US cities that defunded their police are continuing to experience historic crime waves

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U.S. cities that virtue signaled by defunding their police departments are seeing record crime levels, forcing many city leaders to rethink their basic levels of intelligence.

Here's what has happened in a few cities that voted to slash police budgets:

Homicide grew by 44% in New York, which had 1,531 shootings and 462 murders in 2020.
Homicides also increased 36% in L.A. to 350, leading the police chief to say "a decade of progress" has been erased.
Minneapolis, the center of the "Defund the Police" movement, saw a 46% increase in murders.
Oakland, California has seen a staggering 314% increase in homicides.
Portland, Oregon has seen murders triple.
Austin, Texas has had a 26% increase in aggravated assault reports.
Chicago saw a 65% increase in homicides from June 2020 to February 2021, despite arrests dropping 53%.
Philadelphia hit a 30-year-high with homicides in 2020, with 499 people murdered.
Even smaller cities like Louisville, Kentucky had a record high of 173 murders and is on track to surpass that this year.
The New York Times reported that many such cities are now expanding their police budgets to try to deal with these outcomes that absolutely no one could have seen coming.

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118   Patrick   2022 Aug 9, 10:06am  


Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈
Aug 4
Extremely graphic content warning.

Portland reporter @GenevieveReaume has obtained shocking video footage of a Portland woman who was shot in the face while driving. Survivor Katie Guzenko has been speaking out about the city’s surge in shootings.
119   Patrick   2022 Aug 9, 1:33pm  


New York's bail reform laws went into effect in 2020, and the law currently eliminates bail for most misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies, meaning that most criminals arrested for these crimes are freed without restrictions, usually within a few hours of their arrest.

Not surprisingly, this has led to wild rates of recidivism, as criminals play the justice system and rack up arrest over arrest. According to the NYPD, some of the worst statistics involve 10 criminals who together have racked up 485 arrests.
120   Ceffer   2022 Aug 9, 1:53pm  

Patrick says

Not surprisingly, this has led to wild rates of recidivism, as criminals play the justice system and rack up arrest over arrest.

The criminals are being educated that they are now deputized against the people. This is the why of the rise of vigilantism.

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