5th dose reformulated shots are likely to cause catastrophic harms. We’re already seeing a 5% to 15% increase in all-cause mortality across the most heavily vaccinated countries as a result of non-specific effects from these shots. There are 29,790 VAERS reports of death following these shots and this is likely an underestimate by a factor of 41 (so actual death toll = 1,221,390). These reformulated shots are going to use a form of mRNA never tried before and skip clinical trials altogether, so the harms could be even worse. There also seem to be cumulative harms from these shots — the more doses, the more messed up the immune system, the more vulnerable one is to Covid and all sorts of other diseases including cancer.

So how exactly do they plan to get away with this, especially right before an election?

The same way they always get away with it — they own the media. Pfizer and Moderna will rush out press releases claiming that these reformulated shots are a miracle. The CDC’s in-house newsletter, MMWR, will rush out articles and janky studies claiming that these reformulated shots are a miracle. The mainstream media will dutifully report that these reformulated shots are a miracle. Meanwhile, people you know and love — coworkers, friends, neighbors, and family — will be getting injured and killed by these shots. ...

If Republicans want to win they have to make it clear that they will fire, arrest, and prosecute Fauci (and all of his lieutenants) as soon at Republicans take power. Fauci funded the creation of the chimera virus, blocked access to safe and effective treatments, and inflicted deadly toxic vaccines on the entire population. Over 2 million Americans are dead as a direct result of Fauci’s corruption (1 million dead from/with Covid, over 1 million dead from the shots). If Republicans cannot be bothered to sink this two-foot putt then they don’t deserve to win. If Republicans want the votes of the 18 million single-issue medical freedom voters who decide every national election these days — that’s what they have to run on: #ArrestFauci!

I agree. No one is safe until Fauci, Collins, and Bourla are all hanged for mass murder.
381   Patrick   2022 Aug 3, 7:54am  


This long article will explain how Sars-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, was created as a result of intentional laboratory work. It will also show that the blueprint for Sars-Cov-2 was described in the “Project DEFUSE” proposal by Peter Daszak, which was preceded by years of relevant lab work and virus manipulation.
382   Patrick   2022 Aug 3, 7:56am  


A Texas lab said it assumes responsibility for entering into “poorly drafted” agreements with three Chinese maximum biocontainment labs that granted them broad authority to delete so-called “secret files,” including research data stored on U.S. servers.
383   Patrick   2022 Aug 4, 2:15pm  


Renowned Molecular Biologist Accuses Fauci Of Lying To Congress About Gain-Of-Function Research

Rutgers University microbiologist Dr. Richard Ebright testified before the U.S. Senate Wednesday that top public health officials lied about dangerous gain-of-function (GoF) research experiments conducted in China.

Ebright testified that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other U.S. federal agencies funded research that fit the definition of GoF at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) without proper oversight. His claim directly contradicts those made by numerous public health officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). ...

Specifically, Ebright testified that research funded by federal agencies at the WIV in the 2010s violated an NIH pause on GoF research funding between 2014 and 2017. After the pause was lifted in 2017, Ebright claimed that GoF projects which continued did not properly go through the agency’s regulatory process for oversight.

NIH and other federal agencies funded various experiments in the 2010s at the WIV which made bat-based coronaviruses more dangerous by increasing their fatality and infectiousness. According to the strict definition of GoF research, those experiments should’ve fallen under the GoF oversight process or been banned by the funding moratorium.

“Gain-of-function research of concern involves the creation of new health threats–health threats that did not exist previously and that might not have come to exist by natural means for tens, hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of years,” Ebright said.

“The statements made on repeated occasions to the public, to the press and to policymakers by the NIAID director, Dr. Fauci, have been untruthful. I do not understand why those statements are being made because they are demonstrably false,” Ebright explained Wednesday.

Ebright’s assertion that the NIH-funded research is GoF work directly contradicts previous testimony by Fauci before the U.S. Senate.
386   Patrick   2022 Aug 5, 1:10pm  


EPOCH TIMES: Wuhan Lab Was Genetically Manipulating Deadly Nipah Virus, Expert Testifies at Senate Hearing - (~60% Mortality, ~21 day incubation period)
posted 9 hours ago by Bullet3250 +346 / -0
"A forensic analysis shows that the Wuhan Insitute of Virology (WIV) was genetically manipulating the Nipah virus, a highly lethal pathogen, in violation of the Biological Weapons Convention, according to an expert who testified at a Senate subcommittee hearing on Aug. 3.

The finding was another piece of evidence showing that the controversial Wuhan lab was conducting gain-of-function research—experiments that ultimately resulted in the COVID-19 pandemic via a leak from the facility, according to Dr. Steven Quay, CEO of Atossa Therapeutics. Gain-of-function research involves enhancing the potency or transmissibility of a virus." ...

The one media source you should pay for - https://www.theepochtimes.com/?utm_source=share-btn-copylink
387   Onvacation   2022 Aug 5, 2:00pm  

Patrick says

This long article will explain how Sars-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, was created as a result of intentional laboratory work. It will also show that the blueprint for Sars-Cov-2 was described in the “Project DEFUSE” proposal by Peter Daszak, which was preceded by years of relevant lab work and virus manipulation.

You missed the new narrative

Two papers on the research were published in the journal Science.

Read more: WHO issues warning as COVID cases triple across Europe

The publications “virtually eliminate” alternative scenarios that have been suggested as origins of the pandemic, the researchers say.


It's from "Science" so it must be true.
388   Patrick   2022 Aug 6, 2:08pm  


The swallows abandoned San Juan Capistrano in the 1990s. Their home—the historic mission—underwent a renovation, the birds lost their ancestral nests and, despite every effort to lure them back, they have yet to return in meaningful numbers.

No less flighty, workers abandoned their office buildings in 2020. They, too, have migrated elsewhere. Those in real estate ask themselves when office employees will return. Others wonder if they’ll return.

The big landlords of downtown office space are generally very rich and powerful people. I have to wonder why they have not publicly objected to the virus fraud. It was never a particularly dangerous virus, not much worse than the seasonal flu. The Fauci flu death numbers were wildly exaggerated, and this cost those office space owners quite a lot.

I don't trust those office space owners more than I trust any other powerful group, but I want them to fight back for their own interest, which happens to be the public interest in this case. Why don't we hear from them?
389   Patrick   2022 Aug 6, 2:30pm  


AUGUST 5, 2022

Yes, NIH Funded Gain-of-Function
Three experts testify the NIH was indeed engaged in funding gain-of-function research, calling Fauci’s claim "untruthful." ...

In May 2021, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) accused the NIH of funding gain-of-function research, specifically at biolabs in Wuhan, China. At the time, Fauci vehemently denied the charge: “Senator Paul, with all due respect, you are entirely and completely incorrect. … The NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

However, months later, documents revealed that the NIH had indeed funded gain-of-function research via a nonprofit cutout known as EcoHealth Alliance. From 2014 through 2019, the NIH gave some $600,000 to EcoHealth, which was working in and with the Wuhan lab. The money was intended for gain-of-function research into bat coronaviruses. ...

This raises the question of the motivation behind the research. Why exactly was the Wuhan lab engaged in gain-of-function research on coronaviruses, especially if it was implementing two types of forbidden research?

I wonder if Pfizer's $100 billion in recent revenue might have something to do with it...

390   HeadSet   2022 Aug 6, 3:15pm  

Patrick says

I don't trust those office space owners more than I trust any other powerful group, but I want them to fight back for their own interest, which happens to be the public interest in this case. Why don't we hear from them?

Government subsidies to cover their losses
Investments in Pfizer
391   latitude38   2022 Aug 6, 4:16pm  

University Inc.: The Corruption of Higher Education,” Jennifer Washburn explains how in 1980, a law known as Bayh-Dole, was passed which allowed universities to own property rights to federally funded research and to license that research to industry in exchange for royalties. Since then, the worth of scientists has come to be measured more by products than publications, and scientists like Baric have channelled their discoveries toward drug development. Scientists also have been incentivized to take on potentially lucrative partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, or to launch their own start-ups
393   Patrick   2022 Aug 11, 8:58am  


The poison dwarf admits he created the virus and laughs, because he knows that we have a very selective justice system, that is to say, no justice at all.
395   Ceffer   2022 Aug 14, 5:44pm  

At least he didn't call the children 'fungible lab rats'. "If only we could keep them in cages. Wait, the adrenochrome factory already does that. Never mind."
396   Patrick   2022 Aug 19, 8:54pm  


The National Institutes of Health announced it was finally cutting off a subaward to the Wuhan Institute of Virology after it continued to refuse to hand over key information about the coronavirus research it conducted with U.S. tax dollars.

NIH Deputy Director Michael Lauer made the revelation in a letter Friday to House Oversight Committee Republicans, in which he said the Wuhan lab had refused to turn over lab notebooks and electronic files connected to its research funded through an NIH subaward given to it by the U.S.-based EcoHealth Alliance.

But Lauer indicated the NIH may continue funding EcoHealth’s controversial bat coronavirus research despite the group’s documented noncompliance issues, its close links to the Wuhan virology institute, and its history of funneling hundreds of thousands of U.S. tax dollars to the Chinese lab.
398   Blue   2022 Aug 22, 8:48am  

Finally Biden and Dems recognizing they can not push further.

“While I am moving on from my current positions, I am not retiring,” the infectious disease expert said in a statement released by the National Institutes of Health. “After more than 50 years of government service, I plan to pursue the next phase of my career while I still have so much energy and passion for my field.”
399   richwicks   2022 Aug 22, 8:55am  

Patrick says

Video or it didn't happen.

This story is likely false, and is being used to discredit people who are against the mandates.
401   Patrick   2022 Aug 22, 12:32pm  


Lifetime government bureaucrat resigns, following 54 year career of corruption, deceit, death and destruction

Just about the only honest summary of Fauci's "career" that I've seen.

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