US cities that defunded their police are continuing to experience historic crime waves

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2021 May 26, 9:08am   25,063 views  263 comments

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U.S. cities that virtue signaled by defunding their police departments are seeing record crime levels, forcing many city leaders to rethink their basic levels of intelligence.

Here's what has happened in a few cities that voted to slash police budgets:

Homicide grew by 44% in New York, which had 1,531 shootings and 462 murders in 2020.
Homicides also increased 36% in L.A. to 350, leading the police chief to say "a decade of progress" has been erased.
Minneapolis, the center of the "Defund the Police" movement, saw a 46% increase in murders.
Oakland, California has seen a staggering 314% increase in homicides.
Portland, Oregon has seen murders triple.
Austin, Texas has had a 26% increase in aggravated assault reports.
Chicago saw a 65% increase in homicides from June 2020 to February 2021, despite arrests dropping 53%.
Philadelphia hit a 30-year-high with homicides in 2020, with 499 people murdered.
Even smaller cities like Louisville, Kentucky had a record high of 173 murders and is on track to surpass that this year.
The New York Times reported that many such cities are now expanding their police budgets to try to deal with these outcomes that absolutely no one could have seen coming.

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245   Patrick   2023 Sep 11, 11:13am  


Game over, Portlanders! Late last week, the Oregonian ran a story headlined, “Nike to permanently close NE Portland factory store, business district says.” Nike is shutting down its 40-year-old flagship store and scampering out of downtown Portland on its fastest sneakers.

image 3.png
Nike cited crime and safety concerns. The Oregonian described the now-closed Nike Community Store as “a staple in its Portland neighborhood, once the core of the city’s black population, since it opened in June 1984.” The woke store not only hired local workers from the neighborhood, but it also invested all the store’s profits into Portland’s black community.

In other words, Nike wasn’t even running the store to make money. It was just a virtue-signaling operation. And it still couldn’t make it.

The article mentioned that increasingly-desperate Nike recently offered to partially fund Portland’s police department in exchange for getting an off-duty police officer to help watch the store. But Portland is in the business of defunding police departments, not funding them. Portland rejected Nike’s offer like it was a box of unwanted last-season sneaker models.

According to an Oregon Live analysis of IRS data, Multnomah County, where Portland is located, last year hemorrhaged 14,257 taxpayers, creating a historic loss of $1 billion in tax revenues. Fox 12 News ranked Portland as one of America’s “fastest shrinking cities.”

For the life of me, I can’t understand why.


Portland’s controlled demolition is going great! The good news is, it will be over soon.
246   Misc   2023 Sep 11, 4:33pm  

So, NYC is at the beginning of an unprecedented crime wave. Murders, rapes, robberies, you name it. All categories of crime are skyrocketing.

The mayor's solution...drop the amount of police overtime. Who cares the city is already down thousands of officers? Those funds are going to go to the illegals.

247   Patrick   2023 Sep 18, 10:38am  


So … Chicago thinks it’s easier and cheaper to build government-run grocery stores instead of prosecuting shoplifting. Who wants to bet they’ll stop the shoplifting down hard in the government store?

If this thing gets off the ground, it would be the first government-owned grocery store in any major U.S. city. One suspects this fascist concept is the leading edge of the gruesome “15-minute city” plan, or “smart city” plan, or whatever they’re calling it now.

There’s a word for government-owning businesses like grocery stores, it’s called … um … I couldn’t remember what it was called, not exactly. So I asked Bard A.I.:

248   Patrick   2023 Sep 20, 11:58am  


Sick, dude. Just sick.

Like, you're rolling six deep into this place and you're going to put one of your guys on woman-beating duty? That's sad, bro. And how you gonna split all that cash and vape stuff between six of you? What, does everyone get $40 and a few cartridges? Cuz that seems hardly worth it.

But I guess in Seattle anything goes.

So dumb, and I hope next time the clerk has a gun.
250   WookieMan   2023 Sep 25, 1:48pm  

stereotomy says

Having lived in TX for 20 years, this is the truth - Austin is the Un-Texas. Another factoid, the city manager for 20 years was from . . . you guessed it, San Francisco! Austin has been completely californicated for over a decade now.

I thought Austin was a shit hole the first time I went there. That was about 18 years ago. I can't imagine it now. Reminds me a lot of Nashville. Both are shit holes with a bunch of hipster types. It's 5-6 bar owners that own everything in the "entertainment" district and its's pure shit. Nothing enjoyable. I'd rather go to NOLA and I can't stand that place either.

Country music is pure trash, so that doesn't help either Nashville or Austin. SXSW is trash. I'd rather see most if not all the bands somewhere else. Not Texan or Tennessee. It's the McDonalds of music venues. They suck.
251   Patrick   2023 Sep 26, 7:05pm  


Target to close nine stores across four states because of theft and crime

The Minneapolis-based company will close locations in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, Seattle, Portland and the San Francisco Bay Area effective Oct. 21.

The very worst cities to run any business in now.
253   AmericanKulak   2023 Sep 27, 2:58pm  

Country Music is trash because Memphis and Nashville are where pop star wannabes who failed in LA go to for a second chance at pop with a twangy voice or Tractor Rap.
254   richwicks   2023 Sep 27, 4:34pm  

AmericanKulak says

Country Music is trash because Memphis and Nashville are where pop star wannabes who failed in LA go to for a second chance at pop with a twangy voice or Tractor Rap.

Pop stars are just whores for producing the current propaganda.

Name any pop star that came.lut against the vaccine or mandates? That opposed any US war? That went against the establishment on any issue?

There are no real pop stars at all. What you see are just propagandists.
261   Patrick   2023 Oct 2, 9:03am  


Retail theft surged by more than 20% last year, reaching “unprecedented” levels, according to survey of business owners...

This will also explain in part why prices are going up. Retailers have to recoup their losses, whatever they may be — and many of their losses are simply walking out the front door on a daily basis.

And the parameters of the problem are getting worse, too: Retailers on the survey said that shoplifters are "somewhat more or much more aggressive and violent compared with one year ago." They're getting bolder and they're getting meaner too. It's unsurprising.

Unsurprisingly, Democrat-run cities have been hit the hardest by organized retail crime: Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Houston, and New York City all rank at the top. Criminals will go where the crime is easiest.
262   ad   2023 Oct 2, 10:14pm  


see above... a Philadelphia activist for the homeless was shot and killed at his home ...


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